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So, what do we find in this enchanted woods? LONG Let's make this a 10k Event: You've read the post, please respond with some fun and flavorful consumable items that might be encountered in a magical wilderness.
Merryweather Lark feathers Magic Feathers These feathers are alright royal blue color with white and gold stripes running the lengths along the spine. Those who encounter the molted feathers of the Merryweather Lark often keep them as a souvenir, putting them in hats and on strings and such. Those who burn the feathers and remain in the vicinity of its smoke are protected from inclement weather and high winds. The aura of magical smoke lasts for 12 hours.'
Chocolate Gold Coin Magic Coin This coin is appears as real as any other. It feels, smells, weighs, and tastes like real gold. However, as soon as someone bites into the coin, the wrapper gives way, and the coin is revealed to be made of horrendously chalky and bitter chocolate. Anyone who swallows the chocolate must make a DC 10 Constitution save. On a failure, all food and drink they eat for the next two weeks tastes like the bitter chalky chocolate.
Friendly Vine Sentient Vine A brush against your leg in the forest. Something tugging at your pack in the overgrowth. The friendly vine enjoys finding travelers to accompany. It may hitchhike with a group of wanderers by sneaking into their packs. Or it may pull a prank to introduce itself. The vine acts like a small, friendly creature and loves to help out. The the friendly vine can be commanded to act as a rope for any mundane (non-magical) purposes. After 1d4 days, the rope will become bored and seek out new travel companions. The vine is immune to any charm magic or anything that forces it to act against its own will.
Whisper Grass Magic Grass This tall grass is a bright pink. It can be used to send a message to another individual who possesses whisper grass. When used, the grass fades into another plane. The grass reappears on a roll of 19 or 20. Once picked, this grass holds its magical properties for 1d6 days. After that, the grass withers and turns black. If replanted, the ground around it burns and the grass dies. If smoked, the user makes a DC 15 Constitution check, and on a failure takes 2d10 Psychic damage. On a success, they feel a slight burn in their head, but then feel relaxed and calm.
Dewdrop Jewel Mystic Gem A gem in the shape of a dewdrop hangs from a gossamer string attached to a tree leaf. Those who study it and pass a DC 10 Wisdom check see it is made from a real dewdrop, frozen into a gem.
Fairy in a Jar Trapped Creature Someone has placed this helpless fairy in the most heinous of traps. Upon releasing this poor creature, they will thank their saviour by granting them one request. The fairy has very limited magical abilities, and cannot grant wishes. However, they are willing to do anything within their power. Upon completion of the request, the fairy will disappear, and attempt to get away with a small trinket from their benefactor. If caught, they will make up some excuse as to why they have or are taking it with them. If not released from the jar immediately, the fairy will become very annoyed, and upon release will simply steal something of value and disappear.
Foresight Fungus Magic mushroom This small white, flat-capped mushroom can be distinguished from its non-magical kin by the tiny iridescent blue spots on the underside of its cap. When you consume one of these mushrooms, you receive a brief vision of your near future. The vision doesn't give you specifics regarding things you could not know, but it does offer emotional clues as to whether the path on which you are currently traveling will bring you closer to your goals and whether there is danger ahead.
Giggleberries Magic fruit Found growing along the shores of peaceful lakes, giggleberries can induce a pleasant feeling of euphoria by those who consume them. Giggleberry bushes often grow in thorny brambles, producing copious amounts of golden to gold-red mottled berries twice a year, typically around the equinoxes. Pixies are particularly fond of them as these berries make an excellent addition to any merrymaking. It is best to be cautious, 1 in 10 giggleberry bunches plucked from a bush will be contaminated with noctwick mould.
Flower of Animal Friendship Magic Flower A white, trumpet-shaped flower with a very sweet smell known to calm nervousness. Grows only at the base of inhabited trees. A single bloom may be presented to a wild animal, as a symbol of peace and goodwill, in attempt to tame it for a short time.
Bitsy Berry Cake Mystery Dessert The tiniest piece of cake one has ever seen resting on a plate, complete with tiny silverware. A trap, set by a pixie? Or perhaps she simply forgot about it.
Prismatic Plume Rare Feather Large feathers occasionally shed by a very rare, invisible bird. Colors vary along the entire spectrum, and dipping one in water will color up to a 5x5ft. cube a rich hue matching the feather's color. Makes a very potent dye.
Empty Courage Magic Item A stoppered flask with nothing inside. Attached is a tag with the words "Try It." Inhaling the air from the bottle makes one decidedly braver. Advantage on all charisma checks for 10 minutes, followed by intense indigestion. The work of a tricky prankster sprite.
Catnap Clearing Minor Landmark A small glade filled with bunches of round, pillowlike flowers. Each gives off a slight aroma that if smelled up close, causes instant sleep for 1d4 hours on a failed CON save (DC 13) and drowsiness for 1d4 hours on a success. However, sleep victims wake up extremely refreshed and roll free hit dice equivelent to number of hours slept.
Pillow Blossom Comfy Flower A plant known to grow in Catnap Clearing. Its orblike blooms are full of petals, and roughly the size of a dinner plate. Makes a fantastic pillow, though withers quickly if harvested.
Fairy Floss Useful Plant Small flowers that eventually explode into giant balls of cottony fluff, which fairies then harvest and spin into thread for clothing. Come in all manner of bright and pastel colors. (May find a tiny drop spindle nearby as well.)
Enlarge/Reduce Mushroom Magic Fungus Innocuous white, buttonlike mushrooms that grow in bunches. If eaten, cause one to grow or shrink in identical manner to the Enlarge/Reduce spell, for 1 minute. Randomly determined, no matter the size of the mushroom.
Meddling Mucus Slime This stuff coats rocks that lay under the willow trees in the feywild. If it touches the bare skin, however, it gives the party member a stuffy nose and makes them irritable for 1d4 minutes. After the time expires, they left out a sneeze that clears out the mucus.
Spitseed Berry This reddish berry releases pheromones that attract animals to eat it. One bite and they realize that it tastes terrible, so they spit the remains out. This is how the berry gets replanted. It does cook really nicely in soup, though.
Merry Mae Flower This flower releases pheromones that gives any creature within 5 feet pleasant memories of whatever happens while inside the radius. Flower is has thin, lengthy, yellow under petals with blue and purple shorter, rounded, overlapping petals on top. Some have used this to try to pick up dates.
EDM (Edible Dance Moss) Magic Moss This moss pulses with colors across the entire spectrum and some unique to itself while emitting a lite pheromone in a 10ft. radius that makes creature what to dance to the rhythm of the pulsing lights if they fail a DC10 CON. saving throw. If eaten you must make a DC17 CON. saving throw or dance uncontrollably until you pass out from exhaustion.
Beautiful Pain Tree This large weeping willow blossoms in the spring with beautiful purple and blue flowers that lure creatures under its branches. Branches whose leaves and flowers petals are sharp as razor blades and while easy to dodge on a still day can become a deadly whirlwind if the breeze picks up. Small scavengers will usually take residence in the area as the tree can provide an easy meal if the branches swing across something vital.
gifts Small Fey Creature The Boggart is a fearsome little creature standing around the same height as it was when a brownie but with a bloated muscular physique. Boggarts cause mischief, mayhem, and misfortune to follow the offending party until it feels it has satisfied its grievances and turns back into a Brownie and moves to a new home. Boggarts have been known to bend or break tools around the home, leave its bodily waste on household furniture, shave residents of all body hair in their sleep, open animal pens, light crops on fire, or remove all the blueberries from a blueberry pie.
Barking Bark Magic Tree Bark This tree bark seems to affect trees at random and appear as slightly furry patches of bark on trees. While chewed you can speak with animals until you either spit it out or consume it all, at which point the magic fades away with no ill consequences except emitting the occasional bark for the next hour when trying to speak.
Cat's Eye Magic Grass If consumed, grants Darkvision 120ft. if you already have Darkvision you can see through magical darkness up to 60ft. Cat's Eye goes bad after one week from being picked and if consumed then you must pass a DC10 CON. saving throw or be blinded for 1d4 hours.
That One Plant Magic Plant A small bright blue shrub that grows on small grassy knolls. When consumed you forget the last 24 hours of your memory. (i.e. if you consume another one after already forgetting the last day then you forget the day before that as well. This continues for each one you consume.)
Sensor Root Magic Tree Root While this root is hard to find, it is easily identifiable by its green glowing veins. When rubbed against the forehead, this root allows you to sense vibrations generated near any tree within a 35 foot area. effectively you know where all moving things are within your immediate area. However this does not allow you to know what is moving around you, only that is something moving around you.
Rock Pet stone A normal looking stone. When touched it is bound. It will blink into pockets and bags, when not used it will start annoyingly blinking into shoes, sleeping bags or in front of your feet. It likes to swim and hates campfires.
The golden goose Ornate pet This golden feathered goose is often captured and traded. She lays eggs of emotions that infect everyone that eats of them. For example when you eat a one of huge sadness eggs you can't help but tear up over everything. Others have you high on joy when murdering your way through the feywild.
Beefsteak Tomatoes Magic Fruit The Beefsteak Tomato is an edible fruit that grows low to the ground in portions of the Feywild. One tomato is sufficient to provide food and water for a medium size creature for one day. The tomatoes rot 3 days after being picked.
Tree of plenty Structure/Consumable A twisting and curving apple tree with autumn leaves and abundant fruit on it. The fruit, disturbingly, appear normal but taste like cooked buffalo.
Lightbuttons Magic Mushroom They appear at first to be normal mushrooms, but upon closer inspection, you can see that apart from their size, they are otherwise identical. Touching the head one of these mushrooms causes all other mushrooms nearby to glow at the corresponding point. This property continues even when picked, and works over any distance.
Axehandle Hound Magical Pet This small dog has a long thin body, short stubby legs, and a head shaped in a way that looks almost as if it were the head of an axe. This creature only eats the handles of axes, but therwise this creature is just the same as a small dog.
Whipweed Plant Weapon A long sturdy grass that is remarkably thick, and grows in small dense patches. The plant grows to be about 5 feet long, and can be used as a whip, or as rope. Some rumors say that at night the plant will occasionally attack passers by.
Lantern Turnip Magical Plant A white hard tuberous vegetable. They naturally grow to be hollow, and various fey are known to carve faces into them. However, these vegetables hold a flammable gas in their hollow interior, and if they catch fire they explode in flames. All creatures in a 5 foot radius must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or take 1 fire damage when one of these plants explodes.
Wart Berry Bush Magical Plant A Small dark green bush that is covered very sparsely with lime green berries. These berries have a bumpy texture, and are very bitter flavor. When a creature eats on them gain 1 temporary hit-point, but must make a DC 10 Constitution save, or become poisoned for one hour. Some say that the berries can be used to make an unusual kind of candy.
Gold Web Grass Magical Plant A strange species of grass. The plant is mostly green, but has golden lines across its surface in the pattern of a spider’s web. Some people say that if you can gather enough of the grass you are able to spin it into golden thread.
Euphoric Bloodstone Toxic Seed The blood-stone is the hard seed of the Sangremaphora Vine. It resembles a stone but is made of a dark red, hard, wax-like substance with small black pit in the center. The stone is formed over the lifespan of the plant and the wax-like substance is created through the digestion of its victims blood. The Sangreamphora is a large bushlike plant with large leafy vines. The ends of the vines have a large pink bulbous flower with long protruding stamen. These stamen travel along the forest floor seeking out warm-blooded creatures. When the stamen finds a target, it latches on and begins to drain its blood. The stamen release a toxin that puts the target in a dreamlike state of mindless euphoria for several hours or days. If left uninterrupted for several days, the target may be completely drained of blood, or awaken in a weekend state several days later. When the flower has sufficiently consumed enough blood it dies, exploding with a loud pop and leaving behind the wax-like bloodstone that houses the seed. Animals (and people) are attracted by the smell of the wax which contains the same euphoric toxin used by the vine, acting as a drug. Animals lick or eat the wax, often eating the bloodstone seed at the center. After eating the seed, they usually fall ill and die, and a new Sangremamphora sprouts from the corpse several days later. The Bloodstone is prized as a powerful addictive narcotic, and often sought out by neighboring communities for either drug-use, religious ceremonies, or rights-of-passage. It is particularly dangerous however because, while in the euphoric state, users often accidentally ingest the bloodstone seed.
Battlebriar Suit Clothing Bits of Battlebriar's hide have been intricately sewn together to create homemade camouflage. Since it's been fashioned from natural hide, the vines and thorns make the suit uncomfortable to carry around. However, the hide's density does provide some padding to the wearer, granting a 13 armor class rating.
So, what are we drinking tonight? THIRSTY Fermented drinks are so much more than something to sip or to chug to unwind at the end of a busy adventuring day. Each tells a story of the brewer, vintner, or distiller who carefully crafted it. In a fantasy setting, some of these may come with magical effects, akin to a potion, but others are simply magical to experience. So, let's write some ales, wines, and other spirits! The loot doesn't necessarily have to magical, but it should be interesting enough to appeal to some PCs—anything a PC might want to purchase for a long journey or pay a little extra to enjoy on premises at a pub. These should be mostly mechanics free.
Gnollblood Mead Nonmagical mead While the inventor of this recipe is said to have been human, anyone is welcome to make it- if they can survive the trial of getting the ingredients. True to its name, after the mead is sweetened with honey and boiled with a blend of spices, the maker stirs in just enough gnoll's blood to give the brew a salty, rusty undertone. This conveys no magical benefit, but it's still quite popular among the wealthy citizens of the local cities (the types who have never even seen a gnoll, let alone slayed one). Brewers within the city limits will pay handsomely for fresh gnoll carcasses to keep their blood supply in check.
Bragget Goblin "wine" Made from fermented, often rotting cave mushrooms, bragget is the favored drink of any goblin who wants to quickly lose their inhibition. There's no real recipe to follow- simply throw a handful of fresh mushrooms into a vat of water, forget it for several months, rediscover the vat after a crew of adventurers break into your cave system, and drink it. Effects range from a gleeful, giddy state of inebriation to death from dysentery (or both).
Cobbler's Cream Rotgut, Swill Gnomes who dwell along the forest's edge often send their young to forage for meals in dense, semi-cultivated plots filled with berries, brambles, succulent flowers and herbs of all varieties. Having not yet developed a callous thick enough to endure the thorns, prickles and stings, many young Gnomes often wear carved wooden shoes and heavy leather gaiters to protect themselves. When a young Gnome reaches maturity, however, they are expected to retire their shoes back to the cobbler, where the toes are stuffed full of harvested berries, leaves, mushrooms and whatever else comes to hand. The shoes are then hung from the rafters over a large vat, where steam, time, and the natural yeasts in the porous wood allow droplets of alcoholic liquid to seep through the shoe, and fall into the roiling mixture below. Mixed with rainwater, and served in (usually) cleaned wooden shoes, the resulting beverage is incredibly potent, with a flavor profile that ranges from incredibly profane to lavender, with notes of sweet sap. Gnomes who consume it often do so in celebratory contexts, and in small quantities. Most others experience temporary blindness and an intense hatred for Gnomes.
Blood Clot Dwarven Sludge This bizarre concoction is a favorite among Dwarves looking to make a dare. Thick and red, it contains a congealed glob of fermented goat milk about the size of a golf ball. An acquired taste, it is reminiscent of fortified wine with a strong hint of copper.
Demon's Piss Dragonfruit Wine Demon's Piss is created using fermented dragonfruit and a secret recipe of herbs and spices that varies from town to town. The general flavor is of dragonfruit but often has a backend of licorice, nutmeg, and/or lemon. It is loved more for its flavor than strength, it is only 12 proof.
Axegrinder Ale Dwarvish ale In the right light, this ale takes on a blood red hue. It gives off a strong scent like a floral meadow covered in dew and tastes slightly sour on the way down with a sweaty finish. Dwarves who consume it often become mildly belligerent and take offense the smallest slights. Most others who consume it experience a noticeable uptick in their spirits (except trolls, they just get angry).
Bitterbeard Ale Dwarvish ale This translucent gold ale is topped with a clean white foam and tastes a little pungent and bitter with hints of citrus. Dwarves who consume it tend to brood over hated foes, especially "the one that got away." Non-dwarves who consume it typically experience a pleasant evening followed by a poor night's sleep.
Rockbiter Porter Dwarvish stout This dark muddy brown brew is nearly opaque. Its nose is reminiscent of a rich autumn feast and its flavor has notes of creamy roasted toffee and just a hint of mustiness. Dwarves who consume it are often overcome with great confidence in their own physical strength. Non-dwarves who consume it have trouble finishing even a single pint because it makes the stomach feel so full.
Nightsky Strongwine Elvish wine This deep purple wine is sweet and smooth, and often served after dinner at elvish feasts. In its preparation, the grapes are crushed under an open sky on a clear moonless night to achieve the greatest effects. Elves who consume it are often filled with nostalgia, but other drinkers become very sleepy.
Meadowlark Human wheat beer In a world full of 750,000-proof Elven cordials and Dwarven stouts so thick you'd think they were bottled mud, sometimes you just need a good beer. Mild, refreshing, and flavorful, Meadowlark is a beer by humans, for humans, which means that just about every halfling from here to the Drypeak Mountains is drinking it. The noble think it crude, the elves think it unimaginative, the dwarves find it cowardly, but the farmers who drop themselves down at a tavern table at the end of the day wouldn't have anything else.
Frostbomb Pale ale The life's work of a dragonborn brewmaster. Frostbomb is somewhat disconcerting, for a couple of reasons. One, it's blue. For those who prefer not to consume things that are the color of their cousin Clyde that one time he tried to swallow a carrot whole, that might be a bit of a turn-off. Two, it is absolutely frigid. The steel bottles that it's shipped in are often coated in a thick rime of frost that must be hacked off before serving, and the cold magic in the brew must be allowed to sit for at least four minutes before it's warm enough to not be painful going down. All that being said, there isn't a traveler alive who doesn't hope to stumble upon a bottle under the counter in a desert bar.
Steve's Mead Mead This bottle of mead might have had a label, once, but it appears to have been torn off. In its place, painted directly on the bottle, are the words "STEVE'S MEAD" in blocky, crude letters. Clearly, Steve is not around to claim his mead, but in his absence the cork appears to be permanently and irrevocably stuck in the mouth of the bottle.
Self-important Prick Brown ale The ale inside this bottle isn't terribly unusual, aside from being harsh and bitter. The true draw is the printing on the bottle, which reads "Self-Important Prick" in white letters. Under the lettering is a rendition of a face--a rendition that changes to reflect whoever the drinker dislikes the most at that particular time. There are allegations that drinking the ale results in heightened animosity toward the depicted person, but it might just be a result of reminding them that that person exists in the first place.
Fermented Femininity Semi-magical Wine A bright pink, cool wine that tastes like a perfect, ripe, sugared grape. That is, it tastes like that if you're a woman. For men who drink though, it not only tastes like roadkill, but goes down like tar. Rumor is that the grapes used for the wine come from a vineyard that was cursed by a spiteful nature spirit (or goddess, depending on how dramatic the storyteller is) when she found out that the man she pined for was gay. She cursed the man and his lands so that anything he grew would only be able to please women.
Sugar Rush Rum Magical Rum The Halflings are often unfairly compared to children, but when it comes to their choice of drink, the comparison isn't totally wrong. Sugar Rush Rum is one of the better examples of that. It's a golden drink that somehow produces sky blue foam and tastes more like candy than alcohol. In fact, it's common practice in some areas to put sprinkles in the brew. There are reasons to drink the stuff other than a sweet tooth though. The rum isn't called Sugar Rush for nothing, as it triggers a mystic rush of energy after drinking it, making the imbiber faster and increasing their reflexes, but making it much harder to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. More than one foolish leader has tried to increase his army's fighting ability with the drink, and instead ended up with half of his troops simply wandering away before a fight could even begin.
King's Seal Nonmagical Drink Named so due to the molten wax used to make it, mixed with wine, cloves and other flavour-enhancing components, this is favoured as a cool, refreshing beverage for lesser Fire Elementals when it gets so hot even they feel the need to cool off a bit, and very popular with fire Genasi and tieflings, who like to show off how much heat they can handle, the constipation and horrible hangovers be damned.
Really, Really, Really Black Rum Barely-Magical alchohol A scam beverage used by barkeeps in the seedy parts of major cosmopolitan cities, it is advertised as everything from the blood of demons, to the brew of shadowfell denizens, etc. In reality its just refined 170 proof liquor and capsaicin extract for burn, presdigitated by the barkeep to look black as the night sky. "Sure, it's pricey, but if you can handle it, you can add your name to the wall of fame!!!"
Boulderhead Bock Magical lager Malty lager with thick and creamy froth. Resistance to bludgeoning, cannot be critically hit. Duration: 1 hour.
Whore's Breakfast Magical mixer Shot of pungent clear liquid dropped in any mug of ale. Counteracts one level of exhaustion.
Bramble-Sick Brandy A mistake Made from thornfruit, drank mostly by Bugbears. Advantage on tracking with smell and hearing for three hours, then Disadvantage for one hour due to sickness.
Rusty Cutlass Hallucinogenic drink Made with poisonous frogs and honey. The honey counteracts the poison, but leaves the light hallucinogenic nature. The frog is often left in the bottom to be eaten as the finishing blast of effect. Advantage against poison, automatic fail against illusions. Duration: 3 hours.
The Drunken Tosser Dwarven engineering When drunk, all attacks do an additional 1d6 damage in drunken fervor until hit. On hit, forced use of reaction to projectile vomit at creature who hit you. Vomit does additional 1d10 acid damage. Auto hit if in melee range, range is twenty feet, +2 to hit vs. AC. A miss leaves the five foot square covered in acid that effects any who enter. Lasts d20/2 rounds.
Hand Glob Magical spirit This spirit was inspired by a mage renowned for his Hand spells, and is magically fermented to create a special magical effect. While it looks and acts like normal liquor, if you pour some out onto your hand, it won't actually touch your hand but will become a glob that floats above your hand. You can toss it back and forth between your hands, and even hand or toss the glob to another person, which as you can imagine leads to all sorts of bar games and hijinks.
Fire Eye Brew Spirit Brewed by gnomes using various fungi, this spirit gives the imbiber eyes that glow orange. A couple minutes after drinking a shot, the imbibers eyes start glowing, and the imbiber gains Darkvision for 10 minutes or so. But, while it helps those normally without darkvision navigate the Underdark, the glow stands out as a bright beacon to it's denizens.
Golden Touch Nonmagical Cider An almost jet black liquid, this alcohol looks and smells terrible. Made from a strange variety of black berries which grow at the bottom of swamps and bogs, many compare the smell and look to those of something long dead. When imbibed by an undead it tastes very sweet and seems to build till a refreshing aftertaste after a few moments. This has made it a heavy favorite for vampires and the like. Living creatures who taste it describe it as oddly sour but still delicious. Sailors often create this wonderful cider by taking leftover bits of fruit, such as cores and peels, and shoving them into the husk of a peltur fruit to be left out in the sun for several days. Once all the bits and pieces are removed, all that is left is a shiny yellow liquid that has a variety of fruity tastes. One benefit of this drink, other than the inebriation, is that it helps sailor’s combat scurvy. Some starving sailors have compared the taste to the kiss of a lover and common folklore claims that it can help revitalize a man on an empty stomach.
Mudwiser Orcish ale Brewed in large batches with low quality control standards, other races denounce this popular brand as swill. A perennial favorite in the worst dives and at the gladiator pits with a taste reminiscent of the mudbogs where it was first created. Orcs love it. Drinking boisterously in large quantities, they attribute all their best decisions to its influence.
Thadwick Snidwak’s Golden Libation Magical mead This sweet, slightly metallic drink goes down smooth and tastes like a million gold. The proprietary recipe is a closely guarded secret of the mad wizard. Rumor has it the drink contains actual gold and will bring great riches to any who partake. But Snidwak was a vindictive bugger who specially brewed this drink to wreak his revenge on the party guests who snubbed him. Most of them still wander his Tower of Sullitude, the now-cool gold shining brightly in the holes burned through their flesh by the molten metal.
Tekillya Hard liquor Popular among the lizardfolk, this heavy-hitting spirit probably won’t actually kill you. Brewed from fermented cactus and rumbleweed, the secret ingredient is the venom of the tiny Krillworm. Careful, those will kill ya. In traditional lizardfolk taverns, the drink is still served with a random number of live krillworms in the mug.
Smoking Dreamkiller Mixed drink Not for the fainthearted. This drink packs a wallop. The various ingredients remain separated in layers. The first is harsh and bitter, enticing the drinker to stare into a half-empty mug pondering what might have been. When the second layer is exposed to the atmosphere, it reacts with the air to create the signature smoky mist in the cup, which drinkers swear shows them visions of a heroic destiny about to unfold. The third layer fortifies a man’s spirit to “stand up and do something with your life!” The fourth and final layer goes down in a manly rush, usually accompanied by a belch and slamming the empty mug, still smoking, onto the bar and leaping into action to grab life by the throat. The sudden movement triggers the layers to mix in the drinker’s stomach, almost universally resulting in immediate unconsciousness and a deep, dreamless sleep. The drinker awakes 2d10 hours later, well-rested, forgetting the troubles of the previous night and ready to tackle the humdrum life of feudal servitude.
Ogre Punch Thick, sludgy, ale? No one is really sure what this stuff is, but it's brewed by Ogres, and can sometimes be found on them while looting their corpses. It's has a consistency of syrup, and smells like an Ass's back end, but is one of the strongest brews you will ever find. It's strong enough for Ogre's, which means it's way too strong for anyone else. Just a sip of this stuff is enough to knock even a dwarf on her read end. Although supposedly it is favored by Dragons, due to it's potency.
Tears of Regret Cursed Magical Ale The ale is highly sought by unscrupulous bar owners, who then secretly replace a competitors ale with it. It makes the imbiber sad and regretful, as they wallow in the memories of lost loves, family, friends, and opportunities. Even more so than they usually regret those things. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous bar owner makes sure his joint is jumping and happy, with everyone having a good time, and making sure that the patrons at the now sad, depressing bar hear where the fun is happening.
Blauzeeg Brew Human ale The in-house beer of the Blauzeeg Inn and Tavern, this brew can most readily be obtained on draft in the village of Gelbfar, where it is made. Occasional casks and kegs are sold to barge crews or caravans as an export good of sorts, though the brewing operation is small as such things go. Your basic inoffensive brown ale with a slightly nutty finish.
Vackulderbeck cheap gin With a not unearned reputation for turpentine-like flavor, Vackulderbeck is popular largely with alcoholics too far gone to have functioning tastebuds.
Deep Grog Blackest Tot The darkest of naval rum taken from sunken sips mixed with saltwater taken from the pelagic depths of the Elemental Plane of Water. Black and cold, with a syrupy mouth feel. Tastes of brine and molasses with a distinct bitterness. Reserved for first time travelers to The City of Glass, and served as a shot with a still beating fish heart. Also disparagingly known as Aboleth's Piss.
Hyperborean Cider Bottled Sunshine Fermented with juice made from apples collected from the Celestial Plane. Gloriously, radiantly golden, no head, ever, and never sours. Sweet and warm, with hints of clove, cinnamon, and sunrises. You can still get a hangover, don’t believe that myth, and there are few things in the multiverse worse than being hungover on the Celestial Plane. Everyone is singing and everything IS SO VERY BRIGHT.
Old Polder Genever Gin Spirit's Spirits The recipe for this liquor was pulled from the ruins of the necropolis of Polder. Clear or just faintly brown, sweet with juniper and malt. More like a whiskey than a gin. Purportedly aged in oak barrels with a single golden coin taken from the dead city, luck be damned. Said to be able to distract hungry dead by offering shots. Popular gift on Spirt's Eve.
Airak Djinn and Juice Distilled on the Elemental Plane of Air by the Djinn in a process that uses no machinery, but by captive air elementals controlling the temperatures and pressures while the liquid free floats in the air. Clear when poured but will louche when exposed to normal air pressure. Tastes of licorice, anise, and a warm breeze with a slight bitter aftertaste. Makes you lightheaded, maybe literally. Best mixed.
Neverwinter Nightmare Non-magical spirit This cheap alcohol is made from fermented chestnuts, which grow plenty in and around Neverwinter. A particularly strong variety is made by a gang of Neverwinter urchins, who hawk their ware on the streets. Some of the more, ah, entrepreneurial urchins will pick your pocket while you try and haggle for a lower price. It's called a nightmare because there are multiple species of chestnuts, and one of those is not suitable for fermentation. If used anyhow, the resulting spirit will give the drinker a troubled and fitful sleep with vivid nightmares.
Elven Feather Wine Light Elven wine This light elven wine is said to be made by straining liquid from gooseberries through a special filter made of eagle's feathers and then fermented in casks hanging from tree branches. Popular with elves because of it's light airiness, it will actually give any who drink a slight increase to their dexterity and movement speed for approximately an hour.
Jester Juice Mixed Drink Sold Exclusively at The Jester's Johnson tavern, this golden beverage smells indistinguishable from a Meadowlark human draft beer. Unfortunately, it tastes like straight unicorn piss. Often purchased as a practical joke on stag nights and 18th birthdays. Has an interesting side-effect that drastically increases labido.
Liar's Brew Mixed Drink An exclusive brew at The Liar's Den tavern, This mysterious, lavender drink is advertised to contain numerous special ingredients, though it tastes suspiciously like Gin and Juice. The effects hit hard and fast. They call it the Liar's Brew because those under its effects tend to spill more secrets than they mean to.
Gray Sludge Magical Alcoholic "Drink" Gray Sludge is an orcish drink that smells, looks, and tastes foul. No sane man would drink this for pleasure. Shamans make it by fermenting a mixture of miscellaneous organic material, then enchanting it. It is surprisingly filling, if you can force it down. In addition to intoxication, it increases the endurance and strength of the drinker.
Kevinsbane Magical strong spirit This drink is mostly clear, with a slight bluish tint. It is distilled by a legendarily incompetent wizard, and ensures the drinker will have a very... interesting night. It makes one recklessly confident and greatly impairs judgement, even more than normal alcohol. However, it also gives courage, and ensures that everything you do will either succeed amazingly or fail horribly.
Pissin' Goblin Ale, Swill A popular yet terrible ale enjoyed for the simple fact it gets you drunk. With a cloudy blonde colour and taste reminiscent of grass, pine and pepper. Those who drink large quantities are said to develop incontinence and bouts of kleptomania, though that might just be the alcohol.
Go Juice Spirit A spirit much like vodka brewed from potatoes and a mysterious chile pepper grown in the depths of an insane asylum . The drink is known for its use as a way to pump and excite before a battle, with many drinkers reportedly being run through with a sword and still fight till their buzz wears off. It is also known for the heat and spicy of its flavour. The drink comes in many irregular bottles and containers, but they always have "GO JUICE" written in an almost illegible scrawl.
Aethernol Magic Spirit Refined from a combination of ectoplasm and gelatinous cube remains, this extremely potent liquor has optical properties identical to air. Since pouring a glass of it without spilling is functionally impossible, Aethernol can only be purchased by the bottle. It conveys a limited ability to see into the future, by exactly as much as the intoxication affects your reaction time.
Winter's Tooth Magical Shot A light, minty blue shot that stings going down. Instead of a burning sensation, the drinker's throat feels frozen and icy. Great for hot days. Most individuals find their tongue and throat numb for ten to twenty minutes immediately afterward.
Bawler's Brew Magical Lager Most of those who order this drink do so by accident. Most mishear the name and believe it will make them more tenacious in battle and savage in the ring. However, they find that the watery drink they are handed will have them filled with heartache and breaking down into tears halfway through their fight.
The Baconater Magical Ale Order by large groups of friends or acquaintances, those drinking the Baconater have drunken arguments about who knows people who have met the famous hero "Kevinior Baconicus" and how many people they know "who know a guy" that have fought alongside him.
Ko-brandy Kobold Spirit Mostly water. Found in every kobold encampment, this drink is "brewed" in a boiling pot filled with twigs and leaves. A few drops of potent poison from the Catstalk Viper are added and left sit for at least a year to break it down into an "alcohol-like" substance. It is rarely drunk except by the leaders of kobold camps on special holidays and political meetings. An "unripe" batch has a high chance of killing any non-kobold who imbibes it, and does not get them drunk in any way. A kobold who drinks of the Ko-Brandy is much more persuasive, and in rare cases aggressive.
Ginger Ale Nonmagical(?) Ale Just a normal ginger beer. You've always had red hair, right?
Bitterthorn Dry Absinthe This dark green spirit is distilled from the needles of the bitterthorn pine, which are chewed as a stimulant in the far North. Once distilled into a spirit, it has a sharp, acidic taste with notes of evergreen, and has plenty of kick for a cold winter night.
Bezoar Red Magical Wine This fantastically expensive wine is fermented with a bezoar in every single bottle. This makes it a reliable anti-toxin as well as giving the drink a rich, earthy taste, making it popular with paranoid nobles and cautious rulers. Mechanics wise, it functions as an anti-toxin vial from the Adventuring Gear, as once imbibed, it gives Advantage on saving throws against poison for one hour. A nice treasure for your players- lots of gold if sold to a noble, or a useful resource if needed.
Sanninion (lit. "Diamondfire") Grey Elven Liquor A sharp, clear liquor distilled from hardy, fermented roots found around grey elven citadels. Finer distilleries are known to remove almost all of the burn from the liquor, allowing it to go down like water, while lesser distilleries produce a product with an acrid taste sure to make the drinker cough and sputter.
Cavruniel (lit. Thornwine) Grey Elven Liquor While most elven cultures are renowned for their wine production, the elves of the north have neither the tools nor resources necessary to construct functioning, profitable vineyards. The closest they offer to wine is Cavruniel, a strong, transparent liquor that offers a blossoming juniper taste upon the palette, said to be quite pleasant to those who have grown accustomed to it.
Grog Spawn Absolutely Vile A drink made by Bullywugs. Looks like mud, smells like mud, tastes like... Well, mud, with a hint of grain alcohol. But don't you dare refuse the Bullywug monarchs offer of a taste of their own personal-brewed Grog Spawn.
Old Nothic Knuckle Old Ale Fortified With Nothic Fingers This old ale came into existence on a bit of a dare, and is usually consumed on one as well. A crew of travelling sellswords brought the body of a Nothic into a tavern after a typical day of looting a wizard's crumbling tower. One of them chopped the Nothic's hand up into several even parts and dared his friends to drink their ales after he had dropped the bloody fingers in each mug. There was enough necrotic energy left in the monster's blood to give them all a terrifying hallucinatory experience that has become legend. These days the ale is typically fortified and rarely has a simple scrap of a Nothic in it as Nothic blood is widely assumed to be too dangerous for consumption. Old Nothic Knuckle is stored and displayed in clear glass to show off the fingers inside, and is usually imbibed as shots taken on a dare. They say the only way to tell you've had a true Old Nothic Knuckle is when you start screaming at nothing. 11% ABV
Doppelganger Dopplebock Lager This strong beer looks, smells and tastes like a more popular and well known lager. A jealous brewer from Waterdeep couldn't fathom his beer being outsold by a new and talented young brewer in town, so he hired a Tiefling thief to steal the recipe. Unfortunately, the thief got away with a much earlier version of this now perfected and much-loved recipe. There's something a little off when observing the dark brown and red-highlighted color of this brew, but there's a little something off of the price too. 9% ABV
Dragon's Horde Alchemical Lambic A lustrous, golden body beneath a luxurious white foam are enough to draw most in for this adventurous beer. What's more, through clever alchemy, the carbonation that rises from the bottom of the glass twinkles in brilliant reds, greens, and blues as the flavor shifts from berries to stone fruit to apples and back again.
Hob-Nobber Hobgoblin Spirit Distilled within a natural basin within the cold stone of Weatherwill cave, this murky spirit is a classic among young hobgoblins. Slightly chartreuse, it tastes faintly of lemons and ice until it reaches the belly. POW! A sucker-punch right in the abdomen. Combined with the sweet aftertaste, it's a perfect blend of pain and pleasure.
What prizes do these bilge rats carry? The tattered map leads you across the barren island to a lone palm, where a bit of flotsam nearly obscures a weatherbeaten chest... Last time, we found ourselves exploring some seedy undersides, which got me thinking about pirates, ships, and nautical ephemera. Today, let's write about things you might pillage from a galleon, or uncover while looting a sea baron's stronghold. Spoils await! The loot doesn't necessarily have to magical, but it should be interesting enough to appeal to some PCs—anything a PC might want to pick it up carry or purchase as an accessory to their equipment or wardrobe. These should be mostly mechanics free. I'll post a few examples.
Tiny Crystal Ship in a Bottle Misc (or is it?) A tiny sailing ship made of fine crystal inside a bottle with no clear way it got in there. It shimmers in the sunlight and radiates mysterious magic.
Roguish Tricorn Hat Mundane Hat What idiot stores nothing but a hat in a locked treasure chest?
Captains Plaque Decoration A well made paperweight cast from brass. It has a tiny illusion spell that suspends an image of the ship it was found on above it.
Exquisite China Tea Set Misc A delicate china tea set painted in motifs of far away lands. It's well wrapped in padded cloth and comes with its own matching box.
Ship's Cat Animal An unlikely survivor of the wreck.
Ship's Cat Boat A small ship's catboat washed up alongside the chest. The sail is in tatters, but the hull looks serviceable.
Ship's Cat Weapon A damaged catapult washed up on shore. It looks repairable.
Ship's Cat Misc The ships figurehead, washed up on shore. It's finely carved in the shape of a roaring lion head and would make an excellent decoration somewhere.
Ship's Cat NPC You find a very bedraggled Rakshasa lying on the beach. He was first mate on the sunken ship and knows valuable information about its cargo.
Ship's Cat Book A magical tome, geared toward Land Lubbers, which can identify the category, characteristics, and name of any ship within range.
Ship Cat's Magical shipping vendor If you need a cat shipped anywhere, you should see Vugmor in the market. He'll make sure that your cat gets where it's going. Probably in one piece. Most of the time.
Ship's Cat Companion Large tiger that was born at sea. Refuses to set foot on land. If you gain his trust he's loyal to the end.
Ship Cats Mundane book A journal one captain apparently wrote about fictionalized romances of the ship's cat and what he imagined the cat got up to on shore leave.
Catship Condiment A tomato-based sauce to put on food. Necessary for any maritime travel, to tolerate the cook's food.
Ship's Cat Tool A ship's lightly enchanted wildcat winch. This device is very useful for hauling chain or working block and tackle.
Ship Scat Jetsam It's just a bit of junk tossed overboard at some point during a voyage. This particular piece may have come from the ship's head.
Ship's Cats Hip Bones A perfectly cleaned, starch white cat pelvis left behind after the ship was lost in a doldrums. The crew was forced to eat the cat, but kept this pelvic girdle as a reminder of her sacrifice.
Stirgemeat's Sextant Magical Navigational Tool At first sight, it's unclear what the sextant is meant to be. Crafted from tarnished brass, badly tanned leather, crudely shaped driftwood and milky glass, it's a tool only a seasoned mariner could appreciate, much less love. And yet, over the years various sailors have added their own touches - a bundle of pigeon feathers tied with sinew to a thumbscrew, a rough etching of a stylized Kraken, an extra mirror. Its last owner (a burly gnomish privateer, the eponymous Stirgemeat) claimed to have enchanted it with the power to sight in on the Maiden's star even during the brightest day or stormiest night.
Mr. Mizzen's Mate's Candle Minor Magical Item Sold as part of the otherwise wildly successful 'Mr. Mizzen!' line of sailor's tools, the Mate's Candle was designed to serve as a replacement timepiece and light source for sailors that served the night's watch. If lit at dusk, the thin candles would burn until the next dawn, changing colors at the top of every hour as they did so. Unfortunately, the engineers at Mr. Mizzen didn't take the typical sailor's superstitious nature into account, and the candles failed to sell well, especially after stories of 'demon ships' bathed in red, orange and green lights began to circulate. A second batch of Mate's Candle was sold, marketed with 'sailor friendly' shades of white, yellow and gold, but the damage had been done. Still, many of the candles have been repurposed by cults looking for mood lighting, watchmen in coastal cities, and thrifty students.
Drowned Shot Ammunition The Slipscrew Rigs off the southern coast have been rumored to be the haunt of (in no particular order) Mergnomes, Mechoctopi, Mutamphibians, and/or Metanthopods, depending on what port you're hailing from, and how gullible you look. Regardless, most agree that the rigs' deep shale oil - shipped all along the coast in tight, cotton-wrapped bamboo casks to whoever can afford it - is some of the best on the market. Less well known is a byproduct of the drilling, flammable, dense stone known by mariners as Drowned Chull. When dried, it can be chipped, carved and shaped into pellets suitable for small cannon or flintlock longarms. While less durable than iron or lead shot, drowned shot has the advantage of being innately flammable, and has been used (with mixed effectiveness) to set sails, unwashed hair and powder stores alight.
Mr. Mizzen's Meticulous Mainsail Minor Magical Item Cut and sewn from blessed canvas, this sail repels water, dust, grime and dirt for up to (a guaranteed!) two years before the blessing fades, and the cloth becomes mundane (if perfectly serviceable). Often sold as part of a package, each sail is shipped in one of five set sizes, but can be custom altered for a nominal fee.
Orkish Cutlass Mundane weapon A thin, jagged sword favored by the orc reavers who terrorize the fishermen and traders of the northern coasts. Most orkish cutlasses don't last long, as the jagged edges and constant exposure to sea-spray cause the steel to rust. As such, many orc reavers carry two or three on raids.
Lucky Coin of Captain Cray Possibly wondrous item The legendary pirate Captain Cray was known for flipping a large gold coin to decide the fate of his captives. One side of the coin is shiny and reflective and the other dark and tarnished and black. If the shiny side came up, you got a piece of steel across your throat. If the dark side came up, you got some stones tied to your feet and were given to the sea. Rumors tell that the coin aided Captain Cray with his uncanny nose for finding fantastic treasure hoards, but no one is certain how that worked...
The Captain's 'Special' Rum Cocktail Booze A loose paper label on the glass flask marks this as the "Captain's 'Special' Rum Cocktail'. It smells and tastes like a mix of Rum, ginger and honey. Exactly what makes it special, is not clear.
Wooden Puzzle Box Storage/Magical Item This small box is the size of two fists, and covered with numerous tiny drawers. Only two of the drawers will open, but by manipulating those two drawers and sliding other cleverly hidden sections of wood, eventually you may figure out how to open all the drawers. But it may take some time. Each drawer holds it's own tiny treasure (rings, tiny notes, a gem, a living butterfly etc). The box cannot be damaged or forced in any way.
Ivory Mermaids Trinket A selection of ivory mermaids, crudely carved. Well, except for certain 'features' which have been carved with lavish detail.
Pirate Head Clay Pipe Utensil A very fine clay pipe, the bowl formed into the shape of a bearded man with a scarred face. The face is so detailed, you can even make out the arrow shaped earring - the mark of a well-known pirate gang.
Drowned Maiden Scrimshaw Trinket This large whale's tooth is finely carved, appearing to depict a young woman drowning at sea. Beneath is the name 'Celia' and a few badly worn sentences that might explain her fate, but the words are very hard to read.
Wooden Mug Utensil This is an ordinary wooden mug. Except for the hidden compartment at the bottom, which can be triggered by pressing part of the handle while squeezing the sides. Why would they put a hidden compartment inside the cup?
The Watchman's Friend Jewellery The metal torc looks rather severe, with several upward-facing spikes. It would be very difficult to nod off when wearing such a serious piece of jewellery.
Miskin's Stash ? A tube of bamboo has been carefully sealed at both ends with wax. Scratched into the side are the words 'Miskin's Stash'. (The tube contains a pair of clean, dry socks and underwear).
Wooden Lion Mask Trinket This fierce looking tribal mask appears to be an exotic depiction of a lion with oversized teeth.
Jade Turtle Trinket This deep green jade has been carved into the shape of a leatherback turtle. The carving is good quality so it might have value.
Pearl Marbles Trinket A bag of milky white marbles with long swirls of pale pinks, reds, blues, greens, and purples decorating them. Though not made from real pearls, they reflect light in a vaguely enchanting manner. On the seas, sailors would trade marbles and similar trinkets as a form of currency, getting favors from one another or what not. Some captains even paid their mean in marbles and bead, though this often did not go over well once on land.
Jelly Roger's Marmelade Food Old jars containing orange and red fruit preserves. A rough and jolly swashbuckler is imprinted on the lid. Along the side is written "To prevent scurvy on the high seas!"
Seastone Chalice Magic Item This two-handled drinking cup is wrought from some sort of pale blue-green material and inlaid with gold. The outside is rimed with salt crystals which regenerate when brushed away, but these don't seem to affect the chalice itself. When water is placed into the cup, it is instantly rendered salty and undrinkable. In addition, the cup produces deafening sounds of surf until it is emptied. Non-water beverages, such as alcohol, milk, juice, etc. are unaffected.
Dread Corsair's Beard-Braids Magical item These bits of colored string are meant for use in braiding hair, usually of a beard, mustache, or ponytail. When used in this manner, they remain inert until the command word is spoken, usually "AVAST!" or something suitably piratey. Under these circumstances, the ends of the strings smolder and catch fire, creating a hellish glow over the wearer's face.
Affinity coin Magical coin This coin has an affinity for other coins, and will glow brighter and brighter as it gets closer to them. Useful for looking for hidden booty on a captured ship, or where someone might be hiding coins upon their person.
Ol' Carbunkle. Magical Figurehead An old ship's figurehead, carved from white wood and splintered at the base. It depicts an aged man leaning forward and cupping an ear, as if listening intently for threats. An old smuggler's tale is that if you find and attach Ol' Carbunkle to your ship, you'll never be bothered by pesky lawsmen as you slink in or out of port. Given that Ol' Carbunkle's is currently mounted above the door to the Naval Guardsman's Barracks, take the story with a pinch of salt.
Sahuagin Spear any These spears often drift ashore after the merlings and their ancient enemies have gotten good and riled enough to have a battle. Savvy grifters can re-sell them to lubbers as magical treasures of the sea.
Gold-eater's Shell Tiny Beast This small, ornate shell fits in the palm of your hand. The shell itself appears to be made of silver, with what appears to be streaks of various precious minerals streaking through it. At first glance, it appears to be empty and would likely fetch some decent coin. Inside the shell however, lies a very small hermit crab with very expensive tastes. When the crab feels safe, it will set off to find it's favourite meal: gold (coins or otherwise). The shell shifts steadily from silver to gold over time as it gorges itself on more riches.
Seahorse statuette Tiny Beast/Tiny Statue This small seahorse figurine appears to be made of solid gold, with brilliant sapphires for eyes. When removed from the water for extended periods of time, the gold begins to soften and liquefy as though melting off of the statuette. If the statuette is not returned to the water in time, the polished golden skin and sapphire eyes fade, leaving a normal (and live) seahorse in its place. Once returned to the water, the seahorse slowly crystallizes back to its statuette state but will rapidly try to escape its captors before it does so.
Dwarven Mastbreaker Magical item of sabotage Resembling a collar for giant animals, this particularly mischievous item is comprised of two large halves, hinged in the middle. It is masterfully sculpted out of gold and decorated with several Dwarven runes. When clasped around the mast of a ship, the runes glow orange and a soft humming sound can barely be heard as the device slowly spins around the outside of the mast. After about an hour, the device will have cut through any mast, and the mast will fall, possibly on the ship itself. Perfect for sabotage!
The Compass of Captain Bloodbeard Ornate compass crafted from Obsidian A small item but still large for a compass it is wrapped in a box made from Obsidian. Minor details adorn the outside of this volcanic glass and make it very visually appealing. There are rumours that it can lead to great treasure but it only seems to function as a normal compass.
Treasure of the Lost Deep Vast wealth with scattered magical items Ships sink all across the ocean, those carrying treasure are often scavenged with the help of mages but no treasure is ever found. Word around the ports is that it is gathered by some unknown entity who lives beneath the waves, if this is true the treasure horde would be vast enough to satisfy any dragon no matter how greedy.
The Forgotten Map Sea Chart Shows a detailed map of the current area, with certain phrases it can expand to a larger area. The map shows all lakes, rivers and any other methods with which a boat could feasibly cross into land.
The Sail of Procan A sail as light as air and as soft as silk The sail is done up with the symbols of the god Procan, a coral trident hovering over a cresting wave. It can fit any ship and will always ensure a safe voyage upon the oceans so long as an offering is made to Procan regularly during the voyage. Some say it always keeps the wind to your backs.
TriHorn Hat Magical Hat This Tricorn hat fits snugly onto it's wearer's head, and will stay on, despite wind, rain, strong tugging, or any other physical method attempted to remove it. The wearer can remove it anytime they want though. On command, the hat will sprout three horns, one on each corner, which the wearer can use for a goring attack, or due to the sharpness of the points, as a slashing attack. Standard non-proficiency penalties apply, but most users hide it's special power to use in a surprise attack sort of situation, thus mitigating the penalties with a surprise bonus.
TriBlade Hat Clockwork hat This Tricorn hat, made out of gears, springs and cogs, is heavier than your normal Tricorn hat, and has a thick leather strap that fastens around the wearers chin. The hat consists of two parts, a skullcap rests snuggly on the wearers head, while the bulk of the hat is attached to the skullcap. Upon command, a blade folds out from each of the corners of the hat, and the hat starts rotating around the skullcap, lifting the wearer aloft, so the user can slowly fly, changing direction/altitude by head movements. The hat uses oil as fuel, and can fly for about 10 minutes before running out of fuel.
Portable Cannon Magical Item It looks like any normal flintlock pistol, but instead of firing a small bullet, it fires a full sized cannonball.
Tentacle Pendant Jewelry A copper pendant which resembles the tentacles of an octopus. When submerged under the salty water of the ocean the tentacles spread apart and reveal a beautiful turquoise gem.
Spiked Hilt Cutlass Weapon A pirates cutlass with a handle larger than most, clearly used by something with bigger hands than a human. The hilt encases the hand with a crude shield with three barbed spikes, resembling tiny harpoons, sticking outwards.
Shivered Timber Magical Item This shard of wood from a ship's mast is tipped with frost. It enhances cold spells cast using it as a wand.
Cheater's Dice Mundane Item This small bag is filled with many-sided dice. Most of them are weighted to bring up high rolls frequently.
Trusted Lantern Minor Magical Item This lantern continues to burn while under water. Its light is not impeded by water, whether it be rain or sea.
"Specialty" Cards Mundane Item These cards feature intricate and often very sexually explicit drawings to indicate suit and number. They have women, men, elves, kobolds.... Hey man, don't judge.
Mr. Bones NPC Cursed with immortality and unabatable greed Mr.Bones locked himself with the treasure when the ship was sinking. Now, free at last and armed with 10,000 gp and a keen entrepreneurial mind, Mr. Bones is off to start his mercantile empire, but he will never forget the kindness the party has done him by opening the chest.
Flux Capacitor Technology Looks like nothing more than a cylinder with some pretty lights. A cheap bauble
Rod of Winds Seas Magic Item What at first looks like a piece of the mystical Rod of Winds reveals itself to be a crude replica made of flotsam by clumsy triton hands. Some tritons will pay a hefty sum for the piece. Most will just laugh in the party’s face
C&D Mundane item A letter from the local guard captain asking the pirate captain to cease and desist
Empty Chest Mundane item The chest is empty but is completely dry inside and proves to be completely water-tight
Pineapple Express Mundane Item A green leafy substance fills the chest. You can make out the words “Pineapple Express” embossed on the lid of the chest
Skull of Gravy Jones Magic Item Inside is the skull of the legendary ship’s cook Gravy Jones. It is said adding the skull to any tub of gravy will make it “the best gravy in the seven seas”
666 Gold Pieces Mundane item It’s just a number. You should be fine…
Bag of Winds Magic Item A leather satchel which can be opened to produce a directed gust of wind. Said to be how the Dread Pirate Bartholomew Jafferjabs could achieve such speed when he preyed upon merchant ships in the doldrums
Conch of Hearing Wondrous item (shell) Many legends speak of the Conch of Hearing, buried deep in the ocean floor. Other than the slight purple shimmer on the creamy surface of the shell, it appears as an ordinary shell. However, at a command word, it is said that one can hear through far distances if the conch is put to one's ear. There is nothing that one cannot hear with the Conch of Hearing.
Galdur's Globe of Geodesy Tool This metal globe appears at first glance to be nothing more than an apprentice cartographer's failed attempt, full of glaring inaccuracies. But once installed in a ship's helm, one need only envision a place and the globe rotates to highlight the shortest naval route route there, or as close to the location as the ship can sail. It also displays accurate oversea distances along the route, particularly useful for crews in poorly charted waters or with limited rations and supplies.
First Mate's Mug Misc This medium ceramic mug is an odd, almost organic looking shape, ostensibly fragile and unstable. Upon closer examination, the mug seems seems nigh indestructible, and when filled with liquid, stays perfectly upright on any surface, although it will move around.
What sorts of reading material do we find? The rusty hinges that bind the book creak in protest as you open the cover. The yellowing paper is ancient and frail in your hands. The ink has faded to brown, but the words are still legible... I use books and scrolls to give pieces of lore about the world to my players. They are also a great way to throw in a healthy dose of jokes and humor without making cartoonish NPCs. Scrolls don't necessarily have to contain a stored spell, they are just single-page documents (of variable length) written on rolled parchment. So, let's write some books and scrolls! The loot doesn't necessarily have to magical, but it should be interesting enough to appeal to some PCs—anything a PC might want to pick it up carry or purchase to read now or later. These should be mostly mechanics free. If you are experiencing writer's block, roll on these books tables to generate a topic. I'll post a few examples.
The Argentine Manual Of Arms For Noble Gentlemen A Fencing Manual A handsome volume, bound in decorated leather, with an inlaid picture of two men in court dress duelling with thin rapiers. The book details a complete fencing style specifically for court duels. It is lavishly decorated with beautiful illustrations of the positions and techniques of the Argentine style. It is not particularly suited to warfare or dungeon delving, but will allow you to avenge insults to a lady's honour while retaining your courtly poise.
The God Text their On the side of a mountain is a large sheer flat section, atop a treacherous scree slope. Whether the side of the mountain fell long ago and was carved later or, as legends suggest, the rock fell revealing the already existing words underneath, is unknown. The letters are five feet hight, carved the length of a tall man's arm into the rock, and are astoundingly smooth. The nesting birds that use every crook and crevice in the rock for miles around won't go anywhere near the words. The language is unknown. The letters are regular and square, grouped into words that are only ever four, eight, or sixteen letters long. The number of letters is disputed; some scholars classify subtle differences between carvings as being entirely different letters, others simply as variations. The most common counts are eighteen and thirty-two. Half of the bottom sixteen lines of text are taken up with a single, gigantic, four-letter word, carved twice as deep into the rock as the other letters. There are scrolls of the God Text found all over. They are often kept in ornately decorated scroll-cases made of precious metals. The scrolls themselves can be written on thin gold or silver foils. The letters might be embossed, or actually punched out. The accuracy of the transcription seems to change the effect it has on readers. Reading a copy of the God Text can lead people to drop everything in their lives and head towards the site of the original. Wizards studying the God Text have created new spells of astounding power and versatility. Adventurers have decoded the Text as a treasure map several times, leading to vastly far-flung places. Strangely, each time a powerful artefact of some kind has been found. One wizard claimed he was going to use the God Text as the basis for a Golem, but nothing has been heard from him, or his city, since then.
Corin Tasslefoot's recipe book A homely book of cooking tips A simply bound book decorated with a border of green vines. The book is a set of family recipes from a humble halfling farmer. He wrote down recipes from his extended family, including his great-grandmother. The meals are generally wholesome rustic food but despite that are delicious, filling, and sustaining. There are a number of recipes for travel food, from way bread and travel rations to making a good meal from the land.
The Pillow Book of Date Momoko A beautifully illustrated scroll that you wouldn't take home to your mother I can't actually tell you much about this. Look, it's beautifully created, written on exquisitely prepared paper and the illustrations are exquisite. But let's just say that people have been known to spontaneously combust while reading it. The Hight Priest of Eros said it was "a bit much". The High Priestess ran off with her copy and hasn't been seen since. However, if there are questions about bedroom ... matters that you wish addressed, well, somewhere in this scroll I'm sure it will be. In detail. With diagrams. And, some say, maths. There's supposed to be a story running throughout, of a young bride-to-be asking her female relatives for advice on her upcoming wedding night. I wouldn't know. I've only ever handled it while wearing oven gloves and a blindfold.
The Love Poetry of Dryads New edition of an old book of poems Chock full of translations from ancient and modern Sylvan, this bark-bound book is a little rough in your hands, and according to verse #163, that's how the dryads like it. However, verse #77 suggests a gentle rustle through her leaves will set her desire ablaze. It's all more complicated than peasant girls, so be careful when trying to make a move on your prickly lady friend. This edition has a new forward written by the celebrated elvish bard Lorendel Woodswhisper.
The Ballad of Barrik and Theda New book recounting old dwarvish tales This new book from the dwarvish historian Torgrim Stonehalter recounts in vivid detail the doomed adventures of Barrik and Theda the legendary dwarvish heroes and lovers of a past age. Stonehalter presents new evidence—found in the ruins of the library at Tornikkberg—that Theda was indeed the real leader of the duo, taking initiative in slaying the dragon Baazthys, and that Barrik's devotion to Theda may not have been as unwavering as the tales and songs would have you believe.
Royal Proclamation #248 Old scroll This proclamation is nearly 300 years old, and it lays out King Haroldus's case for calling to action the Fourth Hunting of the Dwarves. There was only one other known copy of this proclamation that has survived the years, and it was stolen from the library it had been held in a few years ago. The roll of parchment is still intact and would fetch a good price from the right buyer.
More Tales from Beyond the Veil Sequel to a popular religious book Brother Calymus takes us further into the Spirit Realm with a new collection of stories and essays to follow up his first. Each of these focuses on a first-hand account of the journey from life to death told to Calymus by a ghost, a resurrected individual or a soul called forth from the other realms. Critics suggest Calymus sensationalizes the tales a bit to make death sound more frightening than it is, to which he challenges them to explore death on their own and then come back to talk about it.
Scroll of Rhythm Mostly useless magical scroll When someone versed in arcane magic reads this scroll, they can't help but start speaking in rhythm, snapping their fingers, and tapping their toes. The words start rhyme as the reader marks the time, and all those who are near can't resist the beat they hear. They start to bounce and dance as if they're in a trance. It only lasts a minute til the reader reaches the end. Then the scroll disappears, and all is as before.
Unshameful Names for Your Child Parenting book After learning that his traditional Dwarven name is highly embarrassing to those who speak only Common, Shi'Teater Stunck sought to ensure that no other child would suffer the same public ridicule as him. This book is the culmination of that work.
Proper Methods of Dress, and Other Pressing Issues, Fourth Edition Etiquette guide This quaint text of Domoic origin goes into great detail on exactly how a gentleman or noblewoman of proper breeding should look, act, and think. Notably, more than fifty pages are dedicated to how many waistcoat buttons should be buttoned according to time of day. This edition begins with a blaring notice that, following the Petticoat Massacre, it is now considered an unforgivable faux pas to allow one's coattails to flap in the wind. A new sartorial device called a "Tail Stiffener" is essential for anyone wishing to make a good impression.
fanwen's funney joaks Satirical publication Local troublemaker Fanwen Grist has discovered a lucrative career peddling his crude humor to the lower classes, selling new collections of jokes, lewd stories, and new slang whenever his coffers run a bit low. While writing this issue, Fanwen seems to have become particularly amused by the upper crust's recent obsession with an accessory called a "Tail Stiffener."
Untitled Poems of the Kywirk Gurr Anthropological artifact The 14 goatskin pages of this oversized, fur-bound tome contain the only known example of Yeti poetry, from a highly socialized band on the leeward side of the Bittersnap Mountains. Its topics include seasonal shifts, territorial disputes among bands, and prime hunting grounds. The language is idiosyncratic and pictographic in nature.
Trimple, Primple, Prample and Zot Collected works of poetry This collection of works by Gilathil Greenleaf originally became madly popular exclusively among people who could not speak elvish, captivated by the poet's soothing rhymes, wondering what deep mysteries such beautiful language must contain. Those who know Elvish, of course, know that the poems are nothing more than meaningless gibberish, words made up exclusively for their aesthetic sound. The popularity of this book in human lands is yet another reason elves tend to look down upon "lesser peoples."
Great Musicians of the Modern Period An encyclopedia of famous bards This book is a veritable "who's who" of modern musicians, almost all of whom are still alive and trying to make a living today. Although thoroughly researched, the book suspiciously goes on at great length about one Aloysius Fernangeles Compodius VII, describing his musical style in flattering, flowery language. Also suspiciously, one of the most popular musicians in the region is consistently referred to as "The Drunk," and his musical style described as "crude fare for the masses."
Kalathraxas and the Basilisk's Eye Fourth in a series of popular action novels Kalathraxas, The Good Necromancer, has succeeded in defeating the evil Pelfanus, but now he faces his greatest enemy: himself. Can Kal overcome the geas cast upon him by a rival wizard and prevent the Basilisk's Eye from falling into the wrong hands?
The Fall of the Haloan Empire Historical text On the surface, this appears to merely be a recounting of the opulent Haloan Empire's fall from power centuries ago. Some claim, however, that careful analysis reveals it as a scathing commentary on the notoriously corrupt court of King Judicus, written in code to keep the author from harm.
Lelesh Voth A thick, bound book that is locked by magic This tome's title translates to Common as "The Power of Pacifism." Should one find a way to open the book's magical lock, they will find that the book's pages have been carved out to make room for a magically sharp dagger with a golden hilt.
Incomes & Expenditures, Council Treasury, vol. 343 Financial record A relatively recent financial ledger, with hundreds of pages of densely-packed tables of numbers and brief descriptions. It would take weeks to comb through this information, even for someone with extensive knowledge of the Council's financial practices -- but surely there's no need to scrutinize things so closely.
101 Magical Tips for the Busy Housewife Cheaply printed pamphlet The content of this pamphlet largely consists of its overly long introduction, which tells the reader how to harness "mental magic" and wield "the ancient arts" to maintain a tidier home. Despite these promises, the pamphlet teaches absolutely nothing that's magical in nature; rather, the final six pages are merely a hastily written list of general (and mundane) housekeeping tips, such as "Sweep your entranceway daily, to keep dirt from getting tracked about the house." Several of the tips are duplicates, as well; the total number of unique tips is actually closer to eighty.
On the Anatomy of Goblinoid Bodies Medical text An exhaustive exploration of the bodies of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, this is the life's work of Barber Stanwen Nolik. It appears highly reputable, but no other surgeon has ever been willing to replicate Nolik's work.
The 13 Habits of Highly Effective Necromancers Self-help Scroll In The 13 Habits of Highly Effective Necromancers, author Stephanus D. Coeuvry presents a holistic, integrated, power-centered approach for solving problems with necromancy and the black arts. With dark humor and a blatant disregard for morality, Coeuvry reveals a step-by-step plan for raising your own undead army, plus tried and tested methods for handling standard problems like finding fresh corpses and dealing with pitchfork-wielding peasants.
Leaves of Stone Bound stone slabs This "book" is really more of a door stop, though the author would likely priests it's use as such. Its stone pages are bound by think iron rings and engraved with the musings of the great dwarven poet Wilk Whetstone.
The Herbalists Guide to Tea A small illustrated book This guide was complied by Anthony Crispaen, the Earl of Grey, who was an enthusiastic herbalist and alchemist. He collected all his findings and those of the druidic circles of Grey in his writings, illustrated by an artist passing through town by chance. Unfortunately the artist accidentally confused Lady's Smock with Nightshade, and the Earl died shortly after tea time the day he published the book.
The Books of Fine... Sarcastic Non-Magical Books It all started with an Elven wit, who on a lark one day, took a book full of blank pages, and painted on the cover "The Book of Fine Dwarven Poetry", and displayed in on his mantle at home. A local bookseller was in the home one day and noticed the book, and thought that would be a fine way to sell some blank books to folks. A lot of elves loved the joke, and bought numerous copies to give to friends and family. Sure enough though, Dwarves visiting the city were not as happy with the book, and some decided to return the favor, and so they created their own blank paged book, called the "Book of Fine Elven Craftsmanship." The Elves got quite insulted, and came out with a new blank paged book called the "Book of Fine and Attractive Dwarven Women." Needless to say, other titles ensued in this war of blank paged books, with titles like "Book of Fine and Non-Effeminate Elven Men", "Book of Fine and Bathed Dwarven Men", "Book of Fine and Non-Sheep Buggering Elves", etc. After a few months, the war mercifully ground to an end, as both sides moved on to weightier issues. But, many of those blank paged tomes are still out there.
A Treatise on Tortoises Religious Text The first twenty pages or so of this thin folio feature a selection of drawings, essays, and descriptions on and of the large saltwater tortoises that were once proliferant around the subtropical islands of the south. The following pages, however, seem to be written by a different hand, and while at first they follow the same structure, cryptic notes in the margins begin to overtake the text and illustrations, until they make up the entirety of the pages near the end of the book. The meaning of the notes - which largely consist of long strings of seemingly nonsense words - has been rigorously debated within the scholarly community, but at least four disparate religions and cults have been founded based on various interpretations of the text. Notably, all agree that the last page - which is naught but a tangle of scribbled, barely legible mass of ink - depicts the same thing; the face of a long dead God.
Encyclopedia of the Anvil Book The Encyclopedia of the Anvil are a legendary collection of collected over the years by an unknown master Dwarven wizard. With typical Dwarven ingenuity and discipline, he applied himself to cataloging magic with the same intensity of focus that a master smith would bring to a life-long masterwork. Even to the untrained eye, this collection of 15 books (50 lbs total) appear to be of exceptional quality. Despite their antiquity, they are in exquisite condition. Each page is richly illuminated, with orderly black-on-white lettering interspersed with intricate geometric designs and diagrams.
Wiki book of shared knowledge Magic book Few copies of this book exists and copies of it are mostly owned by most educated wizards and priests. When somebody writes something in this book, same text appears in all copies. They are used to share knowledge. Most of creatures and phenomena are described in it and owners are working hard to add new information. Because of that, book has been increasing in its size and weight, despite all the effort and shrinking spells.
Bloody scroll Bleeding scroll This scroll has mostly gibberish on it. But when read aloud, blood runs out of it.
Barbarian's cookbook Cooking book A book for illiterate cooks. Has lots of pictures and simple recipes, mostly meat.
Scroll of common nonsense scroll, full of useless information Anyone reading this scroll can almost understand it, but nobody really agrees what does it say.
The Compendium of Magical Treasures from the Thrid Kingdom of Lundor Compiled by Sir Davrick Ostagar Old book detailing long-forgotten magical relics Dozens of items are chronicled in this tome, ranging from the mundane to the fantastic. The description of a ring meant to imbue the element of fire to the wearer seems to stand out as the page has been dog-eared and seems worn. Another remarkable find is near the end of the book. It's a plain bone wand that is described as having "petty and amateurish effects of prestidigitation and minor illusions," but off to the side, written in what seems to be a hastily scrawled ink, is the phrase "death conquers all."
The Tome of Current Thought Magical book As a person reads this book, the pages fill with a running record of whatever the reader happens to be thinking at the moment. For those who are unaware of what they're reading, this can be a terrifying experience as they see their own private thoughts wrought on the page. For instance, should the reader happen to recall an embarrassing memory, that would instantly appear. Oh dear, any horrible memory? Including the time mother caught me alone in the stables? Wait, how does this book know about the time mother caught me alone in the stables? Is this some sort of joke? Who wrote this? How do I stop this?
Pop-up Book of Monster Summoning Magic Book of summoning spells This thick, crude book has a roughly painted picture of various monsters on it's front cover. But when one opens it's pages, one finds various pop-up depictions of various natural creatures of the world. On the pages with the pop-up are a poem about the creature featured on those pages. Reading that poem will act as a Monster Summoning spell, summoning that creature to the reader, and placing it under his/her control. The creature sticks around for the standard duration of a monster summoning spell, and if it's "killed" during battle, it will return to the book, but that creature will be unable to be summoned for a week afterwards.
The Sibylline Tomes Vol 4. ???????? A book of unknown contents. It is the first book offered to the Party by the Crone Sibyl who mysteriously appears in the players camp no matter where they are and offers it to them, for a price just a little higher than they can currently afford were they to pool all of their gold together. Refusing to talk about what is written within, or reveal anything about the other volumes. She will not allow them to bargain, or promise payment by other means or delayed payment. Should they be unable/unwilling to buy it, or try to seize it she will disappear. Sibyl will return in one weeks time offering the 3rd volume at twice the price she offered this volume for.
The Sibylline Tomes Vol 3. Collection of Past Events A book containing an extremely detailed description of the events the party has gone through in the past, filled with insights and facts that nobody but them could possibly know, and even ones they didn't. Feel free to poke fun at things they misinterpreted/failed to realise with your DM knowledge here. Also encourage your players to come up with things the Tomes say about them before they joined the party themselves. It is the second book offered to the Party by the Crone Sibyl who mysteriously appears in the players camp no matter where they are and offers it to them, for a price twice as high as the price she initially offered for the previous book. Refusing to talk about what is written within, or reveal anything about the other volumes. She will not allow them to bargain, or promise payment by other means or delayed payment. Should they refuse, or try to seize it she will disappear. Sibyl will return in one weeks time offering the 2nd volume at twice the price she offered this volume for.
The Sibylline Tomes Vol 2. Collection of Current Events A book containing an extremely detailed description of the events the party currently find themselves intertwined in, filled with insights and facts that nobody but them could possibly know, and even ones they didn't. Feel free to ruminate on the possible options and their pros and cons and what you think they might choose to do as a DM here. Also encourage your players to come up with things the Tomes say about their characters thoughts and feelings about current events that they haven't shared yet. It is the third book offered to the Party by the Crone Sibyl who mysteriously appears in the players camp no matter where they are and offers it to them, for a price twice as high as the price she initially offered for the previous book. Refusing to talk about what is written within, or reveal anything about the other volumes. She will not allow them to bargain, or promise payment by other means or delayed payment. Should they be unable/unwilling to buy it, or try to seize it she will disappear. Sibyl will return in one weeks time offering the 1st volume at twice the price she offered this volume for.
The Sibylline Tomes Vol 1. Collection of Future Prophecies A book containing a vast number of prophecies about future events that the party might find themselves in. Offering suggestions as to how they might overcome these events and insights into how they might be caused or avoided. Feel free to utilise a mix of things you as the DM have already prepared for and vague hints that could mean anything that you can link back to later after the fact. Also encourage your players to come up with things that the Tomes say about their future themselves. It is the last book offered to the Party by the Crone Sibyl who mysteriously appears in the players camp no matter where they are and offers it to them, for a price twice as high as the price she initially offered for the previous book. Refusing to talk about what is written within, or reveal anything about the other volumes. She will not allow them to bargain, or promise payment by other means or delayed payment. Should they be unable/unwilling to buy it, or try to seize it she will disappear. Sibyl will never return.
Necromantic Ethics by Gleebones Lemontwig Small manual on how to be a necromancer without doing horrible things to people A black tome containing the secrets of necromancy and how to use those without committing acts of great evil against others. Be it by pragmatism or waivers you too can learn how to raise the dead without damning yourself to the nine hells to be forever tortured by the souls of those you raised. Lacks the ceremonies considered evil by most such as how to become a Liche or raising an entire army of the undead.
Forging the End: Baron Stoneye's guide to creating your very own apocalypse A very thick tome containing every plan possible on how to end the world, magically updates when a new plan is formed Do you seek the end of the world but lack the creativity to do it on your own? Well then my friend seek out this tome, located in Bloodcrown's Books in the underbelly of the Underdark. Do you seek to raise the dread tarrasque from its slumber? Maybe you wish to know the rituals to summon hordes of outsiders ready to rend and tear this world apart. Seek out Bloodcrown's Books, find the tome and set free a plague of apocalypse level events the likes of which this world has never seen.
Syn Qutain's Hystories of the Middel-South; Edition the Fifth A history text and hidden flip-book The original manuscript of the much-reproduced text, its well-reputed author's final work. The chronicle itself passingly mentions a rumored treasure, artifact, or relic (commonly believed to be myth) as though its existence is fact. Upon closer inspection, the pages are lightly watermarked. When held up to light, terrains and landmarks appear, which anyone familiar with the region may recognize. As the pages are turned, the terrain appears to shift also, finally zooming in and settling on one particular spot, where on the final page the author seems to have accidentally dropped a bit of sealing wax.
Book of all Knowledge Magical Book Bubistai the mage, created this large book with the image of a face on the front cover. Normally, the face's eyes and mouth are closed, but when Bubistai commanded it, the eyes would open and the mouth would start reciting something. But, it can only recite things written within it's pages, so Bubistai planned to write many important and significant things within it. And indeed, he wrote magic thesises, spell research notes, and historical facts about his life within it's covers. But, unfortunately he died within a couple years of creating the book, and it fell into the hands of his apprentice, who quickly started filling the book with all sorts of nonsense, such as limericks, erotic poems, and the occasional shopping list. So, while it's called the Book of All Knowledge, buyer beware!
The Book of Night Artifact Grimoire Describing the Book of Night is difficult, in no small part because looking directly at the artifact is nearly impossible. Casual glances slide straight over the Book; it is somewhat possible to get an understanding of what it looks like merely through peripheral vision, but only a concerted effort of extreme willpower can overcome this particular attribute. Once the witness' will has been asserted, however, the Book's appearance truly manifests itself. The cover is unmarked and black, neither matte nor glossy; simply black. The surface is, furthermore, adorned with silver points of varying size. Should one attempt to move the Book, they will notice that these silver markings move--or, rather, remain fixed relative to the position of the Book. When they reach the edge of the cover, they vanish, and are replaced by others that appear on the opposite edge. A particularly astute observer will note that, when held aloft and compared to the night sky, the markings match the positions of visible stars.
The Oldest Inscribed bark tablets The Oldest, or, to use its most proper name, The Oldest Existing Writing On Record, is a series of rectangular tablets, seemingly fashioned from tree bark. The bark is from no tree that yet lives; druidic lore and wizardly knowledge alike fail when confronted by it. The one time a Dryad was consulted, she spent the remainder of the day with bowed head, murmuring something not unlike a prayer. The writing itself is shockingly refined and crisp, despite being so old. The lettering is simultaneously foreign and familiar, with elements of most known scripts found in it somewhere. So far, only select words and phrases have been translated, mostly due to their similarity to one or more extant languages, and the translations have been rudimentary at best. The actual vocalization of this language is completely unknown.
Aerlin's Heirloom A great, ornate tome in a locked case This case is an elaborate box guarded by a very complicated lock (DC 20) Through a window of unbreakable glass a huge tome can be seen, bound in leather and trimmed in gold and jewels with an elaborate crest on the cover. The first page of the book is an exquisite etched plate print of a very elderly looking elf nobleman with the name Tabarus Now'nathal scribed under it, and inside the cover is a simple inscription: From All of Us. The next plate is an etching of an elderly elf woman. Neanna Now'nathal, wife. Then three more plates of his two sons and his daughter. Then his seven grandchildren, and his 27 great grandchildren. The faces get younger as the book goes on and it goes for 689 pages until it ends on a picture of a baby elf girl titled Nelonna Artenala, sixth great granddaughter.
On the Hunting of Fauna and Fowl in the Baldred Mountains: Ed. II A guide to the natural inhabitants of the Baldred Mountains A plain text, sturdily made, with an embossed leather cover. It details the hunting, preparing and cooking of most animals to be found in the aforementioned mountains. The first edition was rather controversial, I fear, because the author included recipes that contained aarakocra and various forms of fey.
Mincing Vellum A Scroll of Intimate Scrying The simple dusty scroll has no marking, seal nor text on it. By all appearances, it is a standard sheet of writing material that is bound by a single silver thread. When placed on another person's body, one who is skilled in magic can press their face into and through the surface of the peering directly into the persons soul much as one might peer into a body of water. In fact the caster cannot breath while using this scroll, so it is limited by how long the user can hold his or her breath, or by how long the person is willing to tolerate such an intrusion. When peering into another, you may see many thing: bitterness manifesting itself as an adder's bite, the true disposition of the soul that may even be a mystery to the person whom you are looking into, spirits that may be taking refuge within the person, or are perhaps there for more malign purposes. The scroll has had many names over the years, such as Ryon's Mirror, and Gorfellow's Embrace. Those who use it should be forewarned that looking directly into a person's soul in this manner could have dire effects on a person's sanity, and it has been noted that Arghul, a promising young mage drowned when he used it and found that he was looking into a truly beatific soul and lost all notion of time and perspective and even his need for air. A pity, really. So promising.
The Most Piteous Story of Garum Thornswallow Gray Leather-Bound Book This short history follow the life and exploits of Garum Thornswall, a mediocre sorcerer by all accounts who lived an average, but that came to a very dolorous end. Account however vary on the very last details of his life and how he in fact met his end. The book itself rarely agrees, telling a new story to every reader with the seeming intent to cause the greatest feelings sadness and pity that they may extract from the reader. Only the most cold-hearted readers of the tome have read it without it eliciting a tear, while others are haunted by the sadness for the rest of their days by the tale. It is unknown how a sorcerer of such middling talent could have wrought such a device, and it is also unknown how many, or if in fact any of the tales told within it are true. It is also impossible to to tell with any reasonable degree of certainty how Garum met his end. It is known, however, that this was the last and most notable of his bequeathed creations.
What sorts of goodies do we find? After prying the brass ring off his finger, you rifle through the cultist's robes (he sure had a lot of pockets). You find a pocketbook of daily devotions, some prayer beads that look to be carved of teeth, and a few coins of foreign make... Between unholy dungeons, demons, devils, resurrections, and chosen ones, I seem to have stumbled into a semi-religious theme. Naturally, that has me thinking about the kind of loot that one might find in a temple or shrine, carried by a cultist, or peddled by a wandering priest or vendor on the steps of the temple. So, let's make some loot! The loot doesn't necessarily have to magical, but it should be interesting enough to appeal to some PCs—anything a PC might want to pick it up carry or purchase as an accessory to their equipment or wardrobe. These should be mostly mechanics free. I'll post a few examples.
Bracelet of Sleeplessness Meditation Beads This bracelet, created by a monk who's name has been lost to antiquity, consists of 10 translucent white beads. Using the bracelet grants the user the ability to meditate for 10 minutes and gain the benefits of a short rest at which point one of the beads turns black and cannot be used again.
Tome of Insults Uncommon Book This book of jabs and insults is believed to have been created by a trickster god who was attempting to get under the skin of his far more serious brother. It is filled to the brim with insults, jabs, and jokes at the expense of the person, creature, or god that the user is targeting. The insults seem to have no magical affect but can be a bit disheartening to the butt of the joke.
Censer of Nightmares Rare Magical Trinket Found in the ruins of a long-dissolved (or fried, frozen, burned or vaporized) dragon cult, the censer is a silvered vessel, supported by a length of finely worked dark iron chain. It seems to radiate black smoke when not looked at directly, but on closer inspection seems inert. Any incense burned in the censer is many times more pungent than it would be otherwise, and seems to cause dizziness and disorientation.
Ummon's Deed Unique Document On her (un)deathbed, the Archlich Ummon bequeathed all that she owned in (un)life to the only man she'd ever loved - a cleric in the local non-denominational parish - forgetting that she had killed him almost two centuries before. Having no survivors (that the county solicitor could be bothered to find), the inheritance fell to the church itself, and the elderly old Dwarf who presided there. Now encased in glass (and lead, to be safe), the ornately illustrated deed sits in the church's northern apse, waiting for someone courageous enough to discover what, exactly, the Archlich's estate consists of.
Thief-Catching Rope Belt the DC to pickpocket you is raise by 10, and if the pickpocket fails, the rope will make a combat maneuver against it to bind its hands and legs together, with a DC of 15 (12-15 = just ties hands); If used as a belt, the Rope makes the combat maneuver regardless of pickpocket success (as long as it can see or hear the hand)
Unimaginable Orb Trinket durable metal orb that cannot be scried, detected, or in any way sensed other than with one's own eyes, ears, touch, smell, or taste (such that seeing through others' eyes will have it be invisible, and you cannot imagine what it looks like once out of sight, though is recognizable on sight); world's worst object to lose
Bag of Ham Sandwiches Bag Small pouch which turns any object placed inside into a ham sandwich; the pouch must be able to close to turn it into a sandwich
Babble Stone Rock If a stone is in your pockets, hand, or on your immediate person, it causes all speech to become gibberish; a fun thing to sleight of hand it into someone's pocket
Rabble Rubble Rock If a stone is in your pockets, hand, or on your immediate person, it causes you to trail off into different conversations, compulsively; a fun thing to sleight of hand it into someone's pocket
Rebel Pebble Rock If a stone is in your pockets, hand, or on your immediate person, it causes all speech to become defensive and antagonistic; a fun thing to sleight of hand it into someone's pocket
Traveling Tankard Mug when held, pulls towards the nearest tavern. If hasn't been held in long enough, the handle turns into a pair of legs, and walks to the nearest tavern
Bean of Autocoquere Morbid Vegetable When fed to a dead animal of less than 1 CR, the animal's corpse will briefly animate and use any means at hand to cook and prepare itself into a meal for up to 4 people.
Madman's Blanket Blanket Anyone sleeping under this blanket will have horrible, maddening nightmares.
Manifesto of Manipulation Devious Folio Covered in elaborate script. All attempts at translating will fail, but leaves translator sure they are close to cracking it. Has an air of great worth, will always appraise high. Catches on fire if within 3' of an open flame, burns bright, but is never consumed or otherwise damaged by flame.
Whimsycube Cube of Whimsy the whimsycube beeps when it is near something it wants; it wants random things, and when it is in sight of the thing, it will fly to it quickly, and absorb it, leaving behind something; can swallow a marble and leave a chair, can swallow a chair and leave an artifact, can swallow an artifact and leave a chair
Charles Figurine This small, unremarkable figurine of a gnome refuses to be called anything but Charles. No other name will leave the lips of the speaker. It has no other powers.
Bauble of Gnome-Peeping Orb A crystal scrying ball that is dedicated to a specific gnome in the world and, when the command word is spoken, shows a third-person view and muffled audio of the gnome; upon gnome death, the bauble randomly selects a new gnome in the world (not random, has logic to it, but the logic is complicated and unknown)
Fork of Greater Poultry Four-Tined Utensil Anything eaten with this fork tastes like chicken.
Orb, the Horse Orb A sentient globe that insists that it is a horse. A perfect sphere, two feet in diameter, hovers one foot above the ground. Can be mounted and moves faster than any horse, but every turn you must make a DC 10 dex check or slip off, potentially taking damage.
String of Lots Prayer beads When created, these beads consist of a dozen or so colorless pearls. If a tear of sorrow touches a bead, it turns a deep shade of blue forever; similarly, a tear of joy turns the pearl golden. The acolyte is supposed to alternate blue and golden pearls through his/her life, so that he/she will always remember while praying that sorrow must follow joy and joy must follow sorrow.
Periapt of Proof Against the Flesh Talisman This periapt protects the user from worldly desires. While it's worn, food and drink taste bland and the user becomes sexually apathetic.
Mirror of Recollection Trinket This is an ornate vanity mirror with details in gold. While holding it, the user may focus on a person's name that he/she has personally met. An image of what that person looked like when the user first met will appear on the mirror.
String of Carved Dragon Teeth Prayer beads Dragon teeth make popular prayer beads among certain death cults. Particularly among cultists who wish to meet death in spectacular fashion as dragons are often infuriated at the site of these grisly relics.
String of Etched Human Teeth Prayer beads A popular focus for prayers among flesh cults, these little beads get smoother over time as fingers rub them repeatedly during devotions several times daily. Tiny evil runes are often etched into the teeth. On old sets of beads, the etching may need to be touched up.
Amulet of Protection against Possession Questionably enchanted item This heart-shaped talisman contains a giant heart-shaped ruby that seems to glow when it catches the light. The talisman is attached to a gold chain to be worn about the neck. Allegedly this item will protect the wearer from ghostly and demonic possession. However, it is well-known that wearing this item will attract dragons and greedy dwarves.
Splinter-Sect Pocketbook of Sacred Rites Book of prayers and rituals This book covers the basic procedures involved in most sacred rites: naming babies, welcoming to adulthood, marrying two people, easing the passing of the dead, and expelling demons. Unfortunately, it describes the practices for a faith other than your own. If you have this book on hand when you are about to perform one of these rituals, you can spend 10 minutes browsing the book. After which, you roll a d20. On a roll of 18 or higher, you gain advantage on the first ability check made in the performance of the ritual (having reminded yourself of a helpful tip). On a natural roll of 1, you gain disadvantage on the first ability check made in the performance of the ritual (having spoken an improper word for your faith).
Death Coins Religious paraphernalia A pair of tarnished, over-sized copper coins often used to cover the eyes of the dead. A pair of these can be used as a holy symbol by a cleric who worships a deity associated with the death domain or as an arcane focus by a necromancer. If melted down, each coins yields enough copper to make 100 + d100 copper pieces.
Brass Censer Religious paraphernalia A basket-shaped device on a chain that can safely hold a hot coal to burn incense during sacred rituals. The outer plating contains etched images and icons of a well-known god. This can be use as a holy symbol by clerics who worship a deity associated with the fire domain or as an arcane focus by a pyromancer.
War Censer Religious paraphernalia From the exterior this censer appears much like any other brass censer used to burn incense in holy rites. Heavier than a normal censer, and reinforced with a steel frame and fortifying spells, clerics who worship a deity associated with the fire domain or the war domain can use this censer as a holy symbol. Anyone who holds this censer can also spin it around by the chain and whack a foe with it (it functions as a flail when used as a melee weapon).
Ring of Ceremony Storing Magical Ring This ring functions much like a Ring of Storing, but instead of magically storing and recalling a weapon, you instead store the items (ie, candles, censer, small altar, etc.) needed for a specific ceremony (ie, marriage, funeral, bar mitzvah, etc.), and can summon them at a moments notice. The ring is reusable and can store the ceremonial items again after the ceremony is completed. Items stored in the ring stay in the ring even when the ring is removed, so a single priest may carry a number of these rings, one for each ceremony they feel they may have to perform during their journeys. So, if one of these rings is found in a treasure, or on a dead body, there is a good chance there may already be ceremonial items stored within. But, fair warning, these rings can be used by priests of any belief (good, neutral, evil.), so activating this ring may cause the wearer to find themselves surrounded with unholy or holy items, which could be detrimental to one's health if of an opposing belief.
Knob of Vanity Doorknow Must be polished before you may enter
Knob of Ill-Manners Doorknob It just looks like a hand and you will have to shake hands to open it. But when the door is open, it won't let go. You need a strenght check to pull yourself free or you'll need to cut the hand off risking to hurt the one who is shaking hands.
Unison Knob Doorknob Pair that always open and close in unison. If you can open door A, it will force open door B. If you can keep door A closed, door B will stay closed.
Knob of Nope Doorknob Door knob is shy, and doesn't like to be touched. Moves around the door trying to avoid getting grabbed. Can be sweet talked, but only trusts [guys|girls]. If you grab it unwillingly it will scream for an adult, that you aren't it's real owner, and anything else it can think of to get you to leave it alone.
No-Soliciting Knob Doorknob Retracts into door and can't be turned during certain times/certain people//certain race/unless you sing/unless someone brought ice cream.
Knob of Rob Doorknob As you open it, anyone walking through and near the door must make a DC 11 perception check to detect having your pocket picked; those behind you don't get an automatic check, but should they roll in suspicion of the door, the DC is 6; before robbed, hand is out and open, after, in and closed
Knob of Envy Doorknob Attempts to charm person holding it into loving it
Knob of Vulgarity Doorknob moans with pleasure and won't open until you swear at it
Knob of Rotation Displacement Doorknob when you attempt to turn the doorknob, something else nearby turns instead (i.e. a nose, a boob, a backpack)
Spring-Spike Knob Doorknob when fully turned, juts a spike into the hand, dealing piercing damage
Meteoric Domino Game Piece A legendary domino that upon falling, demands that all in the enclosed space hear it fall, no matter how big the open space is nor how loud a noise there is in the background (if outside, everything with a soul or life/unlife hears it in the universe)
Toothy Mirror Standing Mirror all whose entire image is caught in the mirror provokes it to eat their reflection, requiring a DC 15 Charisma save to resist having their reflection devoured permanently, removing their reflection as the Curse of the Devoured, for a permanent -1 to Charisma
Frog Box Small Treasure Box If this box is left open near a frog, it’ll be compelled to hop in and sit there happily. The frog will stay in the box – and need no food, air or water – until instructed to hop out
Whistling Whacking Whetstone Rock DC 10 charisma save to resist being forced to "hw" your "wh"s while in possession; always hits as a projectile
Indestructible Prayer Book Prayer Book A traveling Holy Person can see their items receive lots of wear and tear along the way, and books are often known for not being the sturdiest of items, since they can get water damaged, burnt, torn, in addition to many other ways they can be defaced or destroyed. So, the Indestructible Prayer Book was created to help traveling clerics, healers, and other holy types not have to worry about such things. The book is waterproof, flameproof, and tear proof. And the pages are illuminated with a soft light, so one could even read the book in the darkest of places. Plus, as an added bonus, if you tell it what prayer you're looking for specifically. it will open to that prayer by itself, so you don't have to fumble with pages while performing a ceremony. Admittedly these books are expensive, which is why they are usually reserved for the upper echelons of the church, but they are sometimes gifted to special priests as rewards for some great deed performed for the church.
Elixir of Feign Death Potion It is said that many millennium ago there lived a priestess whose beauty surpassed the god's. Men fell quickly at her feet, but none so much as an old wretched king. To avoid her fate in his harem, she concocted a vial that could bring death temporarily, only long enough to escape her peril. It is now sold as a prayer item, immortalizing innocence and occasionally used to get out of a bind.
The All-Seeing Cauldron Mundane A copper cauldron carved with eyes on the outside, and teeth on the inside. Food prepared in it has a metallic tang that tastes more of iron or blood than of copper.
Morpho's Box Barely Magic Item The ornate cedar box covered in layered scraps of pink, green, and teal silk has a slight preservation enchantment on it that keeps all insects placed into it in stasis. The priest of this ancient temple used it to collect butterflies and release them during his sermons for emotional effect. The box currently contains a stunning, fist-sized, Blue Morpho butterfly. A less moral adventurer could use this to keep a venomous insect hidden.
Father Gregor's Spoon Mundane Item This spoon is made out of a dried gourd, and is carved with the emblem of a baobab tree, the seal of monk and gourd carver Father Gregor. This spoon is not magical at all, but rumors state that any liquid sipped with it will taste sweet like honey.
Satchel of Hair Mundane Item A rural offshoot of the church of Kord states that a man's strength is held in his hair. This church collected hair from men who willingly sacrificed their strength to their god. These offerings sit in a well-made leather satchel that contains hair of every length and color, from cirrus-colored wisps of septuagenarian hair, to the most luxuriant and lengthy hair fibers of an elven lad.
SinStones Magical Item The SinStones are remnants found in a temple to an ancient religion, which believed that all sins were evil. The stone glows warm when it is touching the skin of a man or woman who has committed the specific sin the stone is attuned to. Unfortunately, the more useful SinStones, such as the MurderStone and the TheftStone have been found and hoarded by nobles. The only stones that one would still encounter in the wild are decidedly less useful, and reflect the values of the ancient religion. Example Stone: The AdulteryStone, the UsuryStone, the RacismStone, and others that are only mildly or situationally useful.
Three Ring's of Orin Bind A talisman constructed from rings of copper, iron, and silver forming a sphere. The original Talisman was constructed by a wizard named Orin Ogden the founder of the Unbroken Circle a group of mages that combat abberation and extraplanar entities on the material plane. The talisman can produce three different magical effects on command. Only one effect can be active at a time and the Three Ring's of Orin has 6 charges, 1d4+1 charges are renewed at dawn.
Potion of social Tabula Rasa potion A rare potion commissioned by a diplomat centuries ago to wipe clean his relationship with a foreign King who he had accidentally gravely insulted. After consuming the potion all past social encounters with the first person he or she sees will magically seem hazy and forgotten, essentially treating the first person seen as someone they just met for the first time. The drinker does not forget past interactions, but the events seem faint and no longer hold any away on the opinion of the person. Useful as a reset button in relations with someone else, but also has mischievous possibilities. The drink looks, smells, and tastes exactly like red wine.
Pearls of Piety Prayer Beads This string of large pearl-like stones radiate with light and warmth when the holder's prayers are heard by their deity. There is no guarantee that the prayer will be answered, however.
Tome of Remembrance Prayer Book This small, leather-bound book is created empty, each page filling with the prayers of it's owner as they are are offered to their god. The owner of this tome should be careful that their less-than-pious prayers and wishes may be recorded as well.
A Dragon's Delicate Diet Trinket This fist-sized kidney stone is said to have been passed by a dragon of delicate disposition. When held over a meal, the stone will weep a thick fluid if the food contains ingredients that may cause the holder digestive distress.
Plynic's Book of Prophecy Prayer Book A fairly simple leather-bound book filled to the brim with the hand-written history of the Church of Bahamut written inside, in Draconic. It belonged to a dragonborn cleric of Bahamut, Plynic Loremark, who was convinced that coded in the text was an ancient prophecy.
Book of Fel Names Rare Grimoire Edit: that spell doesn't exist in 5e.
Beads of Lathander Prayer Beads A string of 28 round, yellow, glass beads approximately the size of a marble, strung on an oiled thread. Each day, one of the beads lights up in the morning just before dawn, then stays lit through the day. At the end of the month, the sequence starts again. If a bead is removed, it continues to light for the day once per month. Another clear bead of glass added to the string will turn yellow 24 hours after it is added and begin to light on the day where it appears in the sequence. If there are more than 28 beads, the others will turn yellow, but won't glow on a day, unless they're in the first 28 on the string.
Chausable of Radiance Magical Vestment The chausable is a round fabric with a hole in the center for the head, which drapes to the waist, and which forms a semicircle when arms are raised to the sides as seen from the front or back. This chausable glows faintly when worn by a cleric, and when the arms are raised, radiates a bright light for 20' and a faint light for 40'.
Stole of Thaumaturgy Magical Vestment This long fabric stole drapes over the shoulders and down to the feet of the wearer. It is normally worn over an alb or other vestment. It is made of a fine silken fabric and has upon it sewn various divine symbols, vertically down each side of the stole. When worn, the wearer may touch the various symbols, even very lightly, to recreate one of the features of the cantrip Thaumaturgy, providing a veritable special effects board of public speaking tricks. This device works for anyone wearing it, not just clerics. Three of its features may be active at once. One wonders why a cleric would have needed such a thing to be created. Hmm.
Scythe of a Death God Scythe This is the Scythe that lies in the Necropolis. It is lies in wait to be wielded by the champion. This scythe has a blade of the purest obsidian and a handle made of dark iron wood. It is a +3 weapon that deals and extra d6 necrotic damage.
Mark of the Acursed Amulet This amulet is carried by those exiled into the Necropolis as a means of execution. This mark brands a dishonorable death, and will curse any who pick it up. Any who remove one of these amulets that are made of pure silver, has disadvantage on checks and saving throws related to a skill of the DM's Chosing until the amulet is returned to the Necropolis. (This is good for a plot hook whether your players remove it or an NPC, either way the players can have a reason to find and return the amulet)
Chirpy Mechanical Construct A mechanical bird inside a small golden cage. It's animated, and can talk to whoever holds it.
Divining Dice Dice used for fortune telling Three dice with various markings carved of bone, one of dragon, one of beholder, and one of unicorn. Each die is used to augur a different aspect of a person's life. Dragon for wealth, beholder for power, unicorn for health. (up to the DM if the bones are what people say they are :) )
Helm of Vomitose A dented great helm This helmet was cursed by a trio of warlocks, constantly harassed by an overbearing Lord to create enchanted items. They escaped his small fiefdom while he lay on the floor of their workshop, retching into the helmet. One must make a fortitude save when donning the helm. On failure, they vomit uncontrollably until removal. There is no curse that keeps the helmet on.
Trial of Faith Instrument of Self Flagellation This is a beautifully ornate whip with multiple lashings, each tipped with a hooked barb, and designed for self-mortification. The devout of some religious orders will use these whips to lash themselves as penance to atone for their sins. Whipping your own bare back with this instrument will cause 1d10 slashing damage, and repeating the process until you have expended half of your HP will allow you to feel a powerful connection between yourself and your divinity.
Pant's of Many Pockets Pants A pair of pants with twenty magic pockets. An item placed into a pocket will take up the expected amount of space in the pocket, but from the outside will appear flat as if empty. Great for shop-lifting, or secreting away large-ish items.
Locking Key Key This is a small brass key that can lock, but not unlock, a surprising number of doors and chests and things.
Bottle of Deceiving Bottle This bottle is designed such that it can hold two liquids. When looking at, smelling, or licking the rim of it you will believe it to hold one of those liquids, but tipping it up to drink will release the other.
Coin of Privacy Magical Coin While the coin is facing heads-up upon a surface such as a table, it causes the 'Silent Table' effect as per the spell. It has no effect while not set upon a surface, such as in a pocket, or while the coin is facing tails-up.
Ancient Worry Stone Trinket This palm-sized stone is flat and ellipsoidal, made from roughly hewn marble. In the center is a slight indentation, polished mirror smooth from countless thumbs rubbing circles over the aeons. Many claim that catching their own reflection in this divot brings a sense of serenity and peace of mind.
Holy Cast Tool This item appears to be just a normal block of bronze at first glance. Upon closer inspection however, a seam down the center becomes apparent. With a modicum of force it will split into two halves, revealing the inverse reliefs of each side of a holy symbol.
7 Bolts of gold embroidered fabric Trade Goods The finest linens from the Far East and fancy royal robes could be made with these.
Silver Sickles Coins These crescent moon-shaped coins are large enough to hold a copper farthing in their inner diameter
Manticore Nesting Materials Monster Garbage Amongst the sticks and rocks that make up the nest, an assortment of rusty weapons, tattered clothes, horse barding and other gear can be found. If the party spends 10 minutes going through it all, they find a scroll case with the King's messenger service emblem on the lid and a few coin purses containing 34 gold pieces.
Overly-excited Throwing Stars Ranged Sentient shuriken that when thrown scream "Wheeeee!", negating sneak attack damage.
Coatl Feather Creature Bits This foot long, iridescent feather is supple to the touch. Though it does not retain any of the magical essence of its former owner, it could fetch a reasonable price from a collector or fashion designer.
Illithidium Ingot Metal A 5kg gunmetal gray ingot with an oily purple sheen and spiralling engravings on its surface. Crafted by Mindflayers in the depths below through unspeakable rituals, it is psychoreactive, psionically moldable, and supernaturally durable and useful for crafting if one knows how to work it. Whatever unnatural force binds this metal together is destroyed by purifying sunlight, causing it to rapidly rust away, even when magically enchanted.
Blasphemous Statuettes Art This set of 8cm tall figurines depict the gods engaged in lewd, lascivious, or otherwise despicable acts unbefitting their divine nature. Extensively detailed in all the wrong places. Collectors should be careful not to complete the whole set, lest they bring down the wrath of the heavens upon themselves.
Tome of Arousal Better than Nothing Magical Item This five-thousand word, clinical manual is an immensely detailed description of the physiological and neurological processes of arousal and alertness. Some minor magic has infiltrated the tome and causes a heightened state of self-awareness after ten minutes of reading. Reading the tome for an hour or more produces a sensation akin to continual sexual arousal and stimulation. These effects cease the instant the reader looks away from the tome. If the reader continues to read for longer than 8 hours, they experience random, acute narcoleptic episodes for the following 24 hours.
Skin-bound Ledger Information A small lined notebook bound in supple, tanned leather, with a dedication in the front cover reading "Binding from Reijek, RIP." Touching the ledger produces a deep sense of revulsion strong enough to prevent the weak-willed from looking at its contents. Inside is written a detailed list of transactions, with columns for Name, Quantity (g), Surface Area(m2 ), Skin Quality, and Police Inquiry (y/n?).
Zerth Braid Consumable Magic Item Taken from an elderly Githzerai monk, this 10cm length of dark brown hair contains a shadow of its former owner's psionic power. As an action, it may be used to cast Mage Hand (the hand is invisible) once per short rest. It may also be used to cast Shield as a reaction, but is destroyed in the process as it expends the entirety of its energy.
Orb of Vacuum Polarization McGuffin Filled with scintillating colors and pinpoints of light swirling in a nebula, this large glass orb randomly fills the vacuum of space with infinitesimal matter and anti-matter pairs that immediately annihilate each other. This partially counteracts electric fields in a vacuum, albeit minorly. Sounds powerful, but no one is quite sure what any of that means.
Okayberries Supplies Collected from large shrubberies in the deep woods where little light penetrates the canopy, these slightly unripe, purple berries are hard and mostly flavorless. A creature can use its action to eat an Okayberry. Eating a berry restores 0.5 hitpoints (rounded down), and the berry provides enough nourishment to sustain a creature for 15 minutes. Up to 6d4 berries are found at a time, and spoil after 2 weeks. They never fully ripen or taste any better.
Moistanite Gems Glimmering, clear gems that can be magically produced during storms of wild magic. Each is as brilliant and clear as a diamond, but they are usually larger and less over-priced, though they are- paradoxically- magically inert and useless as components in spells. They are perpetually clammy and precipitate dew even in the driest desert. A large handful of Moistanite may be squeezed to produce a trickle of clean water.
Tin of Inspiration Better than Nothing Magic Item A pocket-sized, metal box with inspirational quotes painted on the side in various languages ("You can do it!", "Follow your dreams!", and, inexplicably, "Losing isn't so bad!"). Opening the hinged lid of the box reveals a small illusory locker room containing a coach in the middle of a high-pitched, half-time pep-talk to a group of underdogs. Closer inspection reveals every entity in the box has the exact physical features of the person who opened the box. The speech will continue as long as the box is open, though the coach becomes increasingly desperate, sweaty, and incoherent after 2 hours. When the box is closed, there is a barely audible cheer of "Team spirit!" from the entities.
Blade Tattoo Consumable Magic Item Tattoo and ink set allowing up to 12 tattoos to be made. Can be used to tattoo any non-magical weapon onto a live body. As a bonus action can be removed, tearing the tattoo from the skin, which forms into a bony, fleshy form of that weapon. DC 12 Con when removed, on failure take 1d6 damage and nauseated for one round. On success, take half damage. Weapon dissolves after five minutes.
Mezzard's Pipe Smoking Pipe Mezzard Youngstrike’s pipe. Stories tell that Mezzard used wizard’s weed religiously and was always seen with a pipe in hand or mouth. This pipe’s magic constantly refills its bowl with whatever wizard’s weed is contained in the enchanted pouch connected to it.
Mezzard's Enchanted Pouch Drug Pouch Mezzard Youngstrike’s pouch that is linked to Mezzard’s Pipe. The interior of the pouch is a 20ft square space used to keep Wizard’s Weed and other drugs. The interior of the pouch keeps all plants and drugs fresh for use forever, untainted by outside sources. If you put this pouch in another extradimensional space, ie bag of holding, both extradimensional spaces collapse and a portal to the Astral Plane opens, sucking in anything within 10 feet and teleporting them to a random location on the Astral Plane. The portal is one way.
Porcelain Plate of Anger Better than Nothing Magical Items This white dinner plate is simply adorned with a blue stripe that goes around the brim. When someone picks up the plate, they must immediately make a will save (or game equivalent) or be irrationally angry for 1d4+1 rounds. In addition, the plate is then immediately thrown against the nearest wall or ground (This effect takes up the first round of anger). The plate shatters upon impact, but magically fixes itself after 1d6 minutes. The rage effect can happen three of times per day per person. If the person picking up the plate is a barbarian that has rage rounds, these rounds can be used as free rage rounds. The number of rounds caused by the plate does not count against the number of rounds they can rage in a day.
Folding Bridge Better than nothing magic items This item looks like an unassuming 8 ft. plank of lumber, but close examination of the ends reveals seams in the wood. The seams can be pulled apart to unfold the plank to form a solid bridge of any of the following sizes: It takes a full round to unfold the bridge from one size to the next. It can be folded back up to its portable size at the same rate. Once unfolded, the bridge can be placed across any gap and holds in place without apparent support. It can withstand up to 40,000 pounds in weight; any excess weight causes the bridge to break, permanently destroying it. The bridge can be easily be lifted at either end. Regardless of size the bridge itself always weighs the same as it does in its plank form (15 lb.) plus the weight of whatever is currently atop it. The collapsible bridge can be attuned to a particular person. Once attuned, only that person may unfold or fold the bridge, until it is attuned to someone else. Furthermore, only the person so attuned can lift the bridge once placed.
Inflatable Skeletons Box Better than nothing magic items A palm-sized heaxagonal box carved from ebony, with a removal lid on both sides. Both lids are etched in the design of a skull, one smaller than the other. When opened, the off-white contents within begin inflating rapidly like a balloon filling with gas. If the larger skull lid is removed, after thirty seconds of inflation a human skeleton appears in a free space adjacent to the box. The skeleton is genuine and not in itself magical. If the smaller skull lid is removed, inflation takes twenty seconds and a halfling skeleton appears instead. The box can create one inflatable skeleton per day. If a skeleton is created while another exists, the first crumbles to dust. Perfect for causing distractions, framing enemies, and entertaining at children's parties.
Laughing Idol Better than nothing magic items A six-inch high statuette carved of jade in the likeness of a hugely overweight robed man in the throws of laughter. Once per day, the statuette can be rubbed to immediately cause sapient creatures within a 60-foot radius centred on the statue, with the exception of the creature who rubbed the idol, to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 13). On a failure, the creature is suddenly immensely amused and unable to contain their high spirits, becoming both incapacitated and restrained on their next turn following the saving throw.
Simple Bunting Better than Nothing Magical Items A brightly-colored flag checkered with a diamond-pattern, this seemingly innocuous piece of fabric is both stylish and functional. When worn or attached to a weapon, the bunting creates a chameleon-like effect and coats the clothing of the wearer in an illusionary layer matching the color/pattern of the bunting.
Obsidian Star Gems Carved out of jet-black obsidian, this star-shaped gemstone is a wonder to behold. It is always cold to the touch, even when placed in the hottest furnace. Only Dwarves possess the capabilities and knowledge to cut or reshape this precious gemstone.
Tangled Wire Mesh Art It's a bundle of metal bits fused together with heat. That's it. But it's classified as 'art' so I'm sure somebody would be willing to pay a hefty sum for it. It's a shame the artist didn't want to take credit for such a memorable piece.
Bell of Bleating Better than Nothing Magical Items A simple brass bell that is typically found around the neck of a goat. When rung, it mimics the sound of a goat bleating. Become the shepherd you never knew you wanted to be!
Golden Gold-Leaf Leaf Treasure An intricate oak leaf cast in gold and covered in micro-thin gold-leaf. The redundancy is real. Don't leaf it behind!
Tim's Never-Empty Flask Better than Nothing Magic Item This unassuming steel flask is always filled with wine, no matter how many swigs you take.
Eau de Faerie Better than Nothing Magic Item This crystal nebulizer with a pink bulb mists a pleasant floral perfume. The scent of the perfume lasts for one hour after application and makes you irresistible to pixies, sprites, and goblins. These creatures can smell you from up to 1,000 feet away and will attempt to touch you, unless you have shown yourself to be a threat to them. Hobgoblins and bugbears can also smell the scent from 1,000 feet away, but they will become furious when they get within 30 feet of you and realize that you are not, in fact, a tasty pixie or sprite.
Ghoulflesh Scented Candles Better than Nothing Magic Item When you burn this candle, the smoky odor of roasting ghoulflesh fills the room, ideal for setting the mood for foul necromantic rituals, preparing volunteers for human sacrifice, and all manner of depraved acts involving corpses. The scent sickens any living creature that comes within 30 feet of the candle for 1 minute.
Giant Owl Pellet Creature Bits A giant owl pellet is a disgusting tangle of fur, bones, and feathers. Sometimes, if you dig into it, you can find a few coins that some unfortunate creature may have swallowed or carried, thinking them lucky, only to be, in turn, swallowed by a giant owl. The pellet contains 1d4 - 2 silver pieces and 1d6 - 3 copper pieces, if you take the time to pick through it carefully.
Owlbear Pellet Creature Bits If you thought the giant owl pellet was disgusting, you don't want to know what you might find in an owlbear's pellet.
Fire Beetle Glowing Gland Creature Bits This fist-size organ is a little gooey in your hand, but it sheds light like a torch for up to 8 hours after being removed from the beetle.
Crocodile Skin Creature Bits In the right hands, this could make a fine pair of boots.
Lizardfolk Skin Creature Bits In the right hands, this could make a fine pair of boots. Be warned: It's best if you tell everyone the boots are crocodiles. Moralizers who are against the wearing of the pelts of sentient creatures have been known to splash wearers of lizardfolk-skin boots with buckets of chicken blood.
Minotaur's Horns Creature Bits Long, thick, with a pointy tip, these horns would look great over your fireplace. Perhaps you could convince that odd little guy who lived down the lane and liked to whittle too much to carve you a nice pair of hunting horns.
Minotaur's Manhood Creature Bits Long, thick, and covered in coarse fur, legends speak of incredibility virility being gifted upon those who eat it. Some swear by it, and I've heard it tastes quite good in a stew with barley and broccoli.
Eye of the Necromancer Creature Bits This is the necromancer's eye. He put it out with a hot poker, preserved it by mummification, then animated it with a foul ritual. The eye twitches a bit, but otherwise it doesn't appear to do anything. However, the one-eyed necromancer, wherever he is, can see what the eye sees as if it were still in his head (provided he didn't damage it too badly with the hot poker).
Riv Stecke's Guide to Fey Crossings Book This book will help you find the nearest fey crossing to make your way into the Feywild. Most of the fey crossings listed have ceased to function due to being over-run with travelers since the publication of this book. However, a few of them still work. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes three days of downtime to read), you have advantage on knowledge checks relating to fey crossings.
Bold Alehouse Favorites, by Bob Bayfly Book This book is a must-have for the cook in any lonesome wayside inn, bustling city tavern, or adventuring party who's sick of rations. Within the pages of the book are new twists on recipes for salted pork and beans, beef and barley stew, roasted duck with apples, honey-glazed carrots and parsnips, stuffed trout fillets and many more, along with suggested ale and mead pairings. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes two days of downtime to read), you have advantage on checks made using cook's utensils.
Cosmos-ology, by Cal Sargan Book A guide to the multiverse written in plain language by one of the leading experts in metaphysics and interplanar travel. Sargan was the greatest communicator among the wizards, priests, sages, and other scholars of his generation who studied the heavens, the stars, and the strange spaces in between. Tragically, he left the world through a portal several decades ago and has not found his way back. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes ten days of downtime to read), you have advantage on knowledge checks relating to the Astral Sea and the Far Realm.
Interview with Some Vampires, by Ena Neric Book The author spent extensive time meeting with a wide range of known vampires. Her precise question-and-answer style writing has become the definitive work on the subject of these cursed undead. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes three days of downtime to read), you have advantage on knowledge checks relating to the vampires.
Werewolves in the Mist, by Dossia Fyne Book The author devoted her life to studying the habits of werewolves and other lycanthropes, particularly those who have chosen feral lives far from civilization in the deep forests of the world. Her book is an early voice in the argument against clearing of the forests. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes three days of downtime to read), you have advantage on knowledge checks relating to the lycanthropes.
I Golem, by Isacas Movia Book This volume is an extensive treatise on the morality of using golems as enforcers, guardians, and laborers in place of actual sentient beings. The author's thesis: the golem, when properly crafted, animated, and instructed cannot harm its creator. Of course, we know this isn't necessarily true in all cases. The book also contains diagrams and instructions on building your own golem. If you have read this book in the last year (it takes three days of downtime to read), you have advantage on Intelligence (Arcana) checks relating to golems.
Robe of Guilt Clothing This fine black robe will make you look guilty. When a crime is committed while you are in the room or general area, questioning eyes will turn to accusing eyes as they fall upon you.
Moonfear Shield Shield This shiny silver shield is emblazoned with the cycles of the moon, with the full moon largest and nearest the top, surrounded by intricate tree-branch patterns. If during a full moon, a lycanthrope misses you with a melee weapon attack while you are wielding this shield, you can use the opportunity to slip away (you can use your reaction to Disengage [or similar action in other editions]).
Ring of Attract Aquatic Creatures Mostly Useless Magic Item This ring is pliant and brightly colored. If you're not careful, you can catch your finger on the sharp steel of one of two barbed hooks that protrude slightly from the soft jiggly material. To use this ring's power, you tie the ring to one end of a piece of string and tie the other end of the string to a stick. With this improvised device, you can catch freshwater fish.
Ring of the Firebuilder Mostly Useless Magic Item This ring is made of flint. When struck with a piece of steel, it sheds sparks. When placed well over dry kindling, the sparks will start a fire.
Ring of Bubbles Mostly Useless Magic Item When you hold this ring between two fingers and dip it into a solution of soap and water, you can blow through it to produce amazing bubbles.
Ring of Attract Male Creatures Mostly Useless Magic Item This ring, when worn by a female humanoid, makes her irresistible to male humanoids. She will receive unwanted attention, suggestive comments, declarations of affection, and offers for free drinks and places to lie down. Written on the ring in small script is a warning against wearing it around male creatures who have been consuming alcoholic beverages after dark.
Ring of Emotional Projection Mostly Useless Magic Item This ring, when worn on the finger of a creature with an Intelligence score of 5 or higher, turns color indicating the wearer's current over-riding emotional state: red indicates anger, yellow indicates joy, blue indicates sadness, green indicates disgust, and purple indicates fear.
Ring of Animate Toys Mostly Useless Magic Item When the wearer of this ring plays with a child's toy, that toy is granted a semblance of life. The toy can move about, talk, and interact with other toys or humanoids. The toy cannot harm another creature in any way. The toy can answer questions, but it does not know anything other than what a toy could know. One minute after the wearer ceases playing with the toy, the toy returns to it's normal inanimate state.
Gideon's Impossible Lantern Better Than Nothing Magical Item The lantern that burns water as it is sometimes known. How exactly Archmage Gideon made this lantern is unknown, but it is known that he never needed candles again and saved a fortune in whale oil. Any liquid that fills the lantern will burn as bright as the bearer wishes it to, but will produce no heat.
Phoenix Downs Creature Bits These soft red feathers are obtained the same way as regular downs, such as from a goose or a swan, but at considerably greater risk for considerably greater profit.
Ring of Farsight Joke Magical Item This pleasantly shiny ring, when turned 3 times about the ring-finger, will show the wearer 5 seconds of what will be happening to their location 3,000 years from now.
Barnaby's Arcane Pulley Better Than Nothing Magical Item This resembles a regular pulley with 200ft of thin string attached to it, however the string is magically reinforced, giving it the ability to move up to 1,000lbs when pulled on.
The Ring of Solomon Powerful Magical Item Not an item to be trifled with, this item gives the user the ability to command creatures not of this plane. The user must raise the ring to point at the creature in question and speak its words of power, whereupon the creature will fall under the user's command unless it is warded by powerful magic. Unfortunately the words of the ring are lost to the mists of time.
Gideon's Last Wish Better Than Nothing Magical Item The last known relic of Archmage Gideon. This amulet hangs around the user's neck with a minor enchantment on it that makes it slightly uncomfortable to wear, unable to be dispelled. The mechanism by which it activates has never been properly observed, however whenever circumstances are dire it lends its aid in some way that may often go unnoticed. Rumour has it that this is the soul of the vanished Gideon himself bound within the amulet, influencing the world with his powerful magic.
Tablet of Yelong Powerful Magical Item The tablet of Yelong was granted to the infamous Warlock by his patron, Orcus. The lord of the undead inscribed it with dark and foreboding runes, that grant whoever holds the tablet the power to raise the dead to fight for him. While Yelong lived no mortal army could destroy him, as with every casualty his forces grew ever stronger. With his death the tablet, untouched by all attempts to destroy it, was sealed in a lead coffin and dropped into the deepest pits of the Underdark.
Ring of Duo-Dimension Joke magical item Upon wearing this cursed ring, which appears to be a Ring of Protection, the character becomes two-dimensional. Their depth is placed on the Astral Plane and they become a 2D being with only width and bredth. From the side they are totally invisible and they can squeeze through any gap without expending additional movement, and are especially vulnerable to being pierced or cut.
High Elf Pipeweed They call 'em High Elves for a reason Commonly burned in the forest courts High Elf Pipeweed is a type of hemp impregnated with the deep magic of the Feywild. When the smoke from burning it in a magical fire is inhaled it may give magical visions of the future or the past, and as such is favored by oracles and soothsayers. Under the effects of antimagic it merely produces a light-headed feeling and a desire to eat apples.
Darkspice Supplies One of the world's most valuable commodities, Darkspice produces a subtle, smokey flavour and a slow-burning heat that is highly prized by gourmets the world over. With the only source for this spice being the caves beneath tropical zones a handful can be worth enough money to keep a man living comfortably for life.
Bloodsoup Supplies The stable of Orcish "cuisine" this bitter vegetable soup apparently tastes like nothing to their palette. Experiments with Half-Orcs have thus far been inconclusive. The main ingredient is bloodgrass and other herbs, along with small amounts of meat. A single waterskin's worth of Bloodsoup can feed an Orc for two days, and it provides a great deal of nourishment for armies on the campaign trail relative to the cost to produce.
The Jib Cutter Joke Magical Item This glittering steel knife, with a jeweled golden hilt, is the bane of dandies everywhere. Upon falling into your hands you become blithe and insensitive, forced to say the first thing that comes into your head in conversation.
Cormac's Kilt of Holding Just what does he keep under there? Fashioned carefully from two Bags of Holding by the Druid Cormac some time ago, the kilt of holding can be worn just like a regular kilt. But as long as the wearer is wearing nothing else underneath it it functions in the same way as a Bag of Holding.
rules man! Similar to a Horn of Valhalla this horn summons a large group of Orcs in place of the regular human berserkers. However they have no proficiency with weapons or armor, and instead carry instruments and dancing shoes with which they will stage a production. There are four different types of horn that produce different types of performance:
The Household Staff Better Than Nothing Magical Item When placed at the centre of a house or mansion with adjacent lands of no less than 5 miles this staff will summon enough Unseen Servants to perform every rudimentary task that needs doing. Cleaning, cooking delicious meals, gardening, slipper fetching etc will all be done by the servants punctually and efficiently. However they will not follow orders from the owner and will continue their tasks until the staff is moved.
The Chronicles of Theodoro Slavado Information Salvado was/is an explorer hired by many influential nobles to map different areas of the world. As such his notes contain detailed descriptions of each place he visited, along with the important figures and the local customs and culture. Salvado's current whereabouts are unknown, the last the was heard of him was just before he voyage to investigate the Cannibal Islands, claiming that "The name can't be that literal."
Valaran's Ring Magical Item Valaran wandered the earth, a prophet to some, an omen of doom to others. Wither he walked he would not say. Some claim he was lost and seeking something that befuddled even him, others that he had seen some vision of a dark future he must prevent, others say he wanders still and is wandering for its own sake. Valaran's ring is named in his honor, though it was worn by men before him and he predicted it would have a thousand masters after he gave it away. When wearing the ring the bearer need only speak the name of their destination and they will be guided there inexorably, led down forgotten paths and routes that offer the quickest travel with the least danger.
Dahrruin's Bow Powerful Magical Item Dahrruin, son of Setenan of the Lancathan Dynasty was a prince of Elvenkind who could shoot another arrow from the sky with his own, or so it was claimed. This bow bears a special affinity for Elves and when wielded by one they may fire arrows with it without being seen and with unerring accuracy, as they whisper through the air to find the throats of enemies.
Crown of the Sunken King Powerful Magical Item A relic of the Sunken City of Hellionsberg, as long as the user is standing waist-deep in salty water the city's portal to the Elemental Plane of Water will disgorge three water elementals every hour that will obey all the user's commands.
Flint & Steel Powerful Magical Item Flint is a greatsword that is a dark, shiny black like polished flint, with a curious and vaguely cruciform groove in the pommel that runs up and onto the blade. When wielded alone it will be nothing more than ordinary. Steel is a shortsword that shines like silver polished to a mirror sheen, imbued with magical properties it will shock living flesh with sparks of electricity when brought into contact with it. When combined the purpose of Flint's groove is made obvious, as Steel fits securely into it and cannot be removed except by the one who is attuned to Flint. When the two combined strike anything flames are produced that will burn the target.
Sarcophagus of the Ancestors Potentially Useful Magical Item While a character lies in the Sarcophagus of the Ancestors without illumination and the lid tightly sealed they may speak to their ancestors. No sound from within the sarcophagus may escape into the outside world and the lid is too heavy to lift from the inside.
Spud Gun Better than Nothing Magical Items No ammunition is required, as this strange cylindrical device reloads itself, presumably from the Elemental Plane of Potato. Range: 30/120 feet Damage: 1 + DEX bludgeoning damage (Unless proficient in Food Fighting, then 1d6 + DEX) Properties: Two-handed, Ranged
Stormplate Armour Wrought in bright steel, this ornate (+1) plate armour has lightning bolt patterns raised from its surface in blue-burnished metal. Other symbols and icons of the Storm Spirits also decorate the armour, and are included on the buckles and clasps. Once per short/long rest, the wearer may, when hit by a melee attack, cause the attacking creature to take 1d8 lightning damage (1d12 if the wearer is associated with the spirits of the storm) as a reaction.
Golden Pseudodragon Statue Art This lifesize golden statue of a pseudodragon is perfect in its detail. The creature is captured, almost photographically, rising on its hind legs, neck outstretched, as if to greet some friendly hand which is in turn reaching out to stroke its reptilian head. Such quality, finesse, and attention to detail is unheard of in modern casting methods, and were it not so preposterous a concept, one could be forgiven for thinking that it might be a living being, cursed by some unknown magics in the distant past.
Perfectly Ordinary ChickenTM Pet It's a chicken.
The Squeezy Dolphin of Endless Water Magic Item This is, to all intents and porpoises, a Decanter of Endless Water, with one small variation - it seems to be a child's toy, which produces only a small squirt of water when squeezed. If this is truly a childs toy, then what does that tell us of the power of the ancient civilisation that created it? And why did it find itself in such a dark and terrible place as where it was found?
Mazes & ManticoresTM GM Set Gaming Set This chest contains a wide variety of items. Maps of made-up continents and cities, sets of polyhedral dice in a variety of colours, pens and pencils, "Character Sheets", and a set of large books talking about "XP" and "Levels".
Dice Tower of Fortune Meta-Magic Item This short rod is assembled from a series of regular polygons, with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sides respectively. You can use one of the dice to achieve the maximum roll of that dice type when one is rolled during the game. In doing so, the corresponding dice vanishes from the block. This is intended to be something that you might even make (from cheap dice and blu-tak, perhaps?) and hand to the player who loots it. It will appear, in-game, to be a simple object, albeit one with a faintly magical aura. Once attuned to the object, the character learns that they can call on its power when in need. I called "meta-magic item" because it's sort of in the boundary between player and character, if that makes any sense.
Tricksy Rope Magic Item Touching the rope will activate it, but will also drain 1d4 HP. Once activated, the rope will obey your mental commands to the best of its ability. It can rear up like a snake, and tie itself in knots. Touching other sections of rope to it will lengthen the rope, whilst decreasing its dexterity.
Memories in Amber Better than Nothing Magical Items These typically looking small gemstones contain most cherished memories of a long dead mage. By holding one in a closed fist user can relive stored memory. Originally made for personal use these small trinkets are now their maker's only legacy.
Blade of Remove Evil Sword This mundane-looking sword will simply pass through a being of good. A being with impure thoughts or evil ideas will have them purged from him/her for several hours. Due to its affect on free will it is considered unethical and even sinful to use this weapon.
Blade of Reject Evil Sword A well made sword. It passes through all beings, it harms the impure more that the pure of heart. The flaw of this weapon is that the purity of the heart is from the perspective of the target, meaning it will not affect truly evil beings who feel justified in their actions.
Blade of Rebuke Evil Sword A beautiful sword. This incredibly dangerous weapon causes the evil within one hit by it to explode outwards. This blade appears almost sentient, and does not forgive sins. The explosion caused will have a total power based on the total "sins" of an individual over their lifetime.
Blade of Relinquish Evil Sword A broken, rusted sword, one struck by this blade is absolved of all evil. This changes the personality of the target entirely, removing all impure thoughts and memories. This power comes at a cost, for the wielder takes damage equal to the amount of "sin" absolved.
Blade of Realize Evil Sword A common-looking sword, indistinguishable from any other sword, seems to change appearance slightly based on its location. The wielder of this weapon gains a strong sense of how "evil" any opponent is while in combat with them.
Ring of Whoring Ring The wearer of this ring will become the most popular (wo)man in the brothel, despite nothing physically changing. Prostitutes will not ask for payment. No one knows how this enchantment works, but the nature of it leaves it rather valuable to some.
Potion of Dying Will Consumable Drinking this potion will certainly kill its user. It however brings great strength and speed to the one willing so sacrifice everything. The user of this potion are engulfed in harmless flames of their favorite color. It is said that these potions are very rare and usually are only made by accident.
Gnawed Moon Charm Amulet/Consumable A glassy charm in the shape of a moon, with many claw and tooth marks. The person in possession of this item is affected by the werewolf curse, changing on a full moon. If this item is broken by its owners hand at dusk they will become a werewolf that night, regardless of the moon.
Circlet of Endowment Headpiece A rather unclean looking circlet of galvanized steel with a green glass centerpiece. It makes certain features of the wearer appear greater. For men, crotch and shoulders look larger. For women breasts and rear appear larger. A warning, many know the look of this rather unattractive artifact.
Bathhouse silk Trade goods Strange silk often dyed a deep blue. The touch of this silk feels unmistakably as if one is underwater.
Living Paintings furniture Paintings that exhibit a regular and repeating movement, within the picture. Each individual painting is different, and may feature an animal grooming, a person waving or any other small action. Many are too superstitious to have one in their home, the right buyer however would pay handsomely.
Synchronized Sculptures Better than Nothing Magical Items This pair of ~6-inch tall soft clay statuettes are magically linked. Any alterations made to one sculpture are reflected in the other. Disclaimer: the magical sculptor is a slow worker. Changes may take as long as 4 hours to be implemented.
Isuna's Cane Magic Quarterstaff This lengthy staff cultivates a fire within its shaft and can be used in two ways. The wielder can twist the two halves to ignite the staff, which can then be used as a bomb of sorts. The user is advised that, once triggered, the staff will explode within seconds. If instead the user wishes to retain the staff, small bursts of energy can be spouted from the tip.
Barrel of Bubbling Brew Alcohol This large wooden keg is bound with leather straps for easy transportation. The barrel is filled with a wonderful dwarven ale that seems to create its own endless effervescence. When one drinks the bubbling brew they begin to feel lighter than air for a few moments and may even leave the ground until the gas is expelled (through one exit or another). The barrel itself is weighted down with rocks as to not fly away, but still feels as light as a feather even when full.
Dead Sprite in a Bottle Magical Artifact If a Character dies with this on their person their soul will be transported into the dead sprite giving it life and the consciousness of the dead character. There is no reason to suspect this item has this quality, and no one knows quite why it works. Some say a Link is formed between the person and the sprite. Additionally the bottle will not open until the sprite is infused with life, even if they Try force.
The Little Tome of Serenity (nonmagical) calm emotions The Little Tome of Serenity appears to be a small paper-bound book with ornate scrollery with the name "Little Tome of Serenity" written in slow sweeping strokes. Looking at the Little Tome of Serenity instantly causes a subtle feeling of calmness to come over the observer. The book can be opened and a passage read from its list of calming wisdom causing all who hear the words to make a DC 5 wisdom save of stop what they are doing and smile gently for 1d6 rounds.
The History of Screaming (nonmagical) Book/Information This truly dull sounding book is an in-depth book on the history of screaming as researched by little-known half-orc linguist Grimf Thurd. It is a truly dry read and takes 40 hours to complete regardless of intelligence level. When/if the reader does complete the book, they are imbued with the knowledge and understanding of the raised voice, giving them a +1 to all vocal-based checks involving yelling or whispering.
This Thing (magical) Trash/Tool This Thing appears to be two purple hemispheres with a copper colored pipe coming out at an angle from off-center of one hemisphere. Nothing is initially known about This Thing, but on a DC 25 inteligence check, it can be determined that when the two purple hemispheres are rotated against each other, a small flame suitable for lighting smoking apparatuses springs out of the copper pipe until the hemispheres are rotated back. This Thing never runs out of fuel.
Very Special Bottle of Wine (nonmagical) Treasure/Alcohol This is a very special bottle of wine which the owner originally intended to deliver to a very important person. This bottle of wine looks completely ordinary and nondescript. It is easily mistaken for a not very special bottle of wine. Those who consume this bottle must make a DC 15 wisdom check in order to avoid trying to refill this bottle with other ingredients in an attempt to placate the bottle's original owner by replacing what they drank.
Good Summer Reading Material (nonmagical) Book This book is perfect reading material for a vacation. It has trash, but different kinds of trash. It has social themes, believable characters, suspense, and thrills. It's about a temporary worker who is 29 and who can't get a boyfriend, and has only 12 days to stop a war with The Elder Dragons.
Chunky Soup (nonmagical) Food A bowl of chunky chunks. This hearty meal sustains for an entire day in just one cup of soup!
A Numbered Tea Kettle (nonmagical) Trash This looks like an ordinary tea kettle save for a large number on the side.
Leather Breastplate (magical) (cursed) Armor This breastplate appears to be a normal leather breastplate except for the fact that it is extremely comfortable. It feels like a pair of comforting hands across your chest. After 6 hours of continual wearing, this breastplate mysteriously catches on fire, dealing 1d10 fire damage to the wearer.
The Orb of Longevity (magical) Orb This orb, when told about a person's life and dietary habits predicts that persons age of death. The orb knows if the user is lying and will only speak about someone to that someone.
Cloak of Masculine Facade (nonmagical) Cloak This very masculine cloak provides the wearer advantage on all non-lethal team based competition checks while worn. However, it also imposes disadvantage on all other interactions. This item requires attunement/disattunement periods of 2 hours.
Moss's Everfilling Bag of Popcorn (magical) Food Prior to interesting events, this bag mysteriously fills with fresh popcorn for all to enjoy!
Stress Detector (magical) Tool This compass-like device has a red needle inside of a glass case which, when held in the palm of the hand, points to numbers 1-20 to indicate the stress level of the holder.
A Racist Torch (magical) Tool This torch can only be lit by Humans.
Indestructible Dinnerware Tool This collection of porcelain plates is indestructible unless dropped or otherwise brought into contact with the ground at which point they catch fire and burn as a piece of wood of that same size.
Jaberwocky (nonmagical) Trash Win. Innovate. Redefine. New Definition. Faster than a Swallow. More powerful than... another swallow! More magnificent then a fish, or a whale. Have you heard about this? Everyone is talking about it. It's the next biggest thing. It will revolutionize the way you live. What is it? Jaberwocky.
Healing Kit (nonmagical)(cursed) Tool This bandage, when applied to the wearer gives a +5 foot bonus to movement speed, and advantage on all dexterity checks for a duration of 12 hours. Afterward, the character takes three levels of exhaustion.
Metal Blade Throwing Weapon A black gem on the back of a glove. Flicking the wrist creates a vicious-looking metal disk lined with razor-sharp teeth. When thrown, deals 1d8 damage plus strength. Blade gains +1 to hit every five levels.
Leaf Shield Defensive Weapon A small green gem affixed to a bracelet. On activation, a cloak of swirling leaves surrounds the wielder, granting +5 to AC. The user cannot attack or move while the shield is active. The shield can be deactivated, or the mass of leaves can be ejected to fly off in any direction, dealing 1d6 damage to whatever it hits. Once thrown or deactivated, shield cannot be reactivated for 1d4 rounds.
Atomic Fire Chargeable Weapon A red gem set in the palm of a glove. The gem can be charged via concentration, up to 5 rounds. When discharged, shoots a fireball in a straight line. Fireball diameter is 1 ft per round charged, and deals 1d6 damage per round of charge. Dissipates when it hits an enemy.
Orb of Eroticism Better than Nothing Magical Item The creator of the Orb is lost to history, but the Orb has turned up seemingly at random in various times and places. Most owners won't admit to owning it due to it's dubious moral nature, but all enjoy it. Touching the orb inspires lust in the toucher - first a small sensation growing stronger the longer you hold it. Eventually, your urges become unignorable, and the consequences can be...interesting.
Tiny Tentacle Plant Better than Nothing Magical Item The Tiny Tentacle Plant is a miniature potted plant that has been magically enhanced - it eats magical items, or fragments thereof. It never seems to get bigger than about six inches high, and about 6 tentacles in size, loves direct sunlight but scorches in the heat - perfect for the windowsill in an adventurer's bedroom.
Lever of Vecna Better than Nothing Magical Item A large enchanted crowbar, for opening incredibly large drink containers. Even mentioning it to the priesthood or followers of Vecna is enough to get you murdered on the spot.
Goblet of Natural Corruption Better than Nothing Magical Item Similar to a goblet of endless water, this container never empties and must be kept tightly sealed. However, the purity of the water inside has been corrupted. Rather than clean drinking water, the goblet produces a thick blue goo that drives plants into a wild, dangerous form. When allowed to pour its contents on any sort of natural flora, it will corrupt the area at 1d4 square feet/round.
Delver's Cask Booze This oak cask, with silver banding, has a simple engraving of "Delver" on it. There is a simple wooden cork at the top that never rots. Whenver the cork is pulled after being plugged for an entire night, the cask will be filled with ale. After the cask is fully drained, it disappears, reappearing at least a hundred miles away.
Trick Rope Rope This twenty foot length of rope is made of a material that is wholly unfamiliar to the casual observer. It is extremely light, weighing only a quarter of what a similar length of hemp rope would weigh. The rope functions just as normal rope, but when the words "Arath a'Dar" are spoken, the end will form into a perfect lasso.
Splintering Staff Cursed Staff This splintered staff, slightly over six feet long, is straight except for a slight knot at the top. Anyone that holds it for more than one hour will find that they have a splinter in their hand. The splinter immediately burrows beneath the skin, causing intense pain, and will work its way up the victim's arm and toward the heart. Unless the victim has had a Remove Curse spell cast on them within three hours, they will die when the splinter pierces their heart.
Blue Silver Magical Decor A bluish-tinted platter and a small, white cloth. On observing the platter is blue ceramic, but any divining done upon it will reveal that it's actually a rare form of silver that is tinted blue. Whenever the single seed of any single fruit or vegetable are placed on the plate, covered by the cloth, and left alone over night, the next morning, the actual fruit or vegetable will have taken the seed's place.
Rune Stones of Tempus Twelve large standing stones These stones when gather together on a mountain, and embiddened with the right incantation, will summon a wraith of the old God of Storms. This God was powerful during the reign of the Giant Empires, and is not a mere shadow of himself. Once they are gathered one of three things will happen: 1) The God Spirit will tell you your future, or grant you a Wish. 2) The God Spirit will go forth and destroy your enemies. 3) The God Spirit will turn on you in an attempt to destroy you. (It will be a Greater Lightning Elemental or the like) Once whatever conclusion has happened, a great thunderclap will sound with a bolt of lightning striking each standing stone. They will then disappear to be scattered across the earth again.
Misses Miggins Healing Hot Pies Food/Potion Misses Miggins is a very old and very skilled baker and alchemist. She many years ago combined her hot cherry or meat pies with her excellently brewed healing potions. Its perfect for the hungry hero, looking more then to guzzle a viscous liquid.
The Humble Blade Paladin Greatsword The Humble Blade appears to be a very old, rusted, pitted and nicked greatsword, with a hilt of tattered dry leather. Upon picking up the blade any equipment or clothes you have on your person will also appear ragged and old, and your appearance will also begin to slowly become more tattered. It is however a +2 Greatsword that when used by a Paladin deals 1d12 Radiant damage with every hit. This only works for a paladin who does not care for their appearance, only for the work they must do for their god.
Eldwizor's Special Pan Flute Musical Instrument Once per day, the pan flute's bearer may play a special, short melody on the pan flute. Doing so summons a quartet of imps that appear in a puff of smoke within ten feet, standing on an assortment of small wooden crates. They begin to play groovy (though slightly creaky) music using their instruments: a pan flute, two lutes and a hand drum. The music lasts for five minutes, after which the imps disappear with their crates in a puff of smoke.
Faerie Torch wondrous item (torch) This torch is alit with a blue, green, or violet flame. The flame sheds dim light in a 10-foot radius, and it creates no heat and doesn't use oxygen. This flame can be covered or hidden, but not smothered or quenched. Anyone openly holding this torch cannot benefit from being invisible.
Behir Blade Weapon - Greatsword A greatsword that hates dragons and loves to kill them. This blade will compel a wielder to slay any dragon and gives them bonus damage on damage rolls. A small amount of sentience nudges wielders in the general direction of the nearest dragon regardless of color, type, or alignment.
Tasha's Gloves of Laughter Cursed Magical Item These exquisitely-made jade green gloves are stylish enough for males or females, and subtly resize themselves to whoever is foolish enough to pick them up. Upon putting both gloves on, the wearer begins to laugh uncontrollably and must make a Will save DC 18 to stop long enough to pull the gloves off again. If they continue laughing for more rounds than their CON bonus, they begin to suffocate, yet continue laughing. Treat as though they were drowning.
The Lover's Gem Gems A simple rose colored gem that shines brighter the closer you get to your soulmate.
Randural's Finger Weapons The finger of an ancient and evil archwizard/emperor of a lost civilization. When used as a spelcasting focus changes the damage type of the spell to necrotic
Belt Buckle of the Battalion Better than Nothing Magical Items A belt buckle shaped like a Rams head, when metal touches the belt buckle the area around it echoes with the sound of a thousand swords being unsheathed
Switching Stones Better than Nothing Magical Items Two matching stones, riverbed smooth with a hole in the center, one green the other red. When both stones have breath blown through the center hole at the exact same time, the two blowers switch places instantaneously.
Compass Of Usefulness Better than Nothing Magical Items Like a regular compass, except with multiple needles each pointing toward different useful things, such as north, the nearest source of fresh water, the strongest nearby evil aura, nearest large concentration of gold, nearest civilization (exact definition of civilization may vary by user), and nearest storm. Needles lengthen and shorten as the object gets closer or further away.
The Truth Magical Weapon A +2 Longsword. Matte grey steel, plain guard and a cloudy white gem on the pommel. Can instantly dispel illusions with a melee touch attack and the pommel glows when being lied to.
+4 Vampiric Keen Wounding Flaming Heavy Crossbow Gag When fired, all it does is unfurl a tiny flag that says THWANG.
Weapon Blacking Gag Can permanently make a weapon an intimidating black
Bracers of Shiv Weapon Two leather bracers, with scabbards attached holding a total of 6, small metal daggers. When an enemy is stabbed by a dagger, the user leaves the dagger in the body. For every dagger added to the victims body, the damage goes up 1 die. (d6,d8,d10,d12,d20). A victim can remove a dagger with a DC10 strength check and take 1d4 damage.
Canteen of Party Type of Treasure A canteen that upgrades its contents, when water is poured in a random fruit juice pours out, juice in ale out, ale>wine>vodka>rum>Whiskey>Dwarven Stout> poison> water.
Troll Fist Hammer Weapon A stone Troll hand attached to a 3' wooden stave. Obeys Commands: Grabbit, Leggo, Fist.
Blanket of Fire Better then Nothing Magical Item A heavy wool blanket that unfurls to a roaring campfire, roll it up to extinguish.
Hearthstone Better then Nothing Magical Item A custom of Fharlanghan clerics, a white porous stone that is kept in the middle of each nights campfire. If used for 3 consecutive nights, the stone will begin to keep undead away while in the fire.
Ever Billowing Cloak Better then Nothing Magical Item A cloak that always billows dramatically
Boots of the Island Magical Item Supple leather boots, stained with salt. When the wearer steps onto water a 5' diameter island of sand appears at his feet. Supporting her above the water.
The Cat Came Back Weapon A great wizards, before her death, placed her former familiar Harley's mind in a clockwork cat. Harley is aloof and lazy like most cats, but he will follow whoever holds his mouse squeaky toy. Harley looks like a black cat at a quick glance but closer inspection shows he is metallic and covered in black soot. Once, a day the owner of the squeaky mouse can send Harley at a foe, and with one squeak of the mouse, Harley will detonate as a Fireball spell dealing 1d6 . But Harley doesn't always listen; percentile die 01- 15 Harley looks at you with a disdainful expression, 16-30 Harley comes to you and rubs against your leg, 31-45 Harley wanders to a random spot , 46-60 Harley takes his time and approaches your target next round, 61-75 Harley bounds to an enemy of his choosing, 76-90 Harley goes right to your target and rubs against its leg, 91-100 Harley immediately dashes to the most tactically sound position. The next morning Harley will reappear somewhere near you, sleeping on a tree branch , batting insects near your campsite, or curled up on your chest when you wake up.
Ever Faithful Dragon Better Then Nothing Magical Item A small statuette of a red dragon, when it's tail is held down it breathes a small continuous flame.
Book of Holding Magical Item A thick leather bound book titled " An In Depth Study of the Whole Shebang: Foreward by They". When another book is placed on top of this one it will slowly sink into the tome, reopening the book and reciting the title will fill the book of holding with that books contents. Close the book and name another title and those pages can the be retrieved.
The Mariner's Joy Ship in a bottle This full-sized boat fit for sailing across the seas is able to be shrunk and put in a bottle with the correct incantation. When out of the bottle, the ship is a large caravel with a black sea serpent on it's two white sails.
Demon's Fury Longsword The sword of a legendary paladin who fell from grace and who made a dark pact with a demon seeking to be freed. After the fallen paladin was killed, her sword was taken by a family member for safekeeping, for an old prophecy tells that this demon will rise again, and another member of the family will right the wrongs of their ancestor wielding this blade.
The Dark Tome Old book This old book was found by an adventurer in a ruined temple in the jungle, who, finding the book unreadable, sold it to an antiquities dealer. No one has yet been able to identify the text, though several have tried, for the script is of the couatls of old. The book is thick, with a simple cover of black leather, which is where the book's name comes from.
Frostbringer Long staff This staff is oddly shaped, made from what appears to be snow-white wood. A blood red leather handle is wound around it, where the wielder is meant to hold it. This is the weapon of the Prince of Frost, and many of the archfey's powers have been absorbed by the staff.
A polished globe of sand quartz Silvery crystal Sand quartz is a mysterious crystal that is mined in the desert. There are stories of people being able to communicate through different globes of sand quartz, but mostly, people just use the opaque silvery gem as a nice-looking object.
Ghelki Coin A small but valuable black iron coin used by a fallen empire. The ghelki has recently been put in use by the orc tribes who have taken over the empire's former lands.
Elixir of Immorality Potion, consumable When ingested, this liquid causes one's alignment to shift to Evil (the L/C axis is unaffected) for the next 1d6x10 minutes.
Handbook of Recursion Book This strange tome describes a dice-based game in which the players describe their actions and roll dice to determine the outcome. It sounds like many an adventure could be had with this curious hobby.
Ring of Chafing Ring, cursed In addition to whatever other properties this ring may have, it also causes an intensely uncomfortable loss of skin beneath it. After 1d6 hours of wearing, the effect reaches a noticeable point, and all attacks made with that hand, or spells cast using somatic components, have a -1 modifier.
Forkroot Poison This odd herb has a bothersome effect on magic users. When ingested, generally through an infusion in a drink, it prevents spellcasting for the next 3d10 minutes, or until the target succeeds a Constitution (or equivalent) saving throw.
Great Axe of the Betrayed Magical Weapon Ummm guys.... I got carried away. This axe is always covered with tacky almost dried blood. Even when cleaned the blood always returns. The axe itself has a bad history of betrayal and vengeance which lead to it gaining powers. The axe was originally forged by an elven smith living in a human city along with other weapons. The smith was to forge "100 pounds of good steel" to pay off his gambling debt. The holder of said debt found many "problems" with the expertly crafted steel and kept the elf in servitude for months after the debt was paid. The next instance of betrayal was against the man holding the debt, though he may have deserved it the betrayer had no way of knowing that. A half elf merchant and his men bought the steel in bulk all of the elves work after the forgemaster had been freed. They paid in enchanted copper coins, The holder of the dept was hanged when he paid his taxes in fake gold coins. The Half elf and his men traveled south hoping to trade their ill gotten gains and found the road had been blocked by a tribe of gnolls. A gnome and his band offered to help but only if he got half payment now and the other half when the job was done. This did not end well for the half elf whom paid in a crate of his wares. The gnome returned and said the road was safe and his men would guard the caravan until it reached the town past the plains. He was lying of course and had given the gnolls the crate of weapons in exchange for their help slaughtering the half elf and his men. The gnolls promised the gnome the wealth in exchange for the weapons. They lied too. The gnolls left the scene with all of it including the weapon that would later be called the Axe of the Betrayed. The gnolls lived in a strict matriarchy and the gnoll whom acquired the axe was the brother of the reigning matriarch. Given only select females were allowed to breed any offspring from any non sanctioned unions would be eliminated. A warrior female and the brother to the chief had one such union. He promised to keep the child safe. His weak will saw that the matriarch found out about the child and forced her brother to accompany her as she tracked the mother down. She ran for days but eventually the matriarch and her pathetic sibling caught up with her. On the rocky plains she gave her child to a band of adventurers moments before the Axe of the Betrayed was thrown into her back by her former lover. She died from the wound but not before seeing the confused half orc hand her child over to the matriarch. She watched as it was killed. The axe was left in her back but she would not stay dead. She arose as a Revenant the next night and buried her pup properly. Using her new undead powers the gnoll mother destroyed her former tribe and tracked the band of adventurers in the southern swamps. She was destroyed and her axe taken. Though she still seeks vengeance the Axe has found new owners. The axe itself is magical now and where as it was used to cause great suffering and betrayal the powers that inhabit it seek to right wrongs instead. The axe becomes a +1 weapon against any foe who has attacked a companion of its wielder. This bonus also is gained if the wielder has seen the target harm an innocent. The axe deals 2d12 instead of 1d12 if a companion is reduced to 0 hit points but only on the wielders next turn and on the target causing the damage. (once per turn) If the wielder is seeking to bring justice to a betrayer the axes power truly shines. If the wielder can recount aloud the betrayal the target has caused in combat the next hit the axe lands on the target is automatically a critical.
Rust Monster Powder Creature Bits This powder comes from the crushed exoskeleton of the rust monster. It can be applied to non-metallic weapons to corrode the armor or weapons of the wielder's enemies.
Bitter Knot Ring A ring carved from a knot in the root of a long-dead tree. It is charred-looking and rough to the touch. The wearer becomes immune to any poisons or diseases taken through the mouth, but all food and drink tastes like ash.
Theophon, Bellringer of the Gods Weapons A large mallet with brass caps on the striking ends of the head. When struck against the ground, it produces a deafening clamor and a shockwave that can knock those nearby off their feet.
King Prochamos and the Snails Book King Prochamos and the Snails is a poem describing a fictional king's disastrous campaign to rid his garden of snails. The poem is meant to be taken as a political allegory for the previous king's ineffectual attempt to extradite a particular group of people.
Hat of the Creator's Exorcism Better than Nothing Magical Items A hat both tall and... gaudy. Anyone wearing the hat will look so garish that they will be asked to leave whatever social event they are attending. At the very least, the host will accept any explanation they give for their departure.
Grey Diadem Gems Grey Diadems are a peculiar form of spinel that forms around a round stone. When removed from the other stone, the Spinel forms a disk with raised edges and (often) a hole in the center, which bears some small resemblance to a crown.
Gravedigger's Lamp Magic Item The glass around the lamp is cloudy and cracked, and any candle placed inside gives only a pitifully weak glow. However, if the lantern is placed somewhere which rarely sees natural light, such as a cave or crypt, the candle will start to burn low. As it burns out, everyone present gently falls asleep. They awaken in the Shadowfell. Also, everyone bathed in the lantern's light while in Shadowfell seems as if they belong and automatically pass Disguise (but not Impersonation) checks.
Necromancer's Hand Magic Ring A simple ring, found on a dismembered, rotting hand in the mud somewhere. While worn, user can cast Mage Hand as a cantrip, but it takes two actions to do so. Also, after every use, the user's hand and arm become rotten and skeletal (including armor and clothing), like the arm of undead. The effect eventually fades, but it takes longer and longer each time. Use this too much, and it'll spread to the rest of the body. If it reaches the body, the bearer dies and becomes undead (but still sentient!)
Malcolm's Dagger Weapon If you write an oath with blood spilled by this dagger, the person who the blood belongs to must fulfill the oath or die.
Sulfuric Gecko Crest Creature Bits Highly prized for their purity, these crystals of sulphur harvested from their ferocious, fire breathing former owner are sought after mainly by gunsmiths and alchemists. While beautiful, the crystals' unsavory smell makes them a poor display piece.
Wyvern Tooth Creature Bits Rare and valuable, if harvested properly these sharp, flame resistant teeth make for exceptionally deadly arrows and bolts that allow even a shortbow to pierce a Knight's plate. Treasured in areas where Salamanders are a threat to the populace.
Dragon Powder Creature Bits In spite of its name, this highly combustible powder is not harvested from dragons, but rather several species of fire breathing wyverns. Consisting of rapidly decayed poison as was only recently discovered through research into the evolution of these species, the powder is excreted through the mouth, where the creature's saliva protects it from the adverse effects. When kept most, the outer layer of a ball of the powder will become crusted and hard. When consequently broken open against a solid surface, the resulting explosion created by the expanding and combusting powder will deal mainly force damage to all in the area. Due to the difficulty of harvesting and storing the powder safely the select few that purchase it do so at a high price. While unconfirmed, several wizards have stated that using the powder as the material component for the "fireball" spell is not only possible, but also greatly enhances it's effects.
Backhand Striker Longsword This longsword has been crafted with a short blade on the end of the pommel. When the wielder makes a successful attack with the longsword, they may use a bonus action to attack with the pommel (Dex+Prof to hit, 1d4 + Dex damage)
Boots of Tripping Boots The wearer can choose to use an opportunity attack to trip the enemy by a Dexterity contest. The wearer has advantage on the roll. If the target trips, it falls prone and takes 1d6 falling damage
Spiteful Spear Weapon This wickedly sharp spear has a shaft of dark grey metal with an unpleasant oily sheen. The stuff of shadows constantly coalesces and drips from the tip of the spear. If the spear even scratches an enemy, this dark essence can be used to form a necromantic link between the wielder and the victim. Once per long rest, the wielder of this weapon may activate its special property after successfully striking a target with the spear. Until the end of the encounter, whenever the wielder of the spiteful spear takes damage the target also takes 2 points of damage. This damage is of the same damage type as the attack on the wielder.
Sazaran's Spice Rack Tools / Supplies A small wooden rack that, curiously, only has room for one jar. The jar that comes with this rack is empty. Away from the rack the jar is completely ordinary, it is merely a receptacle for the magic of the rack. To use the power of the spice rack, the lid of the jar must be removed and any spice or edible herb named. The jar immediately fills with the named flavouring. The contents are enough to flavour a single meal for up to ten people. Naming a second spice or herb replaces the contents. Spices and herbs already named can be re-summoned but the amount in the jar will be reduced by the amount previously used. The capacity of the jar for each spice or herb refills after a long rest. No matter the amount used, no flavouring created by the spice rack has the capacity to poison, even if it normally would when ingested in large doses. The spice rack simply cannot create any herb which is inedible. A person may be attuned to this item; if so attuned they can use the spice rack for its real purpose: effectively, an innocuous poisoner's kit. The attuned rack will happily create poisonous herbs for its owner, and any edible herb that is actually poisonous in high doses is now no longer safe when ingested in large amounts.
Superabundant Spice Rack Supplies The original magical spice rack used by Sazaran the Assassin was much admired by a number of people who had no idea of its true purpose, and it inspired imitations. This spice rack functions similarly to Sazaran's Spice Rack, but has no hidden purpose. It is exactly as it seems, and cannot be attuned to create poisons.
Shortrope's quick fingers Armour These black leather gloves give the wearer advantage on all lock picking attempts. As soon as the character dons the gloves, they emit a faint but high pitched hum. This hum grows louder the longer the user goes without taking them off.
Helm of Suicidal Tendencies Cursed magical helm The helm is made of black iron with three rubies inset on the inside of the helm. These rubies glow occasionally, one for each attempt the helm will make on the wearer’s life. At random the helm will attempt to dominate the wearer into a fatal circumstances.
Staff of Protective Shell Magical quarterstaff A staff that allows the wielder a few seconds of invulnerability. It is easily mistakable as an ordinary walking stick – made of finished golden oak wood, it has a few carvings inset along its length and a gnarled knot at the top
Basilisk Eye Creature Bits A Basilisk's eye can be stolen or looted from a live Basilisk. Everone who looks into the eye needs to make a DC 13 Constitution check. If the check is failed, the person is turned to stone.
Grazodim's Necklace Cursed Artifact Grazodim was a greedy man during his life. His necklace was his prize which he kept around his neck until his grave. The necklace itself refused to stay put as it took on the life and greed of it's former master. Anyone who wears the necklace will be able to communicate with it. It will tell the character where to find gold using (Wisdom) Perception checks. It won't rest until it has obtained new gold every day. If the wearer refuses, the necklace will choke the character until it's dead and use it's body to move around, looking for a new wearer or new gold. It can be removed with a Remove Curse spell.
The Sword of Bawking Magical Weapon The Sword of Bawking is best presented among many seemingly normal chickens. It begins as a simple chicken that appears nothing more than dinner. However, when it senses danger for the person who last fed it, it hops up and transforms into a powerful sword. Its head becomes the pommel, its neck the grip, its wings the guard, and its legs fuse to become the long blade. It functions as a (insert enchantment level) longsword until all the danger is dispelled, at which point it turns into a normal chicken once more and acts as if nothing ever happened. If bred with another of its species, it's chicks will transform into daggers in the same manner.
Bloody Cultist Coinage Currency A number of shimmering rose-gold disks about an inch in diameter, and thicker than an average coin. They are stamped with complex geometric patterns, the grooves of which are stained with blood.
Pilgirm's Boots Better than nothing magical item These beautiful calf-skin boots were crafted by a leatherworker named Corneli for his love Adele, to aid her in her lengthy pilgrimage to The Holy Rock. For many weeks on end he worked, weaving subtle magic between and among his stitches. Once the shining brass buckles are secured, the wearer of these boots will never tire from traveling on foot. The boots do not dirty from the dust of the road, nor do they ever seem to wear out. However, before he gave the boots to Adele, Corneli's jealous rival, the Enchanter Aneu, cursed them with a dread bewitchment. Whenever the wearer attempts to move at a faster pace than a walk, the buckles will come unclasped, causing them to stumble and fall. Corneli - who knew nothing of the curse - gave the boots to Adele on the day of her departure. The two lovers took a bit too long saying their goodbyes, and so she was forced to hurry to catch up with the other pilgrims. As she ran across the Red River Bridge, Aneu's enchantment took effect, and she fell off into the water and drowned. Corneli was heartbroken, and buried Adele's body by the bridge where she died. He never forgave himself for what he thought was his own failure. He threw the boots into the river, and vowed to never work magic ever again.
A Jar of Dirt Better than Nothing Magical Item A glass jar that is always filled with dirt. No matter how much is removed or poured out, the jar does not empty. The bottom is opaque, and serves as a small one-way gate to the elemental plane of earth, from where the dirt comes. If the jar is damaged, it becomes simply a normal glass jar. The dirt pours out (with the jar upended) at approximately 0.5 liters of per second under standard conditions. I've got a jar of diiirrt, I've got a jar of diiirrt, I've got a jar of diiirrt, and guess what's inside it! [More dirt]. The composition of the dirt (along with texture, color, etc) is of the DM's choosing.
Tin Whistle of Cat Summoning Better than Nothing Magical Item A rather ordinary looking whistle made of tin that children are often seen playing. However, blowing this whistle causes 1d4 cats to appear from just out of view, which then dart away and disappear after 1 minute
Mathgar's Stick magic item A six inch stick from an oak tree with the bark removed, highly polished and marked with Mathgar's rune of identification. Can be made to grow up to ten feet tall, with a diameter equal to length to a maximum diameter of six inches. The stick stays at that length for 8 hours unless collapsed by the person who extended it. The stick can only grow to whole number lengths, from 1-10 foot. Attempting to grow half sizes requires a dc 10 check with no modifiers. Can be used once per day, recharges at dawn. Can be made to grow larger than 10' but with increasing difficulty at dm's discretion. No matter what size it is, if used as a weapon only ever deals 1hp damage as it is still a stick. If the stick is broken it breaks with a large crack that will deafen anyone within ten feet for 1d4 rounds, and is thereafter rendered useless as anything other than a broken stick. If burnt the stick releases a purple flame.
Mathgar's Wooden Ring Magic Ring Requires attunement. A polished wooden ring marked with Mathgar's identifying rune. Grants the user advantage on all tree related difficulty checks and saves, eg jumping out of the way of falling trees, climbing trees, grabbing a branch when falling, retaining balance when fighting in a tree, hiding in a tree. If climbing a tree requires no dc check then the users climb speed is double.
Mathgar's Piece of Bark Magic Item Requires attunement. A circular piece of bark, about an inch in diameter, well polished and varnished, marked on the back with Mathgar's identifying rune. Has a pin on the back to allow it to be worn. Grants the user the ability to cast Barkskin on self once per day, recharges at dawn.
Mathgar's Lucky Leaf Better Than Nothing Magical Item A green leaf, mystically preserved, that never dries. Protects the holder from lice, killing all lice that come into contact with the bearer's skin or clothing while worn.
Mathgar's Charcoal Better Than Nothing Magical Item A piece of charcoal that when placed in a cooking fire infuses the food with exquisite flavour.
Miphon's Feather Better Than Nothing Magical Item The wizard Miphon was renowned for his command of the animal world and for his pea green hat with a feather in it. This feather, when worn in a hat, protects the character from bird droppings.
Hellshield Log Material Cut from a Helaa tree, this charcoal-coloured wood is completely immune to fire damage, and absorbs all fire it touches.
Living Wood Log Material This wood is still alive, and regenerates rapidly. All structures or items made primarily of this wood regenerate 1HP per round.
Resonant Wood Log Material Harvested from a bellow tree, this is a light, amber-coloured wood used in creating objects that replicate sounds. A skilled carver can create a wind instrument that replicates an organic sound he/she has heard within the month.
Ethereal Wood Log Material A pale, shimmering, purple-tinged wood that, when incorporated into a weapon, will never kill a creature (Leaving a creature alive at 0HP.)
Copperwood Log Material Used frequently in the creation of sentient or autonomous items, there are rumors that there is a manual hidden somewhere that incorporates this wood in the process of combining those things.
Kariminite Ore Material Picks up on spells or magical effects that have happened near it; used as a substitute for an ingredient for related magic items. Also used in transferring the properties of magic items to other items.
Eye of the Beholder Monster Bits The large, central eye of a Beholder carries a powerful antimagic, and they are often enchanted to gain potency and preserved in the center of prisons and other areas where antimagic is needed. The eye can be shrunk without losing much potency.
Unicorn Horn Monster Bits This gleaming, pearly, spiraling horn can be powdered and sprinkled over the body of a dead creature to bring it back to life. The creature does not have to be willing, but this magic only works if the creature has been dead no longer than one week.
Phase Silk Material A faintly glowing, light-blue silk made from the thread of a phase spider. This silk is essential in the creation of extradimensional magic.
Glove of Extract Better than Nothing Magical Item A Glove of Extract is an ambidextrous green glove with golden Sylvan lettering and designs on it. It holds five charges and regains 1d4+1 charges at dawn. The wearer of the glove can expend a charge by saying the command word while touching a liquid container with the gloved hand. Once they do so, the glove begins to glow faintly and the patterns shift across the glove’s surface. The wearer then holds a palm-sized comestible (or several of the same comestibles in an equivalent volume) in the gloved hand and squeezes. The glove destroys the food and creates juice which streams lazily through the air into the designated container. A single charge can create up to 4 pints of juice, but it will never create more than the selected container can hold.
Staff of the Time Magus Powerful Magical Item This oak staff clutches a sapphire at its tip and is otherwise a perfectly normal, if knobbled and twisted, staff. It contains 2d6 charges, one of which may be expended as a bonus action to weave fates together. When a charge is used after casting a spell that requires a saving throw with the staff as an arcane focus all forms of advantage are cancelled and all targets have disadvantage on their saving throw. Legendary Resistance may still be used. If all charges on the staff are expended then it shatters and it is destroyed at all points in its timeline, which is convoluted and strange, it reforms three months later at all points along its timeline. Due to the convoluted nature of time with the staff there may be multiple versions of the staff in existence at the same time, which will instantly shatter if touched together. In order to permanently destroy the staff some way must be found to seclude two of them from the stream of time and then touch them together. This will mark the end of the timeline of the staff and it may not exist after that point.
Forestwalk Boots Magic Item - Boots Inspired by the 'landwalk' abilities in Magic: the Gathering, that allow creatures to move through specific terrain unimpeded or unseen. Soft leather, covered with dry grass. Increase speed by ten feet when outside and not slowed by terrain. When obscured by moderate foliage, wearer may use their Action to become invisible until they make an attack, cast a spell, or are in an area of no foliage. Worn leather, sand-covered and salt-stained. Create patches of sand beneath the surface of deep water able to support the wearer's weight. Wearer may wade across any amount of deep water as though through difficult terrain, the sand sinking again after them. Unidentifiable leather, heavily water damaged. When in shallow water, grant advantage on Athletics or Acrobatics checks to keep footing, wearer does not suffer movement penalties from terrain, and wearer may Disengage or Hide as a Bonus Action on their turn. Blackened leather, caked with dried mud. Grant advantage on Athletics or Acrobatics checks to keep footing on rock, and wearer does not suffer movement penalties from rocky terrain. Wearer gains a climb speed on rock equal to their normal movement. Tough leather, scuffed and covered with underbrush. Grant advantage on Athletics checks to climb plants. Wearer may use adjacent tree branches to move at full speed as long as they begin and end their movement on branches able to support their weight.