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369 Plot Hooks

326 Mysteries

233 Villains

213 Dungeons

496 Treasures

284 Locations

655 NPCs

33 Rooms

0 Apocalypses

86 Books

26 Party Foods

NPCs from http://pixelatedgeek.com/


We provide names, temperments, and backgrounds. They provide immersion into your world.

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Mysterious question mark from http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/blogs/6a00d8341bf67c53ef0162fddb2a53970d-800wi.jpg


What peculiar feature makes this town or person so memorable? Let curiosity abound.

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Map of Wooly Bay from http://www.usmollards.com/dnd/


Location, location, location! Let your quests and campaigns take place in the most fascinating locales.

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Epic treasure trove from http://www.leonineroar.com/


Your party has fought for their lives, shouldnt they have a little something to show for it?

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Terrifying dungeon depths from http://www.newbiedm.com/


Itching to find the place that turns bold adventurers into powerful heroes? Too bad; this place just chews them up a nd spits them out.

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Curious adventurers, D&D PHB 5e

Plot Hooks

A mysterious man approaches the party and hands them a piece of paper with a seal, "you have the curse now", he says before vanishing away.

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Fierce fiend, http://animationdynamics.com/


Without them, the world might get on without our intervention, and we simply cant have that, can we?

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It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the flickering torchlight, the chamber walls are not at all what you had been expecting...

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