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NameGender Race OccupationDescription
Mamanto Tharl Etiquette and Subterfuge A haughty Elven dandy, Mamanto struts in front of his class, demonstrating how one walks like a noble. Sporting a frilled lilac chemise and skin tight black leggings, Mamanto projects his voice with volume and enunciates every instruction to his students like a real nobleman. "Walk like them, talk like them or else you'll never get within a mile of them!" His students try their best to focus, but his overpowering perfume clouds the air and dulls their senses. A similar perfume is given to promising students as a graduation gift; an alchemical concoction made to daze and distract those nearby, and mask the scent of any noxious poison one might carry.
Professor Koro Working in groups The professor is not human, but some kind of aberrant squid from the far realms with immense power; he can move with blinding speed, is entirely immune to normal damage, and can channel his power into enormous explosions capable of destroying mountains. Koro is recognizably a threat to the entire world, but he teaches his class how to work together during assassinations to be able to accomplish feats they never could on their own, with the end goal being his own assassination at their hands. No class has ever been successful, but each gets slightly closer, and graduates with far more skill than most assassins who do not take the course.
never Cleaning When teaching, there is always a scenario prepared, frequently from other instructors homework. He will point at important details such as spills or small 'evidence' (hair, dust, footprints, etc.), make demonstrations with various potions and magic items, and then leave the students to figure out what he means, only giving approving nods or disapproving stares. He will use useful magic for ease, but will never use verbal spells. Students tend to learn how to use corrosive potions, blood sponges, incinerators, spells (if capable), disintegration effects, flooding techniques, using bags of holding for corpses, and, if present in the world, basic knowledge of a sphere of annihilation in order to permanently destroy all that enters its shadowy domain.
Drek Theatricality A lean muscled half-orc with a penchant for the dramatic. Named himself Drek, which translates into "worthless" in orcish, out of a constant melodramatic hate for his bloodline. "Smoke and mirrors are just as valuable as a blade" Teaches his students how to pull off a job in the most over the top way possible. Those who graduate from his course can make a kill look like an act of the gods, a devil's command, and anything in between. This course tends to attract mopey lone-wolf types.
Dingo "Silentfart" Nackle Assasination in public Dingo is a smart and light hearted Gnome with bright, well trimmed hair, and sparkling green eyes. Excels at killing targets unnoticed, and finds great entertainment in taking out political targets among nobles. He's good with poison, and enjoys to use fairly unnoticeable tricks to kill his targets. Probably one of the most energetic lecturers, but tends to get really off topic, and regularly pranks his students.
Oleg Bluntaxe Hitting people hard with an axe until they die Sometimes all you need is to kill someone without any form of grace to make an example, and Oleg is the man for just that. He's a bald, dimwitted ex-lumberjack, with scruffy beard and has a great passion for chopping more than just trees. Lectures usually revolve around hitting stuff. Hard.
Toren Brightglow Dinner Etiquette Toren is a light haired, big bellied, constantly smiling dwarf. He teaches the proper methods of preparing a dinner for high class targets. The class focuses on such things as creating a menu, proper cooking techniques, silverware placement, and how to conduct light conversation. He makes each student throw a dinner party for the class each week, though its usually better to go hungry if you can't figure out if the nightshade is in the sea bass or the soup.
Solana Ashaar Long Distance Targeting (Sniping) A cheerful half-elf with fiery red hair, unkempt and cut short. She is usually pleasant to be around, and she helps those who ask for it, but when she is serious about a topic she is intimidating. Students will need to have saintly patience and be prepared for plenty of... unorthodox training methods, as sniping isn't exactly a straightforward technique to teach.
Sam Deception and Illusion While it is true that being a doppleganger Sam has an unfair advantage that they cannot teach to their students. Sam only takes in students with the drive to use spells such as "disguise self" and "polymorph." Sam teaches that nearly anything can be hidden in plain sight, from the people next to you to the weapons on your person. Sam has a tendency to walk into the first day of class as a student in naught but their uniform, and then walks to the front of the class and pulls out all manor of weapons from misc. polymorphed items. They also teach a class on conjuration for the higher level students.
Velyr "You never climb a castle wall without knowing what you'll find on the other side. Many of your contracts will prevent you from simply murdering your target, my love. I assure you that, with the letters you write, you can kill without a weapon, from any distance." Velyr is, by all appearances, human. He seems to have short hair, trimmed beard, and very well fitted dress. His manners are fluid, automatic, and above all precise. By all appearances, he would pass by unnoticed in any crowd of well-to-do citizens. By all appearances, he has a warm, soothing voice which makes those unwary feel safe near him. The close observer, however, may find his cold stare and toothy grin unnatural.
MINIMUM!!" "Which reminds me of how i lost my leg. You see..." He is, however, an altogether wonderful guy once you get to know him. His classes, while challenging, are always reasonable and he takes a lighthearded approach to economic math. When he digresses though, his stories get a bit... intense. It's the mood swings, probably- or perhaps the whisky. Or maybe it's due to sudden, crashing memories of his past. It's tough to say.
Varus Senepes "Vivian you do realize that you have FAILED... to sterilize your knife, upon puncturing your finger? Supposing you did the mix CORRECTLY... you will be dead in thirty seconds, unless you prepare your antidote with... legendary, speed. ...Miss Vivian I do believe you have just committed not ONLY to the failure of this course but your own demise as well. Drink this... now leave, before I decide to make YOU my next... ingredient." Alchemy, poisons and oils. Varus is a black haired, pale, centuries old elf, who talks with quite... pronounced... articulation. His robes hide his features so well he appears as a specter most days, if he appears at all. It amuses him to teach while invisible, to better catch slacking or cheating students. Incidentally, it also aids with visual demonstrations some days. His class is the most difficult to pass in the entire academy, due to the rigorous study and absolutely vicious classes. Being called upon to recite ingredients or cooking methods is quite dreaded, as failure could mean imbibing any number of potions to demonstrate the antidote application method. It would be quite an odd semester if every student survived, though Varus has never deliberately killed any of them. Yet, anyway.
Loraine "Doc" Highfellow Practical Anatomy A former medical practitioner during the days of the Great plague, Loraine is cold, calculating, and unforgiving. She is a slender human woman, rather unremarkable looking, with brown eyes and shoulder-length black hair. The first day of her class is infamous among students, as she brings in two live humanoid subjects, and orders a student to attempt to kill one by stabbing them once. Often, it results in several minutes of agonized screaming from the victim, during which Loraine proceeds to demonstrate the importance of a thoughtfully-placed knife, ending the other subject's life quickly and quietly in naught but a few seconds. Her final exam can be heard throughout the school as, for a brief moment, dozens of people cry out in pain and fear before their lives are swiftly and efficiently snuffed by the students.
Darrio Culinary Animosity Darrio is a human male of average build with slightly graying hair. He is most often see dressed white, the way you would expect any good chef or cook to be. The first few weeks of his class always start with regular cooking lessons, to make sure the students can actually pass as, at the least, competent cooks. From there, he moves on to teaching them how to mix various ingredients into the food, to produce non-fatal effects such as diarrhea or vomiting without any noticeable unusual taste. The final portion of the course is fatal poisoning, by method. Successful students can induce death that looks like choking, heart attack, or almost any natural means. The absolute top students are those that can tailor mass consumption meals to specific individuals: A soup that targets only the duchess, bread rolls that only asphyxiate the diplomat from the foreign country, wine that only burns the esophagus of the famously vain opera singer, etc.
Mordak Chainboot Prison Infiltration and Breakout Mordak is a worn, sickly-looking dwarf with a smoky-gray beard barely longer than a stubble. In his lectures, he has a tendency to wax on about his own claim to fame: infiltrating a supposedly inescepable dwarven prison and breaking out after assassinating his mark. Despite the occasional reminiscing, his lessons do cover all the aspects of assassinating an imprisoned mark, from techniques to learn the prison layout in preparation, to various ways of securing an unguarded moment with the mark to carry out the assassination.
Jiang of the Silent Afterlife Professor of Making Sure Dead Men Tell No Tales In a world where ghosts exist, it can be hard for assassins to maintain their anonymity when their victim's spirit can still point fingers. Jiang has mastered the arcane arts of keeping ghosts silent, often by destroying the ghost as soon as the spirit leaves the body or by destroying the spirit before the body dies. She honed her ghost-slaying talents under the tutelage of a temple to Pelor, and has learned arcane rites to hurry a soul into its proper afterlife, where it can't tell stories, in a temple to the Raven Queen. Her classes tend to be underfilled, as few respect the value of her lessons until a paranormal investigation begins, and the spirit is at large.
Rylni of Grayshear Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, teaches Scrying Ia This beady eyed gnome wears a light gray robe that contour her body just enough to reveal a gaunt figure unfit for strenuous work, unlike others at the academy. She has an oily and freckled face which both accentuate a scar that runs from her jaw line to her right cheek bone. Often mistaken for a student, Rylni distinguishes herself through her unforgettably explosive temper when she's outspoken. Rylni has the difficult task of performing fact checks on instructors who applied to the academy. Students taking her class learn elementary applications of the scrying orb, amongst other divination tricks.
Therian the Flame Making it look like an accident Seen as a joke by the other teachers LoneStar is, nonetheless, One of the most well known assassins ever. LoneStar's reputation exceeds his actual success rate by many levels, however. LoneStar teaches that one must take pride in their work, and everyone should know who killed the mark. Studebts practice boisterous monologues while hanging from rafters, taunting their target while it summons its guards, and develop their own flamboyant "signature technique" with its own equally edgy name.   Therian is a middle aged man, brown hair and bronze skin. He only wears a pair of white baggy clith pants, and his scimitar strapped to his waist. Therians class teaches students how to best utilize poor building techniques, such as weak foundations, or wood structural beams, to literally "bring the house down" on their target. Graduates of this class go on to become Expert serial arsonists and impromptu demolitions crews, as well as being highly sought after sappers in times of war.
Lokeris Dark (the third) Justification A silver-tongued Tiefling fellow, always dressed impecably in the finest clothes, elven in style of course. His manners, always impecable, are totally disarming, charming even the most savage of beasts. His wit sharper than the finest blades the forgotten realms could offer. And there's the rub. You see, learning to kill subtly is one thing, learning to give a reason to kill is another. Under Lokeris' tutelage, students will learn how find their target's weak spot, whether it be cards, dice, or just their honour, and exploit it, needle at it until the target attacks. Remember, it isn't murder if it's self defense.
Matron Sarah Common folk manipulation and political subterfuge Matron Sarah is an elderly human, previously married to a farmer before he and her children were murdered by soldiers of his lord. She has a kind smile and kinder eyes, and teaches the better off students how to fraternize with peasants and urchins. This is a unique brand of assassination she teaches; turning once loyal subjects against their leaders, typically through violent revolution. Despite this facade, she cares little for the well being of the people, only taking pleasure in the upsetting of power balances and political instability that follows. The loss of her family broke her, and she sought vengeance by making a pact with a particularly capricious fey in exchange for the power to rein chaos on the material plane.
Daven of Crowbridge does Jethro Eckhardt is a lean, bespectacled, scholarly looking sort, often dressed in doctor's robes and accompanied by his distinctly humanoid Clay Golem, D4. Together they teach the principles of where to hit a target where it hurts most, and just how to do it, with Jethro covering the theoretical side of things and D4 acting as a living training dummy of sorts for practical demonstrations. A cheerful man who enjoys his work, Jethro has developed quite the bond with his classroom assistant, and has taken to referring to D4 as 'David', after the phonetic spelling of his College asset ID. It's this knowledge of preventative maintenance he tries to pass on through his course- "Take care of your tools, young lot- and they'll take lives in return!"
Bob Erasing Bob is quiet and unassuming. You might have seen him, but your eyes probably just passed over him. He's about average height, and his hair is shortish, or maybe longer? But anyway, Bob gets rid of people. Very important people. Assassinating someone important is hard. Not the part with the dagger and the muffled scream and the look in their eyes as they come to grips with the fact that this is their last moment on the material plane. That part is easy. It's the part after, where the clerics come in and make a big show of speaking with his corpse, and the divination wizards come, all eager to curry favor with whatever poor bastard now has to sit his arse on the throne. Now there are people looking for you, and you're living out your life in a lead-lined room in some backwater safehouse. Bob doesn't teach you to assassinate people, like the others. He teaches you how to erase someone. Come dawn, no one will even wonder who used to eat the bacon and eggs the cooks are busy making or whether someone sleeps in that big bed. They'll just be gone, and you won't even have to hide, because no one is looking for you.
Victor "Jigsaw" Moreau Remote detonation A human in his late 50's, hunched, twitching and covered in scars thanks to a few too many close encounters with his own creations. Victor has a soft Germanic accent and a simple rule when it comes to assassination: it doesn't matter how loud you are if you're not in the room when it happens. 'Listen vell, ladies and gentellmen. Ven ze general, king, queen or target of choice sits on zis cushion, ze pressure of ze bum on ze chair breaks ze sugarglass in between ze two vials, allowing ze reagents to mix. Vonce zat happens, ze fireball should consume everyzing in a twenty-foot radius, so I vould advise making a note of ze seating plan."
William "The Raven" Finley Interrogation Resistance A calm old wood elf with dark brown hair, dull green skin, and hazel eyes, Silaneth sometimes spends an entire class with her nose in a book and her back turned to the students. The next day, they all receive marks. No one is quite sure for what. Some students leave in the middle of class and get a perfect score, others a failing grade for the same stunt. The joke around the academy is that it's a course in patience, not in stealth. Indeed, Sila often admonishes her students for excess haste. "If you don't know more about your mark's routine than their own family when you go in for the kill, you are making a dangerous mistake. You can learn how to clean up the murder scene from Remmings, but if the mark's head of security walks in on you because you don't know his schedule, you've got a bigger problem on your hands." Although she does teach various techniques in stealth and long distance tracking, the most useful part of her class is the weekly assignment to each student: to follow another professor in the academy, learn as much about their life as they can, and to not get caught. By the end of the course, the best students are more than capable of avoiding detection while tailing even an experienced mark. On the first day of the class, William scans the room with his deep, black eyes. Later, every student swears that his piercing gaze lingered on them just a little longer than everyone else. Everyone admits that when William looks at you, it feels like he can see directly into your soul. He was a human soldier in a special operations unit reporting directly to the highest officers in the military. A natural born leader, he did not have any profound or unique skills save that of his magnetic charisma and unyielding will. His class is well known to be grueling and unforgiving. There are no marks, only a pass or fail. Those who have passed the class, are known around the academy and either widely respected or else feared. He begins his first lecture with this, "Most of you will fail. If you have a shred of doubt in your ability to pass this class, quit now. Nine percent. That's how many of you I can expect to pass this course. Just looking around the room I can already tell which ones of you will quit within the first week." He starts pointing at the students and calling them out by name. He makes an effort to learn the names of every person in his course before they start so he can verbally abuse them from the first day. Very quickly, the students realize that during his class, he can be abusive and cruel, but is kind and friendly when not in class. He was a POW of the Drow for over a decade and sometimes recounts the sickening torture they utilized to try to get him to talk. He likes to lead groups on hikes, go camping, and tell war stories around the fire when he is not teaching. During one week of classes, towards the end of the course, students must go through hell week. This is a week of no sleep, no food, no rest. They are tortured, they are poisoned, they are bewitched. Every possible things is done to get them to give up. All they have to do is say they're done and all the pain stops. They are given a warm delicious meal in front of their peers who are still struggling. Those who don't give up, have almost passed the course. They have one final exam: to not give up a piece of information to the students of Dareth "Feelgood" Woren through a day of torture. Selected Quotes: "Your mind is your most powerful weapon and your biggest weakness. When I lived with the Monks in the mountains of Harkonell, I learned to strengthen my mind. Your assignment, from this day to the end of this course, is to meditate while in pain. Try for an hour a day. I have a list of sufficient ways to cause pain posted on my office door." "Always remember, if you're being tortured for information, that is the only thing keeping you alive. Revealing it will result in certain death. We strengthen the mind and the will because when they are weak, death will seem like a welcome reprieve." "The most powerful torture is psychological. They will tell you they're torturing your family. They will show you what may or may not be illusions of your family being tortured. They will force you to ingest poisons that cause you to forget who you are. Sometimes they will offer you something enticing instead. They might offer you riches, immunity, protection, freedom. These are all techniques to get you to break. Do not fall for them."
Vulpis Dreamwine Truth And Truth-Seeking A sallow elf with sunken, always-wide eyes that hint at an untenable sleeplessness. Vulpis has a drunken gait, relaxed charm, and a penchant for purple in his shoddy patchwork outfit. "Get comfortable. Sometimes what you seek is just a friendly conversation away." When he's not telling stories about epic triumphs and adventures-gone-wrong, he casually chats with his students about their past, their aspirations, which classes they're taking with which professors. A Nat 20 Insight roll on one of his stories will reveal that some part of it is dishonest. On the last day of class, each student awakens to find something precious has been stolen from them. The classroom is abandoned and locked. If investigated, the school has no records of a Vulpis on staff or a "Truth And Truth-Seeking" class.
Alstair Horngrave Above and Below, or How to Use Infrastructure Alstair is not usually known for his manners or his appearance, however he is known for his entrances. At the beginning of each term and before any practical examinations, he makes a point of entering the room from somewhere other than the door, once even rising from the ashes in the nearby fireplace. His course mainly revolves around using sewers, rooftops, and crowded streets to disappear or approach your target unseen, taught through theory and anecdotes from his days as an urchin. On rare occasions, he'll have some of his colleagues play the role of a student as a test, blending in with their classmates for weeks at a time until that first test is deemed to be concluded. The more notable of his lessons are held outside the classroom, teaching students through real life experience in controlled environments.
John Graves, Insurance Adjuster Chaos Based Magical Assassination John Graves, Insurance Adjuster, is a pillar of the community, often found helping the local priests, donating food to the poor, and helping people recover from horrific accidents that he often causes. The name, John Graves, Insurance Adjuster, is a legacy title, passed down to the highest ranked assassin in the guild (often with several "John Graves" active at a single time period, working independently). Each Graves acts slightly differently; however, they each have two things in common. They run a "respectable" business, often insurance, but another similar profession works too, such as pharmacist or banker, and Graves has made a deal with some sort of Chaos God or Great Old One, which he sells the souls of those whom sign his contracts to the chaotic one, whom eventually kills them in a chaotic accident and feeds upon the chaos surrounding their untimely death. (Chaos loves collateral damage, but the only person whom ever dies as a result of these accidents is the victim, no matter how much destruction of property or others whom are injured in the process.) Grave's weapon of choice for his assassinations is based upon a misleading contract which binds the souls of those he insures to be eventually killed in horrific accidents. Graves is able to prevent an insurance contract from causing an accidental death by burning the contract prior to the death of the signor, or instantly "activate" the contract (and cause the accidental death to occur before the next New Moon), by signing and executing the contract in his own blood. He trains new assassins by teaching them actuarial tables, and in all ways making them a perfect "drone" within his business. All initiates also sign a contract upon joining the Guild. Once an initiate has proven a perfect "Insurance Adjuster" or "Bank Teller" or otherwise, they are inducted into the secret society and given the option to become a new John Graves. If the initiate declines, the Chaos God eats the initiates soul. It is unclear how Graves monetizes his assassinations, and each Graves has independent motivations sometimes at odds with other Graves. One common tactic is to gain as many insurance contracts with high ranking members of society as he can infiltrate, and then "selling" the death to his target's enemies prior to their death.
Haber "Gasman" Devronich Poisons, potions and chemistry Lastman, as he is most commonly referred to, is a generally unremarkable human, and comes to each class with a fresh costume, set of mannerisms and name. He never tells new students this, and one of the earliest 'grades' given is how long it takes to figure out that all the teachers they've had are the same person. A tall, bulky half-orc, Shaav wears armor almost constantly, and will challenge individual students to duels if they slight him. He is surprisingly eloquent, and knows almost every book of sword theory front and back. He has never actually worked as an assassin, but quickly teaches his students that no fight will ever be between them and a similarly-sized individual. A tall, imposing elf, Devronich is covered in centuries of burns, scars and boils, and always wears an asbestos hazard suit for protection while in class, and more than once he has accidentally incapacitated his entire class. He constantly coughs and giggles to himself, and those who are in his classes rarely stay for more than a semester, and few have survived more than two.
Kethan Quentith Applied Anatomy A scholarly Drow man with round glasses and tousled white hair, generally absent minded and gregarious but keenly focused when it comes to surgeries, dissections, and other less reputable applications of his craft (torture foremost amongst them). He left the Underdark not because of some innate goodness but because he wanted to work on greater varieties of species than could be found below the surface. Students under him learn how the bodies of most common races are put together and, consequently, how to take them apart in excruciating or efficient ways
The silent council stealth and distraction A tribe of feral kenku who use their mimicry and movements to teach their pupils the art of moving silently, knowing when to speak and not, causing distractions, and finding the opportune time to strike. They are highly intelligent but seem to care not for material things beyond their robes and daggers, though they do accept offerings of food in exchange for a chance to be taught a lesson in their art. The selection methods of the council are unknown. Some say they have the ability to shape change into monstrous forms of feather and shadow - known silent council students will not speak of this.
Supremely Eminent Hobgoblin Cancer-Kill Educator VI, Whose Wisdom Mustn't Be Questioned Hobgob Campus V: The Very Best Campus on the Planet or in the Sky if the Sky Had Campuses This otherwise unblemished, jovial hobgoblin is stooped under the weight of an eyewateringly disgusting hump on his back that pulses in the middle of class. If he catches you staring he pulls his robe a little to show you more. He's very proud of his hump. He extracts all his best diseases from it. SEHC-KE4WWMBQ teaches the uniquely hobgoblinoid assassination tool of natural causes. Hobgoblins mercilessly execute any who use the sacred arts of battle to kill dishonorably. And since the only acceptable ways for a hobgoblin to die are in battle or of disease, hobgob assassins need to get creative. And they don't use poison. This isn't poison and if you suggest it is to SEHC-KE4WWMBQ he will have you thrown out of his class immediately. This is natural causes. In SEHC-KE4WWMBQ's putrid study hall you will learn about Slough Rot, the Masonry-disease of the Gibbering Mouther, and how to spread it from floor to man. You will be taught how to culture the Love-cancer, which metastasizes in your nose and spreads by kiss. You will learn the 50 ways to kill a man by leaving a moldy piece of toast under his sink. You will, Hobgob willing, grow your own garden of throwing viruses, whose protein capsids grow so long and sharp that they can be used as daggers. Due to a quirk in the hobgoblin code that last one still technically counts as kosher.
Val Raveneyes Political and disguises A freshly groomed bearded human man. Wearing noble's clothing. Mastermind Rogue and Warlock levels a Raven sits on his shoulder when he rests. He is extremely blunt and prides himself on efficiency. Silver tongued through years of being a fence in a thieves guild, he has surpassed his teachers. Able to craft any disguise in hours, he has even disguised others to appear as him while he sat in on his own class to show how effective it is. "Remember that saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" "Disguise yourself and your enemies think you friend, making it all the easier. Poison and a sharp blade can do the rest." "Blue blood is as good as red blood. Ribs 5 and 6, dagger goes between those for best results."
Phalin Ghandos Information with Style This happy-go-lucky half-elf plays everywhere, palaces, inns, taverns, and even town squares. While he's laughing with nobles, he's bedding the help. All the while gathering information for weak spots either in security or in court. Trained at the College of Swords, Phalin is as deadly with a blade as is his wit. Oh and to pass his class you've got to gain information he doesn't already have.
Sergeant Cutler Military Etiquette A grizzled human male, Cutler looks out of place in his worn mail shirt among the black-clad faculty. A veteran of many foreign militaries, militias, mercenaries, posses, gangs, city watches and similarly regimented organizations, Cutler's lessons can let any soft-handed assassin-to-be swagger into a barracks without a second glance from its occupants. A few brave souls refer to him behind his back as "The Seamstress" for his talent at repairing and imitating any uniform, a lesson he teaches under the moniker of "Advanced Military Infiltration."
Vrok Grathul Assassination for Haruspicy Vrok is an elderly orc with bone piercings across his face and arms. He speaks slowly and uses few words, but is not unintelligent. He teaches a method of knifework that assassinates the target but preserves the entrails in the best possible state for divination. He is disliked but acknowledged by other teachers due to his skill and long experience.
Elden Vathir Post-Capture Diplomacy Elden is a broad-faced half-elf with a silver tongue. He is curiously still while talking; always active when not. He deals with what can be done in the event an assassin is captured - bribery, tricking guards, and other diplomatic subjects.
Alexandros Cordini Enhanced calisthenics "Nobody can get the job done if the body cannot follow the mind." This bald middle aged man doesn't like to brag about his kill score, or talk about it at all, but what he does brag about is his stamina and how good legs will bring your ass to places. He's a firm believer that 20 push-ups for each mistake and misstep will bring your mind where it needs to be, and that proper full body workout can forge the most lethal weapon in any assassin's arsenal: one's own body.
Dargos Blackthumb Abduction & Extraction  This strangely quiet dwarf js good at not being seen and better at not letting a good kill go to waste. He teaches a type of 'business' where the actual assassination is only a mere step to a final goal, or sometimes isn't even performed until after the job is already done. Sometimes less than savory folk has less than savory needs for bodies. Breathing or otherwise. A gang may need a corpse to serve as a body double, a rich vampire may want a meal and doesn't feel like hunting it themselves, or a demonic cult may need specific body parts for their dark rituals. Whether the client will pay on delivery of a corpse, a living captive, or a just pint of blood, it doesnt make much difference. The victim dies sooner or later, and you'll learn to be paid either way.
Hattori Masanari Manipulation and deceit The idle chatter filling the room quickly turns into quiet whispers as the door opens, and a skinny man enters. He continued towards the desk, his fine clothes formed a snug fit over his slender body, barely wrinkling at all as he moved. The most striking thing however were his unusually sharp features, aquiline nose, combed back hair, and seeming use of dark makeup to enhance the already prominent amber eyes, leaving him looking about as hawk-like as human can be, and a less wise man might even mistake him for a hengeyokai of that variety. There had been less wise men, but nobody believed them, after all they had all shown to be fools, scoundrels or both. The first one ended up on the streets after utterly ruining his merchant family's legacy. The second was nothing but a lowly thief and hung for his crimes. The third, he died to his brothers rapier, a befitting end for seducing the poor brothers wife. He had taken no pleasure in their deaths, why would he? He wasn't a monster, no; but seeing the hope in their eyes fade and be replaced with panic as their whole world collapsed around them, that, that was what made him feel alive, so there he stood in front of the class ready to pass on his skills to a new generation, his mouth forming a small smile as he spoke in the voice of someone knowing they own the world, "Class is now in session".
Lady Vivica Haverly Weddings and Wagers A thin, brunette woman of middling years. Impeccably dressed to the highest of society’s standards, just conservative enough but with a coquettish smile that’s lured in more than a few marks. Whilst she is all charm and graces when on a job, as a teacher she is exacting and methodical. She teaches her students how to goad their marks into their own downfalls, with weddings and wagers being her forte. Where time and planning is available, she can take a mark and have them under her thumb within a short few months; Marriage proposal to the aisle in under 6. Before the year is out she is a tragic widow with a dazed look in her eyes and many people falling over themselves to console her until she disappears to ‘recover’. Where she is short on time she has been known to use pride and folly to her advantage, convincing the unsuspecting into ill-advised bets that lead to their demise. Whether it’s to protect her honour, to impress her, or simply her gentle coaxing into a bad decision already waiting to happen, Lady Haverly has seen many a mark fall to their death on the duelling crowd, attempting impossible feats or simply falling into debt so heavy that taking their own lives seems the sensible option. Lady Vivica lives by the principle of why get your hands dirty if they’ll do it themselves for you?
are Planning and information gathering Tall and laid back, the human seems to have a natural charm to him. Able to make anyone smile, however his eyes pierce through you, which leads way to a different, aggressive personality. Elias teaches the importance of detail. Explaining how every detail must be fully observed, and fully absorbed, the smallest piece of the puzzle can save your hide. "Don't write anything down, commit it to memory, because sometimes you wont have time. Plus, you can lose your writing, which leads me to my next point. Prepare for every plan you make, to fail. This is why you need to learn to improvise." He seems to observe everything for a few seconds longer than most, and has a mostly clear memory of everything within the past 3 days. "The key to a clean kill is a solid understanding of the cage the animal has restricted itself to."
Forlom Zuckus Magical Recon A tall, shapely human, Ms. Underbust is an expert in the arts of disguise, seduction, and blackmail. Her students learn to gain a mark's trust, then discover (or create) incriminating evidence. Her classes cover social customs and taboos, the practice of changing your appearance to suit your needs, and how to use information (whether it be true or not) as leverage. A successful student of her's will be able to turn an otherwise upstanding citizen into their own unwilling lackey or a social pariah fit only to be run out of town. She also insists on all of her students drinking heavily during her classes to build up their tolerance, "You should always be prepared to drink your mark under the table."   Lockjaw is a no-nonsense goblin with a knack for remembering every face she sees. An accomplished networker and fence, she is as dangerous at a negotiating table as she is with a blade. Most any person is to have some personal items on them, usually in the form of jewelry, magical items, or heirlooms. While in some cases it is important to leave these identifying items on a corpse, you are more likely to live to see your next contract if the authorities have to ask who is dead before they can as why they are dead. You could destroy these items, but that would be a shameful waste. Better to sell them to someone who understands the importance of discretion. Prof. O'Mally is a fence first and an assassin second. Her class is devoted to safely and secretly selling the goods of the recently deceased. She also teaches courses in negotiating contracts and sizing up potential employers to determine who is and is not safe to work with.   A tall, pale human who has clearly spent too much time in dark places, Forlom clearly emphasizes magical acumen first, meditation second, and hygiene last. Prof. Zuckus is a master of divination. His classes focus on learning everything you need to know about a target before you get within a days journey of them. He will set up traps days in advance, knowing exactly where and when his mark will be vulnerable. Graduates of his plan their strike days in advance, set their traps, and leave with enough time to be miles away before the hit takes place. There is no need to witness the kill in person when you can witness it magically.
Lak "lucky" Lu The butterfly's wings. A form of assassination that exploits chaos theory. Like using an ice cube to trip a pedestrian into a horse sending it on a stampede that causes your hemophiliac target to break their wine glass in shock, cutting themselves and having a slow and painful death. Lucky Lu is a fat halfing that claims to be responsible for 70 high profile accidental deaths. He claims his skill is due to his 7 toes on each foot. It wasn't until he wasn't threatened by a thug with a knife and the thug was killed by choking on a pea that anyone believed him. He claims he is waiting for someone adequately accident prone to pass his methods down to.
Ephut-Kai Headmaster Ephut-Kai is a bald man with bronze skin and scars running the length of his arms. Ephut-Kai is a silent, intense man who never says more than he has to. Most students are thankful of his silence, because Ephut-Kai has never said anything that wasn't at least mildly threatening or unsettling. Ephut-Kai runs the Academy, a mountain monastery which trains monks in the art of murder. The students are sold at incredibly high prices, and they never fail. Ephut-Kai was once a student, until the former headmaster murdered his twin-brother for insubordination. Then Ephut-Kai drown the former headmaster in a pool of lava. Since then, the Academy has been running smoothly and silently, just like Ephut-Kai likes.
John Tark The Everyday Man "If you want to know everything about anything, you need to start from the bottom. Students of my class will learn to infiltrate the deepest dungeon, scale the tallest towers, and be invited into the most prestigious of throne rooms and balls." "The unkempt cleaner, the grumbling plumber, the amiable server. These are the roles you will wear in my class."
Wymern Ravel Public Assassination "No, no. Not like that!" he yelled as a student detonated another Fireball. His scaly hands waved wildly, as chaotic as the commotion he caused when he performed one of his spectacles. "You must make it bigger, brighter! A show so spectacular you can just fade into the crowd!" "Easy for you to say! You're a--" complained a student. A fireball immediately blew up in his face, yet leaving him unharmed. Despite being only a human, Wymern had all the temper of a red dragon.
Tilo Otto Character Assassination and Emotional Manipulation A silent and solemn tiefling, this pale pink-skinned assassin is neither wiry nor bulky in build. Mr. Otto, as he prefers to be addressed by his peers, wears a simple frock coat that matches his night black horns pulled close to his slicked back hair. His movements are slow and deliberate, much like his clearly enunciated manner of speaking. Mr. Otto chooses his students based not only on their criminal merit, but also their calculating and entrepreneurial goals. Students are expected to strip away their own emotions, because Mr. Otto's particular brand of character assassination requires lack of pity or empathy. Many of Tilo Otto's targets are driven to suicide after a long and drawn out loss of sanity. Through use of illusory manipulation, Mr. Otto teaches students to implant nightmares and hallucinations in the target. In addition to the practical application of illusory magic, Mr. Otto teaches his students the art of surveillance and creating a profile of their targets in an effort to better torment them.
Brande 'The Voice' Preznal Baiting and Distraction Brande is a human built like a string but strung in a bow. What he lacks in physical ability he's made up for in taking hits and drawing crowds. "Sometimes a job requires a distraction. Maybe the guards need a fight to break out and draw a guard. Maybe you're not suited for offing some bloat but you're still here to help. Or maybe you drew the short straw. One day or another you won't be the man drawing the targets blood. I'll be teaching you the ways of getting the attention of the right people to leave the opening for your mate to take the kill. First things first, someone show me your punch."
Kor Chizael Philosophy and Ethics, and once a cleric of Bhaal A gaunt human with sunken eyes and wrinkled, waxy skin, Kor is a follower of Bhaal, a cult leader and professor of ethics. He appears to have burn scars on the right side of his face, or possibly some sort of disease of deterioration, possibly magical in origin. He constantly wears a deep scowl, and his emotions range from anger to apathy and nothing in-between. "Life is a spider web that we are trapped in, slowly starving, awaiting the spider's fangs and final embrace and sweet release. To spill the artery of another is an act of mercy - and it is our duty."
Langston Mandelig adjusts his hair and starts to pace A tall, lanky half elf in a rough coveralls. He is pale with unkept dark hair, wire rimmed spectacles and a distracted manner. He speaks quickly with a slightly high pitched voice and a tendency to go off on rambling esoteric tangents. Vain and sesquipedalian, he has little time and less interest in those who are beneath him intellectually. Quick to anger and defensive when challenged, he nonetheless is a skilled instructor for competent students. He specializes in obscure and undetectable poisons and deadly agents. Example lecture: "Hello class" "Today we are going to be discussing the use of hormonally triggered toxins. Those of you who bothered to attend our last lab section... "Will recall the value of decoupling cause and effect in a discrete assassination. A quality investigator will firstly attempt to link the motive, opportunity and action to the effect. The effect of course is the inhumation of the relevant target. By decoupling the apparent cause and effect we can disguise our connection, hence the value of asymptomatic pathological agents that are triggered by means at a far remove from our own actions. "The classice example is what is crudely known as the "Lecher's trap" which you will find an in depth discussion of in Chapter 6 of Mironnel Krenski's text "Obscure toxicological agents and Other Discrete Political Agents" available at the university library. This is a sample of purpose bred sporulated Entamoeba histolytica. It is an anaerobic parasitic that may infect any known humanoid. This particular strain has been bred to enter the vascular tissue of any higher vertebrate. After amebiatic introduction, it takes 1-2 days to colonize and passively wait for the proper hormonal trigger. It may persist in its vegetative metabolic condition for at least 2 years. "This is the extract of Hyoscyamus of the genus Solanaceae. When administered to a person results in a increased production of glucocorticoids over for approximately a week. "Weren't you listening?!?! This vial is harmless!!! Our whole purpose is carrying two discrete agents that can trigger a deadly effect!!!!!" "The increased production of glucocorticoids can be noted in the affected creatures saliva and other mucosal secretions!!!! This glucocorticoid will trigger the amoebic agent and result in the rapid death secondary to uncontrolled bleeding over the course of 2-3 days approximately 1 week after the combination of these agents! Meaning we can infect a target and later place the trigger in a person who will shortly have intimate contact with our target allowing us sufficient time to absent ourselves and introduce reasonable doubt into the actual moment of poisoning!"
Velkan Artaner Camoflauge Velkan is a dark elf who has an eye for detail. He is very clean and presentable during lectures, and seemingly despises unnecessary dirt and grime. Some who only have a passing knowledge of him may even classify him as a "neat freak." Despite being a dark elf, Velkan appears to be one of the most civilized, well-spoken, and hygienic people one could know. However, during practical training exercises, Velkan adopts an entirely new personality. He becomes manic and highly elusive, covering himself in dirt, mud, foliage, and any miscellaneous objects to assist him in blending in to his surroundings. His dark skin serves as a natural aid when stalking in the shadows and, in combination with his silent movements, becomes almost impossible to locate when he wishes to remain hidden. Students and faculty report Velkan sometimes "appearing out of thin air, as if coming out of an invisibility spell." He will frequently stalk students and staff alike when he's in one of his moods. There are rumors that he startled the head apothecary by perfectly disguising as the intricate wallpaper that covered the head apothecary's study. After announcing his presence and starting a conversation with the apothecary, Velkan reportedly disappeared back into the wallpaper mid-sentence as soon as the Head Apothecary turned his back to him.
Alana Lowe Non-magic Subterfuge and Manipulation The instructor known for having one of the most difficult classes to pass, Alana takes the phrase "Know thy enemy" and has turned it into "Mold thy enemy." Alana is a human woman who, while she naturally looks humble and homely, is known for being beautifully seductive if it is what the job requires. Her class focuses on pulling the strings from behind the scenes. The best jobs are ones you can finish without ever having to divulge a name. Subtle suggestion, if implemented properly, is enough to control the mind of anyone without magic and, most importantly, without them knowing. You don't have to kill anyone if you can convince someone else to do it for you, and make them think it was their idea in the first place. Her classes are notoriously difficult because she employs her own lessons against her students. Frequently turning students against each other or starting feuds and fights between friends, Alana's students must recognize and resist her silent influence in order to succeed.
Kerlead "Big-Splash" Ironleg Assasinations involving Heavy Weapons and Explosives At first sight, this stout dwarf, with wild brown eyes, a short, scruffy beard the color of rust, and clad in a too-large chainmail hauberk that drags and rattles across the floor behind him, appears to be anything but stealthy. That first impression would be correct. Kerlead is loud, bombastic, brazen, and can take out an entire guard barracks with a single spark. Kerlead's specialty lies in explosives and artillery, but is highly knowledgeable about most other heavy weapons. When stealth is not a feasible option, the constantly drunken dwarf's ideology is to "level the playing field." Literally. With high explosives. His nickname, "Big-Splash", actually has more than one meaning. While he is highly efficient with area-of-effect weaponry, he is also infamous with the other instructors for spilling full mugs of beer when he is drinking, and he drinks often without regard for who is around him as well as without fear of reprisal for showing up to lecture, intoxicated, with full mugs in each hand. During his class, students will learn mostly technical information about various explosives, artillery pieces, fuses, and trigger mechanisms. Information includes kill radius of explosives, simple ballistic maths, ammunition types and uses for artillery pieces, and speeds at which different fuses burn in different weather conditions. The culminating event of the class is to make and implement their own chain-explosive devices, which must consist of at least 5 individual bombs linked together and all detonated via a single slow-burning fuse.
Kelvius Argent High Level Improvisation: What do to when Plan B, C and D all go down in flames Middle Aged Male Halfling, scruffy, scarred, and weathered. Often stands on tables. His favorite way to measure his students resourcefulness is to sabotage their efforts towards other classes vital assignments and see how they compensate. Week 1 is about the tools that make any job easy, then he forbids those for the term across the board for his students. Often hated for driving students to tears, madness or embarrassment in their most difficult terms. After he feels he's thrown enough wrenches in any given classes work, his actions will eventually teach the intended lesson, but this can be as short or as long as the students make it. They just have to keep moving forward by any means. The only true failure is to give up.
Sander Thon Convincing your Target to assassinate themselves. Sander Thon is a gremlin of a person. At his full height he might stand a good 5'5", but his characteristic slouch keeps him just under 5'. His skin is sallow and dotted with liver spots, and one eye drifts lazily about it's socket. The trick, he tells all of his students, is to convince your Target there is nothing left to live for. It starts, funnily enough, by making your Target very happy using a variety of tinctures and potions brewed specifically to lift the spirits. After a week or two of these raised spirits, life begins to take a turn for the worse for our Target. As you cut off their supply of joy, a beloved pet may die, a confidant may betray them, they may be mocked in the public eye, and they will find themselves isolated. A potion to dull the senses, but not the mind will make the quiet comforts of the Target's life do anything but. If done properly, a Target will take their own life within a matter of weeks, but if not, don't be afraid to give them a little push off a high building. As long as there is no evidence of foul play, most people will put the pieces together without a second thought.
Hearken Ambrose Power Dichotomy Hearken is a human male of considerable stamina and charisma; his jokes are as legendary as his exploits. He once ran with an assassin's guild responsible for dethroning a king. He teaches courses on the importance of power--both in combat and in life. His most ardent belief is that no two different powers are equal and teaches his pupils to fight against unfair odds--how to fight multiple opponents at once, how to assess weakness of character or of body, how to defeat a superior opponent, et cetera. He is a master of the improvised weapon and the most famous tale of his assassinations involves Heaken killing a man with an urn full of his own grandmother's ashes.
Sylux (the Swift) Masking and Unmasking Sylux is short for an elf, though his legacy makes up for his stature. He is paranoid about being spied upon via magic and has worn various masks for most of his adult life. He teaches courses in types of masks from a thematic standpoint--physical masks are certainly one part, but, he applies the theory to shadows, illusions, his feint-heavy fighting style, even written correspondance. He teaches that everyone wears some type of mask; the trick is figuring out what lies beneath. Hearken for instance, Sylux posits, is actually a dog in a man's mask--"how else is one to explain the flaccid-armed technique Hearken uses? He looks like a dog bounding across a yard with a stick."
Alrick Wiljin Improvised weaponry A gnome with a permanent grin on his pale face. Alrick is always busy and inseperable from his pet otter 'Lutrin'. He specializes and teaches the creation of weapons out of everyday objects and nature. He is best known for his branch-blowpipe and darts, which he can forge in under 10 minutes out of the branch of a black gum tree without tools. One of his more elaborate pieces is a crossbow made out of 8 pieces of silverware and a single cloth. Don't let the quirkiness of the weapons distract you, because most of them are lethal. "Everything is a weapon if you want it to" Taking his class can seem quite dangerous as he likes to test new-made weapons on homemade armour. Despite frequent accidents with experimental weapons neither Alrick nor his students suffered any deadly injuries in the 13 years he's teaching the course.
Quarn son of Nagus Economics This rock gnome is always dressed in the finest suits. His most disgusting features are his large ears. He has a meticulous set of 285 rules for any and all purchases or business deals. He views all interactions as transactions. Tends to caress the tops of his ears when happy. Class is taught in three parts. First, in a classroom, where he will lecture about how a good grasp of economy can be as useful as any poison. Then students are split into groups and made to run a tavern, each assigned a patron to learn about. Finally, the most promising students are sent on missions of an economic variety - which he gets a percentage of, of course. In his class you will learn how to acquire items needed for any mission. You will learn to bargain, trade, deal and swindle. Buy the loyalty of the targets' guards. Corner the market in their secret desires and force them to come to you. Once you have their trust, you ruin them. Take their house, income, servants and leave them with nothing. In the end, the target is no longer able to feed themselves reliably, let alone trouble whomever it was who hired you and you have established a profitable - and on paper - legal side business to supplement your income.
Vagabond Tarris Suggestion and Persuasion A jovial halfling, in every way a deliberate stereotype of the wandering minstrel, Tarris claims to have never drawn blood by her own hand. Instead, every kill to her name or that of her students has been the result of some reckless course of action, provoked or inspired by Tarris's words, with the aid of some of the more subtle charms and compulsions. "Assassinations are inherently suspicious, but fools chasing fables into the desert wastes are inherently mockable." Students of Tarris study ancient legends of lost gold, famous rivalries and their causes, various mind-altering drugs and poisons, and esoteric styles of magic that one could slip into a conversation without notice. She is notorious for her tendencies towards one-upsmanship, something she's aware of. She often claims she never graduates a student unless they can tell her a story she can't overtop.
Kardal Illuthamae Mechanical Sabotage A huge goliath, nearly eight feet tall and 400 lbs of muscle, Kardal passes just a bit too well as a humble mechanic. He speaks street slang with the accent of the poor and working class, but with a gentleness long ago bullied out of those who didn't tower over others the way he did as a child. Kardal's style is in the failure of mechanical components: wagon axles breaking down in the wilderness, ships breaking apart at sea, traps triggering when they shouldn't, etc. He is a very patient instructor, and he prefers the hands-on style of learning, helping his students make clocks, springload mechanisms, pressure switches, and all sorts of other mechanical toys. Aside from his famously mellow demeanor, however, he has one other trait students remember him for: an alarming tendency to forget just how much stronger he is than everyone else. Stories abound of him accidentally injuring students by casually handing them hundred pound wheels and mechanisms, or foisting tasks like holding up wagons to those who can't manage it.
Jorell Kazon Unarmed and Improvised Combat Jorell Kazon is an intensely humorless Aasimar man who by all appearances ran out of patience for his fellow man decades ago. He offers no lectures or practice; everything is sparring, and every mistake made is corrected by having the proper technique performed against the unfortunate pupil. The only reason he manages to keep any students among the living is because he is a skilled healer in his own right. " Your body is the only weapon you have. All else is only borrowed. Borrow all you can, but master what you own." His fighting style is very atypical as compared to the classical ideal of a martial artist. His ready stances are mostly poses that would not look out of place in polite conversation: clasped hands, folded arms, etc. He tends to open with throws, shoves, and two-handed strikes intended to deny opponents the footing they need to fight back, and continuing that momentum into the nearest wall or other environmental hazard.
Mali Kcarmb Killing and the Con Thin and elegant Mali's walk is more like a glide. He is in the corner of your eye unnoticed unless he needs you for something, like you've not sat a test and he needs you to sit it in his office. A relatively kind and friendly man, he makes everyone feel welcome. But thats the lesson he teaches, make everyone love you and they will never suspect you. Mali likes to tell the story of how he once killed a wealthy merchant in an alleyway, then stabbed himself in the side, called for help from the gaurds saying how he and his friend were attacked. Mali had spent 3 months making himself invaluable to the merchant and was left money by the merchant in his will with a note saying "To the brother I never had."
Granny Nightdale Rumors and their manipulations A Venerable elven lady, she looks disarming on her blue cardigan and simple silken robe. However, her vibrant green eyes are still sharp behind her thick glasses, there isn't much that escapes her; and her tongue is much sharper than most daggers. Her voice carries easily to get pupils, whether it is in the classroom or in the field, but her frquent coughs and ocasional slip to outdated slang make understanding her difficult. Sometimes when your target is too high profile to be able to dispose of it on the more classic methods, so it's just more expedient to, ahem, "convince" them that it's on their best interests to skip town, or to step down from their public position. Whether it is a blattant lie or an elegant knot of truths, Granny Nightdale has toppled Kings and Emperors by getting the right information to the wrong ears. (or the wrong information to the right ears) She cares about her students as much as a teacher can, and will happily spend some extra time with all those who ask her, but this doesn't make them immune to her tender mercies. Of anything, she tries harder to turn friends into foes, explaining that they should expect betrayal even from their most reused friends. However, she is not cruel, and those who manage to unravel her web, or even better, use it to further their own ends, receive a pair of enchanted earrings to boost their memory. It helps to keep their lies straight.
Thurl deMarque ap Leistairre, esq. Law Thurl is not the sort of assassin one typically thinks of, all dark hoods and gleaming daggers. He is the type of assassin who walks in the front door, greeted by a nervous looking butler who sweats and smiles as he is seated with you, and then nods pleasantly and shares tea and anecdotes as you sign away your life and everything you hold dear. Thurl specializes in legal assassinations. He hunts his marks not through the streets at night, but through the courtrooms and temples of justice. Should you find yourself his target, the guards will be tipped off about every crime you have ever committed, the judges will be aware of every character foible you posses, and the executioner will be aware of what you did to his daughter. The hands of justice will turn against you. Or, if he cannot find sufficient evidence, you will find yourself in a string of profitable deals, quickly climbing he ladders of wealth and society until suddenly one deal goes sour, and a merchant believes you have cheated him. Once that happens, he tells his friends, end every contract is re-reviewed. They'll find that the ore you supplied was sub-par, the wine was vinegar and water, the coins you paid were clipped. In class, he shows his students not merely how to kill, but how to work the system, and turn their words into their weapons, killing with tongue and ink while the actual risk goes to the poor guardsman bringing you into trial.
Marcus Fletcher Preparation and Planning The first most common failing of assassins fresh out of college is a lack of foresight while performing a mission. Poison bottle cork get stuck, guard patrols are neglected, escape ropes are too short, the list goes on. The college deemed it necessary, therefore, to include a mandatory class to instill in students the basics of preparation and planning. Marcus Fletcher, having been the bottom of his class and having fought tooth and nail to his current status, learned the lessons he teaches the hardest way possible. Always check your equipment before proceeding. Always have a backup. Always have a way out. He is tough on his students, drilling them relentlessly and meticulously with his rules and refuses any compromise, for he knows that if he does not, he will have learned nothing in his entire career. Since the course became mandatory for students to study, the number of assassins who live beyond their first mission rose dramatically.
Archmage Douglas Wilhelm Magical Applications in Assassinations Sometimes, mages will pivot from their preferred line of study into the Assassin's College. Wilhelm is calm and collected, even while murdering a person. He teaches his students not only how to abuse their magical abilities in creative ways, but also teaches general magika useage and some specialized magika such as conjuration, manipulation and illusion. (He's not Archmage for nothing after all). The course encourages students to reflect on their magika, to observe its effects and use it for more than it's obvious usage. For example, one student learned to choke a target with her own wine by holding the fluid in her throat magically. Another student cast a fury spell on their target during a military inspection.
Kim Barth Improvisation While often looked down upon by many professionals, the ability to find solutions even when things go wrong is an useful skill nevertheless. Barth is excitable and takes a happy-go-lucky, if not completely flippant, attitude during her classes. She will often put her students into scenarios where they must use whatever tools around them to devise a plan within a set amount of time. They are graded on the time they take, the reliability of the plan, and how likely the student would die immediately after executing said plan. The course tends to attract jacks-of-all-trades and those who are mysteriously lucky.
Shajar al-Durr Kidnapping and Ransom A tall dark-skinned human female with regal bearing, Shajar al-Durr may seem like a genial teacher from those who haven't taken her class, but any graduate can tell you (potentially through tears) of her sharp and personal lessons. Having taken one king ransom in her past, Shajar al-Durr does not hesitate to take her student's loved ones for object lessons in class. Class description: The fine art of assassination is merely one tool of many to achieve your goals. Many would give their lives for a loved one. Kidnapping and ransom can give you a cover for political assassinations, or you can keep one of your successfully killed subjects seemingly alive for months, or, if you prefer a more manipulative approach, kidnap (take for treatment) a royal and act as their liaison while they are "ill."
Catherine Breshkovsky Mundane Personas Breshkovsky, a stout dwarf, exudes a matronly aura. Nicknamed "The Babushka", most students love her class. She is always saying that "The best assassin is the one they least expect, and nobody even notices an old lady with a face like a wrinkled apple." She has perfected her grandmotherly appearance and down-home appeal and encourages each assassin to find their "mundane persona" to extend into the world when being a polished assassin would stick out. She also recommends ways to hide your strength, for example, where with the Babushka you would see a rotund older dwarf woman bent with age, hauling some sticks, you do not process that her fat is actually entirely muscle, and her sticks are bristling with her swords. It is certainly jarring to see her demonstrations in class, where, in mere moments, she goes from hobbling about to a blurred whirlwind of blades and then back again.
Shagram Doon Enticing the Masses and Guiding the Unguidable His view: "Why get your hands dirty if you can convince a crowd to do the work for you?"
Rickert Oswald Leaving a Mark Rickert is a tan skinned human, wrinkles just starting to line his face and the color fading from his hair. This isn't uncommon with assassination instructors, as typically one doesn't become a teacher until they have retired. He teaches an art so often forgotten in a profession typically about covering up the messes they make, which is how to make an assassination look as grisly as possible. Clients who want their enemies to know they mean business seek him and his style out, as the body is found with marks of torture, or displayed in ways that invoke true horror. His most famous tale is a political assassination where he had managed to cook and prepare all the organs of his victim and lay them out at his estate for a dining party to find mere hours later. He enjoys telling this story as his class is eating lunch for the day, as he greatly enjoys the reactions. "You don't need to make anyone suffer. As long as the remains make it look like they did, no one will even want to know the details."
Gorg Aselif From Sewers to Skylines: Blending in and getting out in all occasions While there are many classes and ways to learn to get in and out of a kill, Gorg's class is one of the few that teaches you how to get from the sewer at noon, into the fancy ball before nightfall, and out the front gate a little past midnight while looking and smelling like you were invited. His tactics use previously learned material, such as moving through sewers and climbing buildings, and mixing in new methods such as stashing clothes and planting false evidence. The course also teaches other diversions, when to keep a low or high profile during an event, and how to properly judge the distance from a rooftop to the ground and tends to attract students that are less suited for an actual fight and more equipped to stir up a panic and leave. Gorg is a gnome with a varied past, supposedly raised by goblins and trained by noblemen, he teaches most lessons in the field, meaning in the sewers or on a roof, and often gets the class to go to royal balls, for free of course.
Dedon Greschmach Tailing Greschmach is a short, dark-haired half-elf who teaches how to follow a mark in cities, towns and ports. He teaches disguise, distraction and movement techniques so his students can follow anyone through any crowd. His upper-level courses also include crowd theory, and there are rumors that the riots in Sevendar last autumn were his doing...
Maldova 'Quicart' advanced wet-work and murder scenery Quicart was the name affectionately given to a young, Halfling, BnE and pickpocket artist with no father, and a whore of a mother. He was a prodogy, quickly surpassing long time felons and finding his niche as a reliable framing artist, and quick slit specialist. After half a lifetime murdering for money, he was recruited by your prestigious school, to teach and deal with any...liabilities. Seen as one of the more engaging teachers, Maldova entertains his classes with live demonstrations and games of find the teacher. He can always be seen picking at a pomegranate with any one of his ornate throwing knives, or charmingly whispering in any of the curvier students ears.
Sir Willem LaFortier Last Resort Swordplay A large but old human man, built like a buffalo, and with grey hair. A laboriously curated handlebar moustache exquisitely curled. He talks like a gentleman, acts like a gentleman, and expects great honour and decorum in his class. Looking for busywork after retirement, he is employed due to his skill at traditional swordplay - an assassin's final recourse.
Blake "Shadowblade" Carn Sleeping targets Half-orc man, Blake moves like a cat, utterly silent, and has a penchant for surprising his students at innoportune times. Though in class he is deadly serious, outside he uses his skills to play playful and innocuous pranks on both students and teachers alike. His class focusses on dealing with situations where an assassin has to deal with sleeping foes, and ensuring constant stealth and awareness.
Freya Elardi Information gathering A high elf woman, Freya has flowing blonde hair, stunning good looks, eyes like an eagle, and a smug egotistical attitude. She teaches everything from spying to research to torture, in a varied yet harsh curriculum. Freya has spent hundreds of years perfecting her class, and brokes no failure from her students.
Lord Ashcrofte Rumor Mongering Lord Ashcrofte is a tall, thin man of somber demeanor with a knack for charm. Having spent the majority of his youth in various noble courts, he has developed the acquired taste for politics, with especial love for the power of whispers. Lord Ashcrofte will teach these skills to his hand-picked students for a price, a favor to be claimed at a time of his discretion. Lord Ashcrofte instructs individuals in the ways in which they can become a trusted confidant, an ear to whisper into, a shoulder to lean on, a mistress to the target - whatever it takes to get the information which is needed. After all, everyone has secrets which can be advantageous to the holder.
Quintius Auralea In Plain Sight - The Fine Art and Etiquette of Honorable Murder "The way to a man's heart, they say, is through his stomach. But if you want to reach his brain, I recommend the eye socket." The mechanism of the honor duel exists in nearly all cultures, and the daring assassin may bend it to his will to kill his target publicly, decisively, and (most importantly) legally. Quintius, once the Count of Imperia, is a master of this technique, which involves drawing the target into an honor duel through social maneuvering. And, of course, winning the duel. He presents himself as a squat little pudding of a human with a ruddy complexion and drooping eyes, which he later reveals is part of the game. "The target must see you not as a predator, but as prey. Draw them in, then, like the viper, strike. The involvement of disguises, aliases, and poisons where necessary are recommended, and the establishment of a reputation is the death of this art."
Janus of Undertown Contacts and Conspirators Once a member of the Thieves Guild (or two, or three), Janus began applying his talent for gathering and organizing people to the cause of murder only a few years ago. Strangely, the course of study is taught by a different person each day, reading from a long scroll. "The greatest assassin," Janus writes, "are never seen and never heard. This might imply stealth, but simple absence can suffice." The class describes establishing and running relationships with a variety of agent types, including fanatics, patsies, hirelings, and even true partners.
PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FORMAT The History of the Nobles Welcome to the 1st event of the Academia Month: 10k Professors. For this event, let's brainstorming up 10k NPCs who are all professors. This collective list can include professors of any discipline! This list can then become a tool for any DM who needs a professor to just reach into and pull a fun one out. Perhaps, this will even inspire some interesting campaign ideas. There are currently 57,863 people on this subreddit. It should be fairly easy for us to get over 10,000 NPCs.
Redna Shortwit Etiquette and Social Graces for Young Noble Women She is stout, dowdy, only about five feet tall, but projects a grand and stately image. She is strictly proper. A modest and prudent puritan, and obstinate in her expectation of the same from her students. She professes a reverence for the patriarchal hierarchy and for the domestic position of women in the Kingdom of Prideline, she has been a leader in the education of hundreds of proper young women and, in the eyes of the Crown, has helped to embolden the stability of the status quo. The truth is that Professor Shortwit has for decades been the architect of an uprising. An army of fearless empowered young women in waiting, courageous and ready at a moments notice to execute a coup upon the King.
Erilar Headmistress, former Chair of Extraplanar Studies Erilar is a Tiefling sorcerer who devoted her life to studying the Great Old Ones. Unfortunately, they've taken no notice of her - in a better world, she'd be a warlock. Surprisingly, however, she is a genuinely good person. She believes that it is the duty of magic-users to improve the world around them and help others. How she imagines the Great Old Ones could possibly be part of this is anyone's guess.
Godmund Vice-head of the University Godmund is a male human warlock. He wants quiet order. Nothing elaborate, just everything to work the way it should. He will gladly hand off tasks to someone else if that means he can handle more important things. He is an overweight, slightly balding man who wears a look of general frustration all the time. His robes are disheveled and generally in disarray, and he tends to look like he’s not had time to get dressed. His complexion is generally blotchy and red. He, too, is interested in the Great Old Ones, much to Erilar's frustration.
Lota Riverbend Abjuration Studies (and dabbles in Conjuration) Lota is a female halfling, and is mainly motivated to prove herself. She takes mistakes very seriously, and will be much harder on herself than on others. Lota isn’t humorless, as she often feels the need to point out. She tells people that she likes to have fun, but no one has seen evidence of this. She needs to assert her power and her superiority, possibly because of being a Halfling. This strikes many people as odd, as Halflings are often very comfortable in who they are.
Fingali Grimoierery and Spellbook Theory Fingali is a male human wizard who specializes in the construction and theory of spellbooks and grimoires. He's well-versed in bookbinding, calligraphy, and runic arts, and is constantly making and re-making his own spellbook to make it "The best it's ever been." He has a very fine collection of old spellbooks. When - gods forbid - a fellow professor passes away, he has a very hard time holding back his urge to ransack the dead person's room. He has one book in his collection that he never shows anyone - the Black Grimoire of the Necromancer Tsyesende. It was thought lost, and he fears for his life if anyone should find out he has it. He is meticulous and detail-oriented, and has very little patience with sloppiness. Once his interest is piqued, however, he is unshakable.
John Quimbly Professor of Runic Language John Quimbly is a human male, who due to his surprisingly short stature is often mistaken for a gnome. He has brown hair and a short busy beard and looks fairly young despite his receding hairline. Professor Quimbly is an expert in runic languages, having published various books on decoding them. Unfortunately for his students, sometimes, the professor swaps into the runic languages, in moments of excitement, forgetting that he is teaching about them, not discussing them with someone of his own expertise.
Yagnar Orearm Professor of Metallurgy Yagnar Orearm is a Dwarf, very proud of being so, who teaches the science of metals: their properties, production, and purification in the Institute of Military Sciences in East Ravenheart. The Dwarf, grumpy and strict in nature, requires the absolute best from his students and accepts nothing but excellence on his examinations and practicum. However, many students report that outside of class, the dwarf makes a great advisor, for life and drink, and is an incredible arm wrestler. Once per term, the dwarf gives any student the chance to defeat him in an arm wrestling match in exchange for perfect marks on an examination. No student has ever conquered this challenge yet.
Wingle Grimblesnout Professor of Olfaction Professor Grimblesnout could easily be mistaken for a dwarf or a gnome simply due to his incredibly small stature, and the fact that he is so bent over that his head is level with his chest. Having been in a family of alchymists he was introduced to the craft at a young age. He always had an impeccable sense of smell, and no one quite knew why. The reason behind this is that he was infected with Lycantrhpy Rota when he was a child. In the laymans terms, he is a rat lycan. Grimblesnout has quite the passion for smell. making sure that his students know the importance of knowing every regent in your laboratory by smell, he really revels in particular odours, some of them delightful, some of them less so. He is especially fascinated by powerful smells, whether it is the delightful aroma of an effervescent love potion. Or the overbowering stench of a troglodyte. Smells just fascinate him. He tends to forget that having Troglodyte extract shoved up your nose, doesn't really excite the students as much as it excites himself, and of course anyone lucky enough to be out of noseshot. Don't ask him what Olfaction is. In his eyes, the science of smell, is the groundwork to every other important science.
Ved Sharpsnout Chair and founder of the Dept. of "Traps and Other things Relating to Them," former Prof. of "Home Defense Through Any Means" None but the headmistress know how a lowly kobold managed to secure a position as a professor at the university, but here he stands, nonetheless. Ved is rather tall for a kobold, standing just over 3 feet in height, and is quite excitable. It is clear to any who take his classes that the kobold is passionate about his field, and from the testimony of those who have taken any of the scaly professor's classes, Ved is a surprisingly enjoyable teacher, who is genuinely invested in his students' works. While he isn't the most intelligent person in the world, he makes up for it with immense creativity and unwavering determination. Still, creativity and determination alone doesn't prevent the poor kobold from becoming the unfortunate victim of nearly all of the jerry-rigged traps he shows as an example to the class. Ved, along with a small following of his former students, were able to found a new department (which Ved personally named and is immensely proud of), with the headmistress's approval, in order to better inform future adventurers and dungeon-crafters alike about the intricacies of trap design.
Cardon Coldsorrow The Scriptures of Jundard of the Sun Coldsorrow is half-orc Cleric of Jundard, a minor sun god with a small monastic community. The library is mainly full of scriptures collected from the few prophets the religion has gathered over the years, and it is Coldsorrow's dream to be able to compile them into a proper holy book. Until then, he seeks out visionaries and converts, and writes down every decision the head of his order makes, all in a hope of finding a unified dogma. He's unusually short for a Half-Orc, but solid, and his usually cheerful demeanor fades when he drinks. Before taking up the Clergy, he was a soldier in a failed war.
Raxton Dafner Professor of the Barbaric Arts Raxton is a Dwarf with an extraordinarily short temper, this has lead him into the Barbarian class where he has learned to control and manipulate his rage. Raxton is a mature balding Dwarf who has no time for messing around, when you are in his class he expects complete attention. Very often in his class you will be taken on "field trips" into the surrounding area where Raxton is known to rage and demonstrate his abilities to the class.
Cormik Lash Actionable Artifice for the Active Adventurer Cormik is short even by rock gnome standards, reaching only 3 feet tall. However, he compensates for his short stature by standing and pacing on his paper strewn desk during lecture. Students have a hard time taking him seriously in his oil-stained trench coat, threadbare top hat, and obscenely unkempt handlebar mustache.
Reese Wizardspoon aka Mr. Universe Greater Illusory Theory; Opening your Mind's Eye Reese is a rather young and out of place professor thrust into the spotlight by his elaborate illusions performed on the streets. His recent addition to the college does not sit well with many of the tenured professors who see him as a goth-dressed charlatan with the nonchalance of a spoiled brat. He is, in fact, all of those things.
Osborn Goodbarrel History and Culture of Halfling Society For many years, Professor Goodbarrel taught the young Halflings in his burrow. However, many of his students have left the burrow to travel the world - the latest trend amongst adolescent Halflings. At the moment, Professor Goodbarrel enjoys teaching the few remaing youngsters, but he has considered going on a journey himself, to see what all the fuss is about.
Faelen Leororis Former Professor of Poetic Studies, currently Head of the Drama Club Faelen Leororis taught poetry for many decades, and even though she was notorious for her high demands, her courses were actually quite popular. Her current project is the adaptation of a great Elven epic into a theater performance.
Jofrit Windshield Social Studies and Philosophy Anyone who strays too close to 'Professor' Windshield's regular table at the "Drunk Skunk" will be immediately enter his "School of Hard Knocks". Here, he imparts on his more or less willing students the lessons he learned during his life. Students who are willing to give this perpetually drunken Dwarf a secod chance may, however, learn something more profound than they had expected.
Terrence Fitterleigh Tenured Professor of Illusory Menageries For many years Terrence's lanky frame slumped behind a pulpit, shoulders sagging, eyelids drooping. He had been proclaimed a wunderkind in his field of illusion decades earlier, achieving in years what renowned elven wizards take decades to accomplish. It was only when he rediscovered his childhood dream of interacting with great, exotic beasts- and found he could, in his own way, bring them to life- that his love for his work was rekindled. He's currently attempting to create a complete set of parchment cards that will allow the animals to interact with each other- although once he's completed it, who knows what he'll do with it, and the tedium of academia will no doubt come crawling into his life again. I recently reread /u/LiberatedCapsicum 's post on Magic the Cardening and I'm looking for a way to squeeze it into my next campaign from the get-go. This seemed like a good fit!
Samuel Sodder Professor of Magical Herbology A hulking man who footsteps crash through the halls Samuel inspires fear in his students. This firebolg stands near 8 feet tall and usually carries with him at least one book for either pleasure reading, research, or class. New students fear him until they take his class however, then they understand he is a soft spoken, kindly individual. He understands that not all students have vast interest in the world of magical plants and their many beneficial properties but he never the less expects his students to try. His office equally suited for him. No desk, just several large bookshelves, a fire place and several squashy armchairs. Students who choose to come to his office hours can expect to be stuck in a lengthy chat for upwards of an hour for a simple question. His passion and appreciation for his subject is endless and he hopes to instill that in his students. As a result his students tend to try harder in his class, less out of interest in the class but more out of appreciation for the professor.
Ortyn Lutraine Urban Demography: Race Relations in Novo Kharkus Skyrocketing to academic fame with his recent treatise on the use of human negotiators in tackling Dwarven gang wars, Ortyn Lutraine is the poster child of Altus University's Sociology Department. The young human is as often found sitting in on council meetings to advise on civil unrest issues as he is charming students in his lecture theatre: his foppish mop of brown hair, dazzling grin and red velvet waistcoat seem tailored to the latter, however. Flamboyant appearance aside, the Professor is an inspiring man, delivering impassioned speeches fluently in any of the five languages of Novo Kharkus. If anyone were to meticulously trace the sacks of gold allocated to Lutraine's field work, however, they would find substantial amounts in the hands of Dwarven militants and High Elven supremacists alike. Having stepped into the scholastic spotlight and enjoyed the perks it brings, Lutraine is remaining relevant for years to come...
Verisimilitude Merkins Professor of the Illusionary Arts A handsome middle-aged male Tiefling who is a hit with most of the students and faculty. He is rumored to have crossed certain student-teacher boundaries more than a few times. Alumni of the schools he has taught at tend to develop arguments about what he looks like.
Brinto Professor of Irritatingly Repetitive Melodies That Get Stuck In Your Head For Days And Just As you've Forgotten About Them Someone Walks Past You Humming Them A balding, blonde, half-elf who is always under-dressed. Professor ("Please, just Brinto") Brinto is clearly something of an outsider to the faculty. He spends most of his time under the largest tree upon campus absentmindedly strumming his 9-string Lute. He never teaches formal classes, preferring instead to spend his time in one on one sessions with students he has dubbed 'visionaries'. Murmurings amount the faculty suggest he was expelled from several bardic colleges and only retains a position at his current location because he holds knowledge over the Arch-Chancellor.
Ruklau the Knobbed Experimental transmutation magic Short, ugly, misshapen fellow who looks a bit like a goblin crossed with a warthog crossed with a dirty leather knapsack. A tuft of black feathers juts out of his left eyebrow, and his right hand is a gnarled, arthritic claw. Despite his appearance, he is well-spoken and very articulate, and it's difficult to tell what his original race was. He doesn't seem the least bit concerned about his looks, and is certainly capable of changing his form, but no one knows why he chooses to look the way he does. He's always surrounded by the scent of aromatic pipesmoke, and particularly enjoys when the university chef prepares mutton stew.
Rosaline DeVoute Woodworking and Survival Skills Rosaline is a tall and fragile woman. Standing at 6'3 she is very quick and nimble on her feet. Long white hair flows and borders her small fragile face. While she gives the cold shoulder to most, her students know her as a kind and gentle soul. She wishes only the best for her students and wants everyone to learn basic survival. While she loves the outdoors, nothing can be out of place.
Avyer Thornen Royal Etiquette and Duties Avyer is an extremely proper (to the point of appearing snobbish) elf. This is largely due to his responsibility: Avyer has been the private tutor for more than a dozen generations of young human princes and princesses. Though he is mostly out of the picture by the time a ruler comes of age, Avyer is quite possibly the most powerful elf in the human kingdoms, and is always well regarded by his former pupils.
Prestor Brine Non-mundane Animal Husbandry This professor is short-of-stature, with large gesticulations when recounting one of their countless stories on the field. Though they come across as blunt or loud to others, there is a quiet calmness when interacting with magical beasts. On both accounts, they are quick to attend to any action that subtle, passive aggressive, or "raises flags".
Milton Treadmoor Magic in Cosmetology: Skills, Theory, and Ethics This tenured elven professor has made a name for himself both in academia and business. No one is just quite sure how much of his work goes into his own flawless appearance, but many pranks of Dispel Magic have not yet revealed the answer. Despite the foppish demeanor, he is utterly serious about his work and refuses to teach anyone less dedicated. There are rumors that he wants to establish his own dedicated beautician school.
Frida Darringer TA, Primordial 101 She is a gifted tiefling with a fear of public speaking. Not that she is in public much; she tends to be deep in research or doing work for colleagues she was too meek enough to refuse. Her favorite activity is talking at length to students about shared interests.
Hamish ninja edit An aged human with fading white hair and a tranquil presence. He is not a conventional professor, certainly not by trade. The most detailed of his past is that of a retired adventurer's, who ended a bout of globetrotting at the University he now resides in. Though he never speaks of his adventuring days, whatever he experienced doubtlessly impacted the man's mission to help the mentally-affected. It is also thought to have impacted his own sanity as well...
Hermann Kremmler Dean of Arcanarcheology Kremmler is an old human man with a bent back and thinning grey hair, fond of wearing patterned skullcaps to cover his head. He is ornery and grumpy at the best of times, but he is also one of the leading experts on magical items from previous civilizations. In spite of his advanced age, his general style of teaching is to bring students along to ruins and dungeons and lecture in between traps being sprung and skeletons coming to life. Some have accused him of using his students as expendable fodder so he can make more discoveries, but his fellow staff are willing to overlook any "accidental" deaths so long as his discoveries bring the university acclaim and funding.
Johan Alkenstav Professor of Religious Artifacts A musclebound human man who would honestly look more at home in a gladiatorial pit than a classroom, Alkenstav's gregarious attitude draws in students from all over the university. He works closely with the local clergy to identify magical items of a divine origin and is remarkably open-minded in terms of religion, even collaborating with followers of faiths looked down upon in the city. This has caused him no end of trouble, but a combination of tenure and an odd friendship with Hermann Kremmler have kept him employed and teaching.
Alienor Serre Visiting Professor of Underdark Botany and Medicine Serre is an elven woman visiting from one of the forest enclaves. She keeps her platinum blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, her face set in a polite but cold expression. She doesn't speak much of her time back in the enclaves, but many suspect that she was a slave that escaped the drow before she became a visiting professor at the university. Those who believe this theory point to her area of expertise and how much she knows of the medicinal properties of the various fungi and lichens endemic to the Underdark. Serre remains silent on the subject.
Instructor Aamin Marritza Proper Filing Systems and Book Keeping in the Military Marritza is a grey scaled Yuan-Ti Mallison (Type 1) who served in the military as a filing clerk. He was regarded as a superb military employee and his filing system was considered a masterpiece of meticulous exactitude. In all his years he never lost a single file and was offered a post at the military academy as an instructor to teach filing. He is very punctual, very thorough and very, very orderly. A single pencil out of place is almost insulting to him, a messy desk almost incorrigibly barbaric. Beyond that he is a very patriotic but also very moral man with no taste for torture, senseless killing and cruelty of any kind. In private he has uttered misgivings about past conflicts and the war crimes commited during those. His current location is unknown.
Merrik Thicktail Taxonomy and Gastronomy of Swamp Creatures, Great and Small Merrik is of average height, but his course of study and eating habits keep him as close to obese and any lizardfolk can be. The course (known to students as "T and G") is a field study of fauna of a local swamp where Merrik and students learn to classify several species of creatures ranging from dragonflies to alligators and learn preparation techniques for several 'cultural delicacies' of the lizardfolk tribe that inhabits the swamp. Field gear and anti-acids recommended and additional fees may be charged for spices.
Rogo Morihei Philosophy & Martial Wisdom Morihei is an aged male Dragonborn with narrow eyes and faded silver scales. He wears a long, stiff beard and loose, simply adorned robes. His bushy whiskers extend low, blending seamlessly with his white beard. "The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood. It is not a means to kill and destroy others. Those who seek to compete and better one another are making a terrible mistake. To smash, injure, or destroy is the worst thing Dragonkind can do. The real Way of a Warrior is to prevent such slaughter - it is the Art of Peace, the power of love."
Quintus Epicurus Arch-Mage of The Geddaye Order, and Professor of Advanced Classified Arcana Arch-Mage Quintus is an innocuous looking human man of about 60 years. He wears the same indigo robes and enormously wide brimmed black hat everyday. He allows them to grow dingier with each passing day, despite having the ability to simply prestidigitate them into perfect condition with the snap of his fingers. Being too busy for even that, Quintus has a multitude of better ways to spend his time and he keeps track of all of them in his head. Well .... almost all of them. He often forgets about his "Classified Arcana" class when his attention is on important research. In fact, he only shows up to about a third of the classes, much to the chagrin of his peers in the College of Geddaye. He is supremely gifted in his intuition of Arcane arts, having mastered all 5 schools in only 30 years of study. There are whispers amongst the senior members that Quintus should be removed from the post of Arch-Mage in favor of someone with more... experience. After all, Quintus is the first Human to run the Geddaye in a millennia.
Evelyn Nate Conjuration and Infernal Studies Professor Nate appears as a stern woman, wih sharp features that seem just on the cusp of middle age. She is known as a harsh but fair teacher, and anyone who gets top marks in her class is considered a rising star at the school. While she doesn't appear particularly old, the school records indicate she taught many famous wizards who are well into their old age, or even dead many years. Her seemingly wternal youth is the source of much speculation among students, ranging from an infernal pact, to being a pit fiend disguised as a mortal woman.
Philister Carnival Artifact crafting Well known to academia as a master of his craft, he is also well known among his local peers as "The Childish Professor". While his perpetual enthusiasm is on first meeting intoxicating, his often meandering trains of thought, unrestrained manners and know-it-all arrogance can become tiresome if no-one is there to keep him in check. While many can criticize his person, nobody can deny that it is his odd imagination that has allowed him to make many advances in the field of magical items. Most of his students just study from the textbook.
Grace Akita Tea-making While her course is often joked to be "caveman's potion-maker", the art of making tea is one that teaches less of the substances that are produced and more of simple meditation. Nobody has ever heard her raise her voice louder than necessary, and she is known for having the patience of a statue. Her lessons often stick with her students and show through in other fields such as advanced magika, fine arts and politics. When she is not teaching, she can be found meditating in her classroom with a hot kettle nearby for anyone who wishes to join her.
Elyseus Longgrass are In all of the courses he teaches, he is praised by the students for his performence capabilities, and for the ability to explain difficult things in simple terms. He is rumored to work on some crazy idea -- something about shooting himself on the moon in giant firework rocket. It's probably fake news though...
Valentin Beaulieu Dean of the Department of Enchantment and Charms Professor Beaulieu is a charismatic dreamboat. A very charismatic dreamboat. It seems he is friends with everyone: students, faculty and beyond. Seen from the outside, the devotion he inspires actually seems a bit creepy and might lead one to suspect him of using his powers for evil. In actuality Valentin is just a really nice person to be around. He isn't even that good an enchanter, but have gotten promoted again and again, due to how much the head of the university likes him. He doesn't think he deserves the position, but he doesn't want to embarrass his friend, so he just does his best. Though, at least the students love him, and his underlings do their best to cover for their beloved dean.
Tryskin Bridgetpants Professor of Applied Life Sciences and Regeneration Professor Tryskin is an energetic gnome with a short stature, an impressive moustache and an eternal love for his field. If you get him talking, you'll be hard pressed to get him to stop talking, as he wanders from subject to subject to off-kilter tangent. It is a moderately well kept secret that Tryskin is working on a cloning program to allow certain individuals of wealth and power to survive in a new body, if they should suffer an accident with their old one. It is a secret known only to the clone masquerading as Tryskin that the real Tryskin has been on vacation for the past seven months. The clone is getting worried, since Tryskin really should have been back by now.
Crael Dusken Professor of Heraldry An unassuming, mousy woman with long blond hair, Crael loves the study of Heraldry and the study of noble lineages. She hates students. She hates people asking her questions. If everyone would just leave her alone to her studies everyone would be much better off. Her colleagues have taken to borrow scrolls and books from her extensive collection to answer questions for inquiring souls, rather than subject them to her acerbic personality.
Durkin Trollkiller Professor of Monstrous Metahumans This stout dwarf with the big bushy black beard has found a new profession after his previous one as a monster hunter. He doesn't have any particular love for the subject, but he has learned a lot about it by necessity, and has found that the career as a professor is less dangerous than his previous one. He does need to stop filling half his class room time with anecdotes, if he wants to keep the position.
Professor Hornsby Professor of Archaeology and Ancient Artifice Professor Hornsby is a typical dottering academic who loves to dig through ancient ruins to unearth ancient artifacts. He specializes in ancient writing, especially arcane runes, scrolls, and diagrams for lost magical constructs. Although he loves digging through ruins, he is rarely prepared for the dangers of what has since taken up residence, having no adventuring experience. His studies have taught him to cast up to third level spells, but he mostly prepares spells to help in his studies more than in combat, like Gust of Wind to clear sand from a ruined tablet.
Kimri Godsblade Dwarven Historian Descended from a family of faithful Paladins of Moradin, Kimri bucked tradition a bit by becoming a scholar. She still retains some of the faith and training her parents instilled in her, but now she focuses on traveling the world to collect the histories of dwarvenkind from all kinds of isolated villages, from the lowlands to the hills to the swamps, in the hope of piecing together the true origin of her dwarves and publishing it in her magnum opus.
Quilton Maxim Professor of Physics A devout, human professor who spends much of his time on his research and experimenting, however in truth, and it is known to his colleagues, he is a remarkably unremarkable individual. Having short brown hair and glasses while always wearing dull clothing, he has not contributed anything of note to the department or to his students, boring most of his students to death with pointless lectures. He does however, spend much of his time in the canyon near town observing rocks fall.
Babus Turalius Professor of Archaeology and Language An old, renowned Dwarven hero who adventured the lands in his youth, Babus now teaches at Zarditar's University of Magic. He has long, gray hair that matches his equally long beard, and has a large, muscular figure. He loves to take his students to primary sites of research, such as abandoned ruins or excavation sites, and give them real-hand experience with the subject, something he believes is invaluable. He is known for his quirky, circular glasses that he always wears.
Dianne LeMont Professor of Alchemy Dianne LeMont is an elegant woman from an exotic country. She has a sharp face, platinum blonde hair, and piercing, icy blue eyes. Her specialization is Alchemy, with specific interest in extracting the poison of Arachnids. Because of this fascination, she has a hidden closet dedicated to Spiders, including a full-body latex spider suit...
Captain Onestorm Tactical Training for Battlefield Combat Battle-worn, scarred and broken, but still as thick as a tree. Longor Onestorm, Captain to his students, The Hammers of Windspire to many songs and scrolls, has never lost his great courage, or his mirthful spirit. Great physical strength borne of a hard-scrabble childhood, the man is broad and tall. Having spent many years at war, he has lost much and yet he is always genial and full of hopeful optimism. Those he prepares for battle take away much more than skill in the art of melee. They learn from Longor the value in seeing each enemy as more than a monster, in imagining him complexly and understanding that his conviction is as great as their own. And, in the end, having the courage still to kill him in service to the cause; this, Longor holds, is true nobility.
Kroggar Thindleburn Visiting professor of Survival Among Larger Folk Kroggar is an odd appearance in civilized society as he is a red kobold and insists on wearing clothing that accentuates his figure and natural beauty as he puts it and while some my find him unappealing there is no disputing he is an expert in his field. He is middle aged for a kobold and often shows disdain towards the larger races while assisting the smaller folk who take his classes. Kroggar treads a close line as he has been brought up to the university board a number times for down marking the taller of the humans and elves that take his class and passing failing shorter students.
Zachariah MacRuaidri Professor of Demonology and Abyssal Linguistics Narrow-build and towering over most of his students and fellow professors, Xanthras is an individual of very few words and even fewer public appearances. When he does interact with others, the albino speaks his mind and with only the bare-bones of syntactical structure to get his point across as quick and simple as possible. When he doesn't teach his admittedly quite small courses on psyionics, he keeps to the university archives and tends to the tens of thousands of books with almost feverish tenacity and fanatic devotion - often not so subtly threatening painful, sometimes even lethal consequences to any fool who might damage one of the precious scrolls or almanacs. Most of the student body, and quite a few of his colleagues are relieved that he mostly keeps to the library. After all, even to the most seasoned of adventurers and arcanists, an honest to the gods Illithid can and will invoke a feeling of unsettling dread - even if he wears a professor's robes. With his fiery hair, sunken-in green eyes, pointed nose and lanky stature, Zachariah resembles more a crazed, animated scarecrow than a regular human being, and is known for his snide, with colloquialism and broad accent-riddled remarks and the sheer limitless supply of whiskey he is somehow able to pull from the insides of his coat. It is universally agreed on that the only reason he has not been kicked out of the university yet, is the fact that 1) despite his eccentrism and occasional spouts of jackassery, he is a very dedicated and capable teacher, 2) he possesses vast and intricate knowledge of the Abyss and its inhabitants, no doubt related to the warlock's fiendish patron, and 3) he proved himself to be absolutely willing to put an accidentally released glabrezu in a headlock if it meant protecting his students.
'Art' Damakos potent Edit: Some spelling.
Bezeldore the Blue Hydromancy and the Finer Aspects of Bathing A bright-eyed, portly gnome with a welcoming smile and a light blue beard that is dyed regularly to retain its lustre. He is usually dressed in dirty, smeared robes and is always accompanied by an imp named Selimvad who carries Bezeldore's books. When not lecturing classes at The Starry Wisdom School for the Gifted, he can be found sculpting ice statues, reading a lengthy tome or performing short plays in the city square with his ice constructs.
Shanu the Binder Strategic Enchantment and War-scrying Shanu is a slender dryad with a surprising affinity for studied magic and the nature of war. How she can live so far from her tree is likely beyond anyone's guess, but her mysterious green robes may have something to do with it — not that she'd give a straight answer if one were to ask. She is usually pleasant when meeting new people, but suffers no fools. She is particularly protective of her students at The Auerbach Circle Institute ('saplings' as she affectionately refers to them) and will not hesitate to dispatch anyone who appears to be a threat to the school.
Lorne Proudstump Herbalism Professor Dirt on his coat, moss on his hat, and a smile that seldom leaves his face, Professor Proudstump is often a pupils favourite. Small, even for a gnome, he radiates an upbeat energy, genuinely in love with his field of study and eager to pass that love on. He is often seen trying to convince some of the more magically inclined staff to teleport him to other planes, in hopes of getting new and exciting 'friends'. He does not abide people treating his plants poorly, and will threaten to prune the fingers of students who do so. It has only happened twice, and its rumored if he snips a third finger, he will be fired.
Fonix the Barbarian crash courses on Goliath cuisine Fonix is a male goliath with deep green piercing eyes, extremely pragmatic, he with zeal tries the best to cook and eat the inedible, he dreams to one day be able cook even the common pebble into a dish worthy of the gods, cries if in the presence of anyone noticeably hungry.
Gertrude Rosenburger Spell Pronunciation 101 Gertrude always speaks with perfect enunciation, to the point that it is almost annoying how much she will slow down multi-syllabic words in order to emphasize certain parts. Gertrude is an elf with a very pronounced pair of lips. When she is not speaking actively, they are puckered. She wears a black gown and carries several of what she calls "dud" spell components for teaching class.
Jarl Goondugg Somatic Components for Basic Spellcasting Jarl is a decrepit tiefling who wears a series of hats with holes for his curved, black horns. He has light purple skin, and wears a series of decorative bracelets a la Johnny Depp. Jarl is but 3 months away from retirement, and it definitely shows in how much his hands shake. The tremors in his hands (due to his age) have a way of twisting the spells he teaches, much to the dismay of his cautious students.
Leowick Hieg Weaving This grizzled old man sports a beard that gets shorn, like his sheep, twice a year. He is patient and enjoys the company of people, but is slow to trust. He keeps a ledger with records of whom he owes favors to, but does not track the favors he is owed. He teaches courses in animal husbandry, and his pupils learn the skill of making cloth starting from the birth of a lamb. Only the most advanced students are allowed access to the workshop with the looms.
Melinda Court Philosophy Melinda is a tall human woman in her sixties with very dark skin, her graying hair tied back in many small braids, then gathered in a bun. Her wrists clatter with wooden jewelry, and she's always accompanied by the scent rose perfume. She can be found around campus on sunny days, lounging in the grass with her students as they discuss ethical theory and the nature of truth as equals. In her spare time, she secretly publishes controversial anarchist pamphlets under the pseudonym 'A Thoughtful Lady', where she calls for the end of all social hierarchies.
Arelias Verisaren Elven Studies Arelias is a slight high elf clad in colorful silk scarfs, with long silver hair and brows arched in an expression of wry amusement. He specializes in contemporary northern high elf poetry and the Elvish language, but as his university's token elf, he has diversified to teach classes on elven history, culture, and religion. With a dry wit and cynical sense of humor, Arelias is popular among his students, less so among his fellow staff. The students he develops close relationships with tend to confide in him, and he knows all manner of secrets. Arelias is married to the dwarven professor of history, Korren Silvervein, and the two can often be seen observing, assisting, and substituting in one another's classes.
Korren Silvervein History Korren is well-built dwarf under is his tailored suits, his dark hair neatly trimmed, with olive colored eyes that beam benevolently from behind a pair of half-moon spectacles. He teaches the history of several civilizations, particularly that of human and dwarven kingdoms. Korren has a fatherly air, with a patient but serious manner that makes students inclined to please him. More than a few envied historical tomes and artifacts are secreted away in his personal collection. Korren is married to the elven professor of elven studies, Arelias Verisaren, and the two can often be seen observing, assisting, and substituting in one another's classes.
Theda Norwood Physics and Chemistry One of the few faculty members at her university whose subject does not deal with the arcane, Theda has throughout her career been passionate about the value of learning about the universe(s) through a physical, rather than magical, lens. She is a short, good-natured human woman whose hands are perpetually stained with various chemicals, and she'll be perfectly willing to talk for hours about the recent scientific advances in the study of motion and the behavior of gases. She's very easily excited, and loves to learn.
Sage Octavia Nymphidia Headmistress, formerly Application of Magical Theory: Advanced Transmutation A tall, poised, and long-suffering sun elf, Octavia was one of the most stern transmutation professors at Hellenes University. Tardiness is not tolerated except in the case of major injury, malady, or magical mishap. Her exam practicums also had a reputation for being exceedingly difficult. Even as headmistress, she continues to tolerate no shenanigans from students, and only barely from certain faculty members. The root of this sternness is her omnipresent no-nonsense seriousness. Normally this would be intimidating, but Octavia's possibly subconscious penchant for theatrics makes it quite comical. Not that anybody will say it to her face, of course, but the "Octavia the Bard" can be heard in whispers about her from students and faculty alike.
Gavin Megarit Herbalism, Alchemy, and creation of useable consumables He is broad and imposing. Prefers to dress in work clothing and avoids fancy, formal outfits. His classes are fast-paced and students are often challenged to keep up. He is a great teacher for those students who have an inclination for the fields, but has no time or patience for those who have trouble following along. His homework assignments are in-depth to say the least; some former students have claimed to have PTSD from his assignments.
Professor Windil Bimbleton Head Researcher Of Positive Energy An eccentric hafling that stands three and a half feet tall. He is high energy which he always claims is a result of the miracle working properties of positive energy. He has knowledge about the plane, substance, and spiritual nature of positive energy. He can go on for hours about the stuff. If asked he can provide accurate information about negative energy as well but doesn't seem as passionate about it. He also has a collection of manuscripts he wrote himself on varying subjects all some how tying into positive energy. One of his more unusual beliefs is that positive energy is the substance that makes up souls and therefore is part of the natural procreation cycle of all life.
Ermgurd Longbreath Head Researcher Of Negative Energy Ermgurd is the head researcher of negative energy at the same university as Windil. She is a slightly short half orc woman. She has a heavy fatigued brow and she rarely expresses much emotion. She can answer almost any question about negative energy, undead, the plane of negative energy/shadowfell, or necromancy. She doesn't talk much and barely holds conversation. She has an odd yet understandable friendship with Windil. They work fairly closely.
Melkin Vasnin Head Of Extra Planar Studies A gaunt half-elf male with a narrow face. He talks with sophistication and uses as many big words as he can. Some times he makes up new words when he feels that he can't express something with normal ones. He has knowledge about planar things. His focus is usually on the upper planes (Heaven, Utopia, etc.) although he can help with any plane. The more obscure the plane is the more he avoids talking about it. He believes all planes are just a strange demiplane of some greater plane. Every plane is encompassed by a bigger plane. He points to the Astral Sea and other such large planes as a good example.
Kraddic Cobbhearth Philosophy of Babarianism Professor Cobbhearth is a halfling of middle age, with all the youth and vigor of one much younger. Built lean with a deep chest and broad shoulders he has strong arms and powerful legs. He is cagey and gleeful in his ferocity and he has a deep and impassioned reverence for primal rage, an emotion that he believes to be the only authentic thing a true warrior can feel in battle. While those raised in barbarian tribes either do not take to contemplative endeavors, or follow those endeavors far and away from the barbaric battle arts, Kraddic Cobbhearth embraced and enjoined the two. A professor keen on active praxis over hollow pontificating, his classroom is in the field. He is glad for his tenure as a professor, and has great respect for those students who veer from the traditional barbarian path into his class and into the underexplored study of barbaric philosophy. You can see him most days in the yard, his bald head bobbing and weaving around training weapons, and his great copper mustache, reaching to his knees and bedecked in gems and rings and bones, swaying as he deftly moves. Many years of deeply philosophical self-reflection has given Kraddic a level of emotional control uncommon among barbarians, fortunately for his students as his prowess in battle is surpassed only by a very few great dwarves and orcs of legend.
Percival Sparktrap Archaeology & the Study of Ancient Civilizations Percy is a middle aged gnome of roughly three feet five inches who wears spectacles at all times and sports a rather haggard looking beard that's never quite filled out. He has tired, sorrowful eyes having seen many friends come and go all the while handling the stresses of working in some of the most dangerous locations in the world. He is a man of science and learning is his driving passion, even when it gets him into trouble. He and his wife Tilde are field researchers who lead expeditions for the Gnomish Research Academy and Museum (or GRAM for short, pun intended). Unfortunately, his risk-prone lifestyle has caught up with him and Percy now bears very serious scars over the right side of his head and shoulders where he was caught in the blast of a stray Fireball.
Jhoira Douglass (neé Teamorr) Advanced Alchemical and Mechanical Artifice Jhoira is a female human wizard around 35 years of age. She was dropped off at the Academy at the age of 8, and excelled in her studies to the point where she was asked to stay on as a professor after graduation. As such she has not left the academy town in 24 years. For her dissertation, Jhoira "gave life" to several humanoid constructs that now inhabit the town around the academy and pioneered the field of alchemical artifice. Her life revolves around academia and has an almost visceral distaste for small-talk. [DM's note: if a PC asks her about anything other than her or her husband's research you should answer whimperingly and in as few words as possible]. However, when speaking about her or her husband's research her gregarious, bubbly, passionate personality shines through.
Tavish Douglass Rare and Ancient Languages Tavish is an Elvish (raised by humans) Fighter-Wizard who's 342 years on this world have been filled with a few too many adventures. Over the course of his adventuring has learned nearly every language (he only knows insults in undercommon but claims that is all one needs to know). He retired from adventuring after losing his right leg and left arm protecting a nearby town from an ancient blue dragon 10 years ago. He now has mechanical limbs (of equal - perhaps greater - strength and dexterity to his previous limbs) made by Jhoira. He is a truly magnanimous individual and is the most energetic individual in every room that he is in. He misses adventuring but has accepted that his mechanical appendages require too much care for him to ever adventure again. Because of this, he loves to live vicariously through the lives and stories of any adventurers he comes across.
Who are these merry magic-makers? The pretty little thing smiles as she beckons you onward along the narrow trail, swaying back and forth suggestively as she flies. You know you should follow the main path, but there something about her that you can't resist... Between here and /r/DMAcademy, there seems to have been a small run on Feywild posts of late. So let's populate some faerie forests with faeriefolk—pixies, sprites, nixies, nymphs, satyrs, you-name-it. I love pixies and sprites a bit too much, even in a dark, low-magic world, a region of a forest where there is a small community of tiny faeries is a grand opportunity to inject some wonder and to cause light-hearted trouble for the big folk. And, a faerie village can serve as a hub for NPCs, plot hooks, and small-scale supplies in regions of the world that is largely devoid of civilization. The NPCs don't have to be developed deeply, but they should have enough suggested content that any DM could quickly fill in what's missing.
Meliorn of the Unseelie Court Male Archfey Lord Platinum blond hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin, wearing spider-silk garments fit for Llolth, emblazoned with gems that gleam like star light. Meliorn is a schemer- calm, patient, and seductive in his ways. Among other archfey, he's not particularly strong, but he seeks power through mortal achievement. He's been known to cut deals with the unwary and the desperate, and will send false-prophets into the world that can grant 'wishes' to the common folk in exchange for a favor in the future. Meliorn collects and saves these favors. To his debtors, these favors are an unbreakable obligation, which carry on into the afterlife.
Whit Wrencaller Male Pixie Woodcarver Whit makes carved wooden curiosities—mostly toys and book ends. He makes a fair number of flutes and recorders, but if you want a real treat, you'll catch him while he has one of his fiddles in stock. A perfectionist, Whit trashes nine out of every ten fiddles he starts making. If you're lucky, you'll catch him when he breaks out his own tiny fiddle. When his nimble hand dances across the fingerboard, you can't help but tap your toes and take up the dance too.
Daisy Dewpetal Female Pixie Landlady/Barmaid Daisy is cute as a button with iridescent red hair, pouty lips, and golden wings. Daisy runs the Twig and Thistle Inn. She serves some mighty fine pixiewine, and when she dances, you can't help but watch her sway. Her dancing is full of sorrow and passion. Daisy doesn't smile near as much as she used. She's been running the inn on her own since her partner Glip met an unfortunate end.
Old Fox Featherbee Male Sprite Fletcher Fox fixes feathers of free-range forest fowl to his fine, finished arrows. Fox makes both large arrows and small arrows. His work is of such quality, several of the wood elves have been known to purchase arrows from Fox. Old Fox loves to talk about his adventures in the forest and never misses a chance to tell the tale of how he came to have that broken wing (it is quite an amusing tale involving an ogre, an elf-maid, and a magic mushroom).
Buck Boughbender Male Sprite Bowyer Across the way from Old Fox, you'll meet Buck the Bowyer. He makes decent bows, but he's not strong enough to string up bows for the big folk. He'll bend your ear regarding the most recent mischief happening at Madame Poppy's place in the pixie town over yonder. Buck's known to be found in his cups, tangled up with one or another of Poppy's girls. People say Madame Poppy owes him some sort of debt of gratitude, so she lets him have a "special discount" when he visits.
Poppy Plumdiddle Female Pixie Madame Blue-winged and fair-haired, Madame Poppy runs the House of Li'l Repute where all the girls are petite and dusty-eyed. All the girls are faeries of course. They can fiddle and dance and make romance though their methods are a little creative to overcome the mechanical challenges of entertaining big men. Madame Poppy puts on a polite and innocent face, but she knows exactly what she's doing. The girls still chatter and wonder about the time Madame Poppy single-handedly sent a hobgoblin captain and two of his lieutenants off into smiling just a few short minutes after they had squashed poor Glip Pinesap and were threatening to carve up the whole town.
Roan Daar, Lord of the Sweeping Fen Male archfey A minor archfey, Roan Daar nevertheless possesses a full measure of the pride and fickleness inherent in the faerie folk. He takes the form of a tall, impossibly thin humanoid figure, with a reedy voice and deep-set golden eyes, often wearing long robes of woven swamp-grass and lined with cattail-fur. Those trespassing in his swampy domain are often sucked under, only to be returned to the surface unharmed years later. He counts many will-o-the-wisps as his children, and they will often surround him wherever he appears.
Ezel Broadcap Male killoren artificer A skilled artificer of no small renown. He can be identified by his clothing first and foremost; a wide-brimmed, pointed hat that seems to be made of frost-covered twigs and small branches, a loose-fitting tunic made from spring shoots and new growth, and trousers woven from fallen autumn leaves. He bears a simple staff, as well. Ezel is brusque and mostly concerned with his own projects, the archetypical preoccupied wizard. Most of his work, however, goes into making small objects and trinkets to make life a little easier for those who discover them. A pouch of small rocks that transmute themselves into silver pieces, which refills each dusk; a willow-twig ring that rustles like wind when danger approaches; a kettle that perfectly seasons any food placed inside.
Pox Petaldew Male Pixie Police Commissioner Kin to the respected Dewpetal pixie clan, Commisioner Petaldew is charged with keeping the peace in the Faerie Wood. He is short-tempered and high strung. He is possibly the only Pixie angry enough to use foul language, though who can blame him? Between the the threat of goblin loggers, lost adventurers, and feuding Faun clans, someone has got to maintain order in the Faerie Wood.
Sel'adrin Grintooth Female Faerie Dragon Trickster Lives in a secluded forest mostly burned down by Gnolls. She uses illusions to make the forest seem huge and alive and loves to trick passing travelers with illusionary treasure chests sunken in the lush vegetation. She stays behind until her young return, unbeknownst that they were kidnapped by the Gnolls after they destroyed the forest.
Merilin Lean Male Faun Silklarvae-trader Faun in fancy cloths, only small crooked horns. Hates to be called satyr and he has an addiction to poppyflowers. He is a charismatic and skillful trader.
Simyera Lac Female nymph/mermaid gossiper Lives in a small lake next to a forest road, beautiful and halfnaked. She will try to lure you in the deadly cursed water but she has a weakness for all kinds of smalltalk and gossip.
Amalore Female ? Guide A giggle on the wind and a ripple in the water, that is who she is. She likes moonlight and sweets. She is an exemplary guide when fed with sweets every day, but you can not try to find and see her, that is rude.
Mika and the Bear Female faery kid Mika is a small faery kid which is always found protected by her dire bear. She lost her home and is looking for an invisible silver key that will allow her to return home.
Lush Male little satyr trickster Lush is small, very small, even for satyr size. He is a compulsory liar and he will not even hide it. He knows a little magic, has a lot of luck and cheats at cards and stones. He spends his day following random strangers on their trips and eats their food and drink their wine in return for random falls facts about the area.
Glitterball Female Pixie Trickster She is all about turning people into butterflies. The first time people are aware of her is when one of their number suddenly disappears and a floating, winged flier takes their place. She is not malicious and has the personality of a very young child. If she thinks she's in trouble she'll fly away but if asked kindly, she'll turn your friend back to normal.
Flitterwing Male Sprite Envoy Highly serious and to the point, he is an envoy of an arch-fey and takes every excursion as of critical importance. He is quick to arm himself with his tiny bow, dripping with the most powerful sleep poison in the fey but prefers not to use it. His objectives are a secret he will keep till death and failure is never an option.
Delia Firenut Female Sprite Singer Delia is usually dressed in short yellow dress made up of autumn leaves, and has her naturally red hair tied in a ponytail. As most faeries, she too is curious about humans, but at the same time keeps a distance from them, secretly believing that fey are superior to the mortal races. She was singer until the moment her voice was stolen by unseelie satyr.
Sargaritis Female Nymph Arcanist Her hair the color of hazelnut usually sticks to her seductive face since it's always wet, just as her white dress. Being an intelligent fey, she sprinkles her speech with occasional eloquent word that would seem out of place for an unseelie nymph. She likes to tease mortal men, prefering humans and halflings and trying to drown them in her home lake as a joke. Even though its touch doesn't have any effect on her, she is disgusted by the idea of her or her home lake coming in contact with cold iron. Deep in her home lake, she hides a little cavern with several books about magic and the nature of weave she likes to read in her spare time.
Naroth Male Centaur Warrior Serving his seelie queen as best as he can, Naroth seems to be black mustang from the waist down, and handsome muscular elf from the waist up. Always ready to fight, he is never seen in public without his specially fitted armor and his lance made of gold and silver. He is courageous, but as it often is said - the line between courage and stupidity is often very thin. Since most children were afraid of him, he was picking up a hobby in his free time - juggling.
Alarn Petfina Male Eladrin Crystal merchant Alarn can usually be seen either in the market, town square or arcane district of his hometown, most often wearing one of his colorful robes. He is skilled in getting what he wants, and knows when someone tries to rob him of the business. He likes to walk barefoot everywhere, and started recently studying arcane magic, just to see what exactly do the arcanists always need so many crystals for.
Jezariah Daemaer Female Eladrin Assassin Jezariah, or Jeza for short, murders people who deserve it according to her morals. Professional in disguises and infiltration, she usually takes one month to get to know her target, in order to figure whether she should or shouldn't really kill it. Most people don't realize that what seems to be gray hair is really just a wig covering her short blonde hair, and that the scar on her left cheek is just as fake. In her free time, she is an actress working for local theater.
Yoinc Male Archfey Trickster Yoinc resembles ginger gnome dressed in green clothes, who likes to cause mischief to the mortals. He likes to welcome them, and introduce them to the ways of Feywild, saying that their welcoming tradition is opposite, and that the mortals have to give him a gift. Anything is considered a great gift by him as long as it's offered freely. However, those who take too long or outright refuse giving Yoinc a gift are misfortunate enough to be robbed by him. With his power to steal anything, he can pick anything mortal values and escape from them, be it memories, body parts, face, soul, strength... you name it, he can steal it.
Stump Male Gnome Druid Stump is a tiny, wizened old gnome who dresses in faded brown clothes and carries a token-bedecked staff. He's able to sit so still that he's almost impossible to see in the woodland, appearing as one of dozens of incongruous tree stumps. His patience and skill make him a favorite scout for more powerful fey.
Fuath Male Dragonsworn King Fuath is tall and muscular with dark, ebony skin and red-gold eyes burning with madness. Fuath is chief among the fae that pledged their allegiance to the great dragons in the Emergence War. He slew his own brother, the consort of the Unseelie Queen in battle and nearly slew the Queen as well. Corrupted by the power and greed of the dragons, Fuath has taken many of their traits on in the millennia since the war. A fiery temper rules him, as does his vanity. He is determined to bring the world under his sway.
Cellach Male Unseelie Duke of Winter Cellach is thin and pale with silver hair and icy blue eyes. Cold, cruel and calculating but possessed of a terrible fury when pressed too far. He is a trickster by nature, taking great joy in toying with the lesser beings, particularly elves as he holds them in low regard (being the spawn of human-faerie "congress").
Croítine Male Seelie Condemned Being one of the chief perpetrators of the intermingling of faerie and human blood, Croítine was tried and condemned by both Queens, Tatiana and Mab. He was imprisoned in a spherical ruby, much like several other fae who were condemned. He can reach out through his spherical prison and communicate with those lesser beings who are touched by the Feywild (such as elves and people serving fae lords/ladies). He desires freedom after his two thousand year imprisonment, and is willing to do much for whoever grants it to him.
Old Madam Quincy Female Brownie Herbalist A little old woman with an enormous garden, which she cares for very meticulously. Sells herbal remedies and potions of unparalleled quality from her home, though prices are steep. Archenemy of rabbits and vegetable thieves everywhere, she keeps a pet blink dog as a deterrant. Also makes a mean goodberry pie. If a customer tells her a good joke, she might throw one in for free!
Sasha Starword Female Pixie Scholar Much more serious than most of her pixie sisters, Sasha only leaves her miniature library to find new books and scrolls, which she copies into pixie-size versions in beautiful, illuminated manuscript. However, she's very insecure about a pink splotch on one of her wings, where she once spilled rosehip tea and just couldn't get the stain out. Often wears pink to detract attention, though few ever see her anyway.
Unambra Female Dryad Songstress A winter dryad with spiky pine needles along her arms and legs, Unambra hibernates for most of the year, awakening with the coming of winter. Her haunting, beautiful voice sings praise to the cold desolation of snowy nights. Unambra's lot is a lonely one, but she takes great pride in it. Is very sympathetic to respectful travelers, and locals know to leave an offering at the base of the tree in which she resides, in exchange for protection.
Averlant Female Satyr Wandering Poet Averlant wanders many planes, seeking to meet new folk, local or otherwise. When she comes upon beings she has not met before, she is keen to learn all about them, asking many questions. She will eventually craft a clerihew - a short, witty , biographical poem - about each person. These poems often poke fun at the person, or reveal that she knows far more about them than she has been told. Sometimes they will reveal secrets even the subject of the poem does not know. Averlant is delighted by aptonyms - people whose names are accidentally appropriate eg a Butcher named Bacon - and will bestow special gifts on people bearing one. She will often seek out such people as subjects for her poetry.
Whirliswiz Brasshopper Male Pixie Tinker Most pixies seem content to rely on their magic and nature and general mysticism to solve their problems. Whirliswiz has some choice words for those pixies. After a run-in with a band of dwarves, Whirli realized that pixies are the perfect size to do the kind of intricate craftsmanship and tinkering that even the elves struggle with. He set to work right away on designing and creating tiny knobs and gears, most of which don't actually have uses yet, that he knew only he could create.
Cazria Glimmerleaf Female Nymph Fighter If the tales around the tavern hearth are to be believed, nymphs come in two varieties: demure nature guardians who care for every tree and bunny or alluring spirits of animalistic hunger and lust. Cazria particularly enjoys mutilating the people who think she's the latter. Rather than share the blessings of nature or any of that hooey, Cazria believes that nature is a thing that must be protected from all those who would defile it. Unfortunately for anyone who happens upon her, Cazria's idea of "defiling" includes anything that walks on two legs beside herself setting foot in her forest.
They Provide the Paint for the Picture Perfect Masterpiece Which You Paint on the Inside of Your Eyelids AKA 'Paint' Male ? Revolutionary Paint is a fae who has taken a strong interest in people. Specifically the downtrodden and the meek. He visits them in the form of a traveling teacher, and after learning of their problems gives them what they wish for to change their position in life. Be it wealth or strength or magic. He then leaves them to decide how best to use their gift, but returns after an indeterminate period of time, and judges their actions. If he believes they have truly become what they desired to be he leaves them as they are, but if they have not achieved their wishes he strikes them down.
Möberon Male Eladrin Mathematician A slim and elegant individual with silver hair and wiry glasses, Möberon is often found hunched over his desk, deep in study and research. His adopted son, whom he fought tooth and nail to keep custody of after the divorce, is often playing with other Eladrin children on his front lawn. Möberon has many connections in his field, and is somewhat of a nexus of communication and collaboration among the mathematically minded. His colleagues often refer to him as "The King of Numbers". He loves to discuss his research and teach others the wonders of mathematics. Other topics tend to be of less interest to him, unless they pertain to someone he knows well.
NEIFON THE KNOWLEDGEABLE, of the Court of Stars Male Archfey Librarian Neifon is a large rotund owlish fey being who protects the incarnation of the Tree of Knowledge in the Feywild, which acts something like a giant library. He is extremely loud, rambunctious and enthusiastic, and happy to lend out books and scripts to worthy seekers, as long as they promise to bring them. Those who don't return them usually get chased down by owlbears or mortal agents in the Material plane.
Beedle Finfeather Male Sprite Prankster Beedle is a small fey, barely 6 inches tall who has something of a lust for gold following adventures in the material plane. He has pale skin with dark hair, black feathery wings, a light needle of bone for a weapon, and a sack he often tries to fill with the coin of any traveller he believes he can pickpocket.
Evelorn the Alpha-Birch Female Dryad Bully Beautiful and haughty, Evelorn is a rather sociable pale skinned red haired dryad within a large forest of birch trees, who through gossip and blackmail, has come to manipulate and call favours from most of the other minor fey and woodland beings. She uses this power largely to bully and humiliate travellers in her forest, turning them around, pulling them back, and simply trying to prove the forests dominance over them as she fancies herself a minor ruler. In truth she is far too weak and cowardly to accomplish much, but her trove of secrets and connections woven over the centuries has value that reaches beyond her glades.
Huntmaster Earl Male Archfey Forgoing the gaudy trappings of his peers, Huntmaster Earl wears simple arms and armor that slightly accentuate his considerable power. Riding at the head of the Wild Hunt, The Huntmaster takes delight in every second of his dangerous pursuits, for his existence derives off living along the edge where bravery meets recklessness. Sources cannot agree on his motives or his actions. His goals are his own, but if one were to bargain with the Archfey they best appeal to his competitive and eager nature. By no means does that mean he is easy to fool, as he has the instinct of an apex predator.
Flaherty Male Dryad Minor Noble A minor noble in the Seelie Court and the brother of Jirvel. He leads a live of luxury in the giant oak in the middle of the glade he calls his domain. This glade is about one acre in size and can only be reached during the twilight hours before dusk and left during the twilight hours after dawn. If somebody gets trapped in the glade by not leaving before sunrise, he offers to let them stay the day in his oak, in exchange for a small favour in the future. If the person agrees this is a binding magical contract that can only be lifted by both parties agreeing to lift it. Other fey generally recognise his claim on the glade and the minor fey living in it adress him as Lord of the Glade and pay tribute to him in the form of minor gifts, which allows him to live his livestlye. In return he takes his promise to protect the glade and all that live in it very seriously. The only thing that means more to Flaherty then the glade and it's inhabitants is his younger sister Jirvel. She is his shining star, his rising sun, his scarlet poppy, something he is very eager to everybody that would listen. He has in fact been spending the last few years looking for a fitting husband, but in his eyes nobody is good enough for his darling sister. You can imagine his suprise when his sister returned from one of her trips in the company of a 1000 years old oak that one of her druid friends had cast awaken on and declared him her fiance. Flaherty, at first reluctant, has by now warmed up to the idea and has been busy with the preparations for the wedding. He has spared no expenses and even called in a lot of favours for this occasion, nothing is too good his sisters wedding. Because of this the wedding will be the most lavish and extravagant thing the forrest has ever seen (flowers from all over the world both as decoration and food for the smaller fey, will-o-wisps captured and stuffed into lantern that float through the air, a satyr band, a fountain of the best wine), and there will be a lot of different guests that traveled from long and far to attend the wedding. (Not only fey, but hags, human nobles, gnomish sages, sentient animals, even some elementals and minor celestials, but anybody is welcome really) If the players arive at the glave it is actually the night of the wedding and they can see the lights and hear the music from anywhere on the glade. Secrets: The giant oak he lives in is actually his bound tree and not only that but it is actually a treant that he merged with centuries ago. They share one mind and if somebody or something threatens the glade the two will merge and the oak will rise and defend it. While merged the two count as one creature, use the Treant statblock, but with a dryads metal stats, skills, innate spellcasting and magic resistance. During the wedding of his sister Flaherty is actually unable to decline any one favour asked of him by one of the guests, provided they brought a present for the bride. This fact is not a secret, but Flaherty doesn't share it willingly with anybody uninitiated. The players might learn of this from one of the other guests, including Jirvel. There is a bit more to his love for his sister then he would ever be willing to puplicly admit. He knows that this is wrong and it gnaws on his mind. He is hoping that once his sister is married he will be able to forget about these feeling, an empty hope.
Jirvel Female Dryad Minor Noble The Bride. Sister of Flaherty. While technically a noble of the Seelie Court, she is not yet seen as a proper member since she hasn't bounded yet. This fact means that she is still mortal, still ages, still bleeds, something she wants to change as soon as possible. She knew that her brother could never decide on a husband for her, so she decided to take things into her own hands. She has been using her influence over the forrests animals to search for a fitting husband. While she doesn't have a strong realm like her brother has the fact that she is not yet bonded means she is free to go whereever she pleases and as a result of that her net of favours, while not as strong actually extends even far outside the boundary of their native forrest. Her favorite tools are the birds, because they are the most free of creatures. This is how she learned about an ancient oak, many days travel outside her brothers sphere of influence. An oak so old that nobody she questioned could actually tell her how long it had been around. So she went to Freija, a young female human druid from the nearby village. And they went to seek out this oak and when they found it Freija awakened the old tree. After Freija cast her spell, the tree slowly started to stir and rise, look around, then take notice of the tiny creatures in front of him that had just given him sentience. When asked what his name was, he pondered for what Jirvel experienced to be an excrutiatingly annoying amount of time until finally telling them his name: Greagoir It took forever to get the slow giant back to the glade, especially since the daft fool would allways stop and look onto the most mundane things with amazement. When they finally arived at the glade she imediatly told her brother that she planned to marry the tree. He was at first against it, like she knew he would be, but she also knew that in the end he wouldn't deny her any request. Especially since he knows just how valuable a catch her husband was. And now only the wedding itself stands between her and finally bonding with her husband and becomming a fully fledged and very powerfull dryad. Secrets: Look at Freija's NPC block to find out the story of the two. Jirvel is actually very aware of the true nature of her brothers feeling for her. She doesn't feel the same in any way, she in fact despises him, for beeing so much older and more influential. In her mind, she should have been the one born first and the glade should have been hers. But she knows how to hide her feelings and knows how to use Flaherty's feeling to her advantage. Right now her brother is the most powerfull ally she has, but this might change soon. Her true ambitions are to be much more powerfull then her brother, to become to him as overpowering a presence as he had been to her all these years. She aims to shed the shackles of beeing only a "minor" noble, she would become a proper one, somebody that at the mere metion of her name would make all the other fey tremble both in awe and fear at the same time. Her brother might be content with beeing the Lord of the Glade, but she would be the Lady of the whole forrest. The Lady of the Woods, only that would be a proper titel for her. And this marriage is the next big step in achieving this goal.
Freija Female Human Druid (I originally had this as part of Jirvel, but it really disrupted the flow of the narative, so I put it here because it is still important for the personality of Jirvel) If you asked Freija what the relationship between the two of them was, she would tell you that Jirvel was something like her fairy godmotherto her. If you asked Jirvel, she would tell you that she owns the girl. A few years back, when Freija was still a young girl learning the druidic ways from their village elder, she fell in love with a local boy called Myca. But Myca was older, his father was the local butcher, so he was quite well of. No way he would fall for the weird local tree girl. But then like in the fairy tails, a beautiful woman apeared to her in the woods and offered her. She knew so much, about how she was in love, how she could get closer to Myca, what to talk with him about to get him to like her. And with her help she managed to win the love of her live. She is now married to Myca, she is the local druid after the elder died and he is a hunter. They have a little daughter aged 3 and a little boy aged 1. She is very gratefull to her fairy godmother and would do anything for her. Jirvel first learned of the girl from one of her spies, the foolish child had actually been talking to the birds about her feelings. She had first gone to her village on a whim, feeling bored she had toyed with the idea of breaking the girls dreams, maybe take the boy away if he was really as handsome as the girl was saying. But when she laid eyes upon the girl she imediatley felt the potential she had to become a powerfull druid, and she had actually allready even found a mentor to guide her. So she made a plan, to take control over this girl, to aquire her while she was still young and dumb and easy to influence. First she charmed the boy, he wasn't really good looking, more like handsome but in a very common way. And once she had the boy devoted to her (an easy task, he was a teenage boy after all), she told him that if wanted to continue their relationship he would have to court this girl for her. She then went to the girl, told her what to do, what to say. In truth nothing the girl could have said, would have stopped the boy, she could have been a pig and he still would have done as Jirvel told him. And so the years passed and the girls power grew, when the girls mentor started to slow down her growth she got rid of him, and the girl grew to be much more powerfull then he had ever been. The boy grew too, when he was told to marry her he did so, when he was told to give her a child he did so, and every time he went out to hunt he would come to seek her out. She had no real desire to be with the boy, but she enjoyed the thought of his wife at home, with her children waiting for her beloved husband to return, while we lay with her amoung the leaves. The girls whole life, dancing as a pawn in the palm of her hand. And now that the girl had fullfilled her purpose she was still a powerfull pawn, but a disposable one. Jirvel very much looks forward to one day telling the girl everything and seeing her whole world crumble.
Who are these crones, enchantresses, and fortune tellers? The witch smiles gleefully as she squishes the caterpillar between her fingers. "Into the pot!" she smiles as she tosses it into the bubbling, hissing liquid." Witches, seers, fortune tellers, and diviners are staples of fantasy worlds. Individuals who have glimpsed dark secrets or who can peer into the future. Sometimes these are villains, but most often they are following some agenda of their own that is unwholesome if not wholly evil. The NPCs don't have to be developed deeply, but they should have enough suggested content that any DM could quickly fill in what's missing. I'll post a few examples. (These may or may not have drawn some inspiration from these tables and these tables.)
Myrta Female Human Crone Myrta learned her craft from a half-elf witch who came to her aid after she was evicted following the death of her fourth husband. This cackling old crone saved Myrta and her young daughter from a beggarly life, teaching them spells that gave them the power to manipulate men's minds and the forces of nature. Since being chased from town after a few short years of scrounging in the allies, Myrta's made a cozy little lair for herself and her grumpy familiar Ormund the Owl in a cave in the swamp. She's a tough old bird, and she'll happily mix up a poison or curse an item for you in exchange for a few silvers. Her mistress told her about the staff of Hecate, the first witch, and Myrta's been gingerly probing for lore relating to the staff ever since. She's currently mixing up a terrible poison made from blindworm's sting, dryad's thorn, and stirge's foot. Who the poison is intended for is anyone's guess...
Marta Female Human Enchantress Marta is the witch Myrta's beautiful daughter by her second husband, and she learned the craft as a teenager on the streets from her mother. Marta left her mother's tutelage to marry some handsome lord, but he died under mysterious circumstances. When suspicion turned on Marta she fled to the mountains where she lives, conducting seances, reading the palms of travelers, and seeking the soul of her dead husband. Her familiar is a talkative snake named Hiss-Fiss, and her other companion in the mountains is a giant bat named Hipp-Fipp, whom she rides to and from the valley to her hidden lair. Marta has a nervous twittering laughter that shakes her pleasant features in an unpleasant way. She also has a real talent for love potions. Most men who drink these potions fall in love with Marta herself, but that works for her. She enjoys taking new lovers. She also enjoys casting old lovers from her mountaintop home when she's done with them.
Morta Female Half-Elf Bogwitch Morta is the most mysterious member of the coven. She's half-elven with a very unfortunate wart on her nose. She's quite good at preparing alchemical concoctions, from magical cure-alls to pyrophoric substances. She lives on an island in the swamp and transforms into an owl to get from place-to-place. If you let on that you know magic, she'll pick your brain for ritual lore before letting you go. Once she let's you go, there's a good chance she's going to hunt you down with her bow and her spear. If you get far enough away, she'll transform into a horned owl and track you down. She consorts with a gleeful fire elemental familiar who delights in burning things and whom Morta is constantly trying to restrain as she prefers to kill things herself. Morta delights in the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline rush of making the kill to end a successful hunt.
Laki Female Human Shadowseer Old Laki is a bent-backed creature of routine who knows the most unexpected things. Every morning, she rises to a cup of tea and dried fish before her morning walk amongst the beaches and meadows of the rugged coastland. Hobbling along with her crooked cane, she collects bits of driftwood, grasses, herbs, and shells for her fires. She sleeps the afternoon away under the watchful gaze of her raven, and receives guests in evening. All through the night, she prays to her dragon gods and works her spells, divining answers to her guests' questions by interpreting the shadows the flames cast on her tent walls.
Margy the White Female Human Fortune Teller Robed in black with dark brown hair and tan skin, one may ask why is she called Margy the White? This sturdy middle-aged woman offers readings in her kitchen, during which her voice deepens and her face takes on a ghostly pallor. The local priest has been ranting about Margy being a fraud for decades, but that never seemed to bother Margy. She keeps offering to do a reading for a silver to any who ask and who have good manners.
Glyddon Silverstrings Male Half-Elf Singer Glyddon Silverstrings has a handsome face and a golden voice and a pitch-perfect harp. He has recently been wandering the villages of the Borderlands singing for his supper and offering simple healing as his meager skills allow. Once in a while, he has had dreams that offer him glimpses of the future, including foreseeing his own mother's death while a youth in Brightharbor. After she died, he has been an unsettled rascal, never staying in one town for long. Some say he is wanted for the murder of a Southron merchant prince whom he tried to warn about his enemies' plans.
Deepbrother Harridan Male Human Prophet A gaunt priest of the Sea Queen, Deepbrother Harridan preaches her dire message of darkness and suffocation for those who do not submit to her will. Harridan himself was the sole survivor of a terrible shipwreck as a young lad. So moved by his luck, he pledged himself as a deepbrother of the Sea Queen, claiming to have received visions of her plans when his lungs were filled with seawater. He has "drowned" himself dozens of times since, taking on seawater and asking that his assistants revive him. Recently, he has predicted a black vengeance will rise from the sea to consume those in the city who refuse to renounce their devotion to the Light.
Borovurnum Jurtha Female Human Sailor On the languorous and rain-soaked coastlines there is a rowboat tied to a rotting pier somewhere. On this rowboat is Borovurnum, never tired, never hungry, with fire behind her huge pupils and teeth and deep blue tattoos of wide-eyed snakes up and down her muscled arms. She will row you to the nearest fishing hamlet, clam shack, or charcoal-burner's hut for only some conversation in exchange; and during the journey she will offer you to smoke from her pipe. If you interest her sufficiently with information—and, more importantly, manage to draw a mouthful of smoke from the pipe—then she will regard you highly and pleasantly, offering to row you anywhere you wish or could possibly imagine. However you will smell of, and constantly spit up, liquid smoke and heatless fire for a few days afterwards. Further, you will always hear the slight splashing of oars on water from inside your head, your appetite will be subdued and then all at once entirely gone, your eyes will feel hot and swollen.
Malfra Female Human Enchantress Ever since Malfra was born, she felt different from the others living in the small hamlet. Her natural magical talents made her feel like an outcast. As a young woman she met her one true love. He was a soulmate: finally someone with whom she could share her gift of magic. One day, he gave her the most beautiful flower she had ever seen as a token of their love. When their relationship ended on his behalf, Malfra turned bitter. She grew envious of other young maidens who were happy with their lovers. Fleeing from her home and retreating into the neighboring woods, she set out to destroy their happiness. When young couples wander too close to her confines, she enchants the young maiden in love and turns her into a bird, to be locked into a cage at her hovel. Only the flower that reminds her of her long lost love will break the spell.
Norgith the phasing Male githzerai wanderer Norgith is a tall, gaunt, hooded figure, always wandering through dark woods or climbing distant mountains, though sometimes he is seen passing through alleyways in bustling cities. Little is known about him, but whenever he is encountered, he is amicable, though impatient. He seems to know everything, and has an answer to every question, but he always speaks enigmatically, and also always claims only to have a few moments to talk. When people try to find him again, even moments later he is gone. No one ever sees him coming, and no one sees him leave. It is said that he phases across time and space, observing the world, but not staying in any one place for long, which is how he gained his knowledge.
Giddy Cremm Female Half-Orc Suntouched Cragwitch She clings to the boulders and cliffs of her mountain home with hooks made from steel, woven through her fingers and along her arms with lengths of braided leather, hemp and hair. She wears the sun as a cloak, the wind as a bonnett, the sky as a dress. Her laughs (and her deep, unsettling coughs) echo for improbable distances, and it's always wise to make camp when you hear them, and soon; should there be a pot of something tasty awaiting her when she comes calling, she might be willing to overlook a trespasser on her land.
Marin of the Lupines Female Human Oracle She lives in a sturdy cabin, tucked between two boulders on the edge of the wood, where the tall trees give way to to undergrowth and wildflowers. During the long springs and summers and autumns, she can be found wandering the the threshold - the divide, she calls it - harvesting the few Lupines that stray under the shade of the foliage. These, she says, grow with the shadow in them. She boils them in springwater and honeycomb, and as she whispers her hidden words, the bees from the meadow crawl through her knotted hair and across the glassy mirrors of her sightless eyes. Those who watch find it unnerving, but the wise know that the bees keep secrets.
Twisted Tether Awakened She loves questions. Her only request for repayment is 'to discover something that she has not before'. This can be a song, a riddle or simply showing her things she has not seen - be that with books, paintings, casting illusions or virtually anything else. The more impressed she is with this information or story the more forthcoming she is with answers to any questions. As she is well past three thousand years old so finding something 'new' can be very challenging - though it is suspected she 'pretends' to be surprised &/or delighted to nearly any good company. She loves to share her ideas with those she enjoys and it helps her to pass the nearly endless time that waits before her.
Throne of The Harvürdium Kingdoms at all costs To this day this wonderful throne sits alone within a mighty (albeit crumbling) castle, long abandoned in the middle of a ruined empire. To any who seek its hard knowledge, bitter wisdom and face-peeling sarcasm, the way is easily discovered.
Gaglagabablagubb clear thinking Seekers that go to this talkative blob of mouths & eyes can get vast, complex and insanity-inducing answers to so nearly any question. Though admittedly, one has to not only keep their sanity but also avoid being eaten throughout the conversation - some habits are hard to break. Clever people bring along at least enough snacks to pre-occupy this creature until any would-be questioning is done.
Ventelusall Reincarnated Centuries ago legend speaks of a great bard asking a powerful green dragon: 'what is treasure?' Much to her surprise she could not answer as she really did not know. Why was something valuable? What had true enduring value? How could one attain the most or all of these Eternal Goods... whatever they were? She became rather flummoxed for at least a few centuries.
Garian Male Elven Researcher Seers: Othelius is a half-lich. He and his partner Garian were the victims of an unfortunate experiment in ascending to lichdom via an artificial, true-neutral-aligned phylacterial ritual. Othelius is now effectively immortal, but must be constantly moisturized by an external source. He normally resembles a healthy, if elderly, elven man, but shrivels and mummifies within a few hours if not properly hydrated. Othelius can passively anticipate many possible futures, and can give general predictions as to the way things will be in the next several weeks or months. He doesn't do long-term prophesying. Garian is a half-lich. He and his partner Othelius were the victims of an unfortunate experiment in ascending to lichdom via an artificial, true-neutral-aligned phylacterial ritual. Garian, too, is effectively immortal, but must remain in an unnaturally dry environment or his body will rapidly putrefy and decay. His prophecies are of the more traditional kind - from time to time, he'll be inspired to write poems or songs that cryptically foreshadow events several years or decades in the future.
Roland Roggeveen Male Elf Farmer A tall golden-eyed elf with hair the color of grain. He often wears a tan tunic, and grey overalls. He has a small farm of his own, and lives there alone. In the small windmill on his farm he practices his magic, and makes many things for his plants, magical fertilizers to cause plants to grow in wonderful and strange ways, mulches that push out weeds, and protect the soil, and sprays to dissuade the presence of vermin, and insects in his crops. He will sell these to anyone who can show a good interest in plants.
Clara Sheehy Female Half-Elf Phytomancer A soft spoken and kind woman. Her hair is bright white with tinges of red, and green. She mostly keeps to herself, preferring the company of the magical plants that she creates. Her home is a small cottage with sunflowers and rosebushes growing around its edges, and many raised gardens scattered around it. She can be quite shy around new people to the point of misdirecting them away from her cottage with elaborate illusions. When she is outside her house she usually wears a large straw sun hat with a white ribbon on its top.
Hubert Donnelly Male Leprechaun Shopkeeper A brown eyed leprechaun who wears a green tunic, and brown overalls. He manages his own shop, and sells various magical trinkets as well as gardening supplies. A few of his own gardening tools are quite magical. He acts kind to those that enter his shop casually, but when someone that has a great need for something enters his shop he will do whatever he can to trade them what they want at the cost of something they have great sentimental value in. He can be very mischievous, and even taunting to those that have traded something to him that the once greatly adored, and will not easily trade it back to them.
Gerhard Katirci Male Ogre Geomancer A large ogre with dark grey skin, and piercing green eyes and a set of spectacles. He speaks very intelligently, but has issues with using profanity often. He wears a dense, grey, woolen shirt, and tan overalls. He works in mines to prevent their collapse, and to locate the ore or gemstones in them. Often he uses his own strength to amend issues in the construction of a mine. He respects the earth and stone of the mines he works in, and can speak to it in a way to find the best way to reinforce it.
Haukvir Male Dwarven Watcher A quiet dwarf who lives in the ruins of a long-forgotten temple. His beard is glossy and black, as are his eyes. When he speaks, he speaks with many voices, in many accents, and none of them are Dwarvish.
Bartholomew the Great and Powerful, First of His Name, Whose Arts Rattle the Vaults of Heaven Male Half-elf Charlatan Bartholomew (or, to his friends and/or paramours, Tol) is a lanky, somewhat frazzled half-elf with a shock of red hair. 'Shock' is an appropriate word; this stage magician uses what small sorcerous talents he has to swindle away the money of every backwoods family and small-town bumpkin from here to the Whitespire Mountains. Make no mistake, though: he might be terrible at performing magic, but he is a prodigy at summoning the eldritch horrors and assorted unsavory creatures that slaughter any who would turn him in to the authorities.
Who are these demonologists, shadowhunters, crusaders, and exorcists? The old priest winks, drains his cup of wine, and spryly hops off his bar stool. "Come on," he smiles, "if we go now, I can get you in and out of the temple's crypt before the midnight devotions begin." Last week, we made some fiendish villains, so it seems fitting that we collect some NPCs who oppose such beings. These NPCs could run the gamut from eager allies to dangerous foils, but they should not be sinister on all accounts (to distinguish them from villains). The NPCs don't have to be developed deeply, but they should have enough suggested content that any DM could quickly fill in what's missing. I'll post a few examples.
Brother Calymus Male Human Scholar A priest of the First Order of the Light, Brother Calymus is a spry, balding old man who's been wandering the world for half a century, seeking out ghosts, survivor's of near-death experiences, and other strange phenomenon attributed to the Spirit Realm. He's written two popular books on the topic and is happy to talk at length about the mysteries of death, especially over a cup of strong red wine. Whenever you run into Brother Calymus in a tavern or brothel, he's bound to know where some dark presence is lurking nearby in the world (and likely, he's eager to investigate once he finds the right help).
Sir Harrisen Figg Male Human Knight Tall and handsome with long dark hair and neatly-trimmed mustaches, Sir Harrisen was the heir of House Figg, but after the strange circumstances of the death of his sister, he renounced his inheritance and left his family to join the Watcher's Swords, pledging his life to hunting down enemies of the Moon Maiden's church. Figg has been particularly prolific in seeking out and destroying demons who reveal themselves in the world. He carries an ancestral sword that had been called Greatknife which he has renamed Fiendbane. When you meet him, you'll find he's a bit stiff, but he means well.
Sister Dierdre Female Human Priestess Sister Dierdre's wide green eyes smile, despite a sadness lingering about her young face. She often fiddles with her long blonde braid when she speaks, especially if asked about her past. Dierdre was the promiscuous daughter of a high-ranking soldier, who couldn't seem to keep herself out of trouble, so her father sent her away to join the Second Order of the Light. She always approached ghosts and demons with fascination and, of late, has discovered her own talent as a medium between the world and the Spirit Realm.
Lady Joenna Longfisk Female Human Knight Clad in mail and leather, Lady Joenna Longfisk is a tall maid with short-cropped auburn hair. She took up the sword against her father's wishes, following her young liege lord to battle in his fateful campaign against the Ice Clans. The campaign was largely successful, save the death of her liege lord. Too proud to return home, Lady Joenna pledged her sword in the service of the Storm King's Temple of Winter. Never at home among the men of the temple guard, a powerful priestess who had befriended her sent Lady Joenna back among the lands of the Ice Clans to search for an ancient shrine to the Storm King that's been lost for centuries.
Goodson Harbert Male Human Exorcist With a missing eye and a wooden leg, Goodson Harbert cuts an intimidating figure, especially for a priest. He reeks of booze and speaks in a growl, but he's a warm soul beneath the gruff exterior. People say Harbert has been to the Hells and back, and no one who sees him would dare question that rumor. He's never risen high among the Goodsons of the Traveler, but he is respected by all within the church's hierarchy. If you have to face a demon, a ghost, or a questionably-sourced cask of ale, you'll want Harbert's hatchet and his box of potions and powders at your side.
Bifgard Stonehouse Male Dwarf Crusader His flame-orange beard a shaggy tangle, Bifgard Stonehouse is quick to draw his axe at the first whiff of goblins, ghosts, and wights. For years, he has been working in stages to clear the ancient dwarf-hold of Silverden of goblins and undead almost single-handedly. He comes down from the mountains twice a year to re-supply his camp and make half-hearted attempts at recruiting some help in his task. Bifgard speaks very little until he's had a few ales, and then he speaks too much–becoming angry with himself (and anyone around him) whenever he lets slip one of Silverden's secrets, setting himself to perform an awful penance to atone to the Great Smith.
Quelma Starcircle Female High Elf Shadowhunter Quelma Starcircle remained in the World when the last of her people left centuries past, her task still unfinished. Her brilliant blue eyes are patient and her manner is as soft and straight as her flowing silver-blonde hair. With her sword and her bow, Quelma has dogged the arch-lich Arameedi from one end of the World to the other. She has slain it six times, and six times the lich has risen. Quelma will continue her dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with Arameedi until she finds the hiding place of its phylactery or until it destroys her.
Goran the Grim Male Human Preacher A devotee of the Southron pantheon, Goran spends his days preaching the word of the God of Death in the market square ("Prepare! Seek Death on your own terms, lest Trickery guide your path or Ruin take your strength!"). Black-robed, gaunt, and pale with dark circles around his dark eyes, Goran's deep voice booms across the square beseeching all who will listen to make time for meditation on Death every day. Goran also sells a variety of amulets and potions that will ward off the curse of undeath, so that Death may be met peacefully and honorably.
Al-bah Zorimun Male Human Paladin Al-bah Zorimun is a broad-shouldered knight who wears light copper scale armor and always carries a wicked scimitar on his left hip and several short spears slung across his back. Zorimun's head is shaved and his mustache is long and waxed, though he often keeps both hidden from the sun with a white cotton cowl has he wanders the desert on his trusted mare. Every sun up and sun down, Zorimun prays to the Sun God asking the First Light and the Last Light to touch his flashing blade that he might strike down the dark followers of the Dead God. Zorimun is quietly going about his bloody work, seeking out the tent-camps and caves where the followers of the Dead God hide.
Inquisitor Marsolis Female Tiefling Priestess She tells her guests her name before they see her - Francesca. She lures them into confidence with a voice full of contrite abasement, sexual undertones, knowing humor. She laughs, she cries, she tells them she'll be flogged if she doesn't get the answers she needs. Whatever works. When she can, she walks behind them unseen, the soles of her boots whispering on the flagstones of her clean, spare chambers. Just as with any other tool, she uses violence sparingly and judicially... but first, if nothing else works, she steps from the shadows and pulls the hood from her head. When they see her crimson skin, they begin to scream; when they see the jet black ram's horns that curl from the back of her head and over her shoulders, they begin to confess.
Sir Nicolas of Eastmark Male Human Sorcerer Sir Nicolas is a peculiar sort of knight; he doesn't joust, or compete at the sword, or do any number of things that your average everyday knight would do. Instead, he wears finely tailored clothes, tasteful yet expensive jewelry, and personally oversees all of the kingdom's dealings with adventurers and would-be heroes. Having retired from adventuring himself at the ripe old age of 45, his dark hair (with gray wingtips, lovingly maintained) and trained grey eyes are a fixture around the palace. He prefers to do things the easy way, rather than the way that involves copious amounts of explosions, but make no mistake: he isn't called the Mage Knight of Eastmark for no reason.
Dame Elmeara Dragonback Female Dwarf Paladin The first impression most people get of Elmeara is her armor: a set of brilliant white enameled plate, which under sunlight shimmers with a faint opalescence. Most trained warriors, sellswords, and hungry bandits scoff at such extravagance; after all, how experienced can one be without any battle damage on one's armor? Unfortunately for them, they are asking the wrong question. The right question: How good does Dame Elmeara have to be to come out of every fight with immaculate armor? The right answer: Very, very good.
Alexei van Valerya, the White Hat Male Tiefling Assassin/Guard Captain Assassination is an art, and a difficult one at that. For every noble who travels in an open carriage through a city filled with tall buildings, there are five more who don't eat their breakfast until their entire court has a bite first. And yet, a select few kingslayers still manage to turn a profit. Alexei van Valerya knows the art of killing important people better than any other bodyguard, mostly because up until a few years ago, he was on the side of the artists. The ex-assassin-turned-security-chief cuts an unassuming figure; at 5'10 he's not the tallest, and at 160 pounds he's not the bulkiest. What he is, is effective. From his swept-back black horns to his toes, Alexei is all business. Tales around the palace say that he personally kills at least one foreign spy before breakfast, and two before lunch. He fights with his bare hands, or with garrote wire, or with long, ten-inch dirks that he wears on his back, and when he does, he is completely silent.
Sygfellow Ottman Male Dwarf Stonewarden Sygfellow comes from a long line of stonewardens whose job it is to walk the long paths between the eastern brunmallow and northern grasslands where brigands often lurk seeking easy prey, or roaming barbarians encroach. Because of the fact that he's constantly on the move going to town to hamlet, he has an intimate knowledge of the inhabitants of each and is often sought out for news and tales and, when the wine is particularly fine, a song. Syg is the fifth generation of his family yo take on the stonewarden mantle. Syg stands four feet, nine inches tall and has long brown hair and amber eyes. Syg is so used to traveling the long trade roads that he travels quite light and can live fairly easily off of what the land provides. He knows every nook on the forest's edge where he can find safe respite and where to find the best fish and game. He's seen these roads to often and knows the paths so well, that he can smell when something is amiss. You'll know him by his rough green cloak and his compact yew bow that carries with him, and if he asks you your business, you'd do well to answer wisely. Sygfellow does not suffer fools kindly.
Sir Aaron Irkell, the Beacon's Light Male Human Paladin/Cleric of Torm Sir Aaron stands at an average height of just 5'9". His blonde hair is incredibly short, and he wears long purple robes under a breastplate emblazoned with the seal of Torm. You can find him, more often than not, tending to the wounded Lord's Alliance soldiers in the med tents of Qui. His words are brief and to the point, but he is kind and well-mannered. He heads a church of Torm in the city of Qui called "The Beacon" where he teaches mercy, healing and kindness. Those who meet Sir Aaron on the street or in his church will often find him lost in thought, dwelling on those he could not save and praying for those he is still trying to save.
Brother Kiniffer Male Human Crusader A paladin of torm and war veteran, he wears a leather armored kilt and a light leather tunic at all times. He has seen more wars and single combat encounters in his life than most can honestly speak of, and its left him a bit crazed or blood lusted, its hard to tell. His eyes are wide, and his head's got patches of hair all about it in between the patches that have either fallen out or been ripped out. He is nearly maniacal in his desire to drive evil from the land and he's happy to engage in long conversations with those who would help him do it. You can find him training with the other brothers of the First Light Monastery, east of the High Forest.
Talal Male Half-Elf Mystic / con-artist (neutral selfish) Moral ambiguity personified with sandy blonde hair and a charming smile; a wink of his green eyes invites you into his secret. Most faiths have a secret cabal wherein special rites, prayers, and practices are rarely disclosed to the layman. However as a man of half truths and half lies, Talal can fit in to any one of these. Talal's specialty is knowing where these rituals take place and either owns or at least knows the location of cabalistic items of power.  
Keandra Female Tiefling Warlock / demon hunter Not everyone believes that hunting demons is a fulfilling career path. Thus was the belief of the arch devil Ezatan, who therefore sub-contracted his end of a deal to a young and desperate tiefling girl. Now that she is older, Keandra hunts demons with efficiency and indifference. Having no personal vendetta against the abyssal spawns, she finds no joy ridding the world of their evil. To her, it's just a job.
Balchenod the White Male Tiefling Investigator The body was finally still beneath him, but he could feel the blood soaking into his pants. Still, he held the knife, hilt against the body's back, a few more seconds until he was sure it was only his own breath rasping in the dark cellar. "Balch, you're getting sloppy," he muttered to himself as he willed his left hand to release the quarry's horn and slowly withdraw the ten inch dirk. The darkened skin of the tiefling on the floor seemed to go ashy in the inky black pool of its own blood. He'd earned this bounty, but at what cost? Licking his lips unconsciously, he knew the self-flagellation tonight would be particularly intense.
Krind Steeltoe Male Dwarf Ranger A long braided brown beard and piercing blue eyes are the first thing you'll notice when see this dwarven ranger. He initially has a gruff demeanor, but becomes friendly enough once you known him for a while. A follower of Marthammor Duin, he aims to explore new lands and protect his fellow travelers and any people who he might meet on the road. Accustomed to hilly terrain and mountains, his recent travels though an unholy mountain pass have led him into combat with wicked undead far too often for his tastes, and he would welcome any help in exterminating this threat to the locals and travellers.
Skrazano Male Kobold Soldier This loyal soldier is no ordinary kobold. Although he is at present nothing more than a soldier, he has been handpicked for the elite guard due to his skill and bravery in combat. Through his veins runs a sliver of metallic dragon blood, granting him power beyond that of an ordinary kobold. He is dedicated to his duty and speaks very little. And when he does speak, he speaks softly, barely more than a whisper.
Aurak Gnar Male Dragonborn Paladin Aurak Gnar is a 6'8" golden metallic dragonborn. Wearing shining plate armor, wielding his silver sword and garrisoning his shield. Aurak is stern and outgoing, taking command where possible. He prefers to lead from the front and take a cautious approach to most things. Having survived numerous battles where patience, not the might of a sword arm, was the deciding factor. He is merciful to most beings, believing that everybody has the chance to turn to the light. However he acts without mercy or quarter to beings of evil and those who help them.
Sivak Nala Female Dragonborn Priestess of Bahamut Sivak Nala is a fierce silver dragonborn with a height around 6'3". She wears simple armored robes and wields two short swords. Despite her cold outwards appearance, she is deeply caring for those in need and those who cannot defend themselves from the horrors of the dark. Her shy calm and graceful demeanor do not carry over to those of foul natures, even if they aren't innately evil beings. Driven and focused to the task at hand, Sivak Nala hunts down the dark forces of the world with equal measures of grace and cold malice.
Bozak Rhogar Male Dragonborn Knight Bozak Rhogar is large, even for a dragonborn. Standing at a towering 6'11", and seemingly built out of a bronze wall, Bozak Rhogar is a force to be reckoned with. Known as a dispassionate fellow, Bozak holds no quarter to any who hold themselves outside of the law, or worse, the paths of darkness. Beneath his bronzed exterior lays a heart of, more bronze. Bozak is quiet and pensive, often going hours or even days without speaking. Preferring to instead answer with a nod, grunt, or silver maul.
FlyHandle Male Aarakocra Mercenary A member of a radical mercenary guild, FlyHandle speaks very little, takes orders, and has little qualms as long as there is pay. He builds trust with long term contractors, and will slowly open up about his opinions and knowledge. He wears light armor, can class as a barbarian, and prefers spear-like weapons.
Cadrielda Sabreen Female Human Shopkeeper The owner of Cadey's Trinkets, an arcane pawn shop carrying a variety of handy gadgets and minor magical items. Her long black curls come nearly to her waist. She wears large round spectacles and walks with a slight slouch, but she is otherwise modestly attractive. Cadrielda is shy and fidgety, and seems to consider interacting with customers to be a necessary evil. She can barely stay afloat because she is always tanking in stray animals. Unknown to most, she was once a druid, but was banished from her circle for dabbling in science, and many of the goods she sells are actually of her own invention.
Kaivoth the Tall Male Half-orc Hunter A massive, late middle-aged half-orc with scarred gray skin. He lives as a hunter and adventurer, and is known to be a man of very few words. He carries a locket with a tiny portrait in it, but refuses to say who is pictured there, and worships an obscure dwarvish deity but refuses to say why. Though he normally works solo, a couple rounds of ale might convince him to work alongside the party.
Lazloch Sylveron Female Half-elf "Bounty Hunter" An orphaned teenage tomboy living in the slums of a large city. She was once a skilled pick-pocket, but after reading a book by the philosopher Picurales, she underwent a kind of conversion and decided to use her talents for good. Now she is determined to become the world's most famous bounty hunter. She cuts her blonde hair boyishly short and dresses entirely in black leather, as this is what she imagines a bounty hunter is supposed to look like. If pressed, she will insist that she is a full-blooded elf, though she obviously has some human ancestry.
Name Unknown Male Human Monk A monk of St Cuthbert, he took a vow of silence at the age of 10. He has yet to speak and is reaching into his 70's. With his ageless body achieved at 10 he has not aged a bit. He spends his life guiding those who are lost in the woods near his Monastery to safety.
Stakta 'Whistletongue' Female Dragonborn(Brass) Captain of the Guard Stakta spent many a year as a thief, working in the underbelly of the city. One day she was given a job to assassinate a cleric of Bahamut. Not knowing this clerics strength, and falsely assuming in his age he was feeble and unable to defend himself she took a direct approach. She was swiftly beaten, and while lieing near death on the street the cleric began to heal her. Even though not a minute earlier she had tried to take his life, he was ensuring her survival. Thus began her repentance, and her worship of Bahamut.
Vendrick 'Wildheart' Female Gnome Bloodhunter A powerful bloodhunter, her first kill at the age of 12 she specializes in wielding weapons of uncommonly large size for her race. Constantly under the effects of an illusion she appears before her prey as an innocent human child. She preys specifically on demons, or cursed that hold weapons or items of sentience, even if they've no other power to speak of. She's slowly expanding her circle of 'friends'.
Torbarth "the Heavy Handed" Male Half-Orc Paladin Among paladins, Torbarth has become a bit of a laughing stock. His approach to rooting out evil and corruption is ask those under scrutiny bluntly: "do you serve the forces of order and goodness?" In the case of a no, or an unconvincing response, Torbarth has been known to lurk just over the shoulder of the person in question, making note of their every decision. He has been known to keep this up for upwards of a fortnight before making his final judgement and moving on.
Mill Burray Male Human Exorcist Genial and entirely average looking, Mill Burray makes a career of exorcising ghosts. His "work" uniform consists of an off-white jumpsuit, a backpack overflowing with dubious looking equipment, and his trusty ghost-dowsing rod. With proper payment delivered half on commission and half on completion, Mill will dowse any haunted site for supernatural entities, and capture them in spirit proof vessels using any number of appropriate rituals or techniques.
Mekaela "the Unremarkable" Female Elf Demonologist Although nobody could tell you precisely what she looks like, Mekaela has built quite the reputation as a bottomless font of knowledge on demons and the abyss. If asked, she politely diverts any questions about her uncannily unremarkable appearance by saying "it's just a precaution, strictly necessary in this line of work." Often the only thing that Mekaela will ask in exchange for a bit of information on demons - or any demon in particular - is that her client keep her informed of any new relevant knowledge they gain. That, and that they spread word of her services, as she is so unremarkable it is understandably hard to do much networking in person.
Brad the Bard Male Human Troubadour A prancing ponce whose lyrical beauty is beyond compare But for the nonce let's dwell on his quest for booty so rare His lust for princesses and queens and such ladies fair Landed him in prison five years ago - he yet rots in there!
Ebeneezer Meckinschmit Male Gnome Mad Traveling Wizard An old mad mage with a crazy accent. He travels in a wagon that looks splashed in dozens of paints, The wagon can magically open up on the side to create a market stall, complete with counter and a small set of stairs. Ebeneezer sells magical items, but always with a twist. Example: ring of detect fire, range: touch. He travels all across the land, and his wagon will occasionally shoot out fireworks.
Wine Barrelshy Male Human Politician A portly man with a knack for wining and dining with all of the city-elite. He is excellent at making friends and connecting people with other people. Well-known for solving the diplomatic standoff between a raven, four rival blacksmiths, and a large kettle of mutton stew. Despite his schmoozing, he has never tasted alcohol. He always acts like he is drinking it before pouring it discretely down his maroon-colored sleeves.
Elyss Iland Female Elf Recordkeeper Handles the welcoming of all newcomers to the Elvish lands and ensures that documentation is in order. Keeps meticulous records to the point of insanity, ie. Jerome's family biscuit recipe and Thurn's desire to have tree-limbs for arms. She is the source of the best gossip due to the collision of many backgrounds and personalities. Will often "strongly advise" that newcomers offer gratuity in the form of spoons - she has quite the collection.
Thall'um Pineleg Male Dwarf Craftsman Injured in the dwarven mines at a young age, Thall'um has permanent need for a wooden crutch. One end of his crutch is functional as a pickaxe, so he leans against the rock and picks with one arm. He is ambidextrous and a lover of symmetry; he will mine with both arms equally so as not to be disproportionate. His companion is a small, mute canary.
Ronny Jainclout Male Human Weather-Enthusiast Born in a heavy rainstorm, Ronny has always loved the mightiest of Nature's squalls. Wears a tiny kettle on the top of his hat to collect rainwater - a drink he finds superior to all else. Terrible at small-talk because his idea of riveting conversation is what other people consider dull. Spends hours at a time staring longingly up at the sky before hastily scrawling out inaccurate weather predictions.
Q The crow may fly but does not speak, No secrets pour from silent beak..." Has an iron medieval plague-mask attached to his face, covering up long scars and awful burns - payment for committing arson. Can only speak in sing-songy rhymes: Plagued with bouts of fear and dementia and will often sit down and rock himself gently until his sanity is restored. Has acute memory loss which makes him a terrible candidate for acting. Instead, he helps the other entertainers in his troupe with various tasks and chores.
Reepa Featherlite Female Elf Repossession Agent A discrete "Repo-Woman" who reacquires goods through silent thievery. Often employed by the self-righteous elitists who tell long-winded stories of how they gained their wealth. If objects were gained illegally, she...takes the burden off their weak shoulders. She steals from the rich and gives to herself. It's the thought that counts after all, right? Along with her big-ticket items, she always tries to repossess sewing materials for her up-and-coming vintage money-purse business, "Featherlite Purses: So light you won't even know it's there!"
Rodencha Kinsly Female Human Baker Absolutely LOVES cheese; can't get enough of the stuff. Incorporates it into nearly all of her recipes including apple pies, salads, and salmon bake. Is generally shy & timid. She doesn't like attention and will scurry away at the first sign of social interaction. Quite wary of wizards and magic-dealers in particular. Especially after she was inadvertently part of a wizard's mind-swap experiments. In other news, the experiment may have been partially successful and she may think that she's a mouse.
The Amazing Prosto! Male Human Magician Wanders between towns and shares his magical talents with the world. His interest in magic peaked when his uncle pulled a coin from behind his ear. How did he do that?! Has a slight speech impediment, but it does not detract from his charismatic approach to wowing his audience with doves, rabbits, and paper bouquets. He humbly requests that parents refrain from speaking during his performances, since the reason of adults will ruin the experience for his target audience.
Gurglak Goggleschmitt Male Orc Artificer Use hands. Smash big stuff. Make small stuff from big stuff crumbs. Gurglak happy. Smash small stuff. Hands too big. Can't make no more stuff. Gurglak sad. Find new stuff.
Ogrim Battlestroke Male Dwarf Mercenary Stereotypical warrior dwarf complete with expertly-forged armor and fearsome warhammer. Offers his services to all armies, with his preference being exotic and distant lands. Wakes up before sunrise on the day of battle, breaks out his canvas, and paints stunningly-detailed landscapes of the scene prior to being forever marred by blood and destruction. He sends these paintings back to his mother who thinks that he is merely a world-traveler who wishes to share his journeys with his only family.
Golly the Gambibbler Male Human Linthijaz Golly galumphs presently board he once brillig, tromping on loofus made twisty by twill, to trill at a boohome for russets and dogherous burbles.
Russel Folnhir Male Dragonborn Chef Large among the largest of Dragonborn, mightier than warriors, quicker than thieves, and smarter than scholars, Russel's ambitions lie solidly in the kitchen. He's often questioned about his peculiar life, that of choosing to be a chef rather than act on what appear to be a divine set of natural talents and opportunities. Russel is better than most at what he tries, but does not care to do anything but cook. He makes a decent sum from his job at a small town's community mess hall, though a lot of his work is done for free out of the love of doing it. Has a halfling wife named Margaret, who works part time as a lumberjack.
Sifvilgyplidiven the Unpronounceable Male Human-ish Wizard Sifvilgyplidiven doesn't remember much of his parents, Tyghroiulmborttsmn and Yyyalianmmhjahtyrhba, but knows that his name has some greater meaning. He lives a simple life in an underground home beneath his pet project, a self-sufficient haberdashery catering mainly to the sale of hats. Despite being a wizard he is unable to do much beyond basic tricks, but knows more about obscure rituals and spells than anyone. He will teach travelers these things, but only if they can pronounce his name. Those who succeed also get a discount on hats.
John Smith Male Human Commoner John constantly feels like the background character of a good book. His best friends Rydgar and Thorgrin the God Slayer seem exciting, living adventurous lives. In comparison, he's content with the simple 9-5 bustle of his medium sized town, his average home, and his hobbies. He collects coins of historical value, and has a large collection that he's quite proud of. John is so normal that he almost feels out of place. But then, how normal can he be? If normal is a barbarian devil killer, then isn't John abnormal? But that doesn't seem right. He is normal, it's the world that's strange! John wrestles with these thoughts often.
Mepis Soutan Female Half-Elf Journalist Journalism isn't exactly the most respected career paths in the world, but it's exciting. Mepis got her start writing for The Copper Pape writing about the unimportant nonsense of small town life such as which blacksmith was hammering who's codpieces. She caught a big break after securing an exclusive interview with Pelor, somewhat breaching her ethics policies by bribing him with the famous muffins of a local chef Russel Folnhir. She's now a columnist for The Astral Quill, and has been trying to secure an interview with someone that will take her career to the next level.
Eubor Westmin Undead Arms Dealer Eubor was once a person of some description, turned undead by some necromancer of some other description. He doesn't care for the particulars. Upon being raised, Eubor found that being an undead minion wasn't for him so he left to pursue other options. He now makes a living by taking weapons from dungeons, battlefields, etc and selling them. It's not a noble living, nor a living at all for Eubor, but it occupies eternity.
Yulmon Taed Male Human Author Yulmon occupies his time writing short stories, as well as occasional re-imaginings of folklore. His first book, The Boy and the Sweet +4 Shortsword was a big hit, giving him the fanbase to leave his miserable job as a haberdasher and write full time. He mainly sells his stories to The Astral Quill. Right now he's working on his first novel, A Game of Fancy Chairs.
Hirai Doyle Male Child Detective? Hirai is a child who calls himself a detective, and seems to possess intelligence and skills unlike any child should have. He also looks remarkably similar to a teenage detective from the area who went missing the same day the boy appeared, though with some glasses. This is of course just a coincidence, obviously. He frequently gets into dangerous situations, left to save the day using various gadgets created for him by his elderly gnome friend, Instructor Christie Herschel.
Daven Frealor Male Human Actor Daven is an actor, that much is simple. His real last name is Radtaie, but he changed it as there was already an actor named Daven Radtaie and there are rules to this business. He's considered semi-famous, holding a lot of minor roles in the big plays and some major roles in the smaller ones. His upcoming gig, standing in for a larger actor who quit acting to pursue a career in haberdashing, could be what he needs to break into the big leagues. His acting's fine, but he's just a bit too dramatic at times. If you want more detail, Mepis Soutan once reviewed his performance in Undeath of a Salesman.
Dot Male and Female Human Twins Pip and Dot are male and female, respectfully, and are identical twins. As kids it was cute, but as they grew older their interests diverged and now they just get on each other's nerves. Pip is an enchanter, and Dot is a ranger. Both are highly respected by those around them, and both are proper and well mannered. Put them together and they argue like children. Without having talked to each other in years, they each met and married one of a set of twins, Tim and Tammy, with similar circumstances and none of the four knowing anything about the situation. Coincidentally, Pip and Dot's older brother Jon is good friends with Tim and Tammy's older sister Jane, having met outside the situation. That first family reunion was a confusing one.
Bryce Bladewalker Male. Human druid. Serial Killer. Favourite saying: The only thing I'll trust a woman to do is stay dead. Personality: A real go-getter, he can't stand laziness. Alcoholic. Widowed. Important memories: His wife, leaving him for a wizard whose every need was attended by magical servants. Strangling that wizard with his bear hands. An alcohol-fuelled haze of pain and regret.
Laura Midsommer Female Human Basket-weaver She sits outside on clear days, weaving. With subtle yet somehow striking auburn hair, and a face rounded but fine. "The Jewel of the town" she was described. She is however as cold to others as the north wind.
Stonebeard Male Dwarf Mason "Stonebeard" not going by his birth name due to a contempt for his father who is considered "A lousy drunkard" even among dwarfs. Due to this he has a unusual fondness of "family values" and has a strong moral code. He travels around the human cities offering his extensive knowledge on stonework.
Antonio Pyre Male Human Acolyte Acolytes are often seen as unsociable to regular folk. Antonio is a man of common tastes, which has left him unable to gain higher status in his church. He would spend his evenings drinking and whoring. His sins should not be taken for complacency in religion, in his sinful conquests he would take the lowest of the low into the arms of god.
Evylin Silverwind Female Elf(?) Adviser-to-the-king A beautiful elf with silver hair flowing to her ankles. She is rarely seen far from the king, the few that have spoken too her see her as unusual. She is mostly unversed in human culture, unusual for anyone living in the heart of a human city.
Stron Leather-Arm Male Half-Orc Butcher Stron is a brazen fellow, harsh of word and sharp of tongue. Many distrust him as a half-orc, his profession does not help public opinion. While many butchers do not care much for the final product, Stron is a true gourmet, not cut of meat is too fine for his taste. He shares this only with his more friendly customers.
Sapphire Female Human Prostitute/Spy Many prostitutes in the slums are driven to it by lack of options. Sapphire however has carved her own path from day one, she was a sharp young lady, too good for a brothel, but she was happy with it. After a few years, she knew how eager men (and some women) were to spill their guts. The lesson Sapphire learned was playing with politics was much more profitable.
Marrak Sunstone Male Human Arena-Fighter A man skilled in the martial arts is not uncommon, but one that can work a crowd so well is. A strong distinguished jawline and an even stronger voice. He is known for fighting with a falchion and sling, rather than the more common sword and shield.
Biri Bluebarrel Female Halfling Brewer From a long line of famous brewers, Biri is no less skilled. The fine blue-tinted ale her family is named for however is like poison to her tongue. Biri is cursed to never enjoy her gifts. She is loved by many, and despite not drinking makes any party lively.
Thalar Yet Female Dragonborn Wandering Teacher Thalar always found an odd love of humans, interested in their quarrels and struggles. She alone has become almost a legend travelling from village to village, every one left better off for it. She was taught well while young possessing great knowledge in healing, agriculture and combat. Thalar's love of humans even lead to her discarding the name of her clan for a name that humans found easier to say.
Skarrak Sunlight Male Tiefling Priest Masochist, is the one word that comes to mind when people speak of Skarrak. He is hated for his appearance, yet he retains a paragon of honor, virtue and piety. Through great pain he has removed his horns, over years cut away his tail. A man wounded in mind, some pity him above all others. (Phew 10, I should probably stop now)
Sarim Marshwalker Male Half-Orc Ranger Lives on the edge of the swamplands, and will act as a guide for any who can pay a fair tariff. Though outwardly gruff, he can be fairly pleasant. That is, unless you ask about his scars... The last group to pass that way still haven't been found.
Ravn Erickson Male Human Bard Old man Ravn has a tale for every night of the year, and knows more songs than there are stars in the sky. He wonders the northlands in search of heroes and adventurers to question, and will happily allow a road-weary party to share his fire in exchange for their story. His sage advice has more than once saved kingdoms from collapse, and is a welcome guest at any lord's dwelling.
Winna Female Human Barmaid Though she seems dim at first, young Winna is as sharp as a razor. She knows all the comings and goings in town, and rumour has it she knows the leaders of the Thieves Guild. Woe betide any who would raise a hand to her.
Valdi Galanodel Female Elf Ranger A strong but paranoid leader, Valdi is fiercely protective of both her land and her kin. She views outsiders with vehement disdain, and rarely allows trespassers on her land to pass unchallenged. Her pride has led to friction with the nearby human and dwarf settlements, and both are becoming increasingly concerned by her readiness to slay any who put so much as a toe across her borders.
Lord Kristian Fiermann Male Human Lord As corrupt as they come, Lord Fiermann sees himself a strong and capable man, though in fact his strength comes from his wife and her family, whose ambition far outstrips his. He frequently raises taxes to support his wife's "projects", and turns a blind eye to the numerous missing villagers who seem to wind up in his dungeons. He won't have anything to do with dark magic, though it is clear his wife is secretly attempting to summon demons to further her own goals.
Jackson Stern Male Human Miscreant Everyone in town knows Jackson, forever in trouble with the Town Guard. He's a troubled boy, and his petty crimes are going to see him hung. He strives to be the best thief this side of the Eastern Sea, but is so clumsy he mostly ends up causing minor damage to properties instead, before failing to steal anything before the Town Guard turns up to drag him back to the cell in the barracks. They joke he should be paying them rent.
Father Osmund Male Human Cleric (War Domain) Old Father Osmund is a devout racist. Though he outwardly strives to "better the world", he is zealous to the point of fanaticism. He can be found wherever there is a human lord looking to stamp out a local non-human community, or otherwise spends his time persecuting non-human members of society. He seeds rumours, sometimes even planting incriminating evidence in dwellings, before offering to be the one to deal with them once the mob is roused.
Tess D'Orvic Female Human Sorcerer Tess is the epitome of bad luck. Though she is one of the strongest sorcerers in the land, her art rarely manifests itself in the way she intends. She's on the run now, after that time she agreed to help deal with a ghost in the town cemetery, only to accidentally disturb all the other resting souls into haunting the town. When she reported to the council, so deep was her anxiety that her wild magic flared once again, and now none of them can talk, except to make farm animal noises. The price on her head is quite large these days.
Asher Male Human Rogue No job is too grim for Asher - for the right price he'll do almost anything. And he is good at what he does. Once the fee is paid, you won't see him again until the job is done. Don't expect him to stay quiet about it though. A few ales and he'll tell anyone anything.
Kydd Female(?) Human(?) Child(?) No-one knows anything about Kydd's origins. She is only ever seen before a town suffers a cataclysmic event, and stories of her appearances go back centuries. There have only been two occasions where she has spoken, and the persons to which she spoke became heroes of legend. No town has ever survived longer than 24 hours after she appears there. Perhaps she is the cause, or merely a warning?
Estragon Morrins Mysterious Gnome Merchant A middle-aged man who feigns madness and sells an incredibly powerful poison known to cause septicemia which is in fact ditchwater.
Old Greg Generic Old Guy Greg is a generic old guy who sits in the corner of the tavern and occasionally shouts 'Lord Sprinkleton? Ah, not many people know the story of Lord Sprinkleton these days'. Unfortunately, he doesn't know all that much. He will only ever recount his childhood on the farm and explain vaguely relevant elven and dwarfish conspiracies because he is violently racist.
Rod Osmington Angry Merchant Rod has just escaped a troubled relationship with his father, in which his father decided to give him his full inheritance in chickens and land. Rod is now seeking people who will trade chickens for chicken food or actual money, and is therefore first seen leading thirty chickens or so. He does not like talking about it and will be gruff to any that ask why he has so many chickens.
John the cat A Cat John is a cat, who will follow the party around. Flip a coin: Heads, he's the familiar of a suitably powerful wizard. Tails, he's literally just a cat. He is exceptionally stupid, and will often run off to stupid places. If the party decides to follow him around, he will consistently get them into trouble by biting important people, running away to secret bandit hideouts, and attacking the wizard's spellbook.
Triggart Darkfeather Tengu, Merchant I dont have time to do the Ten but Ill toss a few in here. Two of whom I played before starting DMing, Ive found them useful as NPCs because I like them. Small and pale and a great desire to be evil. Sometimes sides with good for his own later benefit. Wanted nothing more than to become a Lich god. Hated good Necromancers more than anything in the world. Hated his father for cruel magical experiments. VERY strong hatred of anything evil. Able to detect alignments, worshiped a troll god. Used a sword that was too big for him and was way smarter than him. After his people were killed he was raised from infancy by a gang of human thieves. Believed himself for a long time to be human, thinks everyone sees him as human. He often thinks he needs to explain to people that he isnt human. Because he was raised by humans he behaves like a human and not an elf. Mildly racist against any other race. See's Tengu as inherintly superior. Loves shiny things. Makes no bones about using other races for his own benefit. This is all I have time for. Id love to do more but maybe Ill comment again later if I can.
Thurnaz "Stormchaser" Gathakanathi Male Goliath Cleric (Tempest Domain) He always felt an affinity for foul weather, so one day he left his family and followed the storms around the mountains. One day, he came across a shrine below a statue of a storm god, with a chest. The chest contained armour, robes and weapons, all marked with the sign of the storm (lightning bolts, wind and clouds). He believes that the storm spirits chose him for great things.
Keranth Arbright Male Human Wizard Keranth is about 68 years old, has a heavily lined face and long white hair and a short beard. He tells people this: He has spent the majority of his life on purely theoretical studies of the arcane, and has recently sold his house to go travelling. The truth is this: He is a necromancer, whose spellbook is his own flesh. Spells are tattooed onto his body using the blood of innocents as ink. The main hint of this is that he does not have a spellbook. He is a generally kindly fellow with a cheerful attitude to life, whenever in company.
Jeorg Spravahich Male Orc Weaponsmith Some people, upon entering the weaponsmiths trade, settle for reliability and a steady income by manufacturing swords, axes, shields, the usual. Not Jeorg. Jeorg specialises in experimental seige weaponry, with emphasis on "mental". Ballistae which fire smaller ballistae, giant crossbows which fire metal shrapnel in almost every direction, trebuchets with a range of several kilometers but fall apart every time you fire them, he makes them all. And as he watches the test-shots, he laughs a deep hearty laugh that hints at the insanity within. (Based on this guy.)
Yuguhhurukk Rachhanahhach Male Gnome Barbarian It is not exactly certain that his name really is "Yuguhhurukk Rachhanahhach", everyone simply assumes that it is because that is what he introduces himself as. His speech is distorted, however, by the ritual piercings of a member of his tribe who is on a Blood Quest. This piercing takes the form of a relatively large iron bar passing through both cheeks, impaling the tounge in passing, with symbols of his god on the end of each bar, holding it in place. He also abhors writing, making communication all but impossible. He has settled in the countryside far from his homeland, as some unknown incident has erased his memory of the details of Blood Quest, he only remembers that he is on one, and that the bar may not be removed before it is complete. His speech is incomprehensible. For example, "Can you direct me to the nearest tavern?" becomes "Chlaag urghh urechh ee oo aa eggaech aggerrr?"
Kimberly Parish Female Vampire Innkeeper Kimberly tends a bar in a dive town, and yet somehow the bar patrons are unusually quiet and docile once through the doors. Unlike any other inn in town, disputes are settled calmly, fights are unheard of, and lewd behaviour is nonexistent. This may have something to do with the covered bite marks on the patrons shoulders, and what may be hidden behind the scarf Kimberly keeps wrapped around her neck.
Vonrick the Valient Male Human Paladin/Knight Vonrick is the quinessential knight; he is tall, strongly-built and honourable as well as charming. He only hopes that none find out his gifts with the sword and lance came as a deal with a demon. The price was the life of his own brother, who Vonrick led to the lake and drowned as a young teen.
Old Obert Male Human Wizard While Obert is pushing 100 years of age, he will vehemently argue any claims that his abilities are dwindling. He spends most of his time alone in his tower outside of the village, trying to perfect a spell he had dreamed of years ago.
Peter of the Old Order Male Human Cleric Under his cream-coloured cloak and old roughspun tunic and with his gentle way of speaking, one may confuse Peter as a man against violence. However, he is a recruiter for one of the strongest military-churches in the land and had no qualms against wielding his hammer against those he sees as sinners.
Sir Michael Mill Male Human Sword-fighting instructor Michael showed great promise with the sword in his youth, and was even knighted for his efforts in battle. However, at the age of 21, he stepped in a bear trap. The foot became infected and it was amputed. He now trains the younger boys in his town on swordplay.
"Lute" Male halfling Bard A travelling singer and lute-player, simply known as "Lute". He chooses to follow adventuring parties for inspiration for new songs.
Ella "Nightstinger" Female Half-elf Archer/Hunter Growing up as a Half-Elf in a Human village can be difficult enough, especially when one wants to become the first female hunter. However, her ability to hunt at night has earned her the respect of the others.
Keltrin Female Human Warlock Cloaked in blacks and reds, Keltrin always seeks out new cities to perform her dark magic. For a price, one can borrow her skills, but there is no knowing when your payment will be finished.
Quiet Ben Male Human Bodyguard Three things make Ben the outstanding bodyguard that he is: his bear-like stature, his loyalty to his employer and the day his father cut his tongue out for humiliating him in front of a Prince.
Maggie Bluestream Female Half-Elf birdkeeper Maggie is a Half-Elf. She understands that there are those in this world who do not take kindly to species-mixing. Her brother had warned her as much before he was captured in a raid when they were young. She has cut off the points to her ears, takes in the sun as much as she can, and plays the fool when she hears Elvish being spoken. She dresses herself in Human clothing, and has stopped practising any customs from her childhood. She has been put in charge of the messenger-pigeons for the Baron, and prays that one day she finds Elves contacting him, so she may try to find a home with people more accepting.
Khyban Female Dragonborn General Khyban was never meant to become a General. She had six brothers, all of them strong and capable of command. It was Khyban's lot to work with potions, or inter-clan diplomacy, or to help raise the younglings of her brothers. Dragonborn clans don't often look kindly on those who reject the role given to them. But when a Dragonborn returns home one night displaying the severed head of a Hill Giant, before they have even fully reached adulthood, it is impossible to ignore them. Khyban knows how to reward captains and soldiers who please her in battle. Displeasing Khyban rarely happens now.
Sir Annory Garfield Male Human Captain Though his family name does carry importance in the kingdom, there isn't a knight who thinks Annory has earned the respect himself. Sir Annory has notoriously been part of battles that were already largely won, or were an easy victory. He has always requested to be stationed near less-troublesome areas. However, none of this works to lessen his arrogance, and he will inflate his achievements in battle whenever his honour is questioned.
Darber Claytop Male Dwarf Diplomat Darber is perhaps the only famous Dwarf in the kingdom who didn't earn such fame with a weapon. His crowning achievement thus far has been his negotiations with Karg the Big. Karg was an Orc chieftan who had grown his war pack large enough to threaten the city. However, using his snakelike tongue, Darber was able to stave off the Orc invasion for four full days; enough time for reinforcement cavalry to arrive and smash the Orc host. Darber now works within the city as a highly-respected ambassador.
Captain Bobbla of the Cerulean Shadow Female Halfling Pirate When she is in the company of other pirate captains, Bobbla will brag that her ship hasn't needed to seek a shore in over eight years. Her success with ship-raiding has been such that the sea provides all the treasure she needs. She leads her crew of Halflings in the long, blue-painted ship known as the Cerulean Shadow. If Bobbla wishes to remain unseen in a shadow, she will do so. If she desires that her ship remain unseen in broad daylight, it too will do so. No non-Halfling have ever survived once they step on Bobbla's ship, so the secret to the boat's stealth remains a mystery.
Gretchen Farseer Female Human Soothsayer Gretchen was once a talented seer for her marshland clan. She had correctly predicted bandit raids, locust swarms, plague, lightning storms and even wars. Her predictions have saved her clan innumerable times, and for this she has been treated with great reverence within her clan. It is a shame that her talents have dwindled with her advanced age, however. It has been four years since she has claimed to see anything but the supposedly incoming "ocean of fire".
Elena Redlegs Female Human Goblin Queen Goblins attacker her village. Her daughter was killed in the raid by a Goblin chieftan. She begged her king for help, but none was provided. So she took her kitchen knife, sneaked into the Goblin cave, somehow found the sleeping chieftan and took his head. She was found soaked in his blood, and carrying his head. For this, the Goblins kneeled to her and proclaimed her the new chieftan. For the past two years, Elena has led raids with her ever-growing Goblin clan on her former king's outposts for revenge of his inaction.
Handsome Andre Male Human creeper I can offer some that were discontinued from previous campaigns that I liked: An expert marksman who could thread a needle with an arrow at 100 yards despite only being 13 years old. Will no doubt be a legend in years to come. Very shy and has unfortunate bumfluff. Physically quite weak, and cannot finish a sentence without his voice cracking. Once was nearly killed by an Owlbear. Well known in his small town for bringing home large game from hunts with expert killing blows. Andre is a 1/10 ugly creepy dude with a smoking hot 10/10 wife. He was given the ironic nickname "Handsome" after he married his extremely attractive and loyal wife who is beloved by the town. Unknown to the townsfolk Andre made a pact to sell his soul to a demon when he was young in order to make his high school crush fall in love with him forever. (In my game he was a warlock but he doesn't have to be) He was an adventurer for several years, and uses the money he earned to make a living as a patron of local sculptors, masons and painters, paying their living expenses for an extortionate proportion of the profits from their work.
Thaemos Leafstrider Male Wood Elf Priest A handsome elf with golden hair and an uneasy smile. He is sympathetic to those who suffer, but he is very cautious to meddle in others affairs: "That is nature's way." He is (or was) the caretaker of a sacred place, deep in an ancient forest. He is loathe to share the secrets of that place.
Mairiel Moonblossom Female Wood Elf Druid Long, silky amber hair frames the elf-maiden's sharp features and deep blue eyes. She lives lonely, even by wood elf standards. She spends most of her days meditating in a remote sacred grove in an ancient forest that is filled with terrors. She knows many secrets of the forest, but the promise of uncovering its deeper secrets can draw her away from her sacred grove.
Eloranae Mistdancer Female Wood Elf Ranger The elf wears a dull cloak clasped beneath her chin with a brooch of swirling crystal; her iridescent green eyes gaze wistfully as her platinum hair flutters gently in the wind. Eloranae has been walking to the ends of the world, looking for what few wood elves remain. She is the last of her house and carries an immense sorrow behind her eyes. She is a true friend, but unleash's an incredible fury upon her enemies, sometimes waiting decades or centuries before the opportune moment to take revenge.
Corian Leafstrider Male Wood Elf Scout The blonde elf tosses his hair over his shoulder and stifles his laugh long enough to take a swallow of wine from the skin that hangs about his neck. When set on a task, Corian will carry it out with unerring determination; his family sometimes jokingly chide him as "Half-Elven," suggesting he may carry the blood of men within him. When not on a specific mission, Corian is a merry companion; keeping company mostly with men and halflings in the travelers' camps in the forest or at the travelers' along the road. His family, especially his brother, thinks Corian is a troublemaker; the truth is Corian feels the sadness and loss that others do, perhaps more sharply, and he drinks and makes-merry so as not to be consumed by the gloom.
Cirthoeil II of House Darkwater Male Wood Elf King A muscular elf with golden brown hair and a grim countenance. Cirthoeil has reigned as the King of the Shadowwood for centuries, though few outside his woodland realm have ever heard of him; he is a just ruler among his people, but he is not kind to outsiders. In his youth, he traveled widely and fought bravely against many earthly and otherworldly evils. Possessing no magical gifts of his own, he is especially jealous and suspicious of spellcasters or those who carry items of great magical power with them.
Winnie "The Pixie" Shoemaker Female Human Harlot This petite, sleepy-eyed brunette was beautiful once, and she can still enchant: It's in the way she moves. Winnie has had a hard go of it, she rarely laughs anymore, and no one seems to know where she grew up. She's been a staple of the taverns and brothels of the River District for years, and she's notched some impressive tricks into her belt: Fearsome outlaws, well-known ship captains, wealthy merchants, and "the world's greatest thief." She used to be the life of the party, but the joy of ale and wine have begun to wane, as does her beauty.
Aldorn Braxton Male Human Thief A dark-eyed man with a winning grin scans the room with his keen eyes. Aldorn is a treasure-hunter, a thrill-seeker, an excellent friend to those who will lead him to opportunities for gold and glory. He claims to be the "world's greatest thief," and he's well-known in the low districts and in high society alike, though he's not always welcome in either. Aldorn is quick to draw on his wits and his knife for any who doubt his claims, but he knows when to run: "The better part of greatness is staying alive."
"Hobo" Tim Male Human Drunk A portly man with several tattoos mumbles incoherently from under his long, unkempt grey beard. The people of the River District call him "Tim," and he answers, but no one really knows his name (of course, they call him "Hobo," and he answers to that too. He is usually harmless, mumbling about needing coin at passers by; erratically, he will last out with racist tirades, particularly directing them at dwarves. He has been stumbling around the River District for at least fifteen years; although it's not clear if he even knows who or what he was before then, he does sport an unusual tattoo of a man-spearing-a-shark-eating-a-dragon-eating-a-dwarf.
Sir Ayrin Favager Male Human Knight Sir Ayrin clanks about in his steel armor, carrying a warhammer, a shield, and a holier-than-thou attitude. He grew up as a commoner, a blacksmith's apprentice, but he was raised up to knighthood after he saved a powerful lord's son in a skirmish with a rival at a tavern. Sir Ayrin had been proud of his work at the forge; now he's even prouder of his elevated social rank. He tends to be suspicious that people are cheating him; after being offered the position of knight, he first refused believing the lord's messenger was mocking him.
Ole Moonsen Male Human Sailor Atop Ole's big frame sits a red-round head with dark, short-cropped hair, dark stubble of a beard, and watery blue eyes. He has sailed on trading vessels up and down the coast for several years. Ole tends to be forgetful about details, but he's reliable enough when it comes to the tasks aboard a ship. He loves to share bawdy stories and jokes over some wine or ale, and once he starts drinking, he rarely stops until he's snoring.
Baris Tyrento Male Human Sheepherder Unshaven and unwashed, Baris stinks of sheep and looks even worse, clad in filthy leathers and a ragged cloak. He owns a few dozen sheep and scrapes a living off sale of wool (and occasionally mutton) that he trades with the merchant caravans that venture far enough north to pass his homestead. Ever since he caught a caravan guard flirting with her, Baris fears that his pretty young wife will leave him for someone more handsome and dashing. Baris was twice before, but each of his previous wives left him childless when she died.
Iliana "Illy" Portnoir Female Human Assassin Illy is a beautiful dark-haired woman with a small but athletic frame and lips that were made for kissing. She lies about everything: "Don't trust me," she coos with a wink. She hires her services (many as they are) out for a steep price, but she always delivers: "No one does it better than me," she says with a sweet smile. Most kills are strictly business, but some kills she enjoys, as she seeks the men who killed her father when she was a girl.
Gerwac, the Knowing Male Human Wizard-Headmaster Few have seen the face of the headmaster of the Steelmoon Academy, but those who have describe him as a thin man with an unsettling gaze. He spends much of his time in the seclusion of his study; on occasion, he visits the school's library or walks the grounds, wearing a heavy black cloak with a hood drawn about his face. Nothing is known of Gerwac before he founded the school a few decades ago, choosing what is believed to be a haunted mountain for its grounds. His school is as secretive as he is; little is known about the school to those outside it, and it is whispered that the students fear him tremendously.
Daek Obskur Male Human Curio-Shopkeeper The spry old man has silver gray hair and whiskers and ruddy skin stretched across his long hooked nose and the rest of his bony face; he eyes his customers keenly. "Welcome, welcome! May I collect the dust from your feet? Travelers' feet are full of interesting sands and lints from far off places—quite useful for magic." The old man doesn't wait for an answer but drops his book and scrambles over the counter to begin collecting dirt from his customers' feet, collecting it into small glass vials. He is cautious about local laws, but he knows a good customer when he sees one; he raises his voice speaking loud enough that anyone out on the street could hear him, "Though I don't know how to do any magic myself."
Torrek Holdeger Male Dwarf Armorer The dwarf pensively strokes the long dark brown braid of his beard; his other hand rests atop the hammer strapped to his belt. Torrek is a perfectionist; trained by a master craftsman, his own skill exceeds that of his former mentor. Since becoming a refugee after the destruction of his kingdom, Torrek has been reduced to taking on journeyman work at various forges. Torrek would like to settle some place quiet where he can open his own forge; he hates the city.
Torgrim Holdeger Male Dwarf Soldier The dwarf clad in mail carries a large battleaxe; his long black beard is tidy and combed out straight. Torgrim learned some rudimentary healing skills while serving as a soldier to his king; he never had the patience to study the healing arts properly. Since the goblin horde over-ran his kingdom, Torgrim has taken on a variety of jobs as a mercenary or enforcer. Torgrim is fond of drinking, carousing, and fighting; he enjoys life in the city.
Jurk Ironbiter Male Dwarf Berserker The dwarf seems to be staring at nothing, his auburn beard a wild tangle; then he stares right at you. Jurk's gaze is unsettling, he rarely speaks, and he is fearless in battle. His grip on sanity slipped after seeing the goblins smash his king's army and take the king himself. Jurk will fiercely defend the honor of his fallen king at the least provocation.
Cirolas Summerstar Male High Elf Storyteller The lanky, brown-haired elf looks about with his wide green eyes, taking in everything. He knows the histories and songs of many peoples and places, their legends and their endings, and can tell their stories so they are all-at-once epic, personal, comedic, and tragic. He knows how to tell a story, but he also knows how to listen for one: "And then?" nodding eagerly. He belongs to an ancient and noble house and is seeking some secret piece of lore.
Jelenneth Wintermoon Female High Elf Oracle The sight of the thin blonde elf with brilliant blue eyes and a faraway gaze fills you with a pang of loss. She has watched the stars for centuries; she knows the doom they foretell and it fills her with sadness. Jelenneth longs to uncover new portents and omens that contradict what she has foreseen. She is often distracted from the most pressing questions by the opportunity to learn something new by following a tangential train of thought.
Thrakk, the Chief of the Palefists, Lord of Eastern Horde, Slayer of Men, Eater of Elves Male Orc Warlord Thrakk is bigger, meaner, and smarter than the other 10,000 orcs of the Eastern Horde; don't get in his way. He ascended to chief of the Palefist clan at a relatively young age by stabbing the previous chief through the back with his blade, cutting his heart out, and devouring it; ever since, he's been uniting the Eastern clans through a combination of intimidation, bribery, slaughter, and lies. Thrakk has aspirations to drive the Eastern Horde over the mountains to invade the Western Kingdoms; if he can and if he adds the Northern clans to his horde, he may well conquer the world. If you meet Thrakk, chances are you are already dead and on his dinner plate; if you're alive, he must see some use for you, and he'll most likely kill you when that use has expired.
Kuranath Male Half-Orc Pit-Fighter Scars cover much of his nearly hairless head and neck, and he often cradles an oddly shaped brass knuckle in his hand. He enjoys being around people, but he is often silent among them. He is an escaped slave, and he is frightened that his cruel former masters may find him: "I never stay in one place too long." He despises fighting in the pits, but it's all he's ever known, and he wins.
Lurg Male Half-Orc Thug The half-orc's dark eyes dimly follow the fly that has been attracted to his revolting scent, as he lines up to swat it with his club. Lurg is big and stupid, but he can follow simple instructions well enough. He will readily follow anyone who promises him the opportunity to smash things, taking greater satisfaction from this than from anything gold can buy. Lurg is easily distracted by food, and he is particularly fond of wines and pungent cheeses.
Gaeryon Vyn Dordevetym Male Human Merchant The cloth merchant laughs nervously as he wipes the sweat from his brow with a lace-trimmed silk handkerchief. Gaeryon is a member of a wealthy merchant family who owns the exclusive a share of rights to export of the cloth produced by the weavers' guild in the city. He travels the roads in a yearly cycle with a small cadre of guards and a man-servant, purchasing raw wool from rural sheepherders and bringing them cloth and a handful of other dry goods produced in the city. Gaeryon is friendly but he despises travel: if he had his way, he'd work in the family's offices and stay at home with his wife and children year-round.
Sir Roderick Chansym Male Human Knight Sir Roderick, handsome, tall, and blonde, stares at you with some of the sweetest blue eyes you've ever seen. One of the king's boldest knights, Sir Roderick has gained renown throughout the realm for his brave deeds. He rose to prominence by winning the princess's name day tournament: there is a rumor that he harbors a secret love for her. Sir Roderick plays the part of the pure and genteel knight well, but he's actually quite a rake when he thinks no one from court is watching.
Valaerys Nightspear Female Dark Elf Warrior Silver-haired with sharp features, Valaerys fled from her home in the Underdark after attempting to spirit away a pair of frightened young human girls who had been taken as slaves during a surface raid. Moved by compassion, she managed to help one girl escape, but the other was run down by her former comrades in the attempt. Having been seen in the attempt, she had no choice but to run or to face death, as would have been the punishment meted out by the spider priestess. She and her young companion have been wandering the shadow lands for 15 years now, taking on what small quests they can while avoiding encounters with other dark elves at all cost.
Mirmarye "Mimi" Sohuster Female Human Assassin As a young girl, dark elves raided Mimi's village, kidnapping her and her sister. Mimi escaped with the help of a dark elf warrior, who has since served as her guardian and companion while they wandered the shadow lands as refugees. Growing up on the move and among the rough and the lowly, Mimi became quite good at sneaking, stealing, and knifing her way out of many desperate situations. Mimi has grown to be a beautiful dark-haired young woman, but she is grim and pessimistic, harboring suspicion against strangers, especially human men and all elves, except for her companion.
Sister Niradella Tariskoff Female Human Priestess Hailing from the North, Niradella is the winter fury, the cold wind that cuts to the bone; her icy stare hides the true meaning of her words. Her widowed mother, unable to support her, left her to be raised as an initiate in to the Storm King's Temple of Winter as a small girl. By the aid of her instructors and her Northern blood, she has grown powerful: well-versed in magical lore, skilled in the healing arts, capable of manipulating the forces of winter, and deadly to the temple's enemies. Though loyal to the temple's hierarchy and purposes, Niradella does not know how her father died nor what became of her mother; the chance to uncover these truths could tempt her to break her vows.
Thia Gallytuck Female Halfling Innkeeper A pleasingly plump halfling with a long, dark braid, and a welcoming smile. Thia is a nurturing soul who loves to cook for her guests: They say she makes the best pies this side of the old forest. She runs (or ran) an inn that belonged to her father in a small riverside village. A heartbreaking fate befell her sweetheart, and she sometimes drowns her sorrows in ale.
Tom Watters Male Halfling Ferryman A friendly little chap with an unfortunate scar in the shape of an onion on his left cheek. Watters poles the ferry that serves as the primary crossing for the river at the edge of his village; he enjoys talking to travelers. When he's not at the ferry, he's probably out walking the woods--a practice he finds therapeutic since he gave up gambling. He owes a considerable gambling debt to a bandit: Occasionally, the ne'er-do-well presses him to ferry him across the river in the dead of night as a favor.
Finnan Wetherwise Male Halfling Pickpocket The halfling scowls into his mug of ale, bushy brown eyebrows arching over dark brown eyes. Finnan will lift anything of value that is not tied down, and he may even try to take some of those things as well. He is loyal to his friends, but he is not keen on making any new ones. When he spots something valuable, Finnan will brood and stare at it until he can work out how to lift it.
Baznar Metalshine Male Halfling Sheriff The ruddy-faced halfling puffs out his chest and reaches for the shortsword at his belt and marches in your direction. The son of a gardener, his parents named him Barnabas Arthor Tinsparkle at birth; he started calling himself Baznar Metalshine as a youth because he thought it sounded tougher than Barney Tinsparkle. Though generally well-intentioned, Baznar can be a bit of a nosy, self-righteous ass. Baznar knows everything about everyone in the village, but if you call him "Barney" you can forget about getting any help from him.
Male, Human, Ships Captain Arnold Johnson He owns the Jolly Sailor a rag-tag ship with a sloppily painted pink stripe with the ships name on it. He has a big blonde bushy beard and a head smooth as a bowling ball, with some sapphire eyes to top it off. He is a jolly fellow who employ a band to play at the helm of ship while his men sing songs as they row. He's Arnold Johnson merchant extraordinaire.
Rick Dane Male Human Wizard Rick is a very successful, middle-aged wizard. He lives in his own pocket dimesion which resembles a big mansion surrounded by a forest. He lives in the mansion alongside his tamed imp servants. His wife is a kind female djin, who he met while foraging for alchemy ingredients. He fell head over heels for her. In his early days rick was an adventurer. His reputation got him invited to the League Of Extraordinary Adventurer.
Sharom Virak Male Human Shopkeeper Sharom is calm and pensive, his gaze seems attentive but sad like something is missing from his life. Sharom is haunted by the memories of loosing his wife, Parsala in one of the many raids that the town has had to endured. Sharom used to be happy and gleeful, until the day they took his wife. As a shopkeeper, he is patient and tries to explain what things are to adventurers who have never seen certain items. Additionally, Sharom is trying to teach the business to his only son, Shendi.
Shendi Virak male human shopkeeper apprentice Shendi is distracted, oblivious and forgetful. His father has explained him time and time again how much things cost and what they are, and he sometimes forgets. Shendi loves new visitors and will ask them all kinds of questions. Unlike his father, he is charismatic and doesn't gloom over the loss of his mother as frequently. Shendi is good at names, that much he remembers and if adventurers tell him where they are going, the next time they return he will ask them about their travels and sit and talk with them for a while. Shendi dreams of being an adventurer, and has tried to get his father to teach him how to use the weapons they sell to no avail.
Theomund Tarley Male half-Elven drunk tinkerer Slender half elf in his mid thirties. Patchy beard, unkempt black hair and a dirty straw hat. Wears a sleeveless white shirt, is usually seen carrying around a messenger bag containing all his tinkering tools and a ceramic jug full of moonshine . Keeps himself drunk at most times, swears loudly and often and tends to get himself into trouble at the tavern during his free time.
Ragnar Rödhake Male human ex-marauder, now town guard Large man with long, braided, red hair and a well-kept full beard. Usually seen in his armor walking around town telling people about his past exploits. Slight limp on his left leg due to an injury he sustained in one of his adventures.
Byrone Fjorder Male Human River Guide/Priest A priest to the local River god, Byrone is a kind, albeit gruff, soul with oily skin, dark features and a bushy beard. He always gets you where you need to go, but is rarely hired as some of the priests in his religion are known to drown passengers as sacrifices to the river.
Taleros Twinblade Male Human Mercenary A young, handsome mercenary who wears gold-dyed plate armor and wields two swords at once. He's a real bravo, but has a caring heart of goldas resplendent as his ridiculous armor beneath it. He's more of an ass-man.
Herra Geralt Female Half-Elf Noblewoman Her hair is long, black and thick and is always covering her ears. Her elven heritage is hidden from other nobles at all times and she's ruthless in her efficiency to eliminate anyone who knows her secret. She wears blouses with skin-tight leggings and is seen carrying a stiletto strapped to her thigh wherever she goes.
Muran and Nuran Rockbeard Male Dwarf Smiths Muran and Nuran are identical twins and have opened up a weaponsmith and armorsmith across the street from each other. Muran always tells customer's that he's the handsome one and loves to call Nuran an "old fool" because he's about 3 minutes older than him. They love to cause mischief and headache for each other and laugh raucously over a beer or ten about it later, but would do anything to protect the other if it was called for.
Tenarus Sinsword Male Tiefling Extremist Tenarus travels the lands, making trouble for authority and peasants alike in the name of Tiefling racial superiority. He calls for his brothers and sisters to rise up and reclaim the glory they once had. His antics and actions rarely lead to success, and is often arrested. He always shows up again in another town, raising hell, and nobody knows how he always manages to escape.
Mara Heskan Female Dragonborn Crusader Mara is a Paladin of Bahamut, and is actually Biri Bahamin, eldest daughter of the Grand Justicar of a powerful Theocracy. She is on a secret mission to obtain a tome of history pertaining to an ancient cult of Tiamat. She is stoic and serious, but still young and inexperienced. She is sometimes a little ham-handed in keeping her identity straight.
Kar Olodak Male Tiefling Clothier Kar Olodak and his sons Belkul and Oti run a clothing store. Kar Olodak wears dirty clothes that he has been working in, he is a hale but boring man, more focused on his work than conversation or customers. Kar plays the lute in the local band, Mithril Maiden.
Darella Runehouse Female Dwarf Blacksmith Darella Runehouse, noted for her ability to play the drums and a large birthmark on her neck. She is strong and able, but a little absent-minded when she isn’t working. She has a complex network of connections between local towns that she needs a notebook to keep track of. She is also a member of Mithril Maiden.
Jam Blackwood Male Goliath Barkeep A shady, run down bar, the Staggering Spider, is run by an older Goliath names Jam Blackwood. His nose appears to be broken several times over, but he is a strong, but rather uneducated man. Despite his gruff appearance, he is actually great with kids. He also plays the violin for Mithril Maiden.
Wal Axehand Male Minotaur Baker Wal Axehand is an eccentric and energetic Minotaur who runs the local bakery. He is tall and incredibly muscular, and despite his intimidating appearance, he goes about his work with a happy smile and a pleasant and jovial demeanor. At night, he dons leather chaps and sings for the local band, Mithril Maiden.
Lora Olyonis Female Human Entrepreneur Lora runs the Olyonis Carriage Company, a large, multi-city transport company that makes a living transporting people and goods between cities. She is serious and shrewd, but always fair. Her carriages use advanced defensive technology and spells to conceal and protect them.
Oleg Olegson Male Human Mayor/Shopkeep Oleg is a large man, often mistaken for a Goliath in size or Minotaur in hair, but he is incredibly boisterous and kind. He speaks in a thick Russian accent that makes him seem dimwitted and easy to exploit, but he is powerful and intelligent. He lives on the frontier, hoping to rebuild the town of his forefathers that was destroyed in a great war years ago. He always has a business proposal or quest ready for adventurers he considers competent and reliable.
Thangardt Male Duergar miner Thangardt is a dark purple skinned duergar with soot-stained brown miners clothing and a pair of magical goggles that hang around his neck when not worn. The goggles are basically x-ray goggles that can see metal through rock (and other materials). He has the intention of using these newly found goggles to establish a new mining company. He is friendly with anyone that he might want something from, and often chooses to avoid those he doesn't need anything from.
Reginald Male Human Ghost Butler Reginald is a ghost that haunts an old broken down abandoned mansion on the Rasch estate. The owners of the home have fallen victim to a grizzly murder years ago, and Reginald was also one of the victims. Reginald is completely in denial of that though, and he still acts as the butler (his profession before his demise) and is welcoming of any company that enters the home or grounds. The previous owners, however, aren't as welcoming...
Vyncis Castow Male Human Politician Vyncis has worked his way up the political ladder from being just a clerk in the permits office of the city of Alma. Despite only being about 32, he has made his way onto the city council and is a well liked and respected man in the city. He has jet black hair and usually dresses in Maroon robes. Vyncis has many associates, sometimes that obtain information and goods in less reputable ways that Vyncis would care to admit publicly. He uses subterfuge to obtain what he desires, power.
Bertrand the Bear Male Bear Hunter To a degree he is inspired partially by Sir Bearington. Bertrand was a bear that was found abandoned by a dryad named Sylva. He was raised by the dryad and they would converse as he grew up. Sylva taught him the ways of the forest. A group of hunters encountered Bertrand and tried to kill him once. Sylva tried to stop them but ended up being mortally wounded by the hunters. Now Bertrand has an extreme hatred for those that hunt the forest creatures, and he actively hunts the hunters in the woods.
Blackie 'Lefty' Smith Male Human Blacksmith Blackie is an albino blacksmith that has no left hand. He is in the business of selling fake/shoddy specialized weapons to adventurers (such as silvered weapons), then collecting those weapons (and all their other loot) from the dungeon/haunted house/other dangerous area that the adventurers bought the weapons for after they have been killed. Sometimes he'll act as a catalyst in these situations by following the adventurers and putting them in a position to die.
Michael Jorin Male Human Travel Bard Thikear is the pride of Deln. His wares are sold through the world, and he knows it. He will always remember his own creations no matter the quality. His only goal is to further is own notoriety. Michael travels the known world collecting stories and giving voice to the little known heroes. He is a wanted man for his sexual prowess. Many fathers wish to see him brought down after his dalliances with their daughters.
Jorakus Pide Male Human Monk/Cleric Was once destitute and faithless, worked odd jobs, including sewage. On one cleanup, found an octagonal yellow gem that he believes is the eye of the long-dead god, Kraxos. He is now on a one-man mission to restore the faith of this ancient deity. Travels from town to town, preaching his faith.
Ana Englethorn Female Human Swordmistress Tall and stately, and widely acknowledged as beautiful, Ana Englethorn is not the image of a warrior one might expect of the Swordmistress of Firthring Keep. Yet her skill at arms is not in question, and the Duke entrusts to her the training of all his soldiers and his children. The Duke knew Ana as an adventurer before he came into his title, and rumours abound that with the passing of his wife the rekindling of a past romantic interest may be in the offing. There is no evidence to support the rumour, but gossip has a life of its own. Ana is actually a song dragon named Anazalgara, a secret of which the Duke is well aware.
Forthright Hooley Male Human Ombudsman Forthright likes to tell people that his father believed in openness and honesty, and gave him both a name and a legacy to live up to. He lives in the city-state of [insert name here] where he is appointed ombudsman to the democratically elected council. His job is to see to it that citizens are treated fairly by the council and mediate settlement of any issues. As politicians go he is well-liked and hotly tipped to be appointed to the council itself should he run next term. Forthright claims to have come from elsewhere, but in truth, he is a steel dragon named Farvaskargal.
Gardim Hussal Male Human Balladeer The well-meaning if pompous leader of a troupe of travelling entertainers, Gardim is modestly famous for his ballads, although he is past his prime. Once a rogueish ladies man who caused the ladies in his audience to swoon, he is now portly and balding, and of much less interest. He content himself with his art, his troupe, his memories, and much wine. He treats his troupe like family, and when it comes to his family he is generous with both his time and his trust.
Hekkle and Mekkle (real names Horace and Mortimer Fallowfield) Male Halfling Jesters The two jesters of the Duke of Firthring Keep. Mekkle is cheerful and friendly, the favourite of all the court, especially the Duke's children. Hekkle, on the other hand, is dour of demanour. However, he is only this way because he's deeply unhappy, and all because of his brother. Their mother was cursed while they were still in the womb, and as a result Mekkle was born capable of great cruelty and evil. Hekkle doesn't blame his brother for something that was never his fault, but spends his entire life trying to cover up Mekkle's secret. He is constantly on the watch to prevent his brother's actions, or frantically attempting to either undo or conceal his brother's role in them.
Kellis Synastal Female Gnome Secretary Kellis acts as secretary to Forthright Hooley, and greatly admires both the man and his work ethic. She is a very loyal employee, though it does not appear there is any romantic interest there. She has that stereotypical librarian look going on - hair in a bun, spectacles, and slightly frumpy clothing. Behind this unassuming exterior is an extremely keen mind, not to mention a sharp tongue. Kellis has no time to suffer fools, and will not hesitate to show someone the door if she considers them a time waster. She is a formidable gatekeeper that has thwarted many an individual seeking audience with her boss.
Lavisca Lorde (real name Leia Larkin) Female Human Dancer/Spy Petite, dainty, and stunning, "Lavisca" is famed throughout the lands for her graceful and acrobatic dance routines. She travels with the entertainer's troupe of Gardim Hussal, and is without question the primary reason the troupe is so often invited to perform in courts across the continent. The troupe a perfect cover for her true business. She is a freelance spy, taking the opportunity while at court to go where she does not belong and dig into the secrets of the aristocracy. She can sneak around with the best of them, but most often gains entry into private chambers by a simpler method; flirtation.
Manfred Black Male Half-orc Legal Historian The circumstances of his birth may have been tragic, and even his poorly chosen name acting as a frank reminder of what he is not, but Manfred grew up determined to make something of himself and be seen as a productive member of society. His keen mind eventually earned the attention of noted historian Berholt Black, who adopted and began educating him. Manfred was particularly keen on the law, its history, and its various manifestations in states around the world. He has achieved his dream, and is now seen as one of the foremost authorities on international law.
Oskar Udyll Male Human Warrior Oskar travels with Gardim's troupe, despite having no particular artistic talent. He was brought on board as a guard after the troupe fell victim to banditry. While they know how to handle themselves, Gardim felt that an experienced warrior would do a lot to make the troupe look a less appealing target. He also trains the troupe's members, making them more proficient in defending themselves. Despite the troupe's attempts to make him part of the "family", Oskar is by nature taciturn and tends to keep himself to himself. Oskar comes from the Cold North, and complains about weather any warmer than temperate.
Randle Wimms Male Half-elf Scribe Randle learned the art of the scribe in a monastery, but did not have the temperament for the life of a monk. After several masdventures he ended up in [insert city name], working as a forger for the Red Hand crime guild. He enjoys the money but not the risk, and is looking for the first opportunity to escape the city with a big bag of cash.
Rodagar Ironthrone Male Dwarf Lutist Never satisfied with the life he had back home under the mountains, Rodagar never looked back after he moved away. He found a passion for the arts, and is an extremely proficient musician with great technical ability. Rodagar is part of the band who plays for Lavisca's act, and the first time he ever saw her dance he fell in love.
Gavin Burlester Male Human Wizard/Wu Jen/Warmage An aspiring young mage who believes that magic missile is the greatest spell in existence. A passing mage saved his life with one almost as an afterthought (it was his last 1st-level spell slot), but to Gavin it meant the world. He vowed that he would do whatever it took to learn how to cast magic missile (and only magic missile) as much as possible for the rest of his life. He has a younger brother who's a failed necromancer, who looks up to him and is trying to make his own mark as an artificer.
Devin Burlester Male Human Necromancer/Artificer Gavin's younger brother who wanted to learn magic like his older brother could do. Unfortunately, the only one available to teach Devin was an old necromancer in the depths of senility, so poor Devin didn't get the best education. While trying to animate a cat skeleton for practice outside a neighboring town one day, a female elf druid caught him in the act. Rather than immediately condemn him for his unnatural behavior, the druid offered him a chance to just drop the whole necromancy thing if he couldn't get the skeleton to animate. He couldn't, and so the druid connected him with the town artificer, who he is now apprenticed to. His early efforts are poor but he shows some promise.
Heaton Thorson Male Human Figher An extremely short, bearded fighter with a penchant for alcohol. He often gets confused with a dwarf, which makes him extremely upset. His code of honor is overly long and complicated, with rules such as "Only fight Goblins with a hammer, never a sword." Ever since he accidentally burned his family farm down, ("Never kill a rat swarm with anything but fire") he's been travelling, looking to regain some riches.
Sir Kagrok the Hairy Male Orc Paladin The nicest Orc you're likely to meet, as he is deadly determined to prove to you that orcs can be good people. A bit simple-minded and slow, but far from dumb. Holds honour, virtue and above all mercy in the highest regard, and believes orcs are not beyond redemption. Talks in simple but clear terms.
Ketil Brokenose Male half-elf blacksmith Been in several too many bar fights. Earns a decent living by shoeing horses; spends a lot of it on ale. An honest and good man, who answers insults with a punch. Regularly donates money to the local temple but never attends sermons; he doesn't want some priest telling him to drink and fight less, and figures a sack of gold every once in a while should keep the gods happy.
Rivik the Fox Female halfling ranger Served as a scout in the army during . Called Fox due to her stealth, keen senses, and her bright red hair. Literally left the army; one day she simply packed her things (and a few other people's things, but she left letters of apology) and snuck out of camp to start an adventuring career. Now lives a solitary life of travel and adventuring, living off of hunting and selling animal pelts and finding adventuring work whereever she can.
Teresa Greenreeve the Bastard Female half-orc bastard daughter and bard Bastard daughter of Lord Greenreeve and an orc witch. Likes to boast and sing songs about her nobility and the might of House Greenreeve. Very unhappy with her life as a noblewoman, she struck out on her own to become a bard. Teresa makes a living by singing and casting spells at a tavern far away from Castle Greenreeve.
"Grobby" Male "domesticated" troll farmhand A born and bred troll, found by two elven farmer kids when he was a lil' troll. Has a personality not unlike a dog; loves to work and please his masters, who reward him with treats. Very protective of his "family", yet doesn't like to kill people. Extremely helpful and kind, Grobby utilizes his strength and size to great effect at the farm.
Tenzai the Lightningmancer Male tiefling druid-evoker Tenzai is fascinated by powers of destruction, specifically lightning. He lives in a ramshackle tree hut in a great oak tree in the woods where he studies the sky. Somewhat insane from isolation, his solution to most problems is to zap them with lightning. He is both a druid and an evoker wizard, as well as a brilliant scientist.
One-eye Female Human Strumpet Taken from his people at birth by the humans, for they feared this 'exalted child' born of the elves. The elves, to save many sacrificed this one. Tall and hawkish, with a scarred face from years of rebellious actions, he has grown old, the humans who took him long since died of age. He has a photographic memory, he knows what you want, the question is if he cares enough to tell you. Raised in the Daddy-no-daddy orphanage on the outskirts of town One-eye began her life with a name, but since the incident the fuss about that has died down. Now because she's too old for the orphanage and too spoilt for marriage she walks the streets hoping to have a warm place to sleep at night. She has a massive scar through her left eye-socket is medium height with black hair and 'loose clothing', usually hunched a little and has a lilting eerie charisma to her. (I gots 4 holes, which ya want?)
Yvonne and Erica Strathmoor Female Human Innkeeper The Strathmoors are elderly innkeepers in kind of a shady part of town. The two mother/daughter and both advanced in age and nearly indistinguishable. No one, without expending some serious energy, has ever seen the two of them at the same time. They are soft spoken and gentle,, and turn a blind eye to the illegal activities happening within their inn.
Facescar Male Human Thief High up on the food chain that is the Daggerford Thieves Guild. Has a scar in the shape of a smiling face, on his face. Speaks with a gravelly voice due to inhaling soot from his youth spent as a chimney sweep. Not above stealing from the poor, but tends to steal from the rich as they have better stuff.
Helga Redeye Salty Pig Is somewhat ill-tempered and ugly, but secretly hopes one day a handsome adventurer will look past her physical flaws and love her for her true personality. Her true personality is that of an obstinate pig.
Jennelles Silverstring Gnome Wizard A slightly crazy, but incredibly smart wizard who helps the party overcome challenges. However, his strategies are often dangerous, excessively complicated, and almost always involve the polymorph spell. He also builds magic items, though they are always questionably useful or sometimes horribly dangerous to use.
Ronald the Shield Bearer Male Human Retired Adventurer A middle-aged possibly older man of a strong build. Ronald is an adventurer of the past generation and went on several heroic adventures. Though retired now he still helps out the adventurers cause. Motivating them with a story of his epic and daring quests, providing a first hand advice on a situation, or even helping defend the group with his signature duel shield style of fighting. If you spot the man carrying two shields ask him for a story he's sure to entertain you with a great one.
Howard Jackal Male Half-Orc Bandit Howard Jackal for the most part of his life he has been a bandit. While never being successful or even very deadly he has always been a nuisance. His bandit group named the Jackals has fallen more times than people would care to count, but he always reforms it with young enthusiastic men. It seems that he has a terrible ambition of becoming a bandit of great renown, but instead is more of a figure of bad luck in the region he lives. The greatest feat of banditry the Jackals ever pulled was stealing a merchants wagon and kidnapping the merchant, but he took very little from the wagon and even let the merchant leave with his wagon after a day. As it seems Howard Jackal and his Jackals are just young men wanting the thrill of being bandit. If you ever run into him you are in for a long day, and you might even have a lighter coin-purse
Spike Jackson Male Human Frontiersman Spike Jackson is a man who from a young age decided to head out of the kingdom's main land to live his dream of being a frontiersmen. He grew a rugged beard and became incredible at riling up natives in the unexplored region. His goal on this frontier was to make sure that none of the natives would be in sight. He gave a proposition to every group of native species he met, either leave his king's land or die by his sword. Though remarkably hospitable to non-humans and half-bloods he will work with them if they agree in driving out the native population from the land.
Molly Brevas Female Human Priestess Molly Brevas is a teenage girl who comes from the slums of the city. Her parents have forced her to spend most of her time at the local church, so she stays away from the crime ridden slum. The resentful of being made to volunteer she remains there cleaning and learning the faith in the church. Answering all requests made towards her with a sigh she continues what she sees as a boring life working in the church. The positive she sees to her volunteer work is that she probably would not be mugged like in other parts of the slums.
Hlevar Silverton Male Dwarf Silversmith Hlevar Silverton is a crafts-dwarf that like the rest of his family before him specialize in crafting with silver. Whether it is an ornate jewelry, or making silver arms and armor. Hlevar and the Silvertons before can make silver become whatever their customer requires. Hlevar himself is a dwarf set in his family tradition and refuses any assistance in his craft and preforms it like all his ancestors before him. The biggest change Hlevar brought to Silverton family was moving to the surface and selling his crafts more openly than his family before.
Fatts Corkin Male Halfling Millionaire A bitter, old, corpulent halfling worth his weight in gold. Fatts has a stranglehold on the town or village where he lives. He secretly controls the government with his sizable monetary reserves. He talks like Pigma from Starfox 64. EDIT: 9 more coming later.
Keruntilogrivex "Runt" Male goblin peddler, spy, thief Runt is an aggressively friendly and obsequious traveling goblin merchant. He never travels anywhere without his crammed wagon of merchandise. He has worked long and hard to earn the trust necessary to establish a sales route along the towns and homesteads of the frontier. Along with his legitimate business he operates as the hub of a ring of smugglers and thieves. He's not above murder or thievery, but he chooses his victims very carefully, and hides their bodies even more carefully. As far as anyone can tell, he's just an honest peddler making an honest buck selling honest merchandise.
Raina Female Elf Bard Braided long auburn hair, blue eyes, tall and lean, no markings or piercings. Patient with the party to some extent, generally pleasant but ultimately has a hard time fully trusting the group with her needs. Wants to travel the world and capture stories. Is third in line for the elven throne, but has an older brother who she dotes on. He is generally much more sheltered and oblivious. Doesn't drink, doesn't stay up late, doesn't go out much in the evenings, but will accompany the party if asked. Has a soft spot for old people, including old dwarves.
Urin Male Dwarf Merchant A horribly ugly, yet incredibly cheerful dwarf. Urin has ties to most major factions and a surprising amount of minor factions throughout the lands he travels. He has a thing for Half-Elves, is incredibly clueless when it comes to the significance of his products, (once mistaking an abstract representation of Orcus for an Amulet of Bahamut) and doesn't seem to have much business sense. Oftentimes he'll show his wares in small, poor villages that couldn't hope to afford any of his magic rarities, leading many to wonder if he even needs the coin.
Aedonel Redcloak Male Elf Wizard An arrogant elven wizard who wishes to demonstrate his arcane prowess to any willing to listen or watch. He travels the world as a performer and mercenary. He doesn't enjoy fighting, but he does covet wealth and arcane power. He is liable to attempt contests of skill with other visibly skilled spellcasters.
Omnibus Omberstien Female Human Knight A noble human knight who serves her liege-lord loyally, and often preemptively. She is liable to hunt down potential trouble before it even becomes trouble. This has been known to lead to both accolades and condemnation from the nobility, but her liege-lord has tolerated it so far. She is mildly famous in her home region.
Zonia Ironmoss Female Dwarven Cleric A disgraced Tempest cleric who is seeking to regain her lost honor. She is focused and strong-willed, but lacks confidence during critical moments. She misses her family, and thinks the only way to see them again is to fix the mistakes she made, or make up for them.
Miss "Manticore" Milesley Female Halfling Rogue A notorious halfling thief, she is known for both her peppy, friendly demeanor, and her propensity for effective, brutal violence. She uses a dagger and combat, and always seems to have another up her sleeve. She is wanted in several cites, but definitely has no trouble finding more people to rob.
John Anderson Male Human Guard A relaxed town guard in a small rural town, Anderson is less interested in hunting evil than simply keeping the peace. He is a family man who simply doesn't want any trouble for his town, and is willing to tolerate adventurer-types as long as they spend their gold without causing problems.
Urth Male Goblin Sorcerer Garth's elder brother, Urth is a rare Goblin with political ambition. He may be a petty warlord now, but he is clever and charismatic, and seeks to unite all goblinoids under a single banner, to crush the humanoid races and loot their treasures.
Garth Male Goblin Rogue Urth's younger brother, what Garth lacks in charisma, he makes up for in sadism. As Urth's right-hand man, he does much of the head-kicking necessary to keep a goblin horde in line. He is feared by all local goblins, and more than a few local humanoids.
Janus Timley Male Half-Orc Barbarian Mobster Janus is usually a ruthless, efficient, terribly refined mob boss. He puts on airs, and refuses all but the finest in food, wine, and women. He also hides something terrible. The eye of Gruumsh has looked long and hard upon this Half-Orc, leading him to fly into terrifying rages if the wrong buttons are pushed (his heritage, for one thing). He carries a cane, which he uses as a greatclub when he rages.
Sharaa Silversword Female Half-Elf Ranger (Lycanthrope) Silversword is a famed hunter of monsters whose prowess is famous to local villages and woodsmen. However, she hides the fact that many of her narrow victories are as a result of her lycanthropic curse. The enhanced strength and speed come in handy when fighting the monsters of the forest alone, but she has claimed a terrible number of victims on the way. She wishes she could be cured, but fears for her life too much to mention it to anyone.
Percival Aberdeen The Third Male Gnome War Cleric Percival hails from a jolly family of gnomish inventors, who he is violently embarrassed by. To him, the greatest joy is to be found on the battlefield, the home of true invention and uncertainty. He is not well known by many (he has left his home far behind), but seeks the thrill of fair contests of warfare wherever he can find it.
Skrillex the Enchanter Male Gnome Enchanter A kindly elder has a bald head with a long white beard, he's old, hunched, the works. He is a simple enchanter, often granting +1 bonuses or elemental type bonuses to travelers and adventurers. He has nothing to do with Skrillex (the musician) from our world. He gets frustrated anytime adventurers ask him if he "drops the bass" or "enchants people's soul with sound" or other such crap. Often, he'll hike his enchanting prices for people who ask such idiotic questions.
Seran Misherral Female Elven Commander/Bard A young slender figure with fair skin and blond hair (as most elves tend to be). She started her life as a bard, traveling from city to city spreading cheer and learning all kinds of valuable information. During she was drafted into the military and lead into combat. Using clever magic and penchant for inspiring troops, she was able to lead a lost and recently leaderless squad fight it's way from behind enemy lines. Quickly she was promoted to real ranks of leadership, of which she rose higher soon enough. As it turns out, being a clever bard is incredibly useful in war-time. You know all kinds of "useless" trivia about your enemy, you better knowing how to think like them, and you have a plethora of unexpected magic tricks up your sleeves.
Richard Gavel Male Half-elf Carpenter Richard is a younger male working the carpentry trade. He always carries a small red gem shard of some sort. He claims to not carry it for any particular reason, he just thinks it looks kinda cool so he keeps it with him. The one time it got stolen from him, he was kinda miffed, but not particularly upset. It was anonymously returned to him when the would-be thief discovered the gem lacked any real value.
Mackrel Crackle Male Halfling Chef Mackrel is a simple chef who likes to pick up exotic spices from traveling adventurers. He offers discounted lodging and food prices for anyone who brings him spices.
Bruthias Wainwright Male Human Playboy A rich business owner who spends his days partying around with beautiful women. He spends his nights sleeping in his mansion.
Regand Algeer Male Gnome Trapper A hunter-trapper who, strangely, wears regal clothing even while out hunting. His regal hunter clothes are more muted colors, but still brighter than you'd expect of a hunter.
Captain Ger'Kro Mysl'gat Male Elf Sailor A young elf in his early hundreds. He was abused and called "old man" by his previous captain and crew. One night, when they stepped off the ship, he used crew supplies and money to hire a crew of his own and set sail. He now goes from city to city hosting "dock parties" whereupon citizens enter the ship to enjoy a good party.
Relic Male Teifling Guard Relic works dangerous night patrols, typically preferring to walk the city outer walls or traverse the more shady parts of town. No one knows why he goes by the name 'Relic' and he prefers not to share his real name (though he has admitted to having a different true name than 'Relic'). Locals are familiar and comfortable with Relic's teifling heritage.
Enpy Seenaim Male Gnome Potionmaster He is a lone salesmen stationed on standard travel paths. He crafts all sorts of useful potions to be sold to adventurers. He lies about every tenth potion or so, completely fabricating the use and ability as he sells the potion.
Damion Fireheart Male Human Bartender A retired adventurer, he opened up his own tavern/Inn, the Knife Tip Inn. Stays fit by fighting in the local arena, may be champion there. Motto is "Fight, Drink, Sleep" His surname comes from an old legend his family could preform fire magic without being spellcasters (which may or may not be true).
Gopnik Foulstain Male Half-Orc Sewer Worker Pleasant in demeanor, if not in odour, Gopnik might be the only person keeping the sewer system in Pipe's End from overflowing and fouling up the town. If only there were more strangely long-lived half-orcs with two centuries of plumbing expertise bumping about the sewers.
Felegon Blade-of-Dew Male Eladrin Mercenary You offer Felegon a place by the fire, but he politely smiles and puts up his hand to refuse. As you inspect the coat, you realize that it isn't drenched in rain; an elaborate illusion makes it constantly appear slick with water. There is a practiced reserve to this seemingly young Eladrin, and you wonder what other illusions he maintains.
Hipto Syliloke Male Gnome Underboss Hipto giggles, as gnomes are wont to do, but in an unexpectedly gruff tone for one his size. In many ways, Hipto appears to be more dwarven than gnomish, covered in dense fat and coarse hair. His sharp, Feyish features betray his true nature. He tells you he knows where to find your lost companions, but it'll be a hefty fee: Hipto trades only in rare Gnomish artifacts.
Chainmaker Agender Tiefling Vigilante Nobody took the child seriously, not until they started donning a mask and righting wrongs in the town of Revenant Bay. Chainmaker barely acknowledges your presence, never breaking their solemn vigil. You see their back tense ever so slightly in anticipation as you reveal details about the job. In spite of the somber disguise, there is no masking the reckless enthusiasm of youth.
Eva Slick Female Changeling Informant There is only one way to recognize Eva Slick - a secret known only to those she trusts most closely. Somewhere in her disguises is a small mark of the god Pelor, to whom she has devoted her life after being reformed. You knew her before she was locked up in the Solar Redoubt, and wonder what happened to rob her voice of its original luster and melody.
Hansa Vel Female Human Courtesan She is not happy to see you here, let alone alive. Like a crimson star, Hansa rose from the alleyways of Karkenbad and into the bedchambers of its Crown Prince, climbing atop the bodies of her closest friends. You would not come to her if it was not completely necessary; there is no better assurance of that fact than the dearth of evidence you have assembled to blackmail her with.
Yoldin Pippernock III Male Halfling Gentleman Farmer He saunters over to you, his entire body rolling and undulating. You could swear that, were it not for the hand he kept tight against his belly, Yoldin would simply burst in an eruption of jelly. Grasping his little, sausage fingers in an all-too-wet handshake, the master of Pippernock farms leads you through his famous plantation. The workers defer to this impossibly rotund man, and yet behind the smiles and courtesies is a wasting hunger, fixed pointedly on Yoldin's wrinkled, scrunched-up face.
Felt the Dog Female Half-Elf Beggar Nobody seems to remember a time before Felt was Felt. She stumbled into the village, eyes fixed open in a permanent, vacant stare, and began barking and shouting odd, short phrases - things like squirrel, fetch, and bone. Henceforth, she was Felt the Dog, good only for begging and the cruel amusement of others. When she places a paper with the word "HELP" messily scrawled upon it, you look back at her, only to recognize for the first time the alarm in her nearly empty eyes.
Ennarius Belechonia Male Elf (Rakshasa) Gentleman For a gentleman, Ennarius seems to have an oddly difficult time manipulating cutlery and working doorknobs. Regardless, you cannot help but feel warm and alive in his presence - generous, kind, and altogether lovely chap. Only time you've seen him thrown off kilter is when someone mentions his income, which is a closely guarded secret. He only ever mentions the mines he operates, for which he recruits when in town.
Rosaria Bone-Break-Crunch Female Minotaur Scholar A man walks into the library, and minutes later comes running out, screaming. You ready your sword and burst in, to find a massive, bull-headed woman sitting quietly, flipping through the pages of a book. She looks at your sword and rolls her eyes, droning out her monotone welcome speech for those visiting the Greenlake Academy.
Leona Fleetskin Female, Changeling, Prostitute Well, here's my contribution! Might not be the best, but these are all off the top of my head so keep that in mind when you giggle at them. More Barbarian than Wizard, Krug has only the slightest touch of magic about him but desperately seeks to associate himself with civilized Wizards and Sorcerers. He travels from place to place telling fortunes for a pittance. He does this by gargling a bag of runes covered in Draconic script and spitting them one by one into a bowl then reading the future based on the way they land. These fortunes are very specific but usually about totally insignificant things like the hair colour of the next person you're going to meet or how many trees you'll see tomorrow. A handsome and charming middle aged man. Lon jokes that he obtained his name due to the combination of his dark complexion and good luck in games of chance. In reality he uses several enchanted items of clothing and jewellery to draw in and swindle the patrons of small town taverns, big city bars and everywhere in between. A 16 year old Changeling girl making the most out of her natural shape changing abilities and avoiding the mistrust most people have of her people. Leona has set herself up in the identity of a powerful Sorceress fallen on hard times. Using her "magic" to take the form of anyone her customers bring a detailed enough picture of/introduce her to. A massive step up from her humble beginnings as a street urchin Leona is enjoying the status her money has brought her and spends recklessly on anything shiny and pretty enough. However, despite this shallowness she secretly donates large sums to the church she and the other homeless children used to sleep in during the harsh winters.
Jzarkey Padfoot Male Catfolk Shop Owner A short catfolk with a tail as long as his body. Fully prehensile and capable of lifting as much as his arms. Catnip addict, but it isn't obvious. He's willing to barter his wares for catnip if the PCs figure out that he's got a substance abuse problem. Has a collection of magical balls of yarn. Sells survival supplies like a ranger or rogue would use, including traps. He's got a basement in his shop that's protected by the very traps he sells.
Scoggin Longmore Male Satyr Musician/Bard Travels from town to town. He is a lore expert about most everything though it wouldn't seem like it to look at him. He's introverted, except when it's performance time. He sings songs about things that couldn't possibly have happened though a sense motive check shows he's usually telling the truth. Has a magical set of panpipes. He runs at the first sign of trouble.
Dr. Aveneros Charles Ula Male Eladrin Vampire Magus He's an avid art collector and despite being a total recluse, cannot resist following up on rumors of new artwork in town. He's charming, well-dressed, and aristocratic. Not the least bit pretentious. His appearance does not suggest that he's a vampire. Once a year, he hosts a gala for the territory's elite in order to show off his collection. He sometimes considers strange and rare creatures for his collection. He's on a 123-year mission to bring his wife back from permanent death. His castle contains an immense library of knowledge about the planes.
Callidus The Bold Male Human Wizard Callidus created an underground sanctuary for a group of people needing to escape a cataclysmic event several millennia ago. He had planned on only needing to use the sanctuary for 20 years, but was instead locked away by his own mistake for much longer. He's gone cookoo crazy and is only alive because of a ring of sustenance and a time dilation spell cast on the sanctuary. He has a hard time believing that the outside is safe but is willing to help the players with anything they want if they successfully convince him to leave.
Jarrell Blacksteel Male Human Blacksmith A gruff blacksmith, married to a sorceress. He is often found gnawing on strips of metal and has a somewhat arrogant demeanor. Once you get to know him he can be quite likeable, even though he is supremely confident in his blacksmithing skills to the point of annoyance to others.
Mariel Blacksteel Female Human Enchantress Married to a blacksmith named Jarrell, she handles the enchanting part of the business. Very friendly and charming, she makes sure her customers don't get turned away by her husband's attitude. Her favorite part of the job is testing young sorcerers by selling them magical items they can't quite handle yet to see what happens. Sometimes the results are disastrous, but she doesn't seem to mind.
Charles du Fromage Human Male Innkeeper/Ex-Adventurer A jolly fellow who has opened a tavern called the Laughing Pancake after retiring. He is friendly and open (on the surface, at least) and serves the house special, pancakes, every morning. To get some extra money in his pocket and excitement in his life he has become an information dealer on the side.
Trinkle Gnome Male Wizard A timid and socially awkward gnome who was being tutored by the owner of a magical item shop. His teacher has since disappeared, leaving him to fend for himself and the shop, now aptly named 'Trinkle's Trinkets'. He tries to keep things running on pure enthusiasm.
Lord Vaskeron Half-elf Male Noble He had a pampered childhood, but it didn't last very long. After his family fell from grace he worked long and hard to get back where he belongs. Nowadays he is an influential man and he and his family are back to their old status. He is very much concerned with appearances. Occasionally, he performs a 'good deed', but he does those things for acknowledgement and attention only, not out of the goodness of his heart. He enjoys parties and spicy sausages.
Anastasia Dhampir Female Adventurer Obsessed by knowledge, she has gone to great lengths to acquire ancient relics and artifacts. She will hire fellow adventurers to help her get what she wants, and discard them once she is done, unless they are genuinely interesting people (in her eyes). Few academics rival her practical knowledge on matters dungeoneering-related and she can take care of herself in a pinch.
Boyd Bellamew Male Human Bowyer Boisterous and bold, he's a hard working bow maker. A bigger fellow, his belly bounces with laughter at his own crass humor. Runs a shop, called "Boyd Bellamew's Bow-building Barn".
Sigre Copper Male Dwarf Bartender Stocky barkeep at the "Miner's Fortune", a gambling den frequented by local miners. Prefers his brewing to talking to people. Once you ask about his craft, you can't shut him up.
Brienne Aryn Female Human Miner Strong build, calloused hands, she's the head of Silverkeep Mining Ltd. Her sharp eyes and sharper tongue balance her otherwise nondescript face. Has a troubled relationship with her sister, Reini.
Marcus Strong-arm Male Human Bodyguard (retired) Worked for a traveling merchant to protect his spice caravan until a dragon decided his standard diet lacked flavor. Took a chunk of shrapnel to the back of the leg and hasn't been able to walk right since. In his 60s, with shock-white hair and a blunt attitude. Just because he can't beat you in a fight anymore doesn't mean he won't try.
Biddi Hilltopple Female Halfling Secretary Small (even for a halfling) with short blonde hair. Her job takes her away from the grassy hills and outdoors she prefers, so she resents her job. As a secretary, she's less like Pam from The Office and more like someone at the DMV; she isn't paid enough to care. Brief description of their appearance, personality, and quirks (about 4 sentences is enough).
Roren Brightborn Male Dwarf Cleric A righteous dwarf with a gnarled appearance. He has a sparse and scraggly beard that reek of rotten pork. He is quick to lend a helping hand but fails to aid in any meaningful way because of his incompetence.
Tancreed; Knight of the First Queen Male Human Paladin He wears a wide brimmed hat with a large crimson plume, sports a tightly curled mustache, and carries a that ends with three points. When he speaks he often pinches the ends of his mustache, smirking with only one side of his mouth. He is Lawful Neutral, and showers praise and even gifts upon those that uphold the same reverence for the law and justice.
Ulfina Pembergallow Female Half-Dwarf-Half-Gnome Rogue/Merchant Ulfina is shunned by the gnomes for having stone bones and a reckless attitude but despised by the dwarves for looking and sounding too much like a gnome. She has learned to deal with this but forsaking both heritages and staging as a perpetually teenage human girl who is sly as a fox and wise beyond her years.
Corina; The Silken Mage Female Elf Mage Mistress of knowledge and horrible forgetfulness. She has mastery knowledge of most scholarly pursuits but has trouble forming lasting short term memories ever since 5 years ago during an alchemical incident with an apprentice.
Leivivik De'Ma Male Human Wizard This uptight wizard with a scar on his cheek is followed by three apprentices. One of the apprentices will try to keep speaking over Leivivik. This angers Leivivik and he has no hesitation to beat him in public for it. Leivivik will also snap at anyone who talks down to him.
Rass Honskeller Male Human Wanderer A friendly traveler who has seen many lands Fights with spell and sword when provoked Searches for truths in a web of lies that led to the demise of his friends Little does he know that he was but a pawn in anothers game.
Astor Rilem Male Human Shock Jockey The mage of cheap tricks and an ace up his sleeve Rilem is never caught off guard Hunts for anything connected to the long lost city of Sentinum, The City of Secrets where he was "Born" His shocking good looks and silver tongue get him out of trouble every time He flees open confrontation but is effective when it comes to combat thanks to his preparedness
Vess Bantey Female Human Scoundrel More man than Hugo the Beast yet uses trickery and guile at every step Enjoys boasting about her dueling prowess by taking on multiple foes (Traps are still fair, right?) Occasionally hunts for artifacts that hold long forgotten secrets Searching for a lost lover who she fears is dead
Matches Male Human (age mid 30's) Village Idiot HO! HI! I'm Matches! When I grow up I'm going to be a Monster! Topaz the pretty lady is my friend! She works at The Stiff One, but I'm not allowed in there. When I grow up I'm going to be a Monster!
Bartenderson Male Human(?) Bartender/mayor/manager Human(?) with black greased hair and a 1940s-esque radio announcer voice. He appears to be in his mid to late 30s. Has a habit of arriving before the party at the first Inn they enter ready to serve drinks and news of whatever strange goings on in the region. He always has some sort of work for the party with a cut of the pay of course for all the legwork he does. Speaking of legwork, no one has ever confirmed to have seen Bartenderson's legs. They are always either behind the bar or some convenient furniture yet no one ever comments on this fact until after leaving the bar and by then it would be embarrassing to ask about it.
Radolf Hiln Theives' Cant Radolf is a Human Preist of insert appropriate deity. He is jovial, plump, and his brown wavy hair is balding in the center of his head. He doesn't try to hide it. He is the very epitome of someone unassuming.
Kingsley male tiefling wanderer He is very socially awkward and talks as though he's a nobleman from a long time ago. In actuality he was a king right at the end of the tiefling empire who disappeard just before the empire collapsed. An adapt magic user his power was heavily coveted until he was sealed away by jealous rebels. For centuries he was locked away in a long forgotten tomb until recently when a naive magic initiate tried to form a warlock pact with him, freeing him in the process. He now travels from place to place in disguise with his protege attempting to rebuild the might of his lost empire.
Sam McHale oomph On the day she left, she took Sam aside and said something he'll remember forever: "Hail Hydra" "When you're done in the dirt, come find me in the clouds." And ever since, Sam has fervently desired to fly, frequenting his father's workshop as he tries to put together any apparatus that will take him off the ground.
Hanz Irongate Male. Human. Guard Hanz is by no means a small man. At around six and a half feet tall and weighing 235 pounds, he looms over all those who pass by his station. He is a patriot, to a fault. The government is completely infallible in his eyes. By nature, he is a calm man. His life is quiet since the wars ended. He goes home to his wife every night, and only rarely heads to the tavern with his fellow guardsmen after their shift. He earned the name irongate when he and the 25 men under his control held the city gate against an entire warband of goblins. This decorated war hero refused to take a place among the cities elite, choosing instead to continue protecting his portcullis.
Kilroy Fitzpatrick exactly Kilroy will give you a hefty discount, but the discounted item is cursed. Whenever a player uses the cursed item, the DM may roll a d20. On a 1, the DM rolls on the Sorcerer's Wild Magic table to determine a random effect. Depending on player group personality, cursed items may actually be priced up.
Loren Middle aged male farmer An alcoholic, Sleds has worked on a steadily less and less impressive list of ships. Currently unemployed after being put to shore by his last crew for excessive drunkenness while on duty, he's in whatever port city you choose unwillingly. Not a penny to his name, but somehow finds a way to come up with enough cash for the next drink. Got his name after a drunken dare led him to take a ride down the main street on an empty cask of beer during a particularly muddy and rainy night. He wound up losing control rather predictably and smashed into a patrol of the town guard. Two guardsmen wound up with broken bones and he earned himself a week in a jail cell. The name stuck. Loren is a bitter man who looks older than his 45 years. A sour personality brought on in part by a lifelong grudge against his parents for giving him what he feels is a woman's name, he holds a grudge against his wife as well who named his daughter after him when she gave birth while he was in town on an errand. Very much a beta, he's the type to grumble to himself and talk a big game, but when it comes to confrontation he's the first to back down and cower. With only a few stained teeth to his name, he chews tobacco or whatever similar thing exists in your world, but would never touch alcohol and judges those who do rather harshly--but quietly and privately.
Phill Burgimond male human accountant Phill has a black combover and a plaid shirt with wooden buttons. His favorite pants are his brown cotton ones because he can slip and you can't see the mud on them too much. Phill is the accountant of the Oak and Willow bank. He kind of hates his job, but stays there because it has a good retirement plan and good dental. Phill doesn't know how to use swords, or bows. His magic is in advanced algebra and financial math.
Willow harpspear female elf Shepard Willow has dirty blond hair, and tan skin. She wears a potato sack dress and shoes made of sheep skin. They're actually really comfortable She like being a Shepard. Her sheep are either named William or Wendy, depending on sex. Willows favorite food is Shepard pie. It's just normal pie that she made.
Rachelle Tompus female gnome story teller Rachelle has long, braided gray hair. Her face is covered in laugh lines and wrinkles. Her eyes distant and pale. She used to adventure. Plunder dungeons and caves, slay dragons and feral creatures. She went with her husband, Bargus Tompus. Bargus was a dwarf that had met her while helping her explore a cave rumored to have undead lurking. After many years, Bargus died to infection and disease after being ambushed by many many hobgoblins. After his passing, Rachelle retired, selling magical gear and trinkets she had collected over time. She keeps her husbands sword in his memory. She now tells stories of her adventures to those willing to hear.
Sigmund Heartkeeper male elf guard Sigmund is short for elves. He keeps his hair very short, and his clothes simple and modest. He is quiet, but when talking, is loud and brash, and is not afraid to speak up for himself or his friends. He is guard for the city of elves. Another face in the crowd in the watch tower. While proficient in most weapons, he prefers the longbow. He is able to keep his head in battle, and often is looked at as a leader by his comrades. It is true that he is quite capable of leading, but has no intention to unless assigned to be. He does what he's told, and gets his work done.
Marren Oakenshield male dwarf ghost hunter A long brown beard and mustache are the only hair on his face, a flowing chain male suit covers his torso. With a backpacked lined with potions and tools, and a great sword of ghost touch marren isn't afraid to walk into any haunted house or a abandoned catacomb. Being finicky for details, he is careful to look for traps, and make sure anything he does is done well. Along with his great sword, marren is armed to the teeth with daggers, maces, hammers, throwing knives, darts, a short bow, and even small spitting needles in case precision is needed or he can't use his hands.
Catherine female drow thief Abandoned as a child, Catherine knows nothing of her parents or last name. Simply that the dress she possessed had the name "Catherine" sewn into the collar. Catherine grew up on the streets of the overland. She was often bullied, being the only drow around. She didn't put up with it though, plotting revenge. She was careful in her spite, and figured the best way to get back at her bullies would be to turn them against each other. She would "relocate" things. Things that would go mostly unnoticed, and turn up in places they would be found. Her craft eventually wound her up in jail, where she would talk with other inmates. She learned the craft of lock picking, and her own natural ingenuity and perhaps a lack of self control led her to breaking out. Word got around. Mainly amongst other thrives and criminals. Her skillfully quick and careful hands managed to attract employers. Not soon after, she found herself working for the thieves guild. Working her way up in the ranks, she is determined to one day get into a position of great power, but she's not quite there yet.
Carolyn Fissure Female half orc tavern fighter Carolyn was raised with pink fleshies, but that did not deter her from the life style of a bar fighter. She used to puts bets on herself and fights for the coin. After word got around about her strength and ability to keep liquor down, she got a manager in a boxingesque job. Tons of other fighters come around to throw fists in bars, and so far, she can brag king and queen, beating any challenger of any race that has come her way. Her strength is help, but her wit backs it up tenfold. From using bottles to trip opponents to ripping off loin clothes and slamming them in their embarrassment. Carolyn fights dirty, and effectively, making her a dangerous opponent. Carolyn wears modest leather gear, a necklace of her opponents lots teeth, and a red flower in her braided hair
Jeremy Tash Male Tiefling shop keeper Jeremy wears a green apron when he's working, and is often found with a necklace with a red glass eye connected to it. The eye is actually supposed to be the eye of a demon, but it's really just a neat looking marble he found. When he's not helping a customer at the shop, he is usually playing cards with his brother, Tijiak. When off the clock, Jeremy is usually getting stoned behind the old windmill Jeremy's horns are ram like, spiraling backwards. He has had a little golden tip made for them, and refers to them as his "bling" He also often nuzzles his horn against a girl, and asks if she's getting "horny" with him. Jeremy is everything a stereotypical stoner teen is.
Marry Lined Female elf Lich Marry isn't actually evil. She became a lich as a promise, to guard the temple of Ehlonna (or whatever nature god you may have to suit your campaign). She made the promise to her dad, his dying wishes to be for her, and her next of kin, to watch over the temple. The only problem that Marry faced, was that she was infertile. In a fit of hysteria, Marry began to research necrotic arcana in order to build her phylactery; a small statue of Ehlonna made of gold, deep inside the temple. She has only recently died, her skin is still fairly neat and her eyes not rotten away too much. At first glance, she may even appear normal. She plans to keep herself looking as close to alive as possible, and may go to great lengths to keep up with appearances in order to maintain an inviting presence
Thomas Ragar Male human Sorcerer Tommy is actually 7. Despite the fact that Tommy is 7, he can somehow conjure spells like "Waves of exhaustion" and "Symbol of fear" (Or whatever high level necromancy spells your edition has). It's strange enough that a 7 year old has the power of champions, but the fact that he can also preform necromatic arts has run his family out of town. He has yet to raise a human, but he spends a strange amount of time around the corpses of dead vermin...
Drachog - The Sword of Maglubiet Hobgoblin Paladin (Dark Knight) of Maglubiet He has united the clans of his people, and now wages a holy war against the civilised lands. Maglubiet has blessed him. In the blood of a thousand sacrifices to this most dark god, Drachog was blessed to never truly die. He wields the Sword of the Ukeldun, a wickedly sharp greatsword and blade of the last blessed of Maglubiet. He is swift to anger, a strong and eloquent speak.
The Old Man Seems to be an old male human, Swordsman, Bard, Adventurer, Mysterious Figure No one is entirely sure who he is, but stories of his presence at some of the greatest events history are common. He is recognised by an old sword in a battered scabbard, a patchwork cloak, and a fine gold leaf harp. He will disappear as quickly as he coming, usually offering cryptic advise, or a song before doing so.
Mistress Martilude Quin Old Female, Merchant, Scholar, Entrepreneur A woman who has risen from nothing. A simple scholar in geology she used her knowledge of minerals and stones to make her merchant empire. She has little interest in politics, but does care for the working people of the city and kingdom. She has little time for the lazy, and no time for those who will not seek to help others. She is not attractive.
Rund Oxbeard Dwarf Male, Paladin of Dorf (God of Drink and Celebration) Rund wields the might Keghammer, a two handed warhammer, with a vial of Dorf's own ale in the centre. Runds holy quest is to find a Tankard of Everpour, a magical artefact that will pour eternally any non magical drink, from water to fine ale. Once he finds this most sacred artefact, he will set up a Temple Inn to his God, where the finest drink will be served, the greatest tales told. Rund is a strong fighter, his brown beard will groomed. He is armoured in fine plate, that tells tales of Dorf's clerics and champions. Rund has a fear of spiders.
Vola Redshanks Female Half-Orc, 2nd in command of the Wandering Blades, Deadly fighter She is the keeper of the coin chest for this mercenary band. He twin swords are always at her side, and she is quick to use them. She is garbed in leathers, with dyed red chaps. She got the name after two sunrises of fighting in the place that would come to be known as the bloody past. Her dark green skin, is scarred heavily, and covered in many elegant and crude tattoos. She has luscious black hair that she takes a secret pride in. She is a woman of business when needed, but once she is off duty she will drink, gamble, and brawl with the best of them.
Gormund Arkunsu or Gormund Silverskin Male Silver Dragonborn Ranger He came to the far reaches of the north many years ago. He now rangers the mountains, forests and ice wastes of this harsh land. He has taken the cold into his blood. He wears a fine snowbear cloak, that makes him near invisible in the snow. He wields a self crafted longbow, and carries a variety of different arrows depending on the hunt. He runs a tannery and game shop, and offers to guide and teach those who can pay the price. He never drinks, or spends his time in Inns. He enjoys the company of others and is eager to share tales. He has a voice in his head, Icefang, who sometimes whispers for him to do dark and horrible things. He has been able to ignore it for now.
Brunswick Ramsbottom the Great All Might Archivist Old male human and long suffering archivist for the Honourable Order of Mappers Brunswicks title was given to him by the head of his order, Bree Greenbottle and female halfling. He is a lover of detail and order, and fines nothing better in taking the mad drawings and finds of the order and categorising them and adding them to the guilds massive collection. He wears simple trousers and shirt, with a belt covered in pouches for inks, parchment, and all thing cartographical. He loves children, and has a large family with many children and grandchildren of his own. He is very serious when working. He used to have a gambling problem.
King Dosilion Half Elf, born royalty, negotiator and jouster. He has the best of elven and human looks. Fine delicate features, with the hint of masculine brawn, and thick golden hair and beard. He is a homosexual but has a wife and born children as is his duty, to his line, his kingdom and his people. He is loyal to his wife, who knows he is gay, and has never slept with anyone else since they were wed. He enjoys the fine sport of jousting, and travels to many kingdoms to negotiate trade deals and take part in tourneys. He is quick to decide a course of action, and is hard to be swayed from it. He loves beauty and art.
El Mortson Young female human, daugther of a successful woodsman and lumber merchant El wishes she had been born a boy. She is stronger, faster, and taller then any other boy in her town, but because she is a girl she can't do what she wants. She wants to be a lumberjack, a woodswoman, and eventually take over her fathers buisness. She secretly goes out and cuts down trees, and tends the woods when she can. She stands at over six feet tall, and is very very strong. she has mouse brown hair, and a pretty face. Her father wants her to become a lady. She has run away from schools and teachers of this five times. She has a fear of Goblins, after a near death experience with a raiding party that did kill her mother.
Shar God of Murder, The Cruel Bastard, Bringer of Tears Neutral Evil Deity, spawn of the Demon King Asmodeus Shar rarely shows himself, preffering to cloak himself in the darkness between stars if he takes a physical form. He is the son of Asmodeus after he raped and later killed a god of peace in the last astral war. Shar was cut from his dying mothers womb and thrown into the darkest reaches of Asmodeus' domain. Here he grew, and began to tred the mortal realms, bringing assassins, poisoners, those who cloak themselves in evil deeds, to his message. He blessed them, and as he gained more followers he grew stronger. He find glory in the elegance of the cold kill, and hungers for wealth and power. He has many hidden shrines scattered across the realms of all peoples. He does not hate Asmodeus, he hates nothing, but will do all he can to grow in power.
Dr. T'risza Desek Female Drow Thief She has short figure with long white hair. She misses the rest of her family, that was either exiled or imprisoned. She lives in Thieves' District (or Thieves' Guild) in a building that looks half blown up and uninhabited for at least last 20 years. She loves running on top of rooftops at night alone.
M.I.K. Sexless Warforged Guard He can't fit between ordinary people with his cold mechanical voice, and so he doesn't even try anymore. Often he prefers to observe situation unless called, and sometimes he even pretends to have no consciousness. His armor is magitech armor, that helps him with moving stealthily, perception at night and in fights. If he's submerged into water, or in an area where the magic doesn't work, he's unconscious.
Finom Lackman Male Human Merchant There's nothing special about his appearance, but there's a dark secret beneath it. He wants to sell his goods as quickly as possible, because he's been cursed. Anything he sells rots a short while afterwards. That's why he gets so easily into problems, and he's used to it.
Galadir, the Foremost Bureaucraft of (Insert City Name here) Male High Elf Bureaucraft He mans his desk as if it was a bunker. No one goes in our out of the keep without first going through him, and filling out various forms in triplicate. He looks down on anyone who take shortcuts when filling out said forms. It is very rare for someone to get through Galadir without first spending hours going through the bureaucratic mess that he has created to get anything done within his city.
Scabs the Wizard Male Elven Beggar Forgotten most of his spells at the ripe age of 750. Brings an iron pot with him everywhere to cook with. Was once on a search for lichdom and domination His age and senile behavior makes him harmless, just don't get him to remember!
Lyric Lydia Female, Half-Elf, Storyteller Wishes fame and grandeur from telling stories to princes and kings. Wants to marry into wealth. Creative but a poor memory, makes up the stories as she goes, creating unintended consequences and her near poverty. Great skill with a blade but never liked to use it or practice very often. Would make a legendary fighter if she didn't hate fighting so much.
Ragor Svenson, the Blood Wave Male Human Retired Berserker A jolly 65 year old barbarian. He spends his time at home, reminiscing of the good ol' days (raiding and slaying). His beard is wicked long, white, and braided. In the back of his mind, he fears dying at home in bed, without honor.
Lickety-Split MacLonroe Male Gnome Jockey A pompous gnome horse jockey. Prides himself as "the fastest gnome on four legs." Obsessive about his reputation, Lickety often challenges random civilians on the street. Word on the street: Lickety has a big gambling problem.
Jenny Scrumster Female Half-elf Drug Dealer An up and coming drug lord. Jenny raised herself on the streets, befriending a lone myconid hiding in the sewers. Jenny, with the help of her friend, began selling exotic hallucinogenic mushrooms on the black market. Her business is becoming incredibly successful, her 'shrooms even find their way into the hands of powerful politicians.
Violet Kingkiller Female Human Assassin A highly trained assassin. Her speciality: regicide. Responsible for over a hundred known assassinations, rulers of all kinds fear Kingkiller. She makes murder easy, the only tricky part, however, is finding her.
Tim going However, he really just requires good direction and a committed teacher. Tim could be a great cleric one day. Tim is dutiful, tries his best at anything he does, takes directions very literally, and is nicer than most people.
Doctor McGinBreath Male Dwarf Cleric/Drunk Doctor McGinBreath hangs out in the bars and will do questionable things for drinking money. He's not a very good cleric, but he can cast some spells. Also has a tendency to blow his spell slots on Detect Good/Evil, and if he finds an evil person, he points at them and says "EVIL. EVIL. EVIL. EVIL! EVIIIIIL!" until they leave the bar.
Vafara Female Half-Elf Witch Vafara is an apprentice witch, but she's not that kind of witch, thank you very much. Really, how presumptuous is it of you to assume that all witches are going to curse you and cackle. Vafara is actually a very nice young lady who happens to just be into the witch stuff because it runs in her family, and her aunt(on the human side, of course, her elvish father doesn't approve of any of this witch stuff or even Vafara's existence at all, being a prickly elf) started teaching her some spells, and you know what, it's really none of your business anyway. Personality is snobbish and uptight on the outside, still uptight on the inside, but reasoned and fair, if you aren't giving her shit about the whole witch thing.
Lady Tallis Dulak Female Human Noble Lady Dulak gives a lot of money to charity. Everyone knows that, because the Tallis Dulak Home for Poor Children is very well advertised. It's good business, but Tallis actually does like helping poor children, and she can be found at the Home several days out of the week, for a few hours at least, helping children find clothing and shoes that fit them, and handing out free food. At nights, she attends(or hosts) lavish parties where she lets all the other nobles know how terrible they are for being oppressive.
Lieutenant Althaea Naidel Female Elf Spy Lt. Naidel joined the army as soon as she was able, her skill with a bow being the best in her village, and her patriotism was unrivaled. As she rose through the ranks, she became known for her ability to take down enemies without making a sound, and she was recruited into the special forces, and later into certain unnamed organizations. She now leads a 4-person infiltration group. She's good at tactics and at being a spy, but not so good at diplomacy. She's cold to outsiders, but to her crew, she's actually kind and warm. They're her kinsmen, after all, and if she doesn't look after them, no one will.
Ugrah Kardson great Ugrah only gets mad and starts behaving aggressively if you insult the carpentry of the Kardson line.
Justice Female Tiefling Protestor The young tiefling known as Leria was persecuted for the way she looked. Leria didn't think this was fair, since she hadn't done anything wrong. As she grew up, she began to see that discrimination and injustice were everywhere in the world, and it wasn't just tieflings, so she changed her name and set out to make the world a better place by spreading awareness through public displays where she mostly just shouts about injustice and discrimination to anyone who will listen. Justice spends a lot of her time in prison.
Sivashi and Shivari Female Genasi Druids These two Genasi druids are twins, both seeking to find balance by obtaining the ability to manifest all of the Genasi elements within themselves. Sivashi seeks to find balance among the elements and find true peace, but Shivari wants to conquer the elements for herself. They parted ways once it was obvious that their philosophies conflict, but people often confuse one for the other. Personalities: very shifting, as they're genasi, but also because they move among elemental manifestations, bringing out different personality traits.
Ivy. Female, humanoid, paladin/alchemist. Rose is a beautiful woman in her mid twenties with blood red hair and emerald green eyes. She does not like to fight very much, but rather just heal her allies and find diplomatic solutions to problems. When one of her allies dies or she gets hurt though, anger overcomes her, and she uses her giant great sword (aptly named thorn) to tear apart those that defile her.   Ivy is the twin sister of rose, and much like rose, uses her potions to buff and heal enemies in battle. She has green hair and green eyes. Rather than try to find diplomatic relations with people, she uses her beauty and deception to get what she wants. She thinks that the brutish ways of her sister are barbaric, preferring to throw poisons at enemies to weaken them.
Stack 'Male' Warforged Blacksmith A blacksmith specializing in the creation and repair of rare and unique armors. He was trained by a retired Dwarven smith, and imprinted on him to the point of behaving like a dwarf and 'growing' a beard made from metal shavings, fixed to his lower mandible. His odd behavior is looked upon as slightly eccentric but harmless, though he makes quite a mess at the taverns when he attempts to have a few drinks. If called out on not actually being a dwarf, he will insist he's simply wearing a large suit of armor, and will 'prove' it by attempting to remove his head, and complaining that his "damned helmet latches have stuck again" when it won't come off.
Orel the 'White Knight' Human, Male, Knight Orel is the somewhat overweight 4th son of respected local lord who followed his father into military service. He cannot understand how he remains single at the ripe old age of 25, despite being such a good guy. All of his female friends are just that, friends, and he will protect them in this dark world of selfish jock-bastards who just want to take advantage of women. Soon, very soon, the ungrateful sluts will finally realise his worth and flock to their real man and recognise a hero of women's rights.
Evangeline (Evan) Female (Male), Human, Squire This young woman is a struggling squire, dressed with poor quality but well cared for leathers. She is bronzed in skin and dark in hair, which she has cut short and practical. She accepts her lowly position, is dedicated to her training and behaves practically, bar a little autistic need for all statements to be exact and literal. (Male at birth.)
Tarl Male, Human, Inept Mage An inept junior mage who is considerably overweight already. He grows a poor beard in an attempt to look more wise or senior but only achieves looking like a neckbeard. He suffers severe toilet-related bowel problems at little warning which frequently get in the way of his magic at the most inopportune times. Despite this, he doesn't wash himself or his own clothes.
Sathriel Male, Elf, Cook political upstart A tall, middle aged elf with early grey hair and a loud mouth, who thinks himself far smarter than his position. A passionate trade-unionist and active [what we would call] Marxist, urging the underclasses to raise up to claim their just rewards.
Varan Feddik Male, Dwarf, "Honest" Merchant Lots of brown, almost ginger, hair and an impressive beard frame the lovable face of this wannabe roguish merchant. He is a trusting man and genuinely believes he is an honest merchant but should perhaps trust his suppliers a little less. He only hires honest folk who are down on their luck and despite being arrested several times for selling stolen goods, cannot understand why it keeps happening.
Silvos Saltore Male Human Detective Tall dark and handsome You will never see him without his Glasses of dim light (sunglasses) Frequntly uses terrible catch frases, witch he always finshes by taking of or putting on his Glasses He works for the cityguard as a detective
Karif Male Kobold Naive Performer A small kobold with big dreams. Karif wants to be a world-renowned singer more than anything else; unfortunately, Karif has a voice like a sword being dragged across flagstone. Unfortunately for everyone else, Karif is completely oblivious to this, and has traveled to the Big City to finally realize his hopes and ambitions. Karif is incredibly optimistic and naive, despite any evidence to the contrary, and is relentless in pursuing his dreams.
Lanforn The Great (The Useless) I have a lot of story behind this guy and all of his unintentional antics Possibly the greatest wizard in all of existence, but also the universe's greatest irony. Wears the wizarding clothes of his adventuring years, a purple robe and pointy hat with stars and moons all over. Long pointy white beard, and ear hair to match, he is the classic 1E Merlin. Not much is certain about Lanforn, except that none of his spells will go correctly, and he never learns from his mistakes. Trained as a circus magician, he later became a university wizard.
Kevin Himmagen Male Human Enchanter and Arcane collector He owns a large shop. He is in his early twenties and has black hair, a thin black beard and an incredibly mono-tonal voice, despite his excitable nature. Overall very knowledgeable and an astute businessman. He seems to turn up everywhere.
Stumpwater Jack Male Half-Orc Hermit Stumpwater Jack was raised by his witch mother in a small shack deep in a dangerous swamp. He learned a small amount of magic from his mother but did so with great difficulty. One day his temper got the better of him and he ransacked their home and ran off into the wilds. Unaware if he had harmed his mother, he decided not to return. He now wanders the swamp a hermit. He speaks in short direct sentences with little to no fluff. Social graces are a foreign concept to him and on the occasion that he meets someone, he usually offends them. He has a habit of keeping is hands at his side when he speaks, looking almost statue like.
Halvar Strand Male Human Adventurer (Retired) Once a great hero among Northern Isles, Halvar battled great dragons and monsters in his earlier years. His final "heroic fight" was against a Leviathan that had been reportedly terrorising a small port town. As he stepped up to the edge of a sea cliff to challenge the Leviathan to battle, he was swept to sea by a massive wave. During the "fight" Halvar lost his magnificent sword, "blixt" and was so ashamed of this unfortunate turn of events that he fled south in hopes of never being seen again. To this day, he still has a grudge against the Leviathan, and refuses to stand near sea cliffs.
Oskar Ungart Beardless Male Dwarf Inkeeper Oskar is a clanless dwarf by choice, he is also beardless. You don't get to question his life choices, and better keep your damn trap shut. He is who he is, and is proud of it, dammit.
Albert Kelcus Male, Gnome, Alchemist Albert lives in a small shack outside of town. He is trying to create his very own artificial life however is always unsuccessful. On the bright side, he makes good healing potions (however they always smell of cabbage).
John Kelley Male, Human, Amateur Diviner John is a very sweet man, but not a very smart man. He has the unfortunate tendency of summoning hostile ghosts and spirits instead of the spirits he intended to summon, this naturally leads to PC's having to save him from his blunder.
Edward Dee Male, Half-Elf, Warlock When no PC is there to save John from his blunders, Edward does. He is shorter and plumper than one might imagine a half-elf to be but he makes up for that as a rather gifted Warlock.
Joyce Female, Elf, Tavern Owner/Retiree Some Elves do not see near immortality as a gift. Joyce always wanted a simple simple life and at the first moment she got, she opened a small seaside tavern called the Bloated Seagull.
Graham Hennessy Human, Guardsman, Charismatic Graham loves his job, although not the part of the job where criminals hit him with things. He'd much rather solve a problem with his charming personality than revert to violence. He's no master swordsman, but he'll show you the sharp end when he needs to.
Ysma Female, Elf, Tea shop owner/necromancer Elves live for quite a long time, as we all know. Elves of course live longer after dabbling with the right kinds of necromancy. She'd never admit to prolonging her life by means of the darker magics. She'd much rather have a pleasant discussion over some tea. Don't go into her basement though, that's where she keeps the poor fools who asked too many questions.
Celine Male, Satyr, Thrower of Great Parties Celine is a harmless enough fellow, he and his band of roaming Satyrs kidnap weary travellers for a party that won't be forgotten (or perhaps entirely forgotten depending on how much wine is served)! In that time, no harm is done to the traveller and after the party, the traveller usually wakes up further in the forest in the direction they're heading.
Errol "The White Dragon" Male, Dwarf, Ex-Soldier Errol was a soldier as a young man. He earned himself the nickname The White Dragon for his prowess on the battlefield as well as his shining white armour. In his old age, he tells stories to young folk and if you ask him how he got his nickname, he just takes in a deep drag from his pipe and blows the smoke out his nose while growling like a dragon.
Mother Hannah Female, Human, Wheelchair-Bound Wizard A sweet old woman and caretaker of a small sanctuary for those learning in need of wizarding knowledge. She will teach young people in exchange for a book from their travels, assuming it's not one she already has. If you come to her empty-handed, she is very easily persuaded with kind words. If you come to her with harsh words, you may not live to apologise.
WOO 10 DONE! THIS IS UNEDITED DON'T HATE ME. Male, Human (as far as he's concerned), farmer (obviously) Gerald is a decent enough man most days of the week, but sheep from his flock and livestock of neighbouring farms go missing on Monday nights. Wolves or perhaps bandits are the usual suspects. Gerald is blissfully unaware that he, late Monday evening, transforms into a werewolf. He hasn't harmed a person, nor has he been spotted...yet.
Grandmaster Erobern Male Human Lord Justicar of the Most Noble Order of the Holy Visage An aged man, once young a full of zeal to smite those of evil intent, the fullness of his years has replaced his strength with wisdom. Erobern prefers to wield his considerable influence with subtlety, a carefully chosen word here, a dissemination of information there. Erobern prefers problems to be solved with the least amount of bloodshed possible. Some factions of the Order see this as a weakness.
Justicar Adjutant Snellry Male Halfling Archivist If Erobern is the spider, then Snellry is the web. Snellry collects information on the activities of evil throughout the realm. Snellry proudly considers himself a shield for Erobern, employing... diverse means of gathering information. Erobern of course, is familiar with Snellry's activities but allows him a certain latitude for the good of the realm.
Galban the Swift Male Half Elf Will of the Visage Galban holds the highest position in the order below the Grandmaster and travels the land on a celestial steed, speaking Erobern's will to the chapters of the order, adjudicating disputes and disseminating information. He is renowned for being both fleet of foot and swift to take offence should someone insult the order. He secretly harbours an irrational fear of ship and open ocean waters.
Mistress Ariandre Erendril Female Elf Master at Arms Ariandre is responsible for the instruction in armed combat of all Order members. Some of the younger order members call her 'Mother Dee,' but never to her face. She hears more than they know however. The title causes her particular pain as Galban is secretly her son, born of an affair with a now disgraced former member of the order. She is unsure if Erobern knows this fact.
Chaucy Orlan Male Human, Former Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Holy Visage Chaucy the Betrayer, Chaucy Oathbreaker, Chaucy the Blind, Chaucy the Red, Chaucy the Black. Chaucy fell in love with Mistress Erendil while under her tutelage. On a journey together, in a time of weakness, wine and loneliness, they crossed the divide between student and lover. Chaucy is guilt ridden and travels the land searching out those who would do evil, perhaps looking for penance, perhaps looking for a glorious death for the cause of righteousness.
Dranmer Duluth Dwarven Male Knight of the Order Dranmer is a recently proven Knight of the Order, rapidly making a name for himself with the slaying of bandits, orcs and undead. He unquestioningly obeys the orders of his superiors. Dranmer was beaten by his father as a child, and is particularly harsh when dealing with men who would abuse children.
Aera Cloudshammer Dwarven Female Master Armourer of the Order Aera makes the heavy armours and weapons used by the Knights, infused with the holy power of the divine. She is obsessive about cleanliness and order in her workshop, and becomes agitated if anything is out of place. She has only two fingers and a thumb on her left hand from a raid on her home village in her youth that left all but her dead. Erobern (then a young knight) rescued her and took her into the order. Aera loves the Grandmaster dearly.
Denjack Human Male Stablehand Denjack is recently arrived at the Order, taken on to perform menial tasks and assist in the stables. Denjack hears whispers in his head at night and is unsure if they are divine or malevolent. The whispers are strongest on the night of the full moon.
Sunna The White Female Human Cannibal Cleric A sweet, innocent, middle aged woman. She masquerades as a priestess of the god of the village, while at the same time eating the people who were recently buried. She moved into kidnapping travellers and involuntary euthanasia a couple of weeks ago. She eats people because she learned an immortality rite from a forbidden book that involves cannibalism and blood sacrifices to her true god.
Thenmozhibe Female tiefling moneylender Relatively tall with a wiry build, and no noticeable hair. Carries a many-notched steel staff of exactly five feet that she uses for taking measurements. Spends a month at a time inspecting roads and bridges and recommending changes around a town that hires her before moving on. Understands several languages but primarily speaks Dwarven in conversations with herself and others. His nose makes a faint whistling noise when he talks. Spends his evenings cleaning tables at a friend's inn in exchange for a room. Average height, broad shoulders, and shaved head with a large greying mustache. Has substantial savings that he intends to put toward building a house in the woods nearby. Twice married to human men less than half her age and twice widowed from duels in her honor. Wears secondhand clothes and jewelry from whichever town she last visited, to be traded in or sold for replacements in her current town. Talented flutist who takes pride in recognizing and developing the musical talents of those around her. Long brown hair, green eyes, and a permanently seductive expression. Dull-witted but friendly, and loyal to his friends and employers (in that order). Unable to speak any language except rudimentary Dwarven, though he understands orders as long as they are in Dwarven. His face is a misshapen mess of scars and broken bones that he has accumulated over the years, and his unkempt red beard has had chunks torn out of it. He is independently wealthy and spends coin generously, though nobody knows where or how he has amassed such a fortune. Short brown hair, a hawkish nose, and a large pair of canine teeth jutting up from her lower jaw make up an unusual visage, if not a particularly ugly one. She does not boast many clients, but those that pay will pay very well for her services - and highly recommend "that thing she does with her teeth." Offers a money-back guarantee if clients leave unsatisfied, which no one has yet been able (or willing) to claim. Spends most of her free time passing by the homes of the nobility, admiring their gardens. Straight black horns follow his thin white hair back behind his head; rheumy brown eyes sit above a thin-lipped business smile. A team of apprentices run the day-to-day operations while he sits in the back of his shop, dreaming up and sketching fashion ideas. When a client of sufficient value enters, he becomes as authoritative and demanding as any tyrant, and will often simply forbid a troublesome client from speaking altogether; it is a testament to his prowess that business does not waver. He holidays with his paramour among the nobility once each year, whose identity he keeps secret largely for his own sake. Standing six feet even, Sash is heavily muscled and deceptively quick; her hair is tied back and she has silver tattoos over her arms and legs that stand out in stark contrast to her ebony skin. She's a bouncer for a tavern that sees very little business during the day, but much more when she's managing the tavern's fight pit after midnight. She regularly takes a week off to visit her family out of town, though once in a blue moon she'll take one of her many challengers up on their offer for a fight in the pit. Her tattoos are in Orcish - what she thinks says "Swiftness," "Vengeance," "Fury," and "Resolve" actually says "Fruit," "Southeast," "Brownly," and "Dwwabmmh." Soft white scales run from the crown of his head and flare out all the way down his spine, while the rest of him covered in smooth, leathery grey skin. At his full height, he is a scale under six feet tall, with the tendency to crouch or bow his head to better hear those smaller than him. While young for his kind, he is very sickly; on any given day he might be sweating or coughing heavily, and he usually sounds exhausted. On rare occasions (months apart), he feels genuinely, truly good for days at a time, during which he shuts himself in his tiny home and works non-stop as his cultured colleagues await the results with baited breath. Short and stocky frame, with asymmetrical, broken brown horns that have been filed smooth. She can be very abrasive, and speaks openly about her distaste for her clients, her hired thugs, and the business of moneylending. She balks at spending money herself, though she is quick to jump on a deal if she's certain she can turn it over in her favor quickly. She refuses to deal in silver pieces, in an often futile attempt to invoke her demonic heritage for leverage.
Lana of the Riverlands Female Watergenasi Hermit/Druid A weird old woman that lives in a small hole by the riverside. She takes care of the ecosytem of the riverland around where the river Vree flows into the Great Green Sea. She sees herself as the guardian of the river, having lived here for almost 40 years. She avoid human contact most of the time but some days she visits the town of Vreedam, where she tends to the sick and poor. Most of the normal citizens of Vreedam see her as a harmless nutter, but to the homeless, beggars and orphants she is seen as a kind of saint. Whenever she goes throught the streets there is allways a swarm or urchins surrounding her and she allways has some goodberries to spare. Her hair has turned the colour of sea foam and her sky blue skin has as many wrinkels as the sea during a storm, her back isn't what it used to be either so she is seldom seen without the driftwood staff she uses for walking. But her eyes are still the same as in her youth. Big eyes that catch the light and reflect it like a mountain lake on a windless day. Yet also deep and blue like the sea. Eyes that you could loose yourself in and drown. And many a man did back in the days. The old folk can sometimes tell of a time where every man was trying to court the mysterious lady of the shore. Yet none succeded. None but one.
Kareem the Bright, Captain of the Ocean Dawn/Bard Male Fire Genassi Captain of a trading ship When he first arrived in Vreedam the news spread like wildfire, soon every young womans heart was burning with a passion. He was handsome, he was charming, he was exotic. In one word, he was hot. The Ocean Dawn hailed from Brangha, a big trading city in the far west. She was carring fruit, spices and silk of sorts people in Vreedam had never seen. The Ocean Dawn stayed in harbour for 3 weeks. Quite a long time. Why you ask? To celebrate the Dawns arrival the major decided to hold a massive party, it doesn't happen every day (or even year) that a ship from this far west found it's way to Vreedam after all. There was music and dance, food and alcohol, laughter and cheering. And at the center of it all was Kareem. Allways surounded by a flock of young woman, first dancing with this one, then with that one. Then he was gone. As if by magic. Which in a magic rich world like this seems actually quite likely ;) You see Kareem isn't actually quite the party type, while he loves to dance he doesn't like big crowds. He is honestly a bit of a loner. And so it came that on this fatefull night an again visible Kareem decided to take a stroll along the beach. And it was here, where the Vree joins the Great Green Sea that he met her. Deep Blue hair blowing in the ocean breeze, looking out towards the sea with eyes that reflected the moon and the stars. Their eyes met and Kareem could feel his heart skip a beat. The next day some folk reported seeing two figures dancing on the waves, only their silhouettes visible against the morning sun rising from the ocean. The Ocean Dawn left 3 weeks later, to travel to the Small Green Sea and sell the rest of it's wares and return a few weeks later to Vreedom to let of a single person and then travel back west to Brangha where it would have to find a new captain. This was the last anyone saw of the Oceans Dawn for 35 years.
Jasper de Wit male human swashbuckler/rogue Blond, longish hair, slightly tanned skin, blue eyes, of average height for a 19 year old. Jaspers mother died in childbed and his afther died 4 years later out at sea working as a fisherman. Jasper grew up on the streets of Vreedam, a town that doesn't do much for it's homeless and orphants. He is good friends with Lana of the Riverlands. During some especially hard times the goodberries she gives to the orphans were the only food he had for weeks. He considers this a lifelong depth he owes her. He left the town with 16 with little more then the shirt on his back. He returned 3 years later, wearing fine clothes and carrying a purse full of goldcoins. Some foul mouths would tell you that the ways he got this money weren't quite legal. They are right. Jasper dreams of marrying the mayors daughter Anika Hummel and opening an orphanage in Vreedam. And he is allready making progress towards these dreams. Well at least the first one.
Anika Hummel female human daughter of the mayor Long chestnut hair, green eyes, freckles in her face and on her arms. He allways has a smile on her lips and is of quite tall for a 20 year old woman. Many of the young men in town try to court her, not only because she is quite good looking but also because she is the daughter of the mayor. She politely refuses all of them. Unbeknown to everyone she and Jasper have been seeing each other for a few months now. Meeting in secret. She knows that her father would not aprove of her relationship woth Jasper, her mother might. People that know of the relationship: Jasper de Wit, Anika Hummel, Lana of the Riverlands, I will add more as I add characters
Hugo Hummel male human mayor of Vreedam Ash blond short trimmed hair and beard, blue eyes, middle aged, relativly small for a man, beer belly. Needs reading glasses. Hugo has been the mayor of Vreedam for the last 25 years and has actually done a quite decent job. Since he became mayor the town has seen a stready grow in population and prosperity, trade has been good and the depth that the old mayor managed to create has been payed of in full. (The old mayor was fond of throwing parties for various ocasions using town money.) The Hummels have been a merchant family in Vreedam since its inception 300 years ago. They used to own the very first corner store. Where it stood before now stands the Hummel Trade hall, which hosts most of the trade going on in Vreedam. Hugo is very proud about Vreedam and the development it has seen during his time. Whenever talking about it he has taken to calling it the City of Vreedam thought nobody else has adopted this yet. He is the father of Anika Hummel, husband of Natalia Hummel and big brother of Henry Hummel.
Natalia Hummel Female Half-Elf Wife/Mother Long chestnut hair that she wears in a bun, green eyes, still very good looking for her age. She was born a De Haan and married Hugo 30 years ago when they both were barely adults. They were what some might call fools in love. Sadly over the years the fire of passion faded and their mariage is hardly what you could call passionate. The things that binds them together is the love for their daughter Anika. Natalia is a strong woman and while her husband is the mayor, there is no doupt that in the Hummel household she calls the shots.
Henry Hummel Male Human Head of the trading hall Ash blond short hair, blue eyes, quite tall. Allways a winnig smile on his lips. While his brother became the mayor of Vreedam, Henry took over the family buisness of managing the Hummel Trade Hall throught which most of the trade in Vreedam flows. You will usually find him either in the hall or at the harbour speaking to some merchant or the captain of a trading ship in their native language. Few people know that he actaully owes this gift for languages to a magic ring of languages that allows it's wearer to read any language and speak to people in any language they know. The ring has been a family heirloom for generations and its origins are said to be of not quite holy nature. (It was demons, some ancestor sold his soul for this ring) Henry is also the biological father of Anika. A fact only him and Natalia know.
Annabel the Poppet Master Female Human Possessed girl Annabel was a normal 10 year old girl before she discovered a tiny doll in the woods. The doll spoke to her, and when she answered, it possessed her. She now wanders the forests and swamps waiting to curse anyone foolish enough to venture into her territory.
Jute the Dragoon Male Formerly-human Wandering warrior Long ago, "Jute" was grievously wounded in a battle. Though it was too late to save his body, his allies transferred his consciousness into magic rope, which served as his body ever since. He wears heavy armor so he appears to be a normal human, but he is actually composed of tendrils of rope. He has wandered the world so long that he forgot his real name. He rides an ankylosaurus named Sige.
Dywin the Purifier Female Elf Human slayer Dywin is a pureblooded elf who was raised to despise all elves of impure blood and the humans that corrupted them. She travels the world silently weeding out the half-elf population and inflicting justice on any human who would dare breed with an elf.
Burgten the Skull Smasher Male Half-orc Tribe leader Burgten takes great pride in his orcish heritage despite being only half orc. He instills loyalty in his tribe by leading them to victory after victory in combat. However, he is also a shrewd diplomat, and has secured his tribe protection from the major empires that surround him.
Leiris Female Aasimar Druid Leiris wanders the forests without a care. She helps anyone who seeks her aid, but never actively seeks to find people in need. Her animal companion is an elk.
Person from Porlock ??? ??? I don't remember The Person from Porlock visits in moments of epiphany to drain inspiration. Works especially well on Bards. It's unknown if the Person from Porlock is a single individual or a race of beings.
Haftir the Immortal Male Dragon All-consuming destroyer Millenia ago, Haftir was the destroyer of civilizations. Every thousand years he would emerge from slumber to destroy any civilization that had appeared since his last visit and hoard away all their gold in his cave. However, he now sleeps forever, helpless to move because his gold was formed into a chain around him by a clever human, which he values too much to break.
Raven Male Drow Information broker Raven buys and sells information. Everyone hates him because he's a dick, but his information is so valuable that everyone puts up with him.
Lexi Prottimer Female Human Entrepreneur A member of the wealthy Prottimer family, Lexi is just beginning her financial enterprises. Aiding her may result in gaining the family's trust and/or aid, which could be invaluable.
Laurelin etherborn Female elf druid Laurelin was abandoned as a child in the green forest when her family was captured by a band of orcs. She was adopted by the forest spirits and became one with the land. Raised by wild spirits, Laurelin is an untamable druid with a deep understanding of the natural world.
Hanuman das Male human monk Train as a monkey-priest in the far eastern lands, hanuman is incredible agile. He enjoys the simple life: Wandering around the world, eating whatever the people give him, and helping others to find their inner-selfs. He stands out from the medieval townsfolk as a tall and slender hindu man with colorful robes.
Forthrightly Goldwine Female Halfling Thief An experienced cutpurce, Forthrightly was named by parents who hoped she'd be polite, hardworking and to-the-point. Able to lift herself out of the poverty they raised her in with honest labor. They don't talk much anymore.
Gormundr Halfshanks Male Goliath Hunter Gormundr leads the Mountain Rangers, a group of outcasts who live in the shade of the mighty peaks. Though they tend to be shunned by civilized society they perform an important role, holding back the great beasts, aberrant monstrosities and occasional shambling undead that roam from their natural habitat to the borders of farmland. While they aren't free their services are invaluable to small villages who are paid no heed by the larger cities.
Rock Male Goliath Moron Rock isn't his full name, but it's the best translation of what the other members of his tribe call him. Though he attempts to be useful and has prodigious strength he is... untroubled by the complexities of life. If given any task of greater complexity than "Take this heavy thing to here" he'll find a way to make it go wrong, without even a malicious thought in his head.
Magnus Hammerhand Male Dwarf Commander Unprepared for the sheer brutality of war with the Goblin tribes of their new mountain home the expedition that sent Magnus to Fort Strongbow was slaughtered, with barely a hundred of a thousand-strong caravan making it to their destination. With an outpost set up however Magnus took charge of the remaining warriors and proved that Dwarves are nothing if not tenacious. With all thought of mercy stripped away by the years of bloodthirsty combat Magnus' mission is to keep his people alive and pacify the mountains for Dwarvenkind.
Ruallion Thanaton Male Elf Wight Ruallion was a hero of Elvenkind. A brave warrior who died in glorious battle with his barbed spear still clutched in hand, stained red with his own blood and that of his enemies. However when a storm of wild magic washed over his forgotten corpse he was reanimated as a shade of his former self, a being of pure malice with no direction or purpose. Now he stalks the earth, roaming from the fields of civilized lands to the caverns of the underdark to the gutters of ancient cities. With nothing better to do and an unquenchable lust for blood Ruallion sells his services to the highest bidder as a shock-trooper and assassin, not for the money but for the sake of killing and the desperate search for purpose. The Red Wight doesn't need to breathe, doesn't need to sleep, doesn't need to eat and is just as deadly dead as he was alive.
Julliana Orsendi Female Human Broker Working under the pseudonym "The Lark" Julliana inherited her family's side-business while her father and brothers were off riding horses and filling themselves with arrows in their spare time. The women of the Orsendi family are just as vital as the men to retaining their status, and they do this by maintaining a large network of spies and informants in every noble house from here to the next country over. The information that gets passed to them finds its way to the ears that need to hear it, for a price. Julliana is the eldest of four sisters and the current mistress of the nobility's secrets, though what she decides to do with them will depend on who's paying.
Nefyros the Dracomancer Male Dragonborn Wizard Nefyros is one of the foremost scholars on Dragon lore currently alive today, and according to rumor is the original author of the Dracnomicon sustained by black magics. This is of course nonsense, though he did have a hand in editing the later editions of that famous text. Nefyros has devoted his life to the study of dragons, driven by some purpose that leads him to delve deep into their secrets. Untouched by the sorcerous magics that grant power to a few with true draconic blood Nefyros instead entered into the study of arcane magic, and is a master of transmutation. Thus far however, all of his experiments with turning himself into a dragon have failed to produce permanent results, and have almost lost him his research funding a couple of times.
Strife Harkanon Male Human Bandit Leader Presumed to be a pseudonym, mainly because it's extremely cool or stupidly overblown depending on who you ask, Strife is a relative unknown among the lawless brigands of the world. What little is known from captured members of his band of thieves and pillagers indicates that he was a child soldier, following his father off to war when he was only a young boy. His fellows grew up under similar circumstances, pitiless and amoral men forged in war at a young age. The bandit leader is known to be a capable warrior and utterly without sympathy for the weak, despite multiple offers of amnesty he seems to have committed himself to an existence of lifelong strife.
Lu'Nahan, the Dark Side of the Moon Ineffable Alien Thing A being from the far realm that has come close to the world, drawn by the burning light of the world's life like a moth to a flame. Lu'Nahan dwells as a shadow on the dark side of the moon, its mind reaching out to the world by night to touch the minds of mortals who would serve its ends. Its purpose is uncertain, but it feeds on the light and the heat and those who worship it desire to bring it down to the world, with the moon if necessary.
Vilendas Easterling A 5'11" half elf male with sandy blond hair trimmed short and combed into an almost swooping way with and angular jaw and sharp features. No facial hair. Pretty good looking and popular with the ladies as well as men, this is a local language teacher at the secondary school for the educationally gifted sons who can attend. This is the best school in the country. Here he teaches primarily mastery of common and proper writing etiquette and composition. He also enjoys theater and directs plays as well as providing his own screenplays.
Charlie the Somewhat Smart Male Human ex-merchant Wizard Some people have mid-life crises. Such is the case with Charlie, who prefers to be called Charlie the Smart. Some adventurers came into his shop a year ago and tried to sell him a spellbook they found. Considering he was running a grain and livestock feed store, he was hesitant. But he took the offer and has since left his shop with his son and decided to find adventure.
Ledus Pacus Female Minitaur Retired Mercenary She is tall at seven feet, with greying chestnut fur. She retains much of her muscle, but is going soft around the midsection. She can be gruff and callous, but she is a font of information about the local area and abroad. Drinks milk, which is objectively weird.
Reah van Nynaaten Female Dwarf Mayor Short and heavy-set. Black hair tied back into a thick braid. The mayor of a small town. She is full of new ideas like "democracy" and "civil rights."
Lobelia Mustard Female Halfling Fighter (ex-paladin) Drug addict. Lobelia is about as wide across as she is tall. Red hair and sallow skin. Her armour is unpolished and she stinks. If she hasn't had her fix recently she's a grump.
Tasai Qamio Female Human Bureaucrat Tasai is a diplomat from the north. She is campaigning across the countryside, amassing supporters on a platform of religion and military training. She has not explicitly announced her opposition to the crown, but many suspect that she intends to become a usurper.
Uazmos Txigu Female Eladrin Bard Uazmos is talented, beautiful, compassionate, and confident. She is known far and wide for her powerful presence, strong will, and her generosity towards the less fortunate. Her songs often make overt jabs at the priorities of the court.
Ximmiant Teseoah Female Dwarf Ceremonial Fighter Ximmiant is a veteran of the Vela Key Arena. Her sport of choice is batter ball, and every season she is the favoured competitor. Her mother was an oracle, and many suspect her skill is owed to an inherited precognition.
Corvus Allabaster Male Kenku Accidental Jewel Thief Having been born with all white feathers and sky blue eyes (a bad omen in his flock) Corvus was exiled at age 12. Being a bad omen others of his flock avoided him so they too wouldn't be outcasts, this of course caused him to develop no social skills, and he's an accidental thief partly because of this and partly for just being a Kenku, for they have no teeth so they rely on their gizzard which means they need to swallow small rocks and pebbles to help grind food, and Corvus, not knowing that gems have value, has ingested many "shiny stones" that has resulted in many hardships and enemies
Eyef Female Aasimar Cleric A spunky woman with pale skin, emerald eyes and metallic blue hair. She was left on the doorstep of a temple to Shelyn as a baby. She greatly enjoys the fine arts, and she is gifted in the dulcimer and singing. She has a free spirit and tries to see the best in everyone.
Brad Greyfinch Male Human Pickpocket A teen who wanted to see the adventures of war, Brad left his home to enlist in the army as a messenger boy. However, when army discipline and war proved to be too much for Brad, he deserted and lost himself in a big city. Having lost all of his youthful optimism, Brad now works as a pickpocket for a local crime syndicate. He tells himself that there's no way to change his life now, and that he'll probably be a criminal until he dies.
Mattin Bathew Male Human General A middle-aged noble who has fought in the army for decades. Calm and collected, he has a remarkable talent for directing armies on the field and in directing them when not in combat as well. He is a widower, although he has two grown sons who also serve in the army. He cannot hold his liquor well at all, and so he refrains from drink when on the campaign trail.
Costa Caro Male Human Assassin Costa is a lean man with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. He has dark eyes and longish dark hair with streaks of grey at the temples. He’s a handsome enough guy, though he looks a little dangerous. He’s obviously a good fighter, to anyone who knows about fighting. He has olive skin and stands about 5’ 7”. He’s not heavily muscled but he’s definitely not scrawny. He comes across as a confident but suspicious man who lives with one foot in the streets and one foot in the respectable world. Costa has an easy laugh and a gregarious manner, but his emotions don’t seem to really reach his eyes. He’s obviously seen some crazy shit and it’s deadened him a little inside.
Crazy Stan Male, Human, King/General/Ambassador/Adventurer Old and worn, with hairs of grey he wears old clothing, and has an unkempt beard, on his right wrist he wears a Platinum Bracer, and on his back is an empty scabbard, fit for a Greatsword. His Stories, while almost never true, are the stuff of legend, and are quite amazing to hear, even though he constantly refers to the times these stories took place in as, 'Back in My day' He frequents the inn, and offers to tell one of his stories if the adventurer would buy him a drink. It's not known if he has any sort of home, or other belongings, as he hasn't left the inn in years.
Caleb Stonehead Male Human Peasant Caleb is a kind-hearted simpleton. He's easily fooled, but always has the best of intentions and frequently goes out of his way to help others. He's strong, with massive hands, and would likely make a dangerous opponent if one ever managed to truly anger him.
Ashlan Tinderfoot Male Halfling Innkeep Once a typically jolly halfling, Ashlan fell to despair and drink after his wife died in childbirth. His inn is falling into disrepair, and he all but ignores the child.
Estheria Willowbreeze Female Elven Anthropologist & Archeologist Estheria spends her long life traveling, embedding herself within primitive cultures to study their ways. She has published several lengthy books. Her time among simpler folk have affected her worldview tremendously, and she no longer has much interest in returning to the haughtiness and arrogance of traditional elven culture.
Borhild "Werewolf" Dagmarson M – Human – Wrestler A large man dressed in fearsome furs, Borhild "the Werewolf" is the skull-crushing underground brawler who even the villains of the ring will unite against. Secretly, he wishes to exit the business and inherit the small shop where his parents sell hand-knitted tchotchkes.
Lord Snellby M – Half-elf – Snake oil dealer Traversing the rough roads in his wagon full of elixirs and faux noble getup, Ersatz Snellers ("Lord Snellby") peddles his wares, half of them no more potent than water.
Kaéshek F – Shadow Elf – Warrior/Leader When the slave revolts in Bashraqqa began, the people looked to a hero. Kaéshek is who they found. Long free herself, she had hidden connections to the shadowy organizations which bankrolled the revolution. Now she must lead the free city, trying not to become a puppet of those same secret societies which lifted her to power.
Corélia, Lady of Estorin / Lareth Brymarr ??? – Elf – Aristocrat/Con artist Townsfolk have long noticed the striking similarity between Lady Corélia, and local con man Lareth. Fear of displeasing either, however, prevents them from investigating which is their true identity. However, they both seem to have an affinity for archaic literature.
"Empress Margitte" F – Dwarf – Drunkard The 'Empress', as she calls herself, has become a local attraction in the fishing village of Arbell, dispensing her own sort of truth and wisdom from atop her crate in the town market as she solicits coppers from those who take pity or are humored by the elderly woman, beard filled with trinkets of the years.
Tyrell Gwyferon M – Human – Mercenary Sick of living in the shadow of his older sister and being the son of a baron's head servant, Tyrell set off on his own years ago, eventually finding himself pike-and-sword in hand in the ranks of the Chequered Band, a company of ill repute.
Father Duma M – Human – Priest Long ago, he was Dumatoru, a centaur paladin with a firm belief in the inferiority of all other races to his own. That changed when he met Charal. Now, with the help of a magic talisman, he lives a quiet life (without his equine half) with the love of his life as keeper of a small town temple.
Lzara F – Wood Elf – Survivalist Princess Lzaretta Anabella Wembelia of Cypressfell was the subject of a large bidding war between suitors. Her solution? Strike out on her own into the thick forests of her homeland, stating the first of her admirers to find and retrieve her will win her hand. Six years later, Lzara has found a peaceful life among the trees with only her axe and falcon familiar as companions, with no end in sight to the philanderers' hunt.
Erwolg, the Terrifying (known as Erwin in this plane) M – Kobold – Lighthouse keeper A stout man of deep red skin and twisted features. His heavy cloak and solitude in his lighthouse hide the fact he is in fact a demon cursed to watch the seas for a millennium. An expert in chess.
Boaz Oxenrider Male Human Merchant Tall, beginner's pot belly, short brown hair, & no facial hair. First generation merchant from a long line of farmers & looking to start a legacy for himself. Protective of close family & sends money back to support parents & younger siblings.
Kanaka Ironshirt Female Dwarf Fighter Shaved head, waist length black beard braided into a single rope, & speaks in heavily accented common. First daughter of a matriarchal clan out to prove her worth to follow in her mother's bootsteps. Quietly believes she can do anything better than whomever is doing it & never backs down from a challenge. Insists that Moradin is not the All-Father, but instead it's Moradina, the All-Mother.
Ben Alda Male Human Doctor Skinny, dark hair, smart, & doesn't know when to shut up. Conscripted at 20 to serve in a war & taken from his family for 11 years. He was no good as a soldier so he was sent to train under the healers. Always has a story/complaint about the war, a line for the women, & a drink in hand if he can help it.
Milo Littlefoot Male Halfling Beggar Slight even for a halfling, the adventuring life was never in the cards for Milo. Born with a lame leg & not able to get a job, he turned to begging. No one notices a halfling beggar & it turns out that's good for the information business.
Caplan the Crooner Male Dwarf Bard Taller than average for a dwarf with light brown hair & beard. Deep, raspy voice that sings of loss, love, & the places those two have met. His height made him an oddball amoung his dwarven home & he hit the road to see the world.
Fref Glenaw Male Human Tailor Fref is a good businessman who is eager to expand his own business, but will help with many business opportunities he is offered. He abides by the laws of society but if he can bypass them he has it within him to become a sadistic torturer who enjoys screaming. He is in his seventies, small in every dimension, with a bird-like face and swept-back white hair.
Gorb Male Half-Orc Politician Gorb is small as half-orcs go, but a talented politician. He is wary of threats to his position and those in his care. He was never a great warrior, but when he fights, he uses strategy and tactics over strength.
Harmin Dangehr Male Dwarf Captain of the guard Harmin is a fierce fighter and will send himself to the death to protect those in his care. He uses an enormous greataxe. However, he prefers to defend than to attack, and is in favour of walling people in to take care of them better. He is extremely untrusting, but extremely trustworthy.
Amiko Female Human Innkeeper Amiko is middle-aged and of medium build. She does not suffer fools, and is reasonably intelligent, but serves a damn good pint. If there's any trouble in her inn, it ends up on the street sooner rather than later, but she will fight for the right cause.
Amilee Nightfall Female Half-orc Guard Amilee is tall, even for a half-elf, with pitch-black hair. She fights for what she thinks is right, but is foolhardy and headstrong, and will fight for a lost cause to the death.
Bzor Male bugbear guard Bzor wants to eat the humans, but the humans give him money to hit other humans with clubs instead. Money can buy pigs, which are tasty. Bzor hit what bzor is told to hit. Bzor is good in the woods, and hates other goblinoids he cannot convince to join his own worldview.
Emblem Asexual Treant Druid Emblem sees himself as protector of the forest. It despises war and the instruments of war, preferring meditation and mediation. It will teach the PCs meditation if they will allow it to smash their weapons and armour, which will give them extra points of concentration.
Semaphora Underwood Female Halfling Baker's Apprentice Semaphora wants so badly to be a sexual deviant, but she has the worst luck with it. She's got a thing for beards, but that just nets her gay dwarves and bearded ladies. She will go to absurd lengths and always fail stupidly.
Herb Amakiir Male half-elf painter The son of the butcher, Herb loves to paint, and is very good at it. He gained the skill and passion from his father, but is often told to get back to work on something that will put food on the table, which, when you work as a butcher, is very literal. He paints wherever and whenever he can, out of his father's gaze.
Baldrick Fancyson Male Human Innkeeper Baldrick is a human who looks like a short, wide dwarf, down to the beard. He uses stilts when behind the bar. His big bar idea was to cater to the merchant wagons that pass through the city, and he has enormous, well-supplied stables to this effect. He thinks a lot of his bar and keeps it posh, making sure that there are places for mud and rain to be disposed of before entering the common room. Fantastic cook.
Georgina Female Human Tailor A heavyset woman of average height, Georgina has an optimistic disposition but tends to be precise and direct when speaking considering the use of extraneous words below her intellectually. She is known for two things, always having the latest clothing fashions and stretching constantly.
Brian Johnston Male Half-Elf Lawyer While Brian may have some unusual features such as a gap between his front teeth, slightly worn clothing and a hacking cough, he is a charming and cultured man with a tall thin frame. He wears a set of small spectacles and keeps his hair well greased. His choice of phrases clearly hide second meanings and innuendos and should always been listened to carefully.
Belinda Stoneworth Female Dwarf City Guard Working for the guard was not Belinda's first choice of career but her lack of physical fitness prevented her from joining the standing army. She still gets to carry a weapon and has a modicum of power so it will suffice. Loud and surly, she is often found having drunken arguments and fights at the tavern after hours. Despite this, she is a model guard.
Roderick Nestfellow Male Gnome Barber Roderick has been a barber for the last 40 years and loves his work with a fanatical zeal. His customers are very regular and are happy to come in for a good shave and a better conversation. Through the years, he has acquired quite a few great tales and rumors and is always more than happy to retell them all with great exaggerations and embellishment.
Roson Female Dragonborn Performer Everyone has their preferences and it seems a lot of people love to see a dragonborn dance. Roson dances in a tavern but never unclothed. She loves the attention of locals who find her kind so intriguing. She keeps an observant ear of those shes met and their stories which she then collects in her countless journals.
Eilidh Grace Dickinson Female Halfling Child Eilidh has grand dreams of adventure and dragon slaying much to the dismay of his parents. He runs the paths of his village with a stick for a sword slaying the beasts in his mind and chasing off his fellow children. He assaults any adventurer he sees with questions of their exploits before running off to include these new stories into his own.
Isabelle Webb Female Tiefling Blacksmith Despite the trappings of her lineage, Isabelle leads a good and quiet life as the blacksmith in a small town. Through her time there, the locals have come to like her even if they don't fully trust her. She has a muscular build and calloused hands from her years of hard work. Her muscles twitch regularly when she isn't working but she no longer notices these things.
Borgard Tortuga Male Human Sailor A salty sailor in his mid 40's usually suffering from unemployment and an abundance of stories. Personality: Loves cats, drinking, fighting, and whoring. You can usually find him in a tavern by the docks, he is 5' 9" of medium build with dark hair and eyes. When pressed he will tell you the location of a secret treasure.
Lumpy Untata Female Halfling Office Manager A young idealist who works on a chicken farm, Lumpy dreams of living in a big city. She has a love for reading, sewing, and finding someone to chat with at length. Lumpy is very attractive at 3' 8" with a nice build, green eyes, and sandy colored hair. She is in touch with all of the town gossip and is a great source of information once you get a few drinks in her.
Kane Firebrand Male Tiefling Thief Standing at 5' 6" with reddish skin and black eyes, Kane Firebrand is not someone to be messed with. Kane can usually be found in the seedier parts of town, committing acts of robbery, theft, and general burglary. Kane has a short temper but is quick to offer his services in exchange for cold hard gold. Beware, if you pry too deeply into his business, you might find yourself on the end of his dagger.
Welby Two-Beard Male Halfling Barkeep An idealistic and very gullible simpleton. Has a long beard separated into two braids whicn he might actually believe are two separate beards. Can very easily be convinced to do almost anything.
Orlisk Male Dwarf Hermit Salty, irritable, and unlucky, this dwarf was outcast from his clan over a moral dillema at a fairly young age. He has since turned to drink and is unlike to trust anyone. He has forsaken many dwarf traditions, has trimmed his beard, lives alone, and forgotten his family name.
Reardon Sengar Male Elf Squire Raised in nobility, Reardon has an overdeveloped ego and falls back on his family name in almost any circumstance. He has a strong sense of morality but an even stronger desire to have things go his way. He rolls his eyes often and is generally irritable and pompous.
The Storm Male Half-elf Sorcerer "The Storm" is unlikely to reveal his true name. He's young, but not quite young enough to justify wearing all black, being very angsty, and referring to himself in the third-person by a superhero-esque monicker. He makes every attempt to remain mysterious but often breaks the illusion by grumbling about his parents. He is a surprisingly skilled magic-user.
Brando Male Human Gang Leader Brando towers over most men and is built like a bear. In any conversation he is looking for an excuse to exert his physical dominance over whoever is talking at him. He is local-famous for his aggression and his wrestling skills. He runs a branch of whatever might be the D&D equivalent of the Hell's Angels.
Vin Vaced Female Human Beggar 5' 4", Brown Eyes(Blind), Brown Hair, Dirty but not unpleasant smelling. Vin tends to hang out around the local inn, shining shoes and collecting tossed coins. Vin was blinded as a child after being hit in the head with a horse's hoof. She is actually the offspring of a local lord, but won't reveal this fact unless pressed.
Sharpey Male Dwarf Smith Apprentice Sharpey is a 5ft tall, 50 year old dwarf with brown hair and blue eyes who has no clue about anything that isn't metal or fire. Sharpey is madly in love with the local bartender but has never approached them. He would be very inclined to do a favor for anyone who could point his crush in his direction. The Smith he is learning from is hiding a mimic in his home.
Orel Kao Male Half-Elf Bartender Orel Kao is recognizable for his piercings. He draws beautifully and has painted all of the walls in the tavern with murals. He tends to pace and is hot tempered in his dealings with others. If he has a flaw, it is that he has a phobia over being touched.
Veylin Brightwind Male Human Duelist A famed duelist from a small island nation, Veylin has taken to traveling the world. With a faint accent, one of his family's twin ancestral swords, and a spring in his step, he jaunts from city to city. Many fans of his are eager to throw parties in his name, an honor he doesn't seem to mind. However, his family back home, specifically his brother, the lord of the island, are none too happy that Veylin took one of the ancestral swords that are rightfully his, and left the line of succession to go off on what is (in their eyes) quite a silly occupation.
Pallen "Silvertongue" Male Halfling Gang Leader Those who see Pallen for the first time assume him to be a perfectly nice man. Why, he would never hurt a fly. However, those unlucky tavern owners and innkeepers who live in the same neighborhood as him know him as a ruthless man who will do anything for money and power, and half the inns and taverns owe him protection money. But most just see his friendly exterior, a happy face, an easy smile and the famous sharp tongue that gives him his nickname and pass him on by.
Stalwart ??? Warforged Butler Stalwart is the longtime manservant and butler of a high-ranking lord of a noble family. The one thing that separates him from most of his brethren is his remarkably sharp tongue and cynical and sarcastic sense of humor. No one knows quite how a member of this normally humorless race developed such a wit, but it is clear that his sense of humor is quite developed, often surpassing the wit of his employer. Many fellow nobles call on the employer just to hear what Stalwart mutters under his breath, and several family friends think of Stalwart in as high if not higher regards as they do the actual family.
Adaliah Female Spirit Caretaker She is an emissary of the deities, most often associated with those of the realms of life and death as she assists the souls of those traveling from the material world. She may often be seen by the bedside of those who die alone. Her other favorite spots are park benches watching children play or chatting with strangers. Her appearance and mannerisms vary with each account, but all agree on her grandmotherly qualities, doting or disapproving depending on alignment.
George, the Gregarious Male Human Cleric A towering, portly, middle-aged man with a red face, a beard to rival most dwarves, and sausage fingers. George prefers simple robes to armor as he is often seen with a barrel of ale on his back, a stein in his hand (that mysteriously never empties), and his two handed mace that functions more as a glorified walking stick. If the rumors are to be believed, several orc tribes, an arch-demon, a lich, 2 chromatic dragons, and a vampire coven all have on separate occasions halted their plans and entertained guests simply because George's name was mentioned.
Peabody the Strongman Male Half-Orc Personal Trainer "Even for adventurer like you staying in shape hard work. When you make up mind to get strong, Peabody will be there. Like ravenous displacer beast, Peabody will pounce to make you run faster. Peabody will surprise you in sleep for 50 night-pushups. Me work hard so you work hard!"
Krillee Male Kenku Orphan Krillee loves tarts and is known by all the village bakers to be a thief. His all black coloring made hiding in dark corners and alleys easy. Twice already he has tried to join up with a gang of thieves, but both times he failed to pass their test.
Helmaer Human. Male. Drunken asshole Racist Mercenary. A massive human, who finds his problems at the bottom of a glass, and solves them either with his fists or his warhammer. Hates elves, orcs, gnomes, and other "sub-humans" with a burning passion. A decent, unscrupulous underling-for-hire, but too ambitious to stay that way. He dreams of leading an army back to his fractured, human-run homeland from where he was exiled.
Fetch Goblin. Male. Abomination. Once a proud tribe leader, he has had his strength, his memories, and even his name stripped from him. A wizard wiped out his tribe, but needed a servant - he took the broken body of Fetch, and made him into a half-magic, half-goblin abomination. Is replenished and strengthened by being hit with any type of spell - that doesn't make it hurt any less, however. Has escaped his former master, and now lurks in dark forests, preying upon hapless travelers - in a very literal way.
Harold Von Talsken Male Wizard (High Level) Dwarf This wizard speaks with a very thick german accent to differentiate himself from his more scottish speaking poor people. He constantly complains about his greatest invention, made to sound as an actual physical magical artifact, being stolen by Llib Setag a human wizard, when pressed on this his invention it turns it out it was nothing but an idea, but it was stolen nonetheless because he can no longer remember what it was. Llib Setag had broken into his mind mansion and stole the idea before Talsken could construct the device. He wants it back.
Llib Setag Male Human Wizard A Wizard of fame throughout the land for is useful inventions bringing magic goods to many more people, currently just aristocracy he has plans of using the Von Talsken Device to allow common people the ability to use magic, he just needs to construct it, unfortunately due to stealing the wizard's idea, he has no idea how to go about it. It turns out that most of his inventions and discoveries are stolen and repackaged from others.
Macduff O'Grady Male Dwarf Fighter This rowdy mercenary is known for his band of troops known only as Strongmen Incorporated. A collection of the toughest meanest sons o' bitches west of the Greyscale Mountains. Macduff speaks in general strong guy talk, with Ho Ho's! Hyup Hyup! Growls and Grunts. While he doesn't seem all that intelligent his battlefield tactics and his companies drilling techniques make them a terror on the battlefield.
Ishmere Elehan Elf Female Bard A bard by trade, a pickpocket by night, an occasional turtledove. She can be found in the wealthier parts of town, usually sweet talking the guards to be allowed to "busk" in those districts. She has the dirt on all the noble houses, knows all the affairs (a party in many of them) and has a sizable tithe to the Thieves Guild.
Xume Dalagom Female Drow Cleric At a glance, you can tell she's grown up in spiritual community, by her short white mohawk haircut and modest-looking black robe. At young age, she was chosen by Milil, and exiled from Drow society because of that. She prefers physical solution to her problems over magical ones, since she's a drow. She usually hangs out with bards, minstrels and artists, at local theaters and libraries.
Grimey Folkhard Male Ghostwise Halfling Monk Back when Grimey was young, his father went travelling into world, telling him stories about a huge treasure he was going to find to make his family back in Shoun live a happy life. Now, with his trusty staff and cousin Jens by his side, he started to travel to the great city of Baldur's Gate, where the destiny awaits him. Along the way he met Aiwin, who became his mentor on the way to becoming a true monk.
Jens Folkhard Male Lightfoot Halfling Warlock Ashamed of not being able to keep up with traditions in their community of Ghostwise halflings, he contacted the Great Cthulhu and begged him for his powers. The Great Cthulhu gave him powers, in return for the rest of his life being his pawn in his great return. From time to time, he is asked to do seemingly ridiculous things that supposedly help in the summoning. Little does he know, the things he does today will have effects in the future - some in the closer future, some in further one.
Aiwin Galanodel Male Wood Elf Mentor Four dots in shape of a letter Y on his forehead, the short black hair and the charismatic voice. Many people recognize him as the mentor of monks, who left monastery long time ago to spread his word through the world. He cares about his students, and always seeks for more. His secret hope is that one day, he will start his own monastery with his new philosophic views of the world.
Mansel North Male Human Sailor When boarding the Red Sunset ship, you couldn't miss this tall pale human with athletic build and no hair on his head. He's got a tattoo of an anchor breaking through heart on his left arm just below the sleeve ever since his wife left him. Secretly, he believes that North Star is alive and that it's calling him. He is too quiet - he doesn't say anything unless asked to.
Arno Bearkiller Kalukolake Male Goliath Adventurer Muscular goliath that stomps with each step, yet can move swiftly. He proved his adulthood by slaying Skrämbeorn, the great bear that terrorized villagers. Ever since then he was mistakingly recognized by the nearby villagers of Oxeye as a hero. He once got seduced by a dryad and how has half-dryad half-goliath son G'rowt.
Riva Female Drow Paladin She grew up to become a paladin loyal to her kind. Long white hair and dark skin may be classic features of a drow, but what could throw you off is lack of fascination for spiders. She's cold, shy and catious, but also inquisitive about the faith of others, but can tolerate paladins and clerics of other faiths. She talks in sleep about her drow friends she hasn't seen in years and is fascinated by birds.
Maggi Swampbottom Female (Human...?) Vender A old, absurdly hairy woman, with grey hair covering her entire body, giving her a sense of mystery. Sells many magical items in her small indestructible wood hut, which can teleport to various locations (such as when PCs enter the town/city). Her wares are usually cursed in some way, and she is completely oblivious to such curses. Some are not cursed, but are usually sold at absurd prices.